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TVXQ’s ‘Know This (Before You Go)’ full version MV will be released on March 21st at 12.00 pm.

Previously the ordinary-length yet drama-like MV of ‘Know This (Before You Go) was already introduced on last March 16th, now the full story version of the music video will be released as well.

This full-length MV is released as a fan service of TVXQ’s new album comeback after being hiatus for 2 years and 3 months.

Directed by Cho Soo-hyun, the music video which stars U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin, Go Ara, and Choi Jong Yoon who role as National Intelligence Service agents, draws the story of friendship, love, and betrayal among these four figures.

Being produced in scale and quality that equals to movie, the MV contains many spectacular actions. The full version of the MV lengths for about 16 minutes.

The full version MV will include 3 songs such as ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down’, ‘The Story I Don’t Want to Believe’, and ‘Know This (Before You Go)’, movie music director in responsible for soundtrack drama ‘Shiri’, ‘Brotherhood of War’, and ‘Iris’, Lee Dong Jun worked together with drama ‘Athena’ sound design team in completing the MV background songs. The background music and overall sound design directing is said to be a perfection.

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Actor Park Yoohwan has confided in us the advice he has received from his older brother Park Yoochun. Park Yoohwan said, “After living for a long time in America, I have not become very familiar with manners in Korea. So in regards to that, my brother emphasized that when becoming a member of the society, it is important to become a good person first before becoming an actor.”

Park Yoohwan has earnestly made his debut as an actor in MBC’s drama “Sparkling Sparkling”. Even though he is a newcomer, even before the casting of this drama Park Yoohwan has ranked number one many times as most popular searched term in online websites. This is because he is brother of the famous star Park Yoochun.

The friendship between these two brothers is special. During the press conference for this drama, Yoochun also suddenly appeared at the venue to encourage his brother. Right now Yoochun is taking care of Yoohwan as an adult but when they were kids it seemed they had lived together amongst fights. Yoohwan said, “Yoochun is more serious, and I have a more relaxed and light way of living. Also there were times when even when Yoochun hadn’t done anything wrong, I would tattle on him and he would get scolded by our mother.”

Park Yoohwan had spent his adolescence in America and in 2001 he had watched the comedy show on MBC Comedy Situation. It was after watching this he had gained his first interest in acting. “The comedy on this stage made me laugh at lot. Seeing this I thought that if was able to make productions like this, I could made people laugh too.” Meanwhile, Yoochun had been casted for his debut drama “Sungkyunhwan Scandal”. As the protagonist of this drama, whenever Yoochun would go for practice, Yoohwan would also follow him without hesitation. It seemed he was attracted to this place of excitement.

The character Yoohwan will be acting is named Han Seo. He said that, “ There are still many aspects to me that are immature. I am very grateful to all the warm viewers who will be watching. This year I want to do any roles from silly roles to athletes.”

To continue to the question of whether he would debut as a singer, he said that he has not been thinking of doing that at all. Because of my brother’s influence it’s been said that I am good at singing, but it’s not like that at all. After seeing Kim Junsu’s singing in his musical, it was so good. It would be impossible for me.” He continued to say that, “Watching my brother’s live performances and t.v. programs, it gives me goosebumps all over. He’s a 180 degrees different from the brother I see at home.” Park Yoohwan concluded by saying, “I don’t know whether I’ll be able to do as well as Yoochun, but I have confidence to show myself as an actor through my own colours.”

Having read Michael Caine’s “Acting Lessons” book three times, the confident Park Yoohwan told us a quote from it and conveyed his enthusiasm, “If your thinking of other profession besides acting, quit right now”.

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April 2: JYJ World Tour Concert in Thailand
April 3: JYJ World Tour Concert in Thailand
April 9: JYJ World Tour Concert in Indonesia
April 23: JYJ World Tour Concert in SIngapore

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On March 18th, Elle TV released their interview with JYJ’s Jaejoong, through which he discussed his tattoos, his current feelings, and future plans. The star had been collaborating closely with Elle TV for their unique photoshoot special, “Movie Still: Jaejoong“.

When asked by the reporter, “Is it true that you have a lot of tattoos?,” Jaejoong hesitated before answering, “Is that a bad thing? Honestly, there are a lot of negatives to getting tattoos, since it can affect the type of roles you can and can’t do with acting, but I’ve never once regretted getting my tattoos.”

He continued, “I’m merely engraving everything I hope to not forget, everything that consoles me, and everything I’m thankful for onto my body. The ‘Always Keep the Faith’ tattoo I have on the front represents my desire to protect my beliefs. The tattoos I have on my back, I don’t see often, but they’re there so that I can reflect on them when I do see them… I don’t think that I have tattoos on my body right now, so I’m curious as to how they’ll turn out in the pictures (laughter).”

Asked to describe his current feelings, he replied, “If before, I was maturing at the pace of one step a year, I’ve now jumped 10 steps. I’ve forgotten to be thankful for a while now, but I’m glad that I’ve remembered to be grateful. For now, I feel that I’m going through life where both hardship and happiness exists as one.”

