[NEWS] Netizens Select the Idols Who Best Resemble Comic Book Characters

A website recently asked its visitors to name the idols whom they
believed look most like they had just walked out of a comic. The
results, while very varied and surprising, were definitely quite
In 10th place was FT Island’s Lee Hongki. Maybe it was his long golden locks of hair and pretty-boy looks that did the trick?

Right before Lee Hongki came 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon. The beastly idol is
known not only for his masculine appearance but his OkCat drawings as
well, which have been able to make many a fan laugh in amusement.

Super Junior’s Cho Kyuhyun came in eighth place. I don’t know about
comic books, but I’m sure Kyuhyun would be more than happy to have a
video game character made from his looks!

Kim Hyungjoon of SS501 and Minho of SHINee were right ahead of Kyuhyun,
as they were given the titles for seventh and sixth place respectively.

Choi Siwon of Super Junior came in fifth place. The idol is known for
his ‘Shibrows,’ which often seem to have a personality of their own.

In fourth place was Big Bang’s GDragon, who is known for his sense of
style and outrageous hairdos. Although some might call his various
hairstyles examples of hairdon’ts, it looks like his unique sense of
fashion gave him quite a boost in this survey!

Kim Hyunjoong of SS501 received third place in this survey. Between
him and Lee Hongki, it looks like Asia really has a thing for Korean
pretty boys!

Continuing on with the pretty boy trend, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul
received second place. His eccentric personality and large, expressive
eyes were probably a few deciding factors which allowed him to receive
so many votes.

And for first place…can you guess who made it? It’s none other than TVXQ’s Kim Junsu!

Were these results accurate enough for you?

Source: Big Bang Baidu + SS501 Baidu + rainaftershine@wordpress.com
Credit: Kpoplive+xU@OneTVXQ+sharingyoochun

Shared by: DTL

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