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TVXQ’s Yunho plays a small part on Poseidon.

KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series Poseidon will air Yunho as a maritime police commando.

He shot his first scene on August 16. He wore a heavy commando’s uniform and performed the part of a strong and manly commando. Gloves, helmet, special glasses, masks, and bulletproof vest made him look like a real maritime police commando.

The production company for the series said, “Even though Yunho is busy, he is doing his best performing for the series. He plays a small part but his character makes the plot stronger. Please watch the series.”

Poseidon is the Korean version of the popular American series NCIS. It is the first drama about maritime police officers in Korea.

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The latest trend clearly shows that singers had to appear on variety shows to gain popularity. Such a trend as this has been bitterly criticized for the grounds that the music and entertainment industries have developed a sort of back-scratching relationship. In this environment, however, we can see a few of ‘idol’ singers who seem to have the courage of keeping themselves off the shows hardly related to music.


It’s not easy that singers, even though belonging to a giant agency, gain popularity as they keep themselves from appearing on the entertainment shows. 2NE1, however, marked a remarkable record of dominating music rankings five times in a row even without carrying out any activities on TV entertainment shows.

2NE1 swept through music-download sites with almost all of the songs from this year’s 2NE1 album: “Don’t Cry,” “Lonely,” “I’m the Best,” “Hate You,” and “Ugly.” Of course, it’s hard to deny that its giant agency has given reassured support, but without the members’ efforts and music abilities, the achievement would have been impossible. It is the feature that differentiates them from other girl groups.


The 7-boy group gained a nickname of “trend-leading idol” by ranking top two weeks in a row on music shows in a year when it came out with its new album Be Mine.

Since it made a successful debut with “Come Back Again” in June, 2010, Infinite has shown steady growth, gradually expanding its fandom.

Infinite has displayed restrained group performances and trendy music almost excluded from electric sounds but smartly matching with distinguished guitar sounds. Since then, “She’s Back,” “BTD,” “Nothing’s Over,” and “Can’t You Smile” are followed with a huge success. They have tried to cover such various music genres including pop, hip hop and acoustic music.

Rather than frequently appearing on variety shows, they took a different strategy of focusing on honing their music abilities. They survived the fierce competition with other ‘idol’ groups. What’s more, Infinite is not a group well trained and supported by a giant agency.


JYJ is a group that clearly shows how powerful and supportive fandom could be. Since being organized, JYJ has hardly carried out any activities on TV, but they climbed to the top position in music-download sites with “Get Out” from its first Korean Album In Heave.

The album drew an explosive attention by marking the 300,000 preordered copies. The online site responsible for selling the album was temporarily shut down because the site got swamped with visitors who want to order the album.

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Kim Ha Neul and TVXQ made friendly eye contact with each other?

The appearance of actress Kim Ha Neul and singers TVXQ at a casual brand’s New York Collection has been revealed. Through its twitter account, Elle Korea revealed a photo of Kim Ha Neul and TVXQ sitting beside each other and having friendly conversation. Elle Korea wrote in its twitter update, “Right before the show started! Celebrities who have come from Korea, TVXQ and Kim Ha Neul, are indeed eye-catching”. A netizen commented after seeing the photo, “Poses which can rival that of world stars”.

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Popular Korean group JYJ’s member Kim Junsu has participated in the UN-established ADRA Korea in the “House of Love” project.

On 7 September, ADRA Korea celebrated the moving-in ceremony of the “House of Love” project sponsored by Kim Junsu, at the new house for a woman in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

In October last year, the woman who lives with her grandchildren lost her home to a fire. Until now, she has been surviving with the help of her fellow residents.

For this occasion, the house that was built with Junsu’s help is a 59.504 square meter wooden home which started construction on 21 June, and was completed with the help of 70 volunteers.

Also, Kim Junsu has been financially supporting ADRA Korea since 2008, and all the donations have gone towards continuing the “House of Love” project across the nation.

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“I’ll be 35 years old when we celebrate Tohoshinki’s 20th anniversary. It’s hard to imagine the detailed future, but I hope its satisfying. For that I have to walk forward with a positive feeling. From on now with all the readers of FRaU, lets do out best with energy.” -Changmin

“Happy 20th birthday.
We’re the same 20′s. I hope even when Tohoshinki are in our 30′s and 40′s we can continue to change. Women who live doing what they need too is cool(nice).
This life that we can never re-do, let’s do our best to create many wonderful memories!”

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Park Yoochun has become a resident of the UN Village of Hannamdong, which is spreading as the representative residence like a trend among entertainers.

