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Twitter account of male group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has followers that surpassed 400,000 people, proving him as one of the most popular stars. His followers are spread in various different nationalities such as Korea, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

On March 29th, Kim Jaejoong occupied first place for ‘Best Celebrities Account’ section at world leading twitter award ‘Shorty Awards’, defeated Canadian idol star Justin Bieber who was ranked second, which attracted fans’ attention from around the world.

Meanwhile fellow JYJ member Park Yoochun has 340,000 followers in his twitter account and Kim Junsu grabs 320,000 followers on his own.

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FC MEN, a fairly new formed soccer team led by JYJ member Kim Junsu in which many celebrities including singers, gagman, and model joining is planning to actively participate in social contribution activities. The team will play in celebrity soccer tournament ’2011 Peace Star Cup’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium.

FC MEN is teamed up with names such as JYJ Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong, as well as their infamous best friend from popular group SS501 Kim Hyunjoong, Beast Yoon Doojoon, Lee Gi Gwang, 2AM Lee Changmin, Shinhwa Lee Minwoo, model Im Juhwan, gagman Park Sung-Gwang, actor Park Gun-hyung, Lee wan, and more. The team’s coach is soccer player Jung Sung-ryong with gag woman Park Ji-sun in charge as the manager.

FC MEN is scheduled to join the match led by actor Jung Junho on April 15th at 17:00.

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Vogue’s 10 Questions to Tohoshinki

1. What do you respect about one another?
Yunho: Regardless of what work or task it is, he faces it calmly.
Changmin: His character is optimistic and energetic, and he can adapt well to situations.

2. Living together, has there been any happy or difficult issues?
Yunho: We don’t always stay at home, sometimes we go out together too. Also, Changmin’s room is very clean, he lives in a very organized lifestyle
Changmin: There isn’t really anything in particular. But perhaps it is that to understand one another, it takes a really long time.

3. What is something you want the most right now?
Yunho: Recently my iPod broke, so I can’t listen to my music now. So I want a new one. (He probably has a new one by now.)
Changmin: Clothes.

4. When and where do you feel the most happy?
Yunho: As expected, the happiest moment is when I am on stage. That’s when I feel the most alive, and also because I can bring our music to the fans.
Changmin: 2010’s SM TOWN. For Yunho and I, that was a stage that that we were able to stand on after a long time. At that time we realized that the stage was really where we belonged.

5. During difficult times, what kind of magical words are able to encourage yourself?
Yunho: When experiencing diffuclt times, listening to these words makes me happy, “If it’s Yunho, then it definitely can be done.”
Changmin: I have to work harder for my future wife.

6. What is the most precious thing to you?
Yunho: I feel that everything I have has its own special meaning, so I can’t think of one specific thing in particular.
Changmin: 5.1 Dolby Sound System.

7. What kind of characteristics must a friend have?
Yunho: Mutual trust, and having the same beliefs.
Changmin: Mutual understanding.

8. Do you wish for your girlfriend to dress up fashionable manner?
Yunho: I would want her to wear cute clothes or a long T-shirt over jeans style, to give a tough feeling. And also wearing white suits, giving off a peaceful feel.
Changmin: It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. As long as it suits her, anything is fine.

9. Do you have any expectations from your future partner?
Yunho: No matter what happens, I want her to trust me and to live her life positively, and someone with a kind heart.
Changmin: Because of the kind of work that I do my lifestyle is not exactly regular so I hope she can understand that.

10. In 5 years time, where would you want to be and doing what?
Yunho: I want to hold concerts not only in Asia but also go to other places, to bring our music to other fans who are supporting us. But personally I hope to be with the person I love, and be able to travel and do volunteer work with her.
Changmin: I think I’ll still be doing the work that I am doing now.

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