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[INFO] 100612 Thanksgiving Live In Dome Update

From our friend ‘Steph’
Japan time


16 years old xD


Yc is still the golden child haha screams!

The girl beside me has a junsu uchiwa and he is staring at me. Omg, WHY CANT I GET AWAY ;A;


Surprise project for junsu tonight, for his newcomer’s award from the musical awards thing ^^

4:40 pm

just entered the venue &these are the seats for tonight. Not bad a t all! (:

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[TRANS] Yoochun Hard At Work (Fanaccount)

First of all, I have to thank a certain someone, who waited 10 hours and finally got to see Yoochun

Yoochun arrived around 8 yesterday, he went to the restroom right after he got out of the car, so cute~ Then someone said Yoochun was smoking in the van. Some fans gave gifts. The manager was arranging the gifts, there were some cigars, amazing fans~ Yoochun looked super good in traditional clothing, using someone’s words he was “super beautiful”~ He looks so much better than in pictures~ When Yoochun was getting his makeup done, someone looked past the curtains and saw Yoochun’s makeup process, wanted to take some pictures, but the manager didn’t allow it. Someone told me, Yoochun is super cute when he was getting his makeup done, so cute~~ Staring with his round eyes into the mirror fixing up his headset~ You can imagine it on your one~ This time the makeup is done in the van, then they went straight to filming set~ So tiring, only finished 11 at night, Yoochun is really working hard.

Hehe, I’ll end my rambling here, he is traveling a lot, tomorrow he is flying to Japan, Yoochun is really working hard, hehe, hwaiting, our lovely Yoochun!

Next comes the pictures and videos, many things couldn’t be captured to protect the drama, but our Yoochun is really working hard, so don’t you dare cheat on him~~ Haha~

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