I’m sure everyone has found out by now, but it seems that Super Arena has revoked their permission for the charity event.

But we have received explanations from Zak that they are now still carrying out negotiations…..Does that mean that there is still a chance?

The goal of this was to raise money for the victims, so why can’t they sing?

Not allowing raising of donations, isn’t this an act of being anti society?

Why is it that the problems between adults become priority over saving the victims?

Or does that mean that it would be okay to just stand in front of everyone without singing?

But no, if they don’t sing there’s no meaning

Because there singing is not just to raise money, but it is their precious power to give courage and hope to everyone

Somehow, I want them to keep trying!!

Deliver this! JYJ’s feelings!!!

credit: Hayato’s Blog
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: DTL

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