Bangkok Concert with Jaejoong as Executive Director Receives Large Response; Plans Tour of Taiwan, China, and North America in April through June.

Anyway, we suffered but working hard and life is good.
Despite someone’s torments, we try to really smile.

Our efforts are certainly not as a commodity
As a human being, the day I die
I don’t want regrets– to that is our efforts.

Yes, in the end, JYJ.

They poured out the rap as if they were pulling out the lumps from inside. The audience numbering around 11,000 and filling Bangkok, Thailand’s Impact Arena on the 3rd answered JYJ’s cries with a heated roar. On the inaugurating stage of the JYJ World Tour, JYJ for the first time showed off the live version of the Nameless Song, Part 1. As a song included in the Music Essay “Their Rooms” which was released in January, the lyrics which describe the process through which Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu stepped out from TVXQ to form JYJ gathered attention.

The uber-large stage that claimed the entirety of the (concert venue) floor was formed in the shape of the Chinese character Field (田). The small squares within the large square were filled to the brim by the audience. The three members who went and travelled all over the lines of the Field to sing and dance could be seen up close not only by the audience on the floor level but also on the second and third levels. When they sang the audience also sang, and when they danced the audience also danced. The border between the stage and the seats seemed thinner than a single sheet of paper.

This day’s performance was directed in its entirety by Jaejoong. In November of last year, he had stepped a bit into the world of directing the stage by taking on the function of tuning the (communications and the workings) of the multi-national staff from Korea, the US, and Japan for the Seoul Jamshil Olympic Competition Arena Concert. This time, he had pulled up his sleeves to lead. On top of (taking care of) the stage, sound, video, lights, and choreography, Jaejoong put his attention to even the minutiae— for instance, he himself picked the fabric of the stage costumes from Dong Dae Moon Market. The other members called such Jaejoong “Kim Director.”

“Until now, there were not many among the directorial staff who could know well the minds (and thoughts) of the singer. To merely create the stage and to command that the singer “follow the directions that I’ve created” is not the answer from the perspective of the singer. The ideal dream is that the direction adjusts to the singer and the singer adjusts to the direction to create one performance. Although today’s stage is definitely not on the final level of actualization (of that ideal), I feel satisfied to see the members sing with a reassured and confident heart.

On these words by Jaejoong, the other two members nodded. Yoochun said: “I felt more confident than in any other concert.” Junsu said: “I think I went on the stage with a heart that was more reassured than on any other occasion. I am so very thankful to Jaejoong Hyung.”

With the Thailand performance on the 2nd and 3rd as the start, JYJ will continue the tour with the Taiwan performance on April 23 and the Beijing, China performance on May 7th. Furthermore, after finishing the North American Tour that will visit four or more cities in the US and Canada, JYJ will finish off its big run with the Pusan performance on June 11th and 12th. This World Tour is the last stop and the highlight which wraps up the activities of “The Beginning,” their first World Wide Album that was released in October of last year.

Junsu, looking back at the past few months in which they had struggled alone against the difficult circumstances involving the blocking of their TV appearances and the like, said: “That although we received a song from Kanye West for our album, no one knows this fact except us and our fans; That although our album was #5 in the “Albums of this Year” (list) that Billboard readers picked last year, no one knows this fact but us; that we were not able to show (to the Korean audience) this album on a Korean stage. On these points I feel regretful. These are mountains we need to climb in the future. I feel that we’ve all become more solid. Today’s performance, too, was only possible because our members trusted and depended on each other. I am lucky to have met such members.

Source: Hankyoreh
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: sharingyoochun.net + dtl

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