The younger sister of U-Know Yunho, a well-known beauty of Gwangju, has appeared on TV for the first time.

SBS’ ‘DalGoNa’ (A Sweet Hometown Outing) was recently given a time slot and the recording of the first episode was completed successfully with Lee Hwijae and Lee Soo Geun as the two leading MCs.

‘DalGoNa’ is a variety program where stars take on challenges to thank their hometown schools and friends and present theses precious contacts with gifts. In order to accommodate to celebrities’ busy schedules, the program uses a widescreen LED display to hold a live video chat between Seoul and the celebrities’ hometowns.

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and actress Lee Young Ah appeared on the first episode of ‘Dalgona’ as guests. Lee Young Ah, who appears as a special guest on the first episode, will step up to the plate as an MC alongside Lee Hwijae and Lee Soo Geun on the second.

U-Know Yunho’s younger sister made her first appearance on TV during this episode. Many people from Gwangju, such as U-Know Yunho’s paternal first cousin once removed and his wife, grandmother, cousin, aunt, friends and teachers, gathered to support him.

For Daegu-born Lee Young Ah, her father, younger brother, aunts and cousin made appeared on the screen. The episode brought together the stars’ families and the celebrities emotionally shared their honest family stories.

The first episode of ‘DalGoNa’, a hot topic due to the first TV appearance of U-Know Yunho’s sister, will be aired on April 22nd.

source: [today korea]
translated by: dongbangdata.net
shared by: sharingyoochun + DTL

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