[Trans] 100609 Sung Hyun Joo Mentions Micky Yoochun In Interview

Sung Hyun Joo, who has a theater major, is nurturing an other dream of being a comic actress. She is planning on fully embodying the role of the jester of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ with comedian Ryu Dam. Her words were full of passion for her work as she said, “I go into shooting thinking that I am learning new things every week.”

Sung Hyun Joo stated, “I learned a lot from watching Micky Yoochun, who always takes the initiative to set a great example though he’s a top star and the lead role.” Although she worried at first that he might be arrogant, she was won over by his efforts to actively work hard at all times. Sung Hyun Joo confidently said, “I, like him, will not lose that first resolution that I made when I chose this production and will take one step at a time towards my dream.”

source: [nownews+Yuaerubi]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net
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