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From April 14th to 19th, at Seibu Ikebukuro they will be holding “Korean Art Exhibition of Beauty and Energetic Flavours”, which will include a Tohoshinki corner. At the venue they will be selling posters and costumes that were taken just for this event.

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It’s just reported lately that when earthquake and tsunami hit Japan severely in last March, at the same day actually Park Yoochun, Lee Da Hae, and Kang Hye Jung were scheduled to have shooting in Sendai, yet it was canceled.

According to a staff, the casts of MBC new drama ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’ Park Yoochun, Lee Da Hae, and Kang Hye Jung along with all crews were originally scheduled to film the drama in Sendai on the day earthquake hit that area in Japan.

A senior official told to Newsen, “Originally the production team planned to visit Sendai when the earthquake happened, we even had searched for the possible places since long time ago. However the far distance then became a big trouble for us, thus we decided to do the filming near Tokyo instead. Due to this, fortunately we escaped that great disaster.”

When Park Yoochun, Lee Da Hae, and Kang Hye Jung were in the midst of filming in somewhere close to Tokyo, the earthquake happened, they felt how the earth moved from its position to the point where one’s can’t even control his/her own body.

After the hard shake of earthquake passed, all casts and crews rushed to Haneda airport Tokyo and arrived in 4 hours, however they had to wait for a long time at the airport because flight from Japan to South Korea was canceled.

Park Yoochun along with other casts and crews had to spend overnight at the airport due to flight cancellation, and after woke up the next day he took the earliest flight and finally returned to South Korea safely.

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Idol group JYJ held the first performance of their World Tour in Bangkok, Thailand, from 2 to 3 April.

The 2-day concert attracted more than 22 000 fans, and JYJ put in all their effort to perform ‘Song Without a Name Part 1’, which was recorded in JYJ Music Essay, as well as 4 other new songs, bringing happiness to the listening fans. Kim Jaejoong took up the role of Concert Director, attending personally to everything from stage design, sound to performance costumes, presenting an even more elaborate stage to the fans. With

Thailand as the first stop, JYJ will continue their World Tour next in Taiwan on the 23rd, then on to Beijing on 7th of May, before moving onto 4 cities in North America and then wrapping up in Korea on the 11th and 12th of June in Busan, finishing the 8-months-long promotional activities of their worldwide album, “The Beginning”.

What the members learnt from Director Kim
“At first we called him Assistant Director Kim, but later on we wanted to call him Director Kim, so this became our nickname for him”. Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu’s praises made Kim Jaejoong feel embarrassed, which he expressed, “Because this is the first time I’m challenging (to be a concert director), I feel excited but also nervous, and through this chance I have learnt a lot. If the stage is not directed well singers performing will encounter huge barriers, and though the scale is smaller and not as large as our concerts when we were newcomers, we knew there were many details and areas that still require a lot of preparation.” When reporters asked if everyone is satisfied with this concert, Jaejoong stole a glance at Yoochun and Junsu before answering, “Everyone should be quite satisfied”.

Director Kim: Only cares about directing, and not singing and dancing?
Yoochun, as though he suddenly thought of something, was laughing to himself at a corner. Only when everyone was looking at him with curious eyes, did he open his mouth to say, “Jaejoong hyung was very hardworking as a director, but as a singer…”, laughing out loud before he finished his sentence. Upon hearing Yoochun, Jaejoong smiled and expressed, “There are many things to do as a director, such as going to the raw materials market for the costumes, as well as being responsible for stage design, so there isn’t any more energy left”, honestly revealing, “If everything was not standardised, there would be unhappiness, and I will not be able to sing properly, that is why I did not have more energy to care about performing. On the first day of the concert, I did not change my costume during the time I was supposed to, as I only cared about the set list and the stage”.

A satisfying performance, thanks to Jaejoong Hyung
In order to present a perfect stage, Director Kim flew to Thailand alone 2 weeks before the concert to prepare, and his passion and hard work were finally translated into his members’ satisfaction.

