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[NEWS] Getting Popularity, Yoochun Japanese TV Drama Series Gained 250,000 Downloads Record On Its First Day

Yoochun’s first TV series in Japan, “Beautiful Love ~君がいれば~” starts airing through BeeTV in early June. The drama is about a handsome chaebol roled by Yoochun and Omasa Aya as a journalist dreaming to be a novelist, from their confrontations, gradually they start to understand each other, a kind of Cinderella love story.

Even since the first day of video release, the number of download of this drama has been breaking the previous record by gaining 250,000 downloads, and together with “Making off ~ Beautiful Love ~” the drama has set a record to be the most viewed video for 4 consecutive days, definitely garnering its popularity!

Yoochun with his own unique charm that is different from his bright performance on stage as a singer, as an actor identity, he has delivered a natural acting skills, creating topics/sensation.

Meanwhile, the drama’s theme song “Kimi ga Ireba ~ Beautiful Love” and inserted song “Intoxication” is sung by Yoochun’s group mate Junsu and are included in XIAH Junsu’s first solo album. The album has recorded more than 200,000 copies sold.

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[TRANS] 100616 Kikuchi P Blog Looking Forward To More Musical Aspects From Jejung

Kikuchi P is Fuji TV’s entertainment production department head.
He produces and is in charge of Fuji TV music programs.

Also, I went to the Bayshore (Wangan) studio yesterday!
I sent Jejung a gift when there was a break for the filming of Sunao.
Wearing a Doctor-styled polo shirt, he was very energetic!
I will be looking forward to you in terms of music!

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