[INFO] Latest News Update On JYJ-USA Tour By Publicist


JYJ’s P1 Visas Denied for US Performance
Members to pay for showcase in honor of their commitment to US fans

11 November 2010 – JYJ has decided to go ahead and perform for their fans in the US despite being denied of their P1 visas. Cjes Entertainment, the representative company for JYJ has stated that it is of utmost importance that JYJ keeps their promise to their fans and they have been in New York since the 9th to await the decision only to be given the disappointing news.

According to US lawyers advising the team on the situation, JYJ will still be able to take stage on the condition that the performance is free and they receive no monetary benefit for the performance. Due to the fact that substantial costs has already been incurred by the promoters for production, flights, accommodations, there will still be a financial responsibility to be fulfilled which JYJ has decided to undertake this upon themselves to make the events happen.

Says Cjes Entertainment CEO, Mr Baek Chang Ju, “We are still awaiting the official reason to why their P1 visas have been denied since the band has followed every procedure required and also did their interviews accordingly. We are extremely puzzled by this matter and will continue investigations into it. For now, JYJ’s primary objective is to make sure that fans are still able to catch the showcase. Hence we have decided to step in on all costs associated with putting on the show to make sure that the events go on as planned. JYJ would like to invite all their fans to come to the showcase for free.”

All venues have been informed on setting up FAQs on how fans can receive a refund on the tickets they bought. In addition, fans who have paid for a ticket will also receive a ticket to the free showcase. The rest of the tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis from Ticketmaster.

Richard Nam
Contra Sports Marketing
Entitled Entertainment/JYJtour
Email: richard@entitledent.com

Richard Choo
Contra Sports Marketing
Entitled Entertainment/JYJtour
Email: rschoo@entitledent.com

Press Enquiries


1. What cities will you have the JYJ Showcase in?
The complimentary shows will be in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

2. What if I already bought a ticket?
If you have already purchased a ticket for the show, you can simply go to Ticketmaster’s website and request for a full refund for the purchase price of your ticket less the mandated service charges by Ticketmaster.
Please refer to the return policy for “Cancelled Events” http://www.ticketmas…k=tm_homeA_i_rp or simply contact them through their “Contact Us”page. Refunds will be available on Monday for the Hammerstein show.

3. If I bought a ticket and got it refunded, how do I apply to get my ticket to the free showcase?
Ticketmaster will refund your money but you need to print out your initial ticket as proof of purchase and go towards the “pre-purchased line” for priority admission to the showcase on day of event.

4. Will the free showcases retain the original schedule of the previous showcase?*
NYC and Las Vegas showcase will start at 8pm and LA showcase will start at 7pm

5. Are Cameras allowed to the show?
General rule of thumb should be that no “professional” quality cameras should be allowed. If the camera doesn’t fit in your pocket, you will not be allowed to bring it into the venue.

6. Where will I sit if I have already purchased my ticket?
Current ticket holders will be given preferential seating for the show. A special VIP line shall be provided to allow current ticket holders to gain access to the best seats first.
7. How do I get my free ticket?
To get a complimentary ticket to the show, you must go to www.entitledent.com and select the venue of your choice. You will be required to provide a printed copy of your ticket purchase to attend the show. There will be a service charge assessed by Ticketmaster which is a mandatory third-party fee for ticket purchase.

8. Why are the Tickets Free?
JYJ was denied performing visas by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The management has decided to offer free tickets to the fans

9. Where can we get more info?
For the latest information regarding ticketing, please check our site at www.entitledent.com/jyj or join our Facebook page @ JYJUSTOUR. For ticket refund questions, please refer back to Ticketmaster.

10. Will Hawaii be getting a free show as well?
Unfortunately, we were unable to keep the venue to produce the Hawaii show. We’re very sorry that we weren’t able to meet our Hawaiian fans, but we’ll be sure to plan another visit soon.

11. How soon can I get the refunded money?
Refunds typically take from 1-3 business days. Please call Ticketmaster at
1800-653-8000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1800-653-8000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting at for further verifications

Thank you for supporting JYJ in their debut Showcase World Tour 2010 – “The Beginning”.

With Warm Regards,

Comms Coordinator
Jean Ee
JYJ – The Beginning – Showcase World Tour 2010

Email: tour@jyj-thebeginning.com

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