The blue chip of commercials.. Even their special album is released through a commercial

JYJ have become blue chips of commercials.

Following their recent appointment as CF models for a pharmaceutical company, JYJ will also become the contents CF models for LG Electronics’ smartphone Optimus. Contents CF models don’t appear in the commercials themselves, but they indirectly promote the chosen brand through broadcasted activities or music videos. Through their upcoming CF, JYJ plan to release the music video of ‘Get Out’, a track from their special album ‘In heaven’ that is set to release on the 27th, for the first time.

Currently, JYJ are active as CF models for a total of eight products in the beverage, clothing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and smartphone industries. The interest in JYJ’s active role as CF models is high as these accomplishments were made without a single broadcasted activity excluding the members’ individual activities.

A representative of their agency stated, “JYJ have been receiving a flood of offers for commercials as well as offers to renew existing contracts,” and “We will choose advertisements that best fit JYJ’s image and greet fans through these ads.” A representative of the industry stated, “Using JYJ as CF models leads to a direct rise in sales,” and “Though they haven’t had any broadcasted activities, they are perfect for CF models as celebrities like them are scarce.“

Source: [donga]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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