Yoochun: “I was really satisfied after it ended, because everyone was tight for time but still had to prepare for such a large-scale concert, therefore there will definitely be lacking areas, and since this is the first concert, there was unease and a lack of confidence. But all thanks to Jaejoong hyung, the level of completion was rather high.”

Junsu: “Due to my musical and Yoochun’s drama, we could only depend on Jaejoong hyung to organize (this concert), he must have been under a lot of stress and felt a strong sense of urgency. I am very thankful to him, because he prepared such a stage with the pre-knowledge of what a singer needs, and that is why we could stand on stage with the most comfortable and stable state of mind. It was really good.”

Jaejoong: “Compared to very elaborate concerts, I went with the feeling of ‘Hoping everyone would appreciate our own stage and songs’ to design the stage, and put in a lot of effort to completely showcase a concert that JYJ could present, that JYJ was best in, and I hope everyone would like it.”

A stage with only JYJ’s songs
Yoochun: “We were very happy to have songs enough for a concert, which means we could use our own songs to hold a concert. We wanted to leave a deep impression on everyone through our JYJ World Tour, so we worked very hard to not let everyone see our lacking areas, and to present our most perfect condition. Although we experienced quite a big barrier, but through the concert, I understood the standard I was at, which line I was standing on, and to me this has a huge meaning. At the same time, we were also given the chance to grow.”

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Recently, bowling pins that have TVXQ’s signatures on them have become a topic of discussion.

On the 8th, a netizen on DAUM telzone by the name of mecca*** wrote, “In the bowling centre, I took a picture of bowling pins with TVXQ’s signatures” and uploaded three pictures.

In the picture, there were bowling pins with U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s signatures. Also, other than TVXQ’s signatures, there were also Super Junior’s Kim Kibum’s and SHINee’s Minho’s signed bowling pins.

The uploaded photos of the signed bowling pins were taken by the netizen at a bowling centre in HwaYangDong. Other netizens responded with comments like “when can I can this?~” and “TVXQ is enjoying a healthy lifestyle”.

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong wrote ‘JYJ from TVXQ’ on his own Twitter profile, bringing fans an unusual happiness.

Jaejoong recently rewrote his twitter profile to ‘JYJ from TVXQ’. The sentence itself has a deep meaning to JYJ’s fans.

This twitter profile became a huge topic of discussion for the fans, with many moving responses such as, “Even though this is something apparent, it is still unknowingly heart-aching.” and “Thank you for this TVXQ-rooted twitter profile”.

On another note, JYJ held the first performance for ‘JYJ 2011 World Tour Concert’ in Thailand Bangkok’s Impact Arena for 2 consecutive days, 2 & 3 April. This concert, that excited 22,000 fans, was entirely directed by Jaejoong, showing a more mature side of him apart from his idol singer image. Jaejoong was especially attentive to details like lightings, stage, performance attires etc., raising the standard of the performance.

After the performance, Jaejoong wrote on his Twitter, “Even if my throat bleeds from singing, and my body breaks from dancing, I will never give up the stage. Under the circumstances where you cannot enjoy yourself wholeheartedly, just scream and shout till your throat hurts. If you want to see how far our voices and screams can travel, let’s sing together.”

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The Korean idol group JYJ, who suddenly announced news of holding a concert at the end of the month in Taipei Arena, started ticket sales at 12 noon of April 8th. According to the concert organizer, Broker Brothers Herald, over 7000 tickets were sold by the evening of the 8th. Though the news of JYJ’s concert in Taiwan was sudden, Taiwanese fans still created a ticket surge.

The news of the April 23rd Taiwan concert was released on April Fools that created major headaches for JYJ fans – issues like having the most expensive tickets ever sold in Taiwan, the most expensive ticket being TWD$5000 (roughly US$173) and how to line up for mosh pit that didn’t have any seat arrangements. There were also fans that started lining up two days before the official ticket sale date – their dedication to their idols can be clearly seen through this act.

