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[Trans] 100609 Sung Hyun Joo Mentions Micky Yoochun In Interview

Sung Hyun Joo, who has a theater major, is nurturing an other dream of being a comic actress. She is planning on fully embodying the role of the jester of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ with comedian Ryu Dam. Her words were full of passion for her work as she said, “I go into shooting thinking that I am learning new things every week.”

Sung Hyun Joo stated, “I learned a lot from watching Micky Yoochun, who always takes the initiative to set a great example though he’s a top star and the lead role.” Although she worried at first that he might be arrogant, she was won over by his efforts to actively work hard at all times. Sung Hyun Joo confidently said, “I, like him, will not lose that first resolution that I made when I chose this production and will take one step at a time towards my dream.”

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[TRANS] Yunho Signature On The Coffee Cup

Seven Monkeys

Let’s be happy

-U know-

Cartier LOVE Charity Collections Exhibition

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[TRANS] 100609 Jejung To Participate In “Food Prejudice King”

Jejung participated in FujiTV’s “Food Prejudice King” for the first time and it will air on 17 June (Thursday. He will battle it out with voice actor and singer Nana Mizuki, who also participated for the first time.

The challenge is to guess whether the other contestant likes or dislikes the food, after watching a display of reaction to the food. While quietly watching how Nana Mizuki looks when she eats the food, Jejung observed that “she doesn’t really put it into her mouth and her facial expression hardens a little”.

However, when he was eating Japanese food that he himself didn’t like, he also laughed with a “huhuhu” sound.

During the programme, they also talked about which female actress Jejung likes and what his ideal type of girl is. Jejung received a lot of attention as he tasted Korean and Japanese food.

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[Trans] 100608 Shin Hye Sung Says “TVXQ.. Dialogue Is Key”

Singer Shin Hye Sung, who has been performing as both a member of Shinhwa and a solo singer for the past twelve years, recently gave advice on the troubles of major idol group TVXQ.

Shin Hye Sung held a press conference before his solo concert ‘Find Voice in Song’ on the 7th at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo, Japan. There, he expressed that what was happening to TVXQ was “unfortunate”.

Regarding the rising interest in Shinhwa, the longest running idol group of twelve years whose members work both together and solo, he emphasized, “It’s not like we didn’t have problems either has six guys in the past twelve years. Dialogue is key to this situation.”

Shin Hye Sung said, “There were so many incidents and crises,” and “If you stop saying things that the other may not want to hear, you’ll start drifting. Although that person may get mad at what you say, it’s better to fight and sort it out than to keep it to yourself.” He also said, “Whether it be 20 or 30 years, I want to keep Shinhwa going.”

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[INFO] 100604 Popular Japan Site MIXI #1 Searched Keyword Is Yoochun!

T/N this is like twitter trendtopic

#1 searched keyword is Yoochun!

a graph of how it peaks every year on June 4th!

all of those are June 4th

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[INFO] Musical Goong Casts Intro


[Lee Shin]

Jung Yunho (1986 Feb 6)

Lee Beul/ Run/ Song Won-gun (1982 Dec 17)

Kim DongHo (1985 August 17)

[Shin Chae-kyung]

Shin UiJung/UiJeong (1985 October 26)

Gwak SeonYeong/SunYung (1983 May 11)

[Lee Yul]

Lee ChangHee (1980 April 21)

Jung DongHwa (1984 Jan 9)

[Hyo rin]

Choi SooJin

Seo HyunJin/HyeonJin (1985 Feb 27)

Yong Theater

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[Trans] 100608 Anetame July Issue – JunSu’s Interview

Asia’s No. 1 Singer Goes SOLO
XIAH junsu

My ideal type is someone whom I can feel blissful and laugh with just by being together.

Revealing JunSu’s 20 Questions!

1. After going through activities with THSK, tell us how you feel about staring your solo activites!
JunSu: Rather than calling it responsibility, I rather call it a sense of fulfillment. I am really happy that I can illustrate the ideal world that I want in choosing the song, the direction of the lyrics et cetera.

2. What is the new image you want to express as a solo artiste?
JunSu: The sexy side of a man.

3. What was your aspiration as a young boy?
JunSu: Soccer player. I still love it as much, and can skip sleep just to watch the Champions League. The soccer players I like are Henry, Kaka and Messi.

4. When was your first opportunity to interact with music?
JunSu: When I was in primary school, I had the thought of wanting to sing on stage after watching H.O.T.

5. Who are the artistes you like?
JunSu: Brian Kelly McKnight, Ne-Yo, Joe, Timberland

6. What is the one movie which you think is the best?
JunSu: Titanic.

7. What is your favourite Japanese food?
JunSu: I really like hitsumabushi. I can eat a few bowls.

8. Do you drink alcohol?
JunSu: I can’t, and I don’t.

9. What outfit do you like?
JunSu: If you a man, you have to wear a formal suit!

10. The one trendy thing you’ve bought recently that is to your liking?
JunSu: A Christian Dior wallet.

11. What kind of female outfit do you like?
JunSu: Turtlenecks. It makes one look intellectual and it will attract my attention.

12. Is there any cologne which you like?
JunSu: None in particular. As long as it does not give off any weird smells…(laughs)

13. What kind of girls do you like?
JunSu: Someone who is very respectful and polite towards the elders.

14. In terms of appearances?
JunSu: I don’t have any particular requests. Even though I may feel comfortable with women who look good, but it doesn’t mean I will like her.

15.Where is the one place you want to go most on your first date?
JunSu: To Han River, or the beach or somewhere where there is water, I like to be near places with water. If it is in Japan, I would go to Odaiba or Yokohama. Actually, I do go to these places alone now when I need some peace and quiet.

16. If you were to get married, what kind of girl would you marry?
JunSu: The type whom I can be very happy just being with her, or someone who can make me feel blissful. If it is very tough when we are together, or if she is someone who is very demanding, then there definitely will not be any happiness, and I won’t want to be with her.
I hope to get married before I turn 30 years old, and be a young father. Regarding kids, I hope to have two sons and a daughter.

17. In all the places you have been to before, which tourist place do you like most?
JunSu: Tahiti’s Bora Bora Island, the beach there is very clean.

18. What places do you want to go to in the future?
JunSu: I want to go Egypt’s deserts and sphinxes.

19. If you get a week off, what do you want to do most?
JunSu: Prolong my solo activities.

20. Your future goals?
JunSu: Hopefully I can debut in America one day.

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