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[Trans] 100904 The Formula Of Big Hits? The Keyword Is “A Female Dressed As A Male’s Love Story”


A man and a woman falling in love is common knowledge for a love story. But, what if the woman they like is actually dressed as a guy and living as a man?

Dressed as a man, Horikita Maki’s drama “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Ikemen Paradise~” was a big hit and still fresh in people’s minds, and in recent years, prominent Korean dramas have featured “a love story with a woman dressed as a man”. At the end of August, Korea broadcasted teenage historical drama “Toki Meki ☆ Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, with Tohoshinki’s Yuchun as the lead, as well as “a woman dressed as a man” as the keyword. In place of her sick younger brother, this love story depicts her entering an elite high school dressed as a man.


So then why is “a woman dressed as a man” such a big hit? One reason is the thrill of that the female cannot be busted. The heroine for some reason or secret dresses as a male, and when it seems that her cover is about to be blown, viewers are left guessing. Another reason is the special love story pattern. The male character who falls for the heroine that he thinks is a man will be confused, “thinking that he’s homosexual”, which is both interesting and draws for our sympathy. On the other hand, the female character who is thought to be male, falling in love is equally as fun to watch. A love story with the female dressed as a male containing such thrill and excitement, you’re definitely hooked after watching it once.

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[TRANS] 100909 JYJ’s Messages To Fans In “The…” Mini Album

We have integrated our own thoughts and everyone’s opinion in this album. You guys have always been the motivation for us to sing. Thank you!

I will feel blessed if everyone can listen to our mini album. ^^

This mini album embodies our various feelings, I hope everyone can listen more to it.

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[Trans] 100909 JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Special Site – Staff Report Update

Yuchun, Congratulations!

Kyocera Dome’s first day was held on 4 June, and we held the final rehearsal at the venue. This day, we think you all should know, is Yuchun’s 24th birthday ♪

After the rehearsal, all the members and dancers, band members and also the staff celebrated it!


Thank You Very Much~~!

Yuchun was shocked but looked happy~!

Because there wasn’t much time for them to rehearse for their live, he somewhat forgot about his own birthday.. (Laughs)



The cake was specially made with the THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Logo! It is a really gorgeous cake ❤

Huh! Who ate it! We thought about it, then found out that Junsu ate a lot of it. (Laughs)
Oh, Jun-Chan~~~~!!


The Sly Yuchun ♪

“Here is the birthday cake~~~ ♪”

Somehow, he was serving the birthday cake himself. (Laughs)


Commemorative Photoshoot!

“Yuchun, Happy Birthday~!” – A photo to remember this by. ♪

The three have great expressions! But XIAH junsu was a bit too manly… (Laughs). At the Kyocera Dome Performance, the fans used the “Saranghae Pose” to congratulate Yuchun!

Many people gave him birthday wishes, so it was good~

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[Trans] 100908 TOHOSHINKI to Have Comeback?! Korean Music K-POP Takes Over Music Distribution

Lately in Japan’s music industry Korean Pop (K-POP) artists have been
bringing a new wave.

Not just in Korea but even in Japan Tohoshinki made a big break and as
if to continue to it, from last year BIG BANG, Chou Shin Sei (Supernova), and other male idols have been debuting in Japan. Followed by Girls Generation, KARA, and other female idol groups have been debuting this summer in Japan as well.

In the future, it seems not to be exaggerated to say that there will be even more chances to see K-POP artists once you turn on the TV.

“Various parties have been pushing it hard to market K-POP artists in Japan. Currently they seem to have won a lot of tie-up agreements ranging from CM song, anime theme song, even to drama theme song.”

As said by a staff who knows many domestic musics distributions in Japan.

“Currently one of the biggest place you can buy music from in Japan like TSUTAYA, already made bigger sections inside the store for Enka, idol, anime, and K-POP. A time may come that stores that sale J-POP may become rare.”

Also another music industry staff said “Actually, from next year Tohoshinki is going to start their activities as a 5 members group again. But due to copyright problems they can only do their activities inside Korea, but it is certain that they will boost K-POP popularity even more”

A day when we realize that even local music programs will feature more K-POP artists…. perhaps such day is not so far away.

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We weren’t kidding about reliving SMTOWN ‘10 here at allkpop: our 6Theory media team is about to bring you some of the most exclusive, high quality photos of the entire concert!

If you weren’t able to make it to SMTOWN this year, you can still live the experience vicariously through our concert coverage, which follows SM Entertainment’s hottest stars from the pre-concert press conference all the way to the red carpet of the after-party!

This article marks the first installment of our six-part RELIVE SMTOWN ‘10 series, and it features TVXQ’s Yunho & Changmin, BoA, Kangta, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee and more at the press conference before the concert.

The idols expressed their gratitude and surprise at the overwhelming welcome from fans since their arrival, as well as their excitement of getting to perform at Staples Center, one of the most famous stadiums in the world. Some performers even mentioned places they visited before the concert: it’s known that f(x) visited the campus of USC (University of Southern California), a few members of SNSD went shopping and artists visited Koreatown together for quite a few meals over the weekend.

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Daily Album Ranking

Daily DVD Ranking

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Super Junior member Eun Hyuk recently revealed photos he had taken with TVXQ member Xiah Junsu during their years in school.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Birthday’, which aired on September 6th at 11:05pm, Eun Hyuk introduced his growth from elementary school to high school through photos.

Following his elementary school graduation shot, a photo was shown of him and his classmates. The two people who stood out were none other than Eun Hyuk and Xiah Junsu.

Eun Hyuk said, “I’ve been friends and classmates with Xiah Junsu since elementary school,” and brought out more photos of himself with Xiah Junsu. The two people, who held dreams of becoming singers since sixth grade, created their own dance team.

Eun Hyuk also talked about meeting Kim Hak Rae for the first time as he said, “In sixth grade, the four of us performed at the Ilsan Lake Park and the person who MCed the event was Kim Hak Rae.”

Eun Hyuk proved that he was best friends with Xiah Junsu and Sungmin when he showed a picture of the three of them together.


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