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JYJ member Kim Junsu have come out on top in an assessment of vocal abilities of idol groups.

Recently, a certain media agency selected and made comparisons of vocalists from 10 idol groups and began a survey on who had the best vocal ability. The results showed that Kim Junsu was selected as the best, coming out top. On the other hand, Ahn So Hee from Wonder Girls was selected as first place for the idol singer who can’t sing, followed by KARA’s Goo Hara.

The judges unanimously agreed that Kim Junsu had an outstanding ability to perfectly interpret a song and was thus chosen as the idol singer with the best vocal ability. In second place is SNSD’s leader Taeyeon, who has shown her ability through various TV drama OSTs. Also tying for second place is SISTAR’s Hyorin.

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Similarity 1. They are all experiencing unfair events that are quite strange and hard to understand.

JYJ’s album topped Gaon’s album sales charts for September and it is said that till now, they’ve sold over 350,000 copies. This is most probably the highest album sales record of all the album that have been released in Korea this year. They even topped the online music charts as soon as the tracks from the album were released online. The dramas they appeared in, which are SungKyunKwan Scandal, Miss Ripley and Protect the Boss, have all been extremely popular and the members themselves have been praised for their acting skills.

But JYJ are currently unable to appear on music programs as singers. Though they top album charts, though they are popular and though they are the forerunners of the Hallyu Wave, they are unable to appear on music programs. They are unable to, even though they want to. It’s quite a strange and unfair thing for them. What’s even stranger is that though they sell so many albums and though they top online music charts, their names can never be found on any of the ranking charts of the three major broadcasting companies’ music programs.

There’s a rumor flying around that Infinite Challenge may once more have disciplinary action taken against it by the Korea Communications Standards Commission. The reason is because of the recent car explosions and PD Journal reported that it was because the scene was aired without an advance warning. No one knows what will happen but as Infinite Challenge isn’t the first production to have car explosions included in its broadcasted footage, it’s quite strange to suddenly have them pushed into the spotlight for it.

Kim Eo Joon’s Unconventional Advice has had quite high ratings amongst the MBC radio programs and has been ranked high as a Podcast. But suddenly, the news has been delivered that the show has been scrapped. The program’s only been around for six months and has been steadily gaining much popularity over this period of time, so it’s hard to believe that this show is suddenly getting the axe. Now that we look back, we can see that Yoon Do Hyun’s Two O’clock Date, which featured Kim Eo Joon, has also disappeared. It couldn’t be that the show is being scrapped just because of Kim Eo Joon but it’s quite a strange incident indeed.

Similarity 2. They are all fighting with something big.

JYJ fought and are still fighting SM, a major entertainment agency. They filed a lawsuit against their unjust contract and the Courts accepted their injunction request. Their opponent SM is undisputedly the largest entertainment agency in Korea. But that is not to say that SM is linked to what has happened to JYJ till now. We are merely trying to get across the fact that JYJ are currently up against the nation’s top entertainment agency.

Infinite Challenge is fighting against social irregularities. They fought for the Dokdo issue, and they take on the role of letting the world know of those who are suffering in areas that aren’t that well-known. But they don’t show these outright and instead opt to show allusions here or here amidst the fun and laughter they provide. It’s a very classy way of social criticism and a very sophisticated method of social participation. But as always, Evil is strong and powerful. It can’t be denied that the bad points, problems and irregularities of society are too strong of an opponent.

Kim Eo Joon is fighting with vested interests. He often uses swearwords to give a piercing admonition against it. Kim Eo Joon is the person who is willing to boldly take on issues that others were too afraid to even mention. With no vested interest in anything, he has placed himself within his own kingdom that he himself built and has been fighting off the pressure from vested interests that continue to attack him. He had to give up his own vested rights to fight against a strong opponent.

Similarity 3. They are all staying afloat thanks to their strong fandoms.

One of the major reasons why JYJ have been doing well despite the fact that they haven’t been able to appear on music programs is because of their fans. These fans support their stars, though they are unable to see JYJ on TV, and are waiting by JYJ’s side for the day that these strange events disappear for good.

The fanatics of Infinite Challenge have been strongly demanding that Infinite Challenge be left alone. Many fans, with the thought that Infinite Challenge should be protected, have come together with the show as their center. It seems that they are willing to even collect money from their own pockets if it means that the show can keep going. They have interpreted the messages given to them by Infinite Challenge and are working alongside the show in harmony.

Kim Eo Joon’s fans are giving him their full support. They know that he will continue living life in his own way and he in return is giving them the encouragement, ‘Don’t back down!’. This could also be something that he’s saying to himself. Though he knows that there are many fans who have his back, he cares deeply for his fans as though he is all alone. And though his fans complain and act indifferent, they are willing to step up and defend him if needed.


There are countless people in the world who share similarities. It’s not an amazing thing. It may be that the three similarities these three groups share aren’t that amazing after all. But considering the fact that we feel pity at the first similarity that they are faced with unjust events, pride at the second similarity that they are fighting a strenuous battle against very powerful vested rights, and electrifying fear at the third similarity that without the strong foundation of a fandom to support them, they could have disappeared without