The A Villa of UN Village of Hannamdong that Park Yoochun has purchased in February is a high-end residence of about 330 square meters with superb views of the Han River and is equipped with a spacious solo/private garden.

It was confirmed that Park Yoochun purchased this villa for the price of the upper end of the 2,000,000,000 KRW’s (T/N: approximately a figure approaching 3 million USD). Park Yoochun who has acquired A Villa through the proceeds derived from the world tour and other such activities as JYJ has delayed moving in until recently and remodeled the villa with the finest of interior design, putting in several hundreds of millions of KRW (T/N: approximately several hundreds of thousands of USD). In particular, it became known that Park Yoochun put in much effort in decorating the private garden that is around 100 square meters.

The assistant manager of Maekyung Real Estate Center Kang Byungsuk relayed: “The villa that Park Yoochun purchased as a superb view of the Han River and it is also well-equipped with the a system of entry that is well controlled and environment that is closed off, as appropriate for a residence of entertainers. In the vicinity of the villa that Park Yoochun lives in, the actor Jung Junho and the singer Gu Junyup also lives.”

Not only Park Yoochun but also Kim Jaejoong, another member of JYJ, has moved into the Sangsungdong’s mixed-use penthouse in the 3,000,000,000 KRW’s (T/N: approximately a figure in the realm of 3 million USD) that he purchased with the proceeds from his activities as JYJ about a month ago. Kim Jaejoong’s penthouse is a luxury residence of the highest level, being about 297.5 square meters and equipped with a terrace. He became neighbors with another member Kim Junsu who moved into a B mixed-use dwelling a month earlier.

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[Singer Brian has become the last vocalist to join the OST of ‘Protect the Boss’.

The OST of SBS’ drama ‘Protect the Boss’, which will be released on the 8th of September, became a hot topic when pre-orders for the CD hit 30,000 copies. It has become the center of attention once more when it was revealed that the singer for the last digital singer would be Brian. Brian will be showcasing the emotional ballad ‘I Can’t Go’ for the OST.

On his personal Twitter account, Brian actively promoting his song and the drama as he said, “Everyone, please listen to “I Can’t Go” from the ‘Protect the Boss’ OST, which is sung by me, and promote it. It’s Jaejoong’s theme song^^“

Meanwhile, the ‘Protect the Boss’ OST has been receiving much love through digital single releases of its songs and the hard copy will begin selling on the 8th.

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The luxurious idol soccer team FC MEN who includes JYJ’s Junsu and BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon will be playing in a unique soccer showdown in celebration of Chuseok.

On 10 September, the “Hyundai Oilbank K-League 2011″ 24 round match between Suwon Samsung Bluewings and Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma will be held at the Suwon Big Bird Stadium, and the Suwon Bluewings have prepared the “Chuseok Big Party Event” which features an opening match with FC MEN.

On this day, FC MEN will be playing Suwon FC’s women soccer team. FC MEN had played the Incheon Design High School’s women soccer team in April, and invigorated by Junsu’s hattrick, had won 5-0. FC MEN’s opening match will start at 4pm of 10 September, and after the match between Suwon Bluewings and Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma, FC MEN’s signed ball and personal items will be given as presents to spectators.

The K-League match between Suwon Bluewings and Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma will follow the FC MEN match, and start at 6pm.

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It has been about 8 months since the restarting of activity in January.
Tohoshinki will be releasing the new album that everyone has been anticipating for two years!
Just like they said, “Wanted to show our maturity.”
Their evolutionary outcome can be found in the album ‘TONE’.
Their looks of continuation moving on higher….

The friendship between the two is widely-known.
The long road taken was never a mistaken route.

[The Album That Bounds The Tohoshinki Duo Tighter]

‘TONE’ is a homonym that could meant musically or in colour terms. If were to meticulously handle such details, could the status within the musicians be leveled up.
Within this, the album that comprises of the two’s passion was completed.

CM: This album was produced as a gift to our fans. Because this is the first album that was released after we became a duo, in order for others to see our maturity, each song was done with great effort.

YH: I think that harmonization is the weapon of Tohoshinki, therefore to harmonize singing with the two of us was a challenge for us. Either with Changmin as the lead vocal and I will harmonize or vice versa, I think we created our new way of harmonizing through these.

Have the bonding became tighter between the two of you?

YH: I think it was tighter during the preparation of the album. Just by looking at each other, we would be able to understand each other. Because Changmin and my style is like a difference of 108 degrees…

CM: It’s 180 degrees! (CM who teased right away)

YH: Ah~! 180 degrees. (shys) I think it’s because of our difference in style and contrarily created a new tone successfully.

