[TRANS] 100608 Lisa Blog Update: JYJ Power!

JYJ Power!

Kyocera Dome!
It was thoughtful.
Me and my manager Fujishiro-san are both very happy!

what is that? that’s delicious hot meal!

You can see the meal if you see this picture carefully!

Jaejoong-kun, Yoochun-kun and Junsu-kun are all from Korea,
thus the hotmeal was Korean as well!

That Kimchi was really delicious!
I was so impressed!

I had a second helping of Kimchi! lol

These are Japanese radish, cucumber and and chinese cabbage kimchi!

So delicious!

While I was eating kimchi I was thinking that the power of kimchi is amazing…
Because our body and throat become warm, thus energy improves, and the voice that comes out will be good…

Maybe Junsu-kun has wonderful voice because of Kimchi? of course it’s because of his own talent as well.

Maybe because of Kimchi, they are so powerful! and Yoochun-kun’s smile!lol

I’ve had lot of hotmeal before at various places, but I just ate Kimchi and Korean seaweed as hot meal for the first time!
I ate while saying “yummy yummy” with Fujishiro-san!

Just for myself, I want to know the source of the boys’ power
Thus I kept half of the kimchi which I had from my second helping!
Because I wanted to check the condition of my throat before the stage, I ate just before the live! lol

I’m so interested!
I usually don’t eat anything before the stage, but I ate Kimchi and my throat got warmer, it was so good.
I thought “all right! It’s going to be just fine!”

I guess the meal they eat is the big reason why they don’t look tired!
This seaweed! It was so good!

Did I sing powerfully on the stage?

If you think I did, that’s because the super delicious Kimchi that everyone ate.

It was hot to be on the Kyocera Dome stage with them!

Hey, I was surprised when the rehearsal time. I thought they are skinny but they have muscles!
They have sweet faces yet well-built bodies… they are proving their abilities.

After the rehearsal, “Their strong body is awesome!” I talked to Fujishiro-san.

I guess they are making lots of efforts behind the curtain!

I understand the feeling why a lot of fans want to support them!
They are friendly and gentleman!

I become big fan of them too from now on though I’m much older! lol
They’re so friendly, open hearted, and a true gentlemen.

I just bought Kakuteki (Kimchi of radish) on last sunday to be a good singer! it’s funny, isn’t it? I’m respecting the power of hot food!

source: Lisa blog
trans: Salyu & Hiromi@sharingyoochun
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

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