[TRANS] 100612 U-Know Yunho Returns As Crown Prince: Screen tests For The Musical ‘Goong’

U-Know Yunho has already attended screen tests for his upcoming role as Prince Lee Shin in the musical adaptation of the popular manga and drama series ‘Goong’.

Adopting the unique, imaginary setting of the Republic of South Korea as a country which still retains a constitutional monarchy system, ‘Goong’ is a story depicting the events which take place following the political marriage between high school student Shin Chae Kyeong and Crown Prince Lee Shin.

The ‘Goong’ production team said ‘There is no doubt in U-know Yunho’s capability as a dancer and singer. Not only does he have a remarkable stage presence and a strikingly handsome face, he also possesses the essential qualities of a musical actor: skill, passion, sincerity and a positive attitude.’

They also stated with great confidence that ‘Through the musical stage, people will be able to see a brand new side of the charismatic singer Yunho as a musical actor. Please look forward to it, you will not be disappointed.’

Kwak SeonYoung and Shin EhJung, who received attention for their roles in the musical ‘Singles’ also attended screen tests, rehearsing scenes with U-Know Yunho in their roles as high school student Shin Chae Kyeong.

The producers for ‘Couple or Trouble’ and ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and MBN will be working together to produce the musical ‘Goong’, which is scheduled to open at the ‘Yong’ theater of the National Museum of Korea on Semptember 8th.

Source: uknowbar.com + yoonhobar.com
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

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