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[TRANS] 100619 CINEMACAFE – Video Message From TOHOSHINKI’s Yunho Arrives

Despite the suspension of their group activities, their popularity has not declined at all. The drama starring Tohoshinki’s Yunho “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground” has released its DVD Box 1 & 2 early, and has already become a hot topic. A message from the Yunho has arrived for the readers of CinemaCafe.

This drama created a buzz last year when it aired in Korea, and is currently being aired in Japan on KNTV. A soccer with unknown potential but also a troublemaker, Cha Bong Goon’s (Yunho) team disbands, and from his struggles, he grows and love blossoms between himself and those around him. This time, Yunho challenges the soccer scene physically! He literally takes on his first key drama role with his body. The female lead in this drama is the popular actress (Go) Ara, will the two of them fall in love?

In the video message, Yunho of course speaks in Japanese to the CinemaCafe readers, and talks about the appeal of his works.

There are many special features in the DVD. So far, Yunho has been capturing the hearts of his fans via his music, but this time, please pay attention to his new charm as an athelete!

“No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” Full Version DVD BOX 1 & 2 are currently on sale.

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[TRANS] 100616 Tohoshinki’s Yuchun Drama Debut! Be Entranced By The Narcissistic Prince

Yuchun, from Tohoshinki, which has paused all activities, had his Japanese drama debut! This was “Beautiful Love ~Kimi ga ireba~,”a BeeTV drama released on 4th of June. He challenges his first acting role sincerely, acting passionately as a prince that makes girls’ hearts beat faster.

Yuchun plays the role of the heir of the Korean conglomerate Taido Group, Yonsu. Determined to fight for his own place in life, he meet’s Hinata (Aya Oomasa,) an aspiring novelist and the plot unfolds into a Cinderella love story.

Yonsu, as the title of heir suggests, is selfish and egotistical. With a narcissistic aura, in his eyes, he is above everyone else. But he hates everything about Japan. When he first meets Hinata, he says “Japan is rotten!” and later when she asks for the reason why, he cuts her off, telling her “Never ask that!”Although he is rather tyrannical, he is actually a really kind-hearted youth inside. When Hinata was depressed, he encourages her and tells her to “cheer up,”and shows concern when her mother falls, asking “Are you okay?”

This hot-and-cold attitude of Yonsu’s is acted out beautifully by Yuchun. As the heir, when he’s alone, the way his expressions change is mesmerizing. Whether it’s assertive, or naïve, or the fragile prince-like image, he manages to charm all the women. Still, Yuchun was desperately practicing his Japanese, putting the other Japanese boys to shame. It’s hard to believe to that he has no acting experience, as he was very natural.

While being a singer, Yuchun has also embarked on acting activities. It can be said that the first attempt in Japan has done well. Like a dream come true for Japanese women, please enjoy the princely style of Yuchun.

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[Trans] 100619 THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Live Report

Written by Kouda Kaori

JunSu, JeJung, YuChun ended the last stage of their Dome Tour on 6/13 in Tokyo Dome. Titled “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME,” the stage was a chance for them to convey their gratitude to the fans were suffering from waiting for them.

A hot performance which shows their declaration to sing

A central stage that is stretched out with 4 passages to the audience. An assembly hall that is painted with the bright red color of penlights. Their live was started with a video message by the trio on the large screen. “I can’t live on if I don’t sing. I think I’ll keep singing until the day I die,” said JunSu, followed by JeJung, “It would be the best if we could become one with everyone through music.” YuChun also expressed, “Because I received the strength from everyone, I’ve made it here.”

The trio appeared from the end of each passage and started to walk slowly to the central stage in the overwhelming cheers of the audience. They kicked off by singing, “We wanted to see you only” from their new song “Itsudatte Kimi ni.” In their first ment, they quickly raised the audience’s spirit to climax by saying, “We wanted to see you all! Let’s raise our spirit from here!”

JeJung and YuChun sang their duet song “Shelter” and JunSu performed his solo song “Kanashimi no Yukue”, showcasing their delicate vocals through gentle ballads. On one hand, they continued to raise the audience’s spirit in their next ment through JeJung and JunSu embracing each other to reenact a scene from JeJung’s drama “Sunao ni Narenakute,” and also through their funny talks. The next performance takes a complete turn with the the exciting song “TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat. YUCHUN,” accompanied by the dancers. The next song “been so long” pleasantly intertwined the vocal of the special guest LISA, the soulful rap of YuChun, and the clear high notes of JeJung.

Creating a touching stage together with the audience through their gratitude

After shaking off the audience with three cover songs, such as Kome Kome CLUB’s “Kimi ga Iru dake de,” each of them stepped on their own solo stage. YuChun picked a girl from the audience and lovingly sang “My Girlfriend” to her while holding her hand and later having his arm around her shoulders, causing much screams from the audience. JeJung showed off his stout vocal by singing his rock song “Maze,” while JunSu displayed a sexy performance with “XIAHTIC.”

