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[Trans] JYJ Lose Impression Marks

From 5 to 3, JYJ’s 15-sec pause/silence (title of this article)

Bidding farewell to TVXQ and forming the new unit of JYJ, Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong visited Singapore for the first time with their new album. However, the press conference lasted for a mere 15 minutes , leading to the protest of the media.

As a result of the local organizer’s incompetence in many aspects, JYJ lost impression marks and Yoochun ended up having to apologizing to the local media.

After the formation of their new unit, JYJ was faced with many scandals. There were Japanese media reports that the trio’s termination of contract with former employer SM Entertainment was allegedly backed by local gangsters.

Recently, SM Entertainment applied for an injunction to the Seoul court for prohibition of the sale of JYJ’s album, on the grounds of their existing contract. At the same time, the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts has requested all tv stations, radio stations, record companies and music sites to boycott JYJ’s works.

In the media invitation, the local organizer mentioned that JYJ’s management company has specifically requested that questions regarding SM Entertainment, criminal affiliation, the lawsuit and TVXQ are to be forbidden.

Yet amidst the hype around the scandal, it is impossible that the local media would allow such valuable opportunity (of asking JYJ their feedback) to pass. However, the local media to understand the organiser’s stance and have tried to cooperate by avoiding sensitive wordings and raise questions in an indirect manner.

However before the press conference started, the MC suddenly notified the present 20 media that there will not be a question-and-answer section. Instead, the MC himself will be representing the media in asking a set of “approved questions”.

I questioned the MC as to where the source of these “approved questions” came from since the organizer did not request questions from media prior to the event. He merely answered me “I don’t know”.

PR executing “press control”

Some media requested an explanation from authorities and after 10 minutes, the representative of the PR firm explained that due to the flight delay, JYJ has to rush to rehearsal and hence only 15 minutes can be spared for the press conference.

I therefore challenged that 15 minutes is still sufficient for a question-and-answer section. It is only till this point that the PR firm admitted that they were to execute firm “press control” to avoid sensitive questions directed to JYJ, to avoid JYJ’s flustered faces being caught on camera.

Since the official side posed a firm stance, the local media to take one step at a time.

When the press conference kick started, the MC did not even wait for JYJ to introduce themselves, and started asking the list of questions from his sheet of paper.

7 questions were approximately asked within 10 questions, which all emphasized on JYJ’s collaboration with Kayne West and Rodney Jerkins. In fact, their names almost appeared 10 times which made me question whether this is a press conference to eulogize these two great producers.

In the last 5 minutes, the PR representative decided to allow the local media to ask 5 questions.

I immediately grasp hold of this opportunity and asked JYJ how does it feel to be as 3 instead of 5? Despite my efforts in avoiding sensitive vocabulary and packaging my question to a non-defensive manner, the trio still looked at each other for 15 seconds (without answering). At least, Junsu picked up the microphone and answered “the feeling is a bit different and the three of us have to work harder to create very different music to everyone.”

PR arbitrarily changing questions from the media

The name of the album “The Beginning” obviously signifies a kickstart once again.

One reporter asked them what sentiments the trio harbour regarding “beginning”. This, however, was arbitrarily changed by the PR firm into “let them tell us more about their feelings towards the new album”.

I indirectly asked again, whether the trio has been affected by the hurdles the new album faced?

Amongst the trio, Yoochun could understand and speak English. However, before he could even react, the PR representative immediately sternly retorted “we will not answer this question” and then told the translator “you don’t have to translate this question”.

After that, another reporter conveyed the fans’ wishes to see the 5 of them again, and asked whether this will be fulfilled in future? Just like before, before JYJ could react, the PR representative immediately warded off this question.

There were only 2 questions from the media that were unscathed. (Below are the questions:)

Were there worries before the release of this album? The trio admitted that they worried about both the album sales and their future.

What was the happiest incident after the formation of JYJ? The trio expressed that they felt apologetic that the fans had to wait for so long, and that in future there will be many more events and activities where they could repay the love of their fans.

Yoochun saying sorry to reporters

Since Yoochun comprehended English, I believe that he understood the questions from the media.

Even if he merely said to us “I’m sorry, we are unable to answer this question”, the local media will be more than willing to accept this answer. However, often before he could even speak or translate the questions to the other 2 members, or that he could sign for help from the staff, someone would jump to fend off the questions.

The staff erected a strong and tall firewall and thought that this would enable the artists to remain unscathed, but in fact this has created an opposite effect.

When the artist is stripped of the chance to answer and can only stare at the media blankly, it is inevitable that the impression from the media is that the artist does not have his own thoughts or the ability/flexibility to answer the media’s questions.

After the press conference, the trio ran into the reporter (not sure whether he is referring to himself or media in general) and Yoochun said “sorry”, seemingly to apologize for the unpleasant press conference.

This apology made me felt that the trio had reasons for being unable to reveal their true emotions, or that they had lots of words to say, but was sadly not offered a chance to do so?

By Lo Chen Ling

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[Trans] 101018 SBS’s Monday-Tuesday Drama Slot To End With “Paradise Meadow”

After one year and three months, SBS’s 9pm slot for dramas on Monday and Tuesdays will be abolished.

SBS is currently airing “Dr. Champ” in the 9pm Monday-Tuesday slot, and following the steps of other broadcasting stations, it will abolish the slot next Spring.

A SBS personnel has revealed on the 18th that “‘It’s alright, Daddy’s daughter’ with Moon Chae Won, the follow up drama for ‘Dr. Champ’,and ‘Paradise Meadow’ with Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee are already scheduled to air. After the broadcast of ‘Paradise Meadow’, the 9pm Monday-Tuesday drama slot will be abolished.”

