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[Info] 101019 JYJ New Album Showcase Tour Schedule

New York
Las Vegas

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Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu: The Group Welcomes Korea to their First Concert!

Decked out with extraordinary directing and choreography by a world-acclaimed producer, the groups first concert in Korea featuring their new album songs is guaranteed to offer an exhilarating delight for the much-awaited fans.

JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul has been causing a sensational response, not only for its significance as the first of the Worldwide Concert series, but also as JYJs first footstep into the world market.As a stage and event produced by Jeri Slaughter, the top show producer of world-famous pop artists such as Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Spice Girls, Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson, JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul will rewrite the history of real world-class performances.

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[News] 101019 JYJ ‘Munsan Document’ Turns to be ‘Official Document’

Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI) (here after Munsan) on last October 13th sent out official letters of request to three public broadcasting stations MBC, SBS KBS, as well as cable broadcasting station, and other various online album distribution sites to refrain JYJ from making appearances on shows and halt album sales.

This letter of request seems to be in conform with SM Entertainment’s action on the 8th, that was filing a provisional injunction application to Seoul Central Distric Court against JYJ exclusive contract and to ban the sales of their first world wide album ‘The Beginning’, after this news became widely known, it’s been caused a considerable stir into the already high-tense situation.

Mass media reported the issue as “For JYJ who just make a comeback, this is definitely going to be an undesirable ‘reef’ to threaten their future activities”.

Chairman of Munsan clarified this issue that is accused on them, “Rather than memorandum, the document letter is merely just a request.” as he said through interview with press media, “We sent request with each broadcaster name printed on the letter to restrain the appearance of JYJ, it’s not even an official document sent massively like it’s been known.”

To call it not an official document, Munsan chairman stressed that the letter was sent to become each station’s review, instead of oppression on them. “The letter is just a request, and far from what people said an oppression to each broadcasting station. We’re still waiting for conclusion result of SM Entertainment litigation that is currently in progress.”

However, despite the explanation of Munsan’s chairman, the request document whose content was exposed later to public had a formal document format thus put everyone in frowned.

The document has title ‘Request to Refrain From Broadcasting JYJ Appearances’ with date printed was October 11th, and the content revealed , “Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (as Munsan was referred) sent you this official memorandum in order to protect the cultural development and hallyu wave of South Korea.” as written at the body letter. Document’s ID number was not fail to be included as well.

Fans who had checked how the document was arranged gave offensive comments, “This letter is basically equipped with everything needed to be an official document, thus how come he announced to media that this is not an official document.”

Regarding the memorandum, fans–based on information reported to the Fair Trade Commission–submitted petition to the court to embark on subsequent action plan.

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On the 19th, viewership rating agency AGB Nielsen Media Research reported rating result of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ episode that was aired on the 18th evening, the drama recorded 13.1% on nationwide rating.

This record is a rise by 2.2 points from 10.9% rating that was gained by the previous episode on the 12th.

The reason of this rise on viewership is identified due to MBC popular drama ‘Dong Yi’ which had bid for goodbye thus increased more audiences interests on ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’. In this episode, Lee Seon Jun (Park Yoochun) confessed to Yeon Hee (Park Min Young), “As a man, you’re really good.”

At the drama bulletin, comments were left such as “Park Yoochun’s acting is beyond expectations”, “Altough the story is quite different than in the book, but both are still interesting.” “Frankly it’s a heavy burden, as this is a really good historical drama,” showing how attention of audiences rises.

Meanwhile, the concurrent time line broadcast dramas SBS ‘Giant’ recorded 28.9% and MBC ‘Queen of Reversals’ recorded 10.4%.

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No matter how long someone has been experiencing as a star, yet if they trust their cordi too much, then they prone to encounter humiliation at public image.

Recently the example of star who got humiliated by his ‘anti cordi’ was TVXQ U-Know Yunho. On last month the 30th, Yunho attended an event for ‘Bean Pole’, and despite the attempt to dress in retro style for fall season that seemed to be quite daring, yet his body posture that didn’t suit his outfit left unnoticed by his courageous cordi, thus put him in such humiliation.

U-Know Yunho sported a set of outfit that was definitely unbalanced from head to toe. From the first glance, it’s obvious that his pants length was not long enough, furthermore the color of shoes and pants didn’t match each other, and the top dress cardigan also fell unnaturally on the pants, in overall, the outfit chosen by the cordi was just confusing.

The outfits he came out with gave strong impression that they’re chosen hastily as if the star was rushed to meet the sponsor’s event. Considering it was only in the beginning of fall, the disproportion knitted wool pants which are supposed to be mid-winter clothing items were pointed as ones that created most misunderstanding on the overall outfits and were the most unnatural item.

Netizens commented, “No matter how tall U-Know Yunho is, but to sport such strange clothes, he’s also bound to humiliation” and “All his young girl fans will land their hands on this anti cordi.”

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[News] 101018 Kim Junsu Won Rookie Award As ‘Mozart’ Actor


On the 18th at 19:30, Kim Junsu beat his counterparts ‘Sopyonje’ Kim Tae Hoon, ‘Mozart’ Park Eun Tae, and ‘Phantom of The Opera’ Jung Sang Hyun to win the rookie award at 16th Korea Musical Award held in KBS Hall in Seoul, South Korea.

Other than Kim Junsu, the actors from ‘Billy Elliot’ musical were also jointly awarded as best rookies namely Kim Se Yong, Lee Ji Myung, Im Seon Woo, and Jeong Jin Hoo.

Kim Junsu, “To be given such big prize, I want to start spreading this grateful to my Godfather. I also want to express my gratitude to EMK representative Um Hong Hyun and all ‘Mozart!’ staffs and actors. To me who is unfamiliar to musical, Park Eun Tae hyung taught me a lot thus I want to say all thanks to him as well. At first I felt hesitated to receive this musical offer. There were also problems with TVXQ but I was given courage and strength by CS’ representative Mr. Baek, also to everyone, thank you very much.”

‘Billy Elliot’ actors also gave their impressions, “We’re going to work to be the next best actors, we’ll show you the even better figure to stand on this stage in the future,”

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[Trans] 101018 “Junsu-ssi, Wait!” ‘Switched Accident’ of Prize-Winner Envelope

Kim Junsu got his envelope together with his prize by the award’s presenter but it turned that the envelope was switched with the next winner announcement envelope, thus brought a rounding laughter.

Kim Junsu was announced as best rookie actor in the ’16th Korea Musical Awards’ through his role in ‘Mozart!’, the expression of thrilled and happiness was seen on this face.

After receiving the trophy, “I want to thank everyone who helped me, one who once knew nothing about musical.” as he said in his acceptance speech. So far, everything was going normally just like how’s it supposed to be.

After the speech, Kim Junsu was about to leave the stage, but this little accident broke out. The presenter Im Hye Young by mistake handled Kim Junsu envelope that contains result of award winners instead of the envelope containing rookie award prizes.

Because of this, after the two presenters realized that the envelope with winner announcement was missing, they hurriedly cried over, “(Kim) Junsu-ssi, WAIT!” and the audiences erupted in laughter.

Afterwards, the two presenters cleared up the situation and announced another rookie winner Cha Ji Yeon. Cha Ji Yeon shed tears as she received the award leading the atmosphere to become sober.

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