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Calendar shoot ♪

After finishing the jacket shooting of ‘The…’, they started to shoot for calendar. The three members dressed handsomely in American style.

It’s cool…!! just when thinking like that, all of sudden Yuchun changed his expression and made a funny looking

Thank you as always (laughs)

We’re shaking…!

Clinging shoulders as good friends~,, that’s what the shoot is supposed to be taken…

They’re shaking and shaking. The three members seemed to have much fun (laughs)

They’re going mischief and joking around at each other, that made the shooting was filled with cute shots and smiling faces, therefore a lot of good pictures were able to be taken.

Jejung’s… mode!

In the middle of Jejung’s solo shoot after changing the location!

Jejung looked the camera in melancholy expression! But all of sudden he turned into ‘girl mode’? (laughs)

Jejung did funny pose again and again with his straight look (laughs). This is a super shooting that made everyone in studio laughing hard!

Jejung, what’s wrong!? the staff asked him…

“This is Monalisa”

Amazing! (laughs)

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[News] 101014 TVXQ Trio JYJ ‘Ayyy Girl’ Tops Music Charts Soon After Its Public Release

TVXQ three members Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun who formed new unit JYJ released their song ‘Ayyy Girl’ which is ranked 1st at Monkey3 chart.

As soon as ‘Ayyy Girl’ was released to public on the 14th midnight, the song rose to 1st place at music website Monkey3 real time chart until 10:00 am when song ‘Instinctively’ by Kang Seung Yoon climbed up and stole the 1st place until now.

Chief of Business Magazine said, “There have been a lot of inquiries and requests for JYJ album release. This 1st place result only shows their staying power in music industry.”

‘Ayyy Girl’ is the title song of JYJ global album ‘The Beginning’ which entire songs in the album are recorded in English. In this song JYJ shows other trend with strong hip hop beats, that is different that the sweet and sophisticated style of TVXQ.

‘The first step journey towards the world stage’ is the meaning that includes in this first world wide album. ‘The Beginning’ consists of 7 songs with title track ‘Ayyy Girl’, as well as members’ self composed songs such as Jaejoong’s ‘Still in Love’, Yoochun’s ‘I Love You’, Junsu’s ‘I Can Soar’, and 3 remixes.

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[TRANS] 101014 JYJ Showcase Received 8.38 tons of Rice in 3 days – Highest Record in History

JYJ Showcase received 8.38 tons of rice from fans in just 3 days, highest record in history.

JYJ Showcase which was held on the 12th October at the Korea University Sport Centre had received 8.38 tons of rice from fans, in a form of support for JaeJoong, JunSu and YooChun. The rice and flower stand collection on JYJ Showcase started at 23:30 on the 9th October and ended on the morning of 11th October. The record of 8.38 tons is the highest record ever, be it in the entertainment industry or at business organisation.

*t/n. 8.38 tons of rice is enough to provide a meal for 70,000 of people.

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reporter: Lucia Hong
Editor : Jessica Kim

JYJ members Yuchun, Jaejoong and Junsu perform at their showcase held at Korea University’s Hwaseong Tiger Dome in Seoul, South Korea on October 12, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu, former members of boy band TVXQ, performed in front of their fans yesterday for the first time as JYJ, their newly-formed trio.

They met with thousands of local and foreign fans at the Korea leg of their worldwide showcase held twice at Korea University’s Hwaseong Tiger Dome.

The show began with a video introducing the three members, followed by their performances of English-recorded songs “Empty,” composed by famed U.S. producer Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jenkins, and “Be the One.”

Another clip featured Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jenkins explaining how after watching previous videos of the boys, he “wanted to create something [songs] that their fans will love as well as new fans and something the whole world will enjoy.”

The showcase continued with a “Dear Fans” video showing Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu writing thank you messages to their fans for their support after which they returned back on stage for a performance of “Be My Girl.”

The second half of the show continued with a compilation of clips of the members of JYJ working on their album “The Beginning,” with other producers commenting on their experience of working with the boys.

Then the trio sat down for a question and answer session, speaking about their preparations for the showcase as well as answering questions by fans.

Jaejoong said, “It was a hard time for me because I really wanted to be back on stage but now I am busy and I want to receive your love love and sing just for you. This album is just the beginning for us.”

The night went on with the group singing “Found You” from the soundtrack of KBS’ Yuchun starrer “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” as well as introducing two more new tracks “Ayyy Girl,” composed by famed rapper Kayne West, and the remix of “Empty.”

Up till mid-November, JYJ will be visiting several other countries including Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taipei and the United States for their worldwide showcase.

Proceeds from their show will be donated to the worldwide non-governmental organization World Vision to help children around the world living in poverty.

Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu debuted in 2004 as part of a five-member boy band TVXQ but despite their phenomenal success in Asia, they ceased their activities as a group after becoming involved in a legal dispute with Korean agency SM Entertainment.

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[NEWS] JYJ Sells A Record-Breaking 520,000 Pre-Orders Of The Beginning

JYJ’s first album, The Beginning, has surpassed pre-orders of 520,000 cds.

JYJ’s distributor, Warner Music Korea, says that the production of more than “99,999 limited edition copies, 300,000 special edition copies and 220,000 regular edition copies” and supplying retailers were what caused the delay in the release.

JYJ was able to feel the explosion of interest from fans when they were preparing for the special pre-orders which has since sold out. They are still getting interest in the special pre-orders.

The general album debuted today and the special editions will be released on October 18th.

Warner Music went on to say that, “JYJ who has 520,000 copies just in pre-orders, will give the boost that the sluggish music market needs.”

These boys just keep getting more and more amazing. They’ve sold out their Seoul showcase in 15 minutes, and it looks like they could possibly sell a million copies!


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[INFO] 101013 SungKyunKwan Scandal Manhwa

The drama that stars Micky Yoochun – SungKyunKwan Scandal, will be released in manhwa (t/n: Korean comics) form.

Title: SungKyunKwan Scandal TV Series Manhwa 1
Product Code: ISBN 9788996377214
Publisher: World Kim Yeon Inc.
Release date: 2010.10.20
Type: 170*220mm / 272 pages
Language: Korean
Price: 1,900円 (tax incl)

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[TRANS] 101013 SM Files For Temporary Injunction Against Sale Of JYJ’s First Album

Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, the trio from TVXQ who formed a new group JYJ, will have to put a brake on their activities. SM Entertainment (henceforth SM) has filed for a temporary injunction to put a ban on the sale of JYJ’s new album 「The Beginning」.

On the 13th, an official from the legal circle clarified, “On SM’s part, they have filed for a temporary injunction with the courts to put a ban on the sale of JYJ’s worldwide album 「The Beginning」, which is waiting to be launched.” The official continued to say, “The reason (for this injunction) is because the issue of the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ and the conflict stemming from it have yet to be resolved. The results from the court decision will have a huge impact on JYJ’s activities.”

Since the end of July last year, JYJ have been at opposing ends with SM over issues like their exclusive contracts. As a matter of fact, currently, the trio are doing their solo activities and kicked-off their 「JYJ Worldwide Showcase」 on the 12th, at Hwajeong Tiger Dome, Korea University, Anam-dong, Seoul.

Source: [JoongAng Ilbo]
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