(T/N: Difference of 108 and 180 in Japanese language. 108 – Hyaku Hachi. 180 – Hyaku Hachi Jyuu.)

Found a new side of oneself?

CM: Honestly, in this 8 years of continuous working together, it seems that Yunho has became part of my life. To think of “discovering a new side” is a difficult thing…

YH: (claps and laughing out loud)

CM: But I think ‘Shiawase Iro no Hana’ is a song that show off the matured Mr. Yunho’s charisma.

YH: I think it’s Changmin’s rap. Though the usual thought of Changmin is his singing, I think Changmin’s rap has became an adult style. I think this could just be Changmin’s new weapon.

The tour that is starting next January, what kind of performance would you like it to be?

CM: I wish to present a matured Tohoshinki with ‘level up’ performances and songs. And then to relay our thanks to the fans who have been waiting for us through these long awaited days.

YH: To me, the stage is really an important and huge presence. Not only the handsome performances, I still want to relay the message that “Tohoshinki has walked through this long road.” As expected, the stage is a space where we are able to feel the bliss. Recently I felt, “Very blissful~” too. The most blissful private moment is the minute I lied down in my house. (smiles)

CM: I do feel blessed standing on stage too. In private, the blissful moment is to drink beer leisurely after the live performance has ended, enjoying the relaxed moment.

Any anticipation for each other in future?

CM: I don’t have thoughts like “Hopefully someone would do it this way”. And it does not mean that there’s no anticipation…

YH: Gave me a scare!

CM: Because I don’t over-anticipate. If things are able to maintain like this, I’m very happy.

YH: I am the same as Changmin. Our friendship is widely known and therefore wish to maintain as now and to work hard for the bigger future.

Wish to challenge the extremity of Tohoshinki,
Wish to exceed the extremity
Wish to become the musician that continues to evolve no matter how many years later

[ Wish To Sing With Everyone in Tohoshinki’s Concert! ]

What are your thoughts after singing ‘introduction ~magenta~’?

CM: I feel that it is a song of nursery rhyme genre. It was a type we have never sang before and thus was worried that by mistake we would have sang it into a nursery rhyme. (laughs) I think it is due to this song that the other songs’ charm were able to outshine. Thus it was sung with a pure innocence feel.

YH: I think an overture represents the concept of the rest of the songs. Therefore this song represents both Changmin’s and my outlook while painstakingly preparing this album.

How about ‘B.U.T.’ that followed?

CM: Speaking about the current dance songs of Tohoshinki, they are very intense. In fact, there are a lot of songs that made us, who were dancing, breathless. (Yunho starts to laugh out loud.) Of course this song is as such, but the lyrics were different from the dance songs that were sang before. It is about directly seducing a girl.

YH: It is my first time filming action scene in MV. Although at the beginning I cannot understand why do I need to do a flying kick action. (laughs) But in order to show everyone our maturation, I took up the challenge. And it was my first time wearing a pair of grey contact lens. Although it turned out to be less obvious that I thought it to be. (laughs) The scene of my acting and the filming set that everyone have worked hard to create was well compatible. It was very satisfying.

How about ‘Duet’?

CM: The lyrics is such as “No matter what happened, have to protect the loved ones!”. A very manly act of love potraying.

YH: From the song title of ‘Duet’, it makes me feel that it is similar to us. It has the style alike to Tohoshinki’s previously and includes new charisma. So is the lyrics’ content… Does Changmin has such experience? I did. (laughs) Thus I did my recording, thinking of the past.

[ Ballads That Were Done Wholeheartedly, A New Grand Piece Is Born! ]

‘Shiawase Iro no Hana’ was sang in what kind of mood?
(T/N: Shiawase Iro no Hana is loosely translated as The Flower of Happiness Colours)

CM: When we heard the demo, we feel that this would be one ballad that would ‘level up’ Tohoshinki and so it was recorded with our sincerity. Especially Yunho who finished his recording and said that “he wished to re-record everything,” and he re-recorded twice. This is a song that was re-recorded many times and done with great effort.

YH: Although the producer said it was okay but I asked myself what is the extremity of Tohoshinki and how well we can do it better… And had feelings of, “I have to work even harder! I still can do it better!”. This song was a lengthy 6min 40sec. As there was a previous grand ballad such as ‘Bolero’, but this song of similar genre has to be done with the two voices of us to present this 6min 40secs. Because of this, I wish to challenge the extremity.

