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[News] 101013 UKnow YunHo Promotes Tourism Spots: Gwangju, Hangang, Jebu-do

What role did you take up?

My role in the drama is Lee DaHae’s lover and I’m appearing as an action star-YunHo. At the initial stage of the drama, it’s a setting of a strained relationship. Also, I lost the ring that Lee DaHae gave during one of the action scenes, so I went around to find the similar ring, and in the end we (Lee DaHae and I) meet again.

What do you think of the filming?

There are really a lot of action scenes, feels that there seem to be many intense action scenes. One of them is the scene where I keep running back and forth on the famous Busan Gwangan Bridge, where I had to avoid a missile. There were a few dangerous scenes too, and (I) was slightly injured, but seeing the film for the first time today, and it came out better than expected so I am very happy.

Are you able to immerse into the role immediately?

I have the same feeling as an action actor. The reason is because the YunHo in the drama is an actor, a role who goes through a secret relationship with his lover, who has some similarities with me now. Aren’t action actors and I both artistes? Therefore, I put in more of my characteristics and worked hard for the filming.

The musical ‘Goong’ is in full swing, are you ready?

Almost at the last stage of practices, I am really happy. Because a musical includes acting, singing and dancing, I think it had really played a big part in my growth. The drama series ‘Goong’ itself is very interesting, having to act as the Crown Prince, I wish to let more people see me in a less-straightforward manner.

At the end of these busy days, if there were a full rest day, what would you want to do?

It would be great to have some spare time and take a rest after finishing a busy peak period. I like to take pictures while travelling, hoping to travel to many famous places to take pictures and to pen down my feelings into a journal.

A message to the fans:

It’s still YunHo who’s greeting everyone with a new position. This time wanting to show everyone a two different sides of YunHo who is passionate and imaginary, because I want to meet everyone in all different forums, not only in musicals, therefore from now on please give me more support!

Yunho’s Recommended Tourism Spots

Gwangju… Hometown

“Because Gwangju is a cultural city, like last year, Gwangju has hosted a lot of international cultural events. The natural scenery is very beautiful; food is also very delicious, which has a saying ‘speaking about food, it’s Jeollanam-do Gwangju’ kind of reputation, like duck pot (Gwangju’s specialty), and seedless watermelon. Because it’s a profound land, when visited, you only need to say, ‘Want to eat this,’ and there will be people sincerely guiding, if you say ‘Wish to eat it again,’ there will be a discount.”

Han River, Seoul Namsan Tower… favourite places

“I often go to the Han River to observe the people around me… Of course, only after I changed my attire. I like strolling; it’s a kind of simple yet pleasing experience to watch the river. Seoul Tower is also highly recommended, to go with your lover or family, isn’t it the best?”

Jebu-do… wish to go with the person I like

“Jebu-do (An island beside Yellow Sea), is a small island. There is a pathway on the sea during low tide,and if the time (when the pathway can be seen) is missed the path would be gone. Sashimi and sushi are very delicious… I don’t have a lover now, but if I have one, I wish to go with her.”

Source: Baidu CheersYoonho + BaiduTVXQ
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[Trans] 101013 JYJ’s First Showcase: “We Finally Stood On Stage With Mics In Hand” + Q&A

TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who formed a male trio JYJ, finally stood in front of their Korean fans for the first time.

At 9PM on the 12th, JYJ held their 「JYJ Worldwide Showcase」 in Hwajeong Gymnasium, Korea University, Anam-dong, Seoul, and showed off their bright and confident images.

On that day, it was the first public exhibit of JYJ’s first worldwide album 「The Beginning」, which the trio had worked together with famous American producers Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins. During the LIVE, 4 songs from that album, as well as the OST song 「Chajatta」 from KBS2′s drama 「Sungkyunkwan Scandal」, were introduced. This album has attracted a lot of attention because it includes songs by each of the trio, composed from when they were teens. Through their powerful voices and refined choreography, one could catch a glimpse of the sincerity and effort the trio have put into this album.

Next, is a question and answer with JYJ:

– How do you feel, standing on the stage after such a long time?

JJ: Completely grateful. This is the first time we recorded an album in which the songs are all in English, so it might be unfamiliar, but as the fans are familiar with our voices, I hope they’ll listen to it well. As we spent a lot of time preparing for this album, I hope that the fans will enjoy it with all their hearts.

– This is JYJ’s first album. Are there any new feelings?

JS: The album and our music are our means of communication with the fans, so I worried a lot. Through our fans’ support, we were able to release the album without any problems, so I’m really happy.

– The producers involved in this album are very famous people.

YC: I’m really happy to have been able to work with such famous people that I’ve only heard about when I was living in the United States during my childhood. The recording also has special sentimental value because the recording studio that we used also had connections to Michael Jackson.

– In June, after the LIVE in Japan’s Tokyo Dome, Jaejoong cried as he came down the stage.

JJ: Before we did the performances at the Tokyo Dome, we also had a round of LIVES at Osaka. In Osaka, I started crying from the very first song. All the things that we couldn’t express in words were expressed through our expressions. After we sang the last song at the Tokyo Dome, the fans started shouting “Don’t cry”, and that was when the tears came. It wasn’t for the past nor the future; those tears were to express the sadness (I felt) for the present situation.

– Are there any idols among the Korean idols that have caught your eye?

YC: I’ve been really busy lately so I haven’t really been watching TV. Although I’ve only heard their song and not seen them on TV, it seems like Miss A surpasses (the rest) in terms of ability.

– Your resolution henceforth.

YC: We were able to hold mics and stand on stage, as well as meet our fans again. From now on when we release a second album, or when we release albums in future, I hope that people will have the thought of always wanting to listen to our songs. I’m really happy that I’ve been so busy during this period of time. I would be happy if it’s the same in future.

Source: [JoongAng Ilbo]
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[Info] 101013 “TOKYO LOVELIGHT” To Be In MAKAI’s Next Album

MAKAI’s new album 『COLORS』 will be released on 8 December!

Consisting of tracks like 『Merry-Go-Round feat.AISHA』, 『Garden of Love feat.青山テルマ』 and 『TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat.YUCHUN(from 東方神起)』, there will be a total of 8 tracks recorded in the album.


Album title: 『COLORS』
Release date: 2010.12.08
Product code: UPCH-1801
Price: 2,000円(tax in.)

・Merry-Go-Round feat.AISHA
・TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat. YUCHUN (from 東方神起) Ver.2011
・Garden of Love feat.青山テルマ Ver.2011
・Others (total of 8 songs to be included)

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I watched both showcases
The first one started at 6, but when we got into the venue we had to wait in line standing, so I was there since 3 in the afternoon and stood until 11
I only have pictures of the venue from the outside, and before the event started
If you were taking pictures in the middle of the showcase, and was caught, the guards will usher you out – –

The first showcase at 6, all the fans got into the venue around 6:10? And it started around then
It ended about 7:26
The second showcase started around 9, it was a lot longer than the first showcase
So, I only got home at 11:00
I didn’t live far from there, so only had to ride a car for a short while

First of all, all the picture people are looking at now are mostly from the second showcase
Because in the first one, there weren’t any reporters, but there were a lot at the second showcase
During the first showcase Junsu’s hair was was flipping up. Like in his hair when he was in a white vest and colorful pants one time performing Hey for their fourth album
Yoochun didn’t wear glasses in the first showcase
And during the ment session for the first showcase, Jaejoong did wear a T, just a small jacket
and it was pretty showy too

The two opening songs sounds amazing, really very amazing
You can feel its for the world, definitely
The atmosphere, the tempo
Its an international style – – definitely not just trying to compliment our boys
Then there were videos, it was a little messy
My memory isn’t clear, because right now in my mind is only their faces
Its really very close, fans going to the SC must really enjoy it

They sang songs from their new album, I remember their second song was Be My Girl = = its really beautiful – –
It should be that name, and with that look in our boys’ eyes – – it would be a wonder if the girls there wasn’t entranced – –
Then there’s the video?
The video is when they were in America working on the album, there were big shot composers – – I don’t know their names though…
In there was Junsu voice, I remember he sang a like “if you be my girl”

I’m going crazy = =

Then a host came out – – I didn’t know who it was – –
And said a lot of stuff, I didn’t pay attention, my Korean isn’t that good, so I just waited for them to come out again
I think they must have been changing, yes, changing their cloth
In the first showcase, Jaejoong’s TALK, he wore a suit, showed a lot of his chest, so whenever he moves you can see the Always Keep The Faith tattoo really easily, very sexy, undeniably sexy
The three of them tonight were very sexy, completely killed me

Then it was the ment, in the first showcase, right at the beginning Junsu cried, the wiping away tears kind
And then the entire stadium screamed don’t cry, don’t cry
Then they talked a little, the words made our hearts ache
The tone of their voice… hurts our heart
Their life hasn’t been easy
Their path until now, when everyone see it with their own eyes, you can understand how much they have went through, and how much they had to hold in
This made many girls want to right for their own dreams

Then our boys said, they really miss LIVE and really miss everyone, long time no see
Thank you for always waiting
In the middle Junsu did speak English, haha
it was really cute – – I heard “thank you”
However, I want to say Junsu’s English really did improve a lot
When asked Junsu what his favorite color, Junsu said white?
Then Jaejoong said, it’s red
Haha, I think he talked about something was red, and then everyone screamed – – so I didn’t hear it
Haha, anyways, everyone was very happy when they heard red
The red ocean at tonight was beautiful
Hope the showcase from now are will always be filled with red oceans

The talk part was really long, I was focusing on their faces – – so only remembered a few questions
Then the host said, “now there’s one last question”, then everyone screamed no no no
Then the host said “you don’t want to keep watching?”

At this time Jaejoong said in this world wide showcase there is one Korean song, its Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Everyone there sang the song together, it was lovely. I advice everyoen going to the showcase to learn this song~
This song has a lot of love, everyone screamed I love you in the end, it was lovely = =

After this song, they showed clips about the donation
They talked a lot in the middle, and then showed pictures of kids in Africa
Everyone couldn’t help but to clap

Then they came out wearing red and purple, so hot
Their sexy bodies dancing and dancing
Then the next two song is ayyy girl, already heard it – – and Empty (Yoochun? screamed Empty Remx)
Especially the second song, there was a part of the lyrics saying “let it go”
In the second showcase it was very obvious
Everyone were high, jumping with them

Tonight Junho came, when we were going into the vunue, he was getting out of the car at the parking lot, so we saw him
We waited outside after the showcase, but only heard the breaking sound of a sports car and its no wear in site – – because it I was too tired, didn’t even consider following
We are proud of our boys

Then it ended- – they left they stage, no encore
Everyone should anticipate the concert in November (T/N: This is from a Chinese fan, probably talking about the concerts in China. I believe it applies to all concerts)

There is a lot of love
We are proud of our boys and our fandom

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[Trans] 101012 JYJ Showcase In Seoul – “Unable To Express With Words”

Making a comeback as JYJ, TVXQ members Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu had their debut showcase ‘JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul’ for their new album ‘The Beginning’ on the night of October 12 at Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium.

With Kim Tae Hyun initiating the interactions between the fans as the MC, the members of JYJ revealed their honest feelings about returning the Korea’s music scene.

With regards to the reason for their tears at their Tokyo Dome Live, they replied, “Tears already came out at the start of the performance. When we were unable to express ourselves with words, our expressions were more frank and open, but in the future, we will try our best to smile during sad times.”

JYJ reminisced saying, “At that time, the members promised not to cry until the very end, but we couldn’t hold it in any longer. It wasn’t because of the past, nor the future, but because of the current situation. This is for sure a feeling that cannot be expressed with words.”

Through this time’s showcase, JYJ revealed for the first time to their Korean fans, their worldwide album, ‘The Beginning’, which was produced by Kanye West and other top American producers. The live songs they say included ‘Ayyy Girl’, ‘Empty’, ‘Be My Girl’, among others. Especially, with a sales volume of over 100 000 copies, the main OST that received popularity through TV drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, ‘Chajatta’ received a massive response from fans at the showcase.

Source: [baidutvxq]
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To Hero~!!
Happy 5th anniversary~
Also thank you~
I’ll always work hard!!

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[News] 101012 Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu JYJ First Showcase, Japanese Fans Showed Off ‘The Great Popularity Never Die’

The popularity of TVXQ Trio Unit JYJ has not yet to die.

On October 12th the afternoon, JYJ opened their world tour showcase ‘JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul’ to commemorate their first world wide album ‘The Beginning’ at Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium in Anam-dong Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul.

The performance was conducted in two rounds, at 18:00 and 21:00, while around 10,000 showcase tickets were sold out in 15 minutes during the advanced ticket sales. JYJ PR official said, “At first round performance there were 6000 audiences, and second round had 5000 audiences, so there are total 11,000 audiences who visited the showcase area.”

Even before the performance started, fans were already flocking the venue area. There were even fans who came from Japan. Those fans seemed to go queue-ing for showcase entrance right after they took off from their flight since they’re still carrying around travel trunk. The fans commented, “We visited Korea only to see the TVXQ trio,” and “We’re expecting a lot from the official stage of the three members in Korea after a long time.” as they smiled brightly.

TVXQ’s trademark pearl red balloons, posters, and more fan chant support merchandises were spread everywhere catching people’s eyes.

The showcase features JYJ new songs such as ‘EMPTY’, ‘BE THE ONE’, ‘BE MY GIRL’, ‘AYYY GIRL’, and the new song from KBS 2TV drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ soundtrack ‘Chajatta’.

Some of the proceeds of this showcase’s ticket sales will be donated to private international organization ‘World Vision’ that is going to be passed further to fight against child poverty around the globe.

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