With their simple hope to be closer to fans, they would riskily come out at unexpected places such as the audience passage or audience seat sometimes and caused explosion amongst the audience. They also stood on the high crane and rode on the carts during their last 2 new songs to make a round trip to the arena. During “Get Ready,” the audience follow the hand movements that were taught by the members. During the chorus of “Long Way” with the positive lyrics, “We will walk ahead,” they also gave service to the audience by throwing out colorful balls.

After the long cheering from the audience, the members came back on stage for the encore, and each of them, again, spoke out words from their hearts. YuChun said with gratitude, “I was very worried, but thanks to everyone, I was able to come out today.” JunSu said with determination, “We will do our best on stage not to lose to the love you have for us,” while JeJung made a powerful statement, “We want to continue to sing forever with the pure emotions that have always been with us since our debut.” After the comments, they sang their new song “W”. The serious ballad with lyrics such as “We’re waiting for you” and “We will meet someday” had definitely delivered their feelings to each and every member of the audience.

After finished singing 18 songs, the trio kept saying “Thank you” to the audience countless times. The moment they stepped down the stage, they couldn’t hold in their emotions anymore and their tears started to flow. Witnessing their tears, the audience also couldn’t stop cheering and clapping to comfort them.

T/N: You can see the rest of the 16 pictures here.

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[Trans] 100618 YuChun’s Interview – “I’ll Confess If I Like Someone”

YuChun challenges a Japanese television drama for the first time through docomo’s exclusive mobile television station, BeeTV’s, [Beautiful Love~君がいれば~].

“I was a little uneasy and anxious because I don’t have any prior experience, and I had to speak in Japanese. I am not sure if I should say this here, it was really very painful. It was really very difficult as a newcomer on the first day of the shoot, but I was very happy while acting. I felt very good although it was pretty tiring!? That was how it was. The first scene that was filmed on the first day however, I really want to re-film the entire scene now (laughs) I think I will be able to do a much better job now~! Speaking of embarrassing incidents, it was while I was taking a break from the shoot at the seashore; when I was about to sit down, I fell instead because the legs of the chair were buried within the sand and I didn’t notice that (the chair) was slanted. There were also other embarrassing incidents other than this, but I won’t share it, it’s a secret!”

The character you are playing, Youngsu/Yonsu is very harsh towards women, what do you feel about him?

“I am not too clear about how he is overall (laughs) but what is similar between Youngsu/Yonsu and me is that if I’ll confess if I like someone! If there is someone like Youngsu/Yonsu who plays around with women, please do not hesitate to break it off with that person and leave him because I feel that in dating, one should have good intentions while letting nature takes its course. However, if one meets a submissive girl who likes and does not mind how Youngsu/Yonsu is like, then it is a different situation. To me, women who are like angels can bring about healing to people. I will work hard to bring that same feeling to the fans. Be it in singing or in acting from here on, I would definitely accept any challenge no matter what~!”

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[TRANS] 100617 Ken Wu Nothing Can Prevent A Person Willing To Progress Forward

Ken Wu’s Mini Blog

6/16 19:40

This time I went to Tokyo and saw JYJ’s second Tokyo Dome concert.
With a 50 000 crowd, the lights dimmed and the whole venue lit up with bright red lights.
At that time, I believed that there was nothing that could prevent a willing person to continue progressing forward!

t/n: Ken Wu is Taiwan’s MTV channel’s famous DJ from the show “Japan-Korea Music Crazy” (a play on words: “crazy” is actually meant to be “wave”)

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[TRANS] 100619 Junsu, JaeJoong and Yoochun Will Work With Kanye West For New Album

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s three members – Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong, who are currently involved in a lawsuit with their management company, SM, will work together with Kanye West, an influential figure in America’s pop music industry, for their upcoming album.

Born in 1977, Kanye West is an African-American producer, and has produced his own debut album “The College Dropout” as a singer in 2004. Thereafter, he went on to release four other albums, all of which topped the Billboard Charts, and have received awards in more than 13 categories in the Grammy Awards. He was once the producer of Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson, and is currently running a hip-hop record company known as “GOOD Music”. He will, on either the 6th or 7th of this coming August, be headlining in the “Summer Week&T 2010” organized by SK Telecom.

The spokesperson of the three members expressed on the 16th that “they will be going over to Kanye West’s production studio to work on the upcoming album soon. Besides Kanye West, they will also work with pop singer Timbaland in LA and Miami for this production.”

The above matter has been confirmed in Jung Jae Yun’s blog. Jung Jae Yun was once a member of the group SOLID, and on the 15th, he wrote on his blog, stating that “40% of the income of Japanese company, AVEX, comes from Dong Bang Shin Ki alone; (DBSK) are extremely influential artistes. The three members, who were once from Korea’s SM Company, will be releasing a new album, and will be working together with Kanye West and Timbaland for this production.”