On his future, Jaejoong replied, “I have received a lot of project offers, which I’m in positive discussion for. I’m spending my time by training and studying things like acting, English, and golf, in case my experience in them comes in useful later. I’ll also be spending a few weeks in the U.S. to discuss things on our future album release and our world tour.”

source: Newsen, TV Daily (1) (2) via Naver
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Talking about Jaejoong.. @JYJconcertinSG recently updated info regarding Jaejoong’s current trip to Thailand:


Dear Friends,

I have GREAT news! CJES has announced that they will be setting up a Japan Relief Fund website soon!

This means that we can now work alongside with CJES and the JYJ boys! It would be much better to combine our relief efforts and try to raise as much relief money possible together.

Therefore we have decided to stop the Save the Children fundraiser so that we can all join together in donating to the CJES website. The website should be up soon so please be patient and wait for further announcements.

The $9229.00 (amount at the time of writing this letter) has ALREADY been sent to Japan and is helping them as we speak. So please cease temporarily your gracious giving and let’s all donate to the CJES and JYJ relief efforts.

Together we can make a HUGE difference in the lives of those affected. Thank you for your continued support! You guys are the best fans ever!!!

Egg (卵, بيضة, 雞蛋, itlog, oeuf, Ei, telur, 에그, ovo, huevo, ไข่, trứng)

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Boy Group JYJ Kim JaeJoong’s recent update.
On the night of 18 March, through Fashion Magazine ELLE’s TV Channel, ELLE atTV, JaeJoong’s photo video ‘Movie Still JaeJoong’s Chapter’ was broadcasted.

On this day, he said, “There are a lot of new propositions of work piece, all of which i’m reviewing it positively.”
He added, “I am spending my time taking up lessons and studying.” and “acting lessons, english lessons, golf lessons and more. These are all my hobbies and it will be an experience for me and these studies that might become useful to my work in future.”

Adding on, he didn’t miss out to mention of his upcoming JYJ World Tour. He said, “The album that’s to be released in the USA, and discussions with regards about the performance of the World Tour, there are plans to go to the US for a couple of weeks.” and added, “We’re planning to show more of what we wasn’t able to show at the only concert we had. Please show us lots of support.”

You can also find more of the unreleased cuts of sensational videos and a honest interview with JaeJoong that wasn’t shown on the video on the copy of ELLE magazine March issue.

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At this time when we need people to reach out and give us their warmth and comfort more than ever, celebrities have also risen to the occasion. To all the people in Japan who are suffering from the damage due to the great earthquake that has struck, singers, sports players, movie stars and others have sent photos to Naver of themselves with the phrase “Pray for Japan”.

With the message of, “Please cheer up!”, all the photos of the celebrities will be gathered and posted as a gallery. They have put their sincerity from their heart and soul into this, and with the power of this prayer we hope that people in Japan will be healed and be able to build their courage once again.

Jaejoong – “We pray all the wounds of all eartquake victims will heal and stabilize”

Junsu – “Even if only a little, we gather heart to pray for your safety. Please cheer up!”

Yoochun – “We hope that those who’s in pain from losing your most valuable people will gain more power.”

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Drama “Poseidon” sighted to be resuming filming but it still up in the air.

Shinhwa member Eric (real name Mun Jung Hyeok) became a hot topic when it was stated that he would make his comeback with the new drama “Poseidon” who started filming last year.

Dong Bang Shin Gi Yunho, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Wook Bin, Jeon Hye Bin were among the colorfull cast were also a topic in early release of information about the drama.

However, after the attacks to Yeongpyeong-do Island (from North Korea ) in December, the filming of the drama was suspended. The drama “Poseidon” was schedule to resume filming on March 18 but, it still not confirmed yet.

Actors officials stated, “We still havent heard a filming date as of yet from the producers”. “We are still waiting but, how long we have to wait, we dont know”, they stated with frustration.

Moreover, another actors officials also stated, “The delay of schedule continues so is really heard to even make pre-schedule arrangements for other work that might occur”. “For now, is just best to stop thinking about it”.

In addition, “Poseidon” was originally schedule to be the successor of drama “Midas”. However, “Sweet Scandal” will be the succesor of “Midas” having “Poseidon” original schedule cancel.

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Junsu-sama’s (T/N: “sama” is a Japanese honorific; e.g., Jiji is often called Jiji-sama) final performance was so much fun and very moving^^ Not surprisingly, Junsu showed fiery ad libs today….lol This is why one has to see the final performance! Sunbae-nim (T/N: Superior + Korean honorific– Junho has called Junsu this before) who has presented to many people laugher and a moved heart, you worked hard (and it paid off) lol To Junsu who worked hard, an applause… clap clap clap!

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JYJ Junsu has caught the attention of netizens with his pictures that resemble his own cat.

Previously an online community website uploaded comparison picture of Junsu’s cat Leo and Kim Junsu himself.

The uploader put the picture of young Junsu in similar expression to his cat named Leo which he’s compared to. There was also a picture of Junsu sleeping in the same position as the cat.

Netizens who saw the pictures responded, “The similarity with the cat gains 100 percent score,” and “Master and his pet cats, they become alike to each other”

According to member Jaejoong, Junsu started to raise cats because of him and currently he’s been living with 6 cats in his house.

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