Group JYJ’s debut album ‘The Beginning’ that features double title tracks, released its full 3D MV ‘Ayyy Girl’ to public.

On November 1st afternoon, through JYJ official website (www.jyj3.com) the music video of ‘Ayyy Girl’ was released, causing the server to have excess traffic and was crashed, ‘Ayyy Girl’ video was quickly spread all over the world through the website, and getting an explosive attention from the international fans as well.

‘Ayyy Girl’ music video features scenes that are similar to fantasy movie and the overall concept was created to have a classic fantasy atmosphere. In order to save the woman they love, JYJ transforms into imaginary characters which give a fantastic dynamic and furious mood.

Specially for the music video filming, the production team used a 24 motion capture camera–a high-speed camera that is able to capture 500 frames per second which is rarely seen in South Korea, while to produce a full 3D colorful images, CG work was conducted to boast high quality visual accurateness.

A music video official, “It was the first time for all members of JYJ to have a full blue screen filming hence they looked nervous, but still they could lead a professional atmosphere to the location.” he said regarding the filming situation.

Following the release of JYJ music video, official shooting pictures and making video will be released one after another through the website as well.

Meanwhile, all 40,000 seats of ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ had been sold out from 1st and 2nd pre-sale tickets, the coming 3rd round ticket sale will be held on the 4th evening at 8 pm via Interpark website.

credit: Yahoo Korea
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

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