JYJ’s “JYJ World Tour 2011 ASIA” Taipei Stop will be be held at the Taipei Arena on the night of April 23rd. Details and inquiries can be directed to the concert organizer Broker Brothers Herald or the g-music iTicket system.

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Lotte Duty Free Shop is the number one duty free shop in Asia, the existing advertising model, Choi Ji Woo, Song Seung Hoon, Rain, JYJ, Hyun Bin who has recently been focused as the new Korean star, along with Kim Sa Rang, Hyun Kim, Jang Geun Suk, and 2PM has been appointed as the new advertising models.

Choi Ji Woo, Song Seung Hoon, represented as “first generation of Korean drama” followed by 2PM, Kim Hyon Joong, who are second generation idols have also been picked up by Enter-tour-ment marketing as new models in order for their expansion. As models for the leading brands and companies in Korea, while most brands hold 2-3 models, Lotte Duty Free will have 9 teams in total, with a total of 16 large scale models, which is an exceptional feat by itself.

The head of marketing for Lotte Duty Free Shop, Kim Ju Nam stated that, “Thereason for this mammoth sized modeling group is not simply just for our sales. Lotte’s star marketing methods put their emphasis on the creation of new content. Our aim is to expand the tourism industry in Korea through this enter”tour”marketing which is a combining of the tourism industry and the entertainment industry.


This time, this mammoth sized group of models will be appearing on ads singing the the Lotte Duty Free CM song called “So I’m Loving You”. Each model sang this song differently with their own characteristics, and after filming each of these models, they were all combined into one film (CM). Meanwhile, Seoul Jamsil Lotte World and Sogondong Lotte Town are to schedules to be renewed in time for these new models.

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This is C-JeS Entertainment,

On the 11th of May, 2011, “JYJ 3hree Voices Ⅱ” will be released.

The 2010 “3hree Voices” was only released in Japan, but the 2011 “JYJ 3hree Voices Ⅱ” will be for fans throughout Asia, and thus in addition to Japanese subtitles, there will be Korean and English subtitles. www.3hreevoices.com will be selling the DVD.

The website will be open on April 10th for preorders in Korea for two weeks, and then the Japanese and overseas website will be opened afterwards.

In commemoration of the release in Korea, a small premier event will be held for 30 people who are chosen through a draw. Various events will are in the pipeline for Japanese and overseas fans.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you.

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After an idol singing chart was established by MBC vocal audition program ‘MBC Sunday Sunday Night – Survival I am a Singer’, interests have been rapidly increasing to this singing idol rank issue.

In best singing idol group section, 1st place was taken by 2AM while Big Bang following close behind at 2nd place. Continuing the list, there were Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee, and Dong Bang Shin Ki all in tie for 3rd place.

Meanwhile KARA was chosen as 1st place in worst singing idol group section, and After School was spotted at 2nd, thus attracting many attention.

The other category is to choose idol group members who sing best in most of their respective group’s songs, and JYJ member Kim Junsu was crowned 1st while SNSD Taeyeon and Sistar Hyorin jointly grabbed 2nd.

Yet in contrary, at the section of idol group members who are mostly excluded from the songs’ singing part, Wonder Girls’ Sohee was chosen to hold 1st place, KARA’s Go Hara at 2nd, while After School’s Uee and Nana, and 2PM’s Hwang Chansung at 3rd place altogether.

source: nownews
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The biggest entertainment companies in Korea have joined together to create one massive management agency known as “United Asia Management.”

All of the artists under SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, KeyEast, Star J Entertainment and AMENT will now be managed under the company in their endeavors including movies, dramas and all other entertainment content production.

The six companies came together to share their business know-how and network so that they can advance the Hallyu wave into an Asian Pop Music wave all around the world.

It’s still unclear as to whether the artists will be both under UAM along with their respective companies.

What is clear is that this is essentially a monopoly that could crush smaller companies and their artists…

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