[TRANS] 100612 Yunho’s Plan for a Romantic Confession – Bijin Hyakka

There’s a lot. First of all, one who treats her job seriously and is hardworking. And I like those who have strong personalities. It is because in Korea, there is a trend that everyone tends to follow, everyone has the same character. However Japanese females have different kinds of personalities, including the good and bad one, which I think is good. I like jeans with T-shirt, sneakers this type of leisure clothes, however I do anticipated in those who are wearing neatly in working lady’s suit.

Ideal type? (lol) That’s right… Because I am the one who is always like to act strong, therefore I always been in the lead position in a relationship, so I think to be led in the next relationship is not bad either.

And there is another issue that needed to be considered for, is the differences in the way to handle relationship between Japanese and Korean people.

Korean men are willing to pour all their efforts for the ladies, which is weak in front of the ladies. Although I dare to say that is also one kind of charm. (lol) Koreans are paying attention to anniversaries, for a couple there are 100th day , 200th day, 1 year, 1000th day anniversary… and continuously. Of course during these period of time there are also birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and those basic anniversaries have to be taken into consideration too. Thus, there is a lot of people who are following this trend, hence established a special type of company which is in charged of planning the anniversary. Once you log in the account, they will help you from booking the hotel on anniversary day till preparing the bouquet. Hehe…Recently, I helped a couple who are my friends to plan for the anniversary. The candles were lit at both sides of the road, then let the girl walked through in the middle, my friend just stood at the end of the road and confessed to her, this plan is really a big success! Since this is my own idea, I feel so happy as if my own business.

In that way, what’s your own plan to confess?

Actually I do imagine it quite often(lol). Rent a whole baseball stadium, hold a concert only for her, use a large screen to confess to her, or maybe I will turned into a DJ hosting a special radio program while broadcasting the songs that I composed especially for her and so on, while pretending to read out audience’s postcard to confess to her. This is what I really wanted to do for her, but all revealed once said! (lol) \(^o^)/

Source: baidu
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights

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