[Info] 101005 “Yunho, Wears Scott Sternberg” And SungKyunKwan Scandal In High Cut

High Cut no.38 October 7th edition

U-Know Yunho Photoshoot (13 pages)
Korea’s representative superstar U-Know Yunho and America’s representative designer Scott Sternberg, and their witty encounter. The romantic autumn story told by these two men.

On Location with SungKyunKwan ‘Flower Scholar’ Quartet for 12 Hours (4 pages)
The ‘flower scholars’ of SungKyunKwan pull the strings of their bows with all their might. ‘Pass!’ Without a single error, the arrows pierce the hearts of women. 300km away from Seoul in Youngam, North Jeolla Province, you can meet the hot seniors ‘Garang’, ‘Yeorim’, ‘Geol Oh’ and ‘Daemul’.

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho is on the cover for this edition. This was the second time we met since he last graced the cover around the time he was filming the drama last year. At the Han River Park that was drenched in autumn, U-Know Yunho participated in the photoshoot with an easygoing attitude, much unlike his superstar status. Scott Sternberg is a popular designer who represents the look of America’s Ivy League. When we asked Sternberg what he thought about U-Know Yunho, he complimented the star and his fashion sense and couldn’t stop saying “So cute!”

We traveled to the set of in Youngam, North Jeolla Province through the morning mist of the SeoHaeAn Highway. We forgot our weariness when we saw the ‘flower scholars’ Park Yoochun, Yu Ah In, Song Joong Gi, etc. and returned full of strength from their youthful passion.

Editor Jeon Young Ji

Source: [High Cut website+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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