[News] 101111 Drama “Poseidon” Real test begins

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Gunsan marine police station has been the stage for hit dramas such as “Swallow the Sun”, “All In” and many others, under the direction of acclaimed director Yu Cheol Yong. On November 17th, drama “Poseidon” team along with Gunsan marine police staff is scheduled to film at the police station pier.

Although the broadcast date is unknown, the work involving the drama has made “Poseidon” the first marine police drama ever making it a high level drama. With the cast of Eric, Kim Kang Woo, Yunho, Kim Wook Bin, Choi Jae Hwan, Jeon Hye Bin, it is regarded as the most luxurious casting for the 2011 dramas.

The filming had to be schedule for those dates due to the G10 summit that would take place the dates of November 11-12, 2010. The Gunsan marine police will be supporting the event in case of an emergency.

The drama “Poseidon” is about smuggling, maritime smuggling and fighting crime where they have to risk their lives. In addition, you will witness the sorrows they have to go through as marine officers, the dedication and love they have for their work.

An official from the Gunsan coast guard stated, “The filming will not all take place in Gunsan”, “Thanks to the filming of this drama in Gunsan, it has helped promote the Gunsan coast guard, and also the tourism in Gunsan”.

Meanwhile, drama “Poseidon” will be filming in the coast guard station in Tong Yeong, and will continue to Busan marine police station on November 15. Actors have already received training at the Incheon coast guard station.

In addition, “Poseidon” is said to be the most anticipated drama of 2011.

Source: Newsway
Credit: Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz
Shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

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