How about ‘Easy Mind’?

CM: The lyrics’ content is very happy and it is a song that would allow people to forget the stress and be happy immediately. Thinking of the ability to liven up the atmosphere during the live performance, it was happily sang and recorded.

What kind of sing is ‘Weep’?

YH: It was done recording with thankfulness. To me, I think it would be good if this is the ending song in Tohoshinki’s concert. If everyone can listen to this song and sing along with us, I would be very happy.

Are ‘Easy Mind’ and ‘Weep’ for fans?

YH: Yes. It includes our thankful feelings for fans who waited for us. If you listened to ‘Easy Mind’, there is a not-so-good weird whistling at the ending (laughs) I did that. I was cheated by Changmin. (laughs) Changmin told the producer, “Yunho is good at whistling!” Actually I am not good at it… But it became an unique style with that feeling and it probably contributes to be an interesting episode. In ‘Weep’, there is a lalala~ portion in the end and it was blended with our thankful feelings.

Please tell us your favourite song from the album.

YH: Mine is ‘Shiawase Iro No Hana’. It is a grand piece and also the the kind of ballad we’ve been presenting. It is really a song we did with great effort, please do listen to it.

CM: Mine is ‘Why’. I think this is a song that includes the significance of acknowledging Tohoshinki’s restart. Then, I think it would be good to present Tohoshinki’s maturity with this album.

The album will be released in Autumn! Therefore, please talk about the feel of Autumn and what will you think of.

[CM] After he said “I wish to eat hot piping oden”, Yunho said, “I want to eat it~”
[YH] “Chestnuts. When I was in middle school, I did part-timing job related to chestnuts. (laughs) The place with chestnuts should have beautiful scenery!”

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Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong. The trio of JYJ, who split from TVXQ to form a new popular group, have all starred in domestic dramas.

After Park Yoochun wrapped up filming for ‘Miss Ripley’ (MBC) that began in May and ended in July, Kim Junsu made a short but strong appearance in the popular drama ‘Scent of a Woman’ (SBS). And now, Kim Jaejoong is playing the role of Department Head Cha Mu Won in ‘Protect the Boss’ (SBS) and stealing the hearts of drama viewers.

Though it’s normal to see idols taking on a side job as actors, JYJ’s situation is quite different. While other singers appear on music and variety programs while taking on roles in dramas, JYJ can only be seen in dramas.

The forerunner out of the trio who found a way to relieve his stress of being unable to appear on music programs through drama appearance is Park Yoochun, as many already know. Last August till November, he appeared in the fusion historical drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ (KBS) and made his mark as an actor who is sought after by drama producers.

Kim Junsu appeared in ‘Scent of a Woman’ as Asia’s top Hallyu singer ‘Junsu’, who Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Seon Ah) wanted to see before she died. ‘You are so Beautiful’, the OST that Kim Junsu performed live during the drama, drives into the viewers’ ears whenever an emotional scene takes place between the two leading roles (Kim Seon Ah, Lee Dong Wook).

Kim Jaejoong is currently being loved as the creator of the love triangle between him, No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee) and Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung) in the drama ‘Protect the Boss’. Critics have stated that though his acting was a little awkward at the beginning, he is improving as the episodes progress.

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “As Junsu has already made his mark in the musical industry, he doesn’t want to take on dramas just yet. But Jaejoong and Yoochun will continue to appear in dramas.“

The trio have had restrictions placed on their broadcasted appearances since creating JYJ after leaving TVXQ and SM Entertainment in July, 2009. It has been known that SM has been calling for such restrictions as they believe that JYJ entered a dual contract with C-JeS, the focal point of SM’s lawsuit against JYJ. Though the Courts dismissed SM’s exclusive contract suspension injunction against JYJ and C-JeS in February and laid down the verdict that SM must not interfere with JYJ’s independent activities, JYJ have bene unable to appear on the music programs of Korea’s three major broadcasting companies.

Board of directors member Park Jin Hyung of AStory, the production company of ‘Protect the Boss’ and ‘Scent of a Woman’, stated, “Kim Jaejoong was chosen as the first person to approach for the role of Cha Mu Won, and we deemed that Kim Junsu was the appropriate person to take on the role of a Hallyu star in the drama, as well as to sing the OST,” and “SM’s influence doesn’t reach the drama industry, unlike in the entertainment industry, so we were able to cast JYJ in their respective roles without any problems.” SBS PD Nam Tae Jin of ‘Scent of a Woman’ stated, “No interferences took place in the casting of JYJ.”

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