Currently, BoA, Seven, Wonder Girls and other Korean singers are carrying out activities in America, but the three members are the first Korean artistes to be able to sign a contract with a professional and influential pop artiste like Kanye West for the release of an album. A related-personale in the music industry shared that “according to composer Kim Hyeongseok, Kanye West has given a high assessment of the abilities of the three members.”

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[Trans] 100618 Tohomobile Staff Blog

He was at “XIAH” Release Event~☆ Snapshot of XIAH junsu in front of his dressing room’s panel!

Since he was very close to the fans, it seems like he was embarrassed, but he said that thanks to the passionate support of fans, he was very very happy! ♪

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[Trans] JunSu, JeJung, YuChun Attract Over 200,000 Accesses From 24 Countries In 2 Days

JunSu, JeJung and YuChun, the members of Tohoshinki whose activities have been stopped indefinitely, have received great reactions from fans all around the world with their digest video.

The digest video screening of “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” was shown on MySpace on 6/16 and 6/17 has made a record for attracting about 200,000 viewers in just two days. On the social streaming site, many tweeted about their passionate feelings and supports in their own languages. The viewers are from 24 countries, which include US, UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Belgium, Romania, Macedonia, Lithuania, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Australia, China, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan.

Viewers of the digest video tweeted, “The trio’s harmony is really fresh,” “It’s unbearable to watch JeJung’s Japanese message,” and “I’ll definitely watch this again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too!”, and it seems like many of them also cried.

This video screening is to convey the feelings of the trio to the fans who want to see their Dome performance again, and to those who didn’t have a chance to come to their performance. The screening will be continued for the next three days only, so please do not miss them.

JunSu, JeJung, YuChun’s “Dome Digest Movie” Screening Schedule (JST):
6/18 (Fri) 21:00~
6/19 (Sat) 13:00~, 21:00~
6/20 (Sun) 13:00~, 21:00~

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[Trans] 100617 “SM Didn’t Defame Cosmetic Company&Yoochun-Jaejoong-Junsu”

“SM Didn’t Defame Cosmetic Company&Yoochun-Jaejoong-Junsu”

The defamation and obstruction of work charges made by cosmetic company We# Plus against SM Entertainment’s Kim Young Min (40) have been dismissed.

According to JipyungJisung, the legal representatives of SM Entertainment, the prosecution dismissed the charges made by We# Plus against Kim Young Min as unnecessary to institute public action on the 31st. TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun (24), YoungWoong Jaejoong (24) and Xiah Junsu (23) have invested in this company.

Last year, SM stated that the legal dispute over TVXQ’s exclusive contract was “Not a happening that occurred due to an unlawful slave contract that violated human rights,” but rather “A lawsuit based off of monetary temptation which began with the cosmetic company.”

In retaliation, We# Plus sued Kim Young Min in two phases in August and November, stating that, “Although the three members have filed the injunction due to an unlawful contract, SM keeps pointing our company out as the cause of the situation,” and “They were trying to distort the facts and hide the real reason for this lawsuit, and our reputation was ruined in the process.”

JipyungJisung stated, “It looks like it was decided that the three members and their families are deeply tied to the business of this company as they violated TVXQ’s portrait rights to promote it.” They added that, “The prosecution has viewed the cosmetic company as one of the main reasons why this exclusive contract legal dispute began.”

The legal representatives also added, “We know that SM is currently examining legal content to make We# Plus take legal responsibility for tarnishing the reputation of Kim Young Min and others within the entertainment agency.”

The three members from TVXQ filed an exclusive contract suspension injunction on July 31st, 2009 against SM Entertainment because they “Wanted to escape from the shackles of an unfair contract”. U-Know Yunho (24) and Choikang Changmin (24) did not join in. The Seoul District Courts partially accepted the injunction on October 27th of last year. This meant that the Courts admitted that the contract between SM and the members of TVXQ was an unlawful one. However, they drew the line when it came to income division as it was decided that the topic would be discussed in the actual lawsuit.

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[Trans] 100617 Final Approval For Verdict On SM Town Concert Compensation

SM Entertainment must pay an additional 10% of the ticket price as compensation for indefinitely postponing its concert from last year.

On the 17th, Chairman Kim Hak Geun of the Consumer Dispute Arbitration Committee stated, “The verdict of paying an additional 10% of the ticket price, along with a full refund, as compensation for the indefinite postponement of the ‘SM TOWN LIVE ’09 Concert’ has been given its final approval.”

Therefore, the 792 consumers who filed this complaint can now receive an additional 10% of the ticket price as compensation from SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entercom. The money will be distributed by Dream Maker from the 21st.

The Consumer Dispute Arbitration Committee is also allowing consumers who could not participate in the legal dispute to receive compensation as well and they may do so by submitting a Compensation report to the companies in question.

When a verdict from the committee receives its final approval, it holds equal validity as a judicial decision. If the set verdict is not carried out by the defendant, the Seoul District Courts have the power to force the action to occur.

The full ticket price of the ‘SM TOWN LIVE ’09 Concert’ has already been refunded to all ticket buyers by SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entercom.

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