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(Jaejoong) Even if my throat bleeds from singing, even if my body breaks down from dancing, I still can’t throw away the stage. If it’s a situation that we can’t enjoy it to our hearts, let’s shout out loud until our voices become hoarse. Let’s watch how far our voices and our battle cry would be able to reach to. For that reason, let’s sing.

(Naoya) @mjjeje You’re still awake???
(Jaejoong) @UN1982 It’s still 2am in Thailand. There’ still some stuff I have left to do so…^^
(Naoya) @mjjeje Oh you’re in Thailand. Good luck! Take care of yourself!
(Jaejoong) @UN1982 Nao too~ Take care of yourself!
(Naoya) @mjjeje Thank you Jaejoong!
(Jaejoong) @UN1982 I want to sing in Japan^^… Alright then, good night.

(John) @mjjeje Take care, Joong sshi…keke You have to sing for us for a very long time…hehe See you soon in Korea bro!! ^^
(Jaejoong) @elbowyeish Let’s see each other soon!

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The 7th, 8th, and 9th of March became memories that will always remain with me. I met with four stars of Korea. For someone like me who is a fan of korean drama, it was very fun.

Kim Son Yeon has been a friend of mine for many years and she is a scriptwriter for dramas. She calls me “Japanese omma”. Her husband Chae Seob is a director. They usually work separately on separate projects but this time they have decided to work on the same drama. With four main characters, the president of the production company, the cameramen, and the managers, all a total of 26 people came for two nights and three days to Japan for a location scout. They came to Karatsu (T/N: city in the island of Kyushuu) and the reason for this is because they wanted a part of the drama to be located in Karatsu since before. So hopefully if all goes well, they will be able to come during May for filming. What I mean by “if it all goes well” is due to the effects of the earthquake, hopefully the filming in Japan location won’t be cancelled.

Regardless of the result, all I can do is pray and I will write about what happened the past few days. Actually since there is private information revealed, I don’t usually write about people who were at the accommodation (T/N: lodgings) but I was encouraged to write and boost excitement for the drama. The title still seems to be in discussion , “Goodbye Miss. Ripely”. It will be an MBC drama of 16 episodes. They have already started filming in Seoul. All four main characters got together and came here.

The group bus arrived. The first one to get off was one of Yoochun’s bodyguard. It seems that he is a judo player. This was my first time seeing a bodyguard up so close and it was strange, so I tried poking him a little. When they landed at Fukuoka trip, it was meant to be a secret trip but it seems there were more than about fifty fans gathered there. I wonder how they know…

First was lunch. Divided into several tables, it was a lunch of sushi. Park Yoochun was wearing short sleeves (even though it was cold).

As Park Yoochun had done activities in Japan as Tohoshinki, his Japanese was very good. He didn’t have a Korean accent, so his pronunciation made me think that he was really Japanese. His character’s name is Yutaka and he is acting the part of the son of a large family enterprise. He told me he heard that Saga has really good meat so he ate a lot. He was wearing a sweater which had holes on it so I asked him if it was cold and he joked around saying that he didn’t have money so he’s wearing a torn sweater. He was young man who was very polite to his elders.

Here is a photo of Park Yoochun. Do you not like the grandma who’s standing next to him? Hmm..is that so. I’m sorry. If you would like, please go ahead to cut out my face and replace it with your own. The two days while everyone else went scouting the location, Yoochun stayed and rested. I also heard that Yoochun from JYJ donated a large amount for the victims of the earthquake.

At night it was script reading time. Lee Dae Hee is the one with the long hair. Opposite is Yoochun. It seems the actors were going through the script with the scriptwriter.

This serious reading of the script went on until late in the night. Even now I’m excited to see wha kind of drama it will turn out to be.

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R u ready???? Just 1 day left… 🙂 http://yfrog.com/gygotufj

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Maybe everyone don’t know, but until now his cellphone background is still a picture of the 5 of them, even I’m touched

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Singer IU and TVXQ’s Yunho have begun preparations for their appearance in “Kiss & Cry“!

According to industry representatives, IU and Yunho have both confirmed their appearances for unique figure-skating program, which is similar in concept to Mnet’s “Ice Princess“. Both shows cast stars for an intensive figure-skating training program, which is overseen by a professional figure skater.

In preparation for their upcoming film schedule, the two have been training intensively.

One representative revealed, “You don’t just wake up one day and become a figure skater, so they’re starting their training early while they still can.”

“Kiss & Cry” producers, however, are sparing their words, and stated, “There is nothing confirmed yet.”

The program itself will be led with the help of Olympic gold medalist, Kim Yuna. Other celebrities expected to appear include Kim Byung Man.

His representatives commented, “We did receive an appearance request, but because the broadcast date is unconfirmed, we have yet to make a final decision.”

source: Star News via Nate
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