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At the next issue, once again this person will appear

Hello, its been a while, this is MIYACCO.

I’m actually on a “maternity leave”. I get rest for about half a year, but during the leave Elle Girl has gotten even more exciting-!!

The last work before leaving. Editor SUMIMIN has already tweeted about the report, it was our Changmin’s photo shoot-!!
Last week he came for 2 days and 1 night and went to the Louis Vuitton event, which was shown on the news but he actually did an ElleGirl photo shoot too.

This is Changmin’s 3rd time. So, we did it in a little bit special version. Of course, what Elle Girl is good at, magazine–> online –> touch (free paper) needs to be given some attention too. Also a video project we couldn’t do last time!! We did the post card picking too, and it is full with excitement. This time we had to do it in a tight schedule more than ever and we were doing the photo shoot until 2 hours before his flight had to leave *sweat*

This time we went out of the studio and did the photo shoot at a billiard/pool bar. During the breaks we were able to catch Changmin’s “real” face while he was playing billiard and darts-!!

It has been 4 months from the last interview, and it seems like he has gotten a little softer [as in chubbier] (especially his face?) and it seems like he is living a very satisfying life. He is like this every time but he is always polite, and the first thing he said was “It’s been a while! Please take care of me today (too)!” and it made me notice he actually remembers the staffs face~.

It’s before the magazine release date still, so just a bit of behind the scene story.

Last time was during the World Cup we got exciting talking about soccer. This time too, 2 days before the photo shoot, there was a soccer game of Japan and Korea so we asked “Did you watch the game at your house with Yunho?” and he said he couldn’t watch it real time due to work. Maybe he wait for the stadium!? That’s what I was imagining but….!

“Did you hear about the results right away? Or did you record it and watch it after?” he then said “I had a staff tell me right away! I’m the type that want to hear sports results right away~”. These things reveal your personality~. There are people who want to know the summary before watching a movie or drama too.

So, the exciting project of Changmin is on the next issue Elle Girl December Issue (released 11/12) so please check it out!
After the magazine is released, we will update the online project-!

Also around the release date is when MIYACCO’s due date is supposed to be. I hope I can update the blog before that.

source: ellegirl.jp
trans by: rieko@sharingyoochun
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