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[TRANS] 100613 Junsu: “Singing Is My Life”, Jejung And Yuchun’s Tokyo Dome Performance

Five member Korean group Tohoshinki who has been on hiatus since April, has its three members Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun, perform at the Tokyo Dome on the 13th, holding their last stage of “Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun Thanksgiving Live In Dome”. Junsu expressed that it’s been some times since performing, and nervously “hoped that he could give fans happiness, and move forward positively”. He also said that “singing is my life”, “as long as there’s people listening to my singing, I will give my best to continue singing.”

The live was titled “Thanksgiving Live”, showing that this was a stage to show their thankfulness to their fans through their voices. The opening footage was of each of the members thanking the fans in Japanese. Jejung said: “I’m really happy that I can meet with all of you. Being together, singing together, laughing together, crying together, all these moments are just too precious.” Yuchun also expressed his words of thanks to fans: “If there were no fans, I would not have such a passion towards music. I will work harder in various activities. For waiting for us, thank you very much.”

The live was for the members’ wish of “being as close as possible to fans”, and apart from a centre stage, there was also a left and right stage with a rising stage. There were also conveyor belts, for which Yuchun used during his first appearance, the dramas the members were part of were broadcasted on the screen. Changing into clothes for the next performance onstage, having many unique performances by the members and such brought the whole Dome into a frenzy. The special guest were “LISA”, with whom they performed “Been so Long” by “m-flo”. They also sang “Rainy Blue” by Tokunaga Hideaki, as well as Kome Kome Club’s “Kimi ga Irudakede” and such famous pieces.

Source: [Mantan Web + 囧囧有神家族]
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