-irrelevant details omitted-

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TVXQ agency released an official statement regarding TVXQ Yunho and Changmin preparing for a duet comeback.

SM Entertainment clarified to Newsen through phone call on the 18th about the news of Yunho and Changmin are getting ready for a comeback, “There is nothing that has been decided yet,” he said, and continued, “A specific plan is not yet to release,”

SM Entertainment has been in conflicts with Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, and Youngwoong Jaejoong who teamed up under name JYJ and recently released a worldwide album, therefore a lot of eyes have been piercing towards the other two members’ future activities in return. Furthermore, the fact that the two members had performed their new songs in SM TOWN Concert has caused great expectations towards the preparation of their duet album.


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[News] 101018 JYJ will Continue to The First Worldwide Concert in November

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will hold their Worldwide Concert ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ for two days on November 27 and 28 at Jamsil Stadium.

JYJ representative on the 18th revealed, “The concert will be under direction of Jeri Slaughter who formerly directed concerts of world’s top pop artists such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera. A world-class live performance South Korea has never experienced will exist through JYJ’s concert.”

Currently there are six countries and nine cities expanded from JYJ World Tour showcases and about 18 songs will be presented on the concert stage, members’ unreleased self composed songs will be revealing live as well. The concert will use special color laser device called Phenon, recognized as world’s first real-time video technology with interactive media digital operation.

JYJ on last 12th opened the showcase for their global album in which world-class artists namely Kanye West and Rodney ‘Dark Child’ Jerkins participated, double title song in the worldwide album ‘Ayyy Girl’ and ‘Empty’ together with other tracklist were unveiled to South Korea fans. The showcase received favorable reviews for brilliant and stable live stage performance.

Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu said “We finished the local showcase in great success due to fans’ supports that leads us to gain more courage and self confidence. Although the schedule is tight, but we’re commited to continue going forward for a successful world stage each and every day”

Meanwhile, ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ will open the ticket sales on the 19th at 20:00 through Interpark website.

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[News] 101018 TVXQ’s Changmin and Yunho Preparing for Official Comeback Next Month

TVXQ’s Changmin and Yunho are preparing for a comeback! It’s been reported that they’ve completed recording the songs for their newest single, and are rehearsing the choreography. The representative also revealed that the single is due for release by the middle of next month.

The two will deliver their activities as a duet, having already performed “Maximum” together on August 21st. Unlike JYJ, who are currently opting to promote as a trio on their own, the representative stated that Changmin and Yunho will most likely perform under the name of TVXQ.

Their Japanese agency, Avex, has also announced that it is would be possible for the duo to return to the Japanese market as well.

Regarding their fans’ increasing concerns over the clearer 3:2 divide, a representative revealed, “The friendship between the five has never changed. They may be walking separate paths, but now is the time that they need their fans’ support more than ever.”

source: Sports Korea, Korean Journal, allkpop
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500 hopefuls gathered at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 around noon yesterday to catch a glimpse of JYJ, comprised of three main members – Kim Jae Jung, Park Yu Chun, and Kim Jun Soo – from one of Asia’s biggest KPop group, TVXQ (also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki).

Although a little worried and upset, TVXQ fans, also known as Cassiopeia (or Cassies in short), were unfazed by the ongoing controversies and lawsuits surrounding the trio’s unsettled contractual issues with their former Korean management agency, SM Entertainment, and gathered at the airport toting cameras, homemade banners, light sticks, LED boards and even mini signboards – to give the boys a raucous welcome.

Most fans at the airport shared with xinmsn that they have been supporting the trio back in their TVXQ days and it didn’t matter that they have now branched out to form a new group of their own because they adore them all the same.

A group of 10 Vietnamese fans who specially flew-in for the trio’s showcase have been staking out at the airport since they touched down yesterday morning. They have each purchased tickets to the boys’ showcase and will be following them to Malaysia for their Kuala Lumpur gig after their performance in Singapore.

When asked for their views on JYJ’s ongoing lawsuit with SM Entertainment, Han, 15, who has been a TVXQ fan for the past five years, aptly surmised, “We hope that everyone will continue to root for them. Always keep the faith.”



At the official press conference with JYJ members held later in the afternoon at Swissotel, tension was running high as their Korean agency passed down strict instructions disallowing the media to raise any related questions to TVXQ or their ongoing lawsuit.

With the help of a translator, Jun Soo, 23, briefly shared his views of coming back as a three-member group instead of the original five and said, “It feels different going from five to three people.

“I feel that I have to develop myself further to create better songs. I want to create a totally different new song after being reduced to three persons. We hope to bring a new pace to the album.”

Speaking on their debut album, The Beginning, Yu Chun, 24, said that they felt especially honoured to have collaborated with American rapper Kanye West and songwriter Rodney Jerkins and “really enjoyed the entire recording and production process.”

Thanking eager fans for snapping up all 100,000 copies of JYJ’s special limited edition ‘Luxury Package’ album, even before it hit the market, Jun Soo added, “We feel very supported by JYJ fans out there and it makes us want to continue on with this journey.

“To repay fans, we’ll continue to produce a lot of good music and we will work hard for it. There are only 100,000 copies of the special edition CD available and we are really sorry for it. We will repay fans in a different way.”

Check out more photos from their airport arrival and press conference below!
Fans give JYJ a rousing welcome! Watch video here!
JYJ talks about their collaboration with Kanye West & Rodney Jerkins!

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