Calendar shoot ♪

After finishing the jacket shooting of ‘The…’, they started to shoot for calendar. The three members dressed handsomely in American style.

It’s cool…!! just when thinking like that, all of sudden Yuchun changed his expression and made a funny looking

Thank you as always (laughs)

We’re shaking…!

Clinging shoulders as good friends~,, that’s what the shoot is supposed to be taken…

They’re shaking and shaking. The three members seemed to have much fun (laughs)

They’re going mischief and joking around at each other, that made the shooting was filled with cute shots and smiling faces, therefore a lot of good pictures were able to be taken.

Jejung’s… mode!

In the middle of Jejung’s solo shoot after changing the location!

Jejung looked the camera in melancholy expression! But all of sudden he turned into ‘girl mode’? (laughs)

Jejung did funny pose again and again with his straight look (laughs). This is a super shooting that made everyone in studio laughing hard!

Jejung, what’s wrong!? the staff asked him…

“This is Monalisa”

Amazing! (laughs)

credit: on pic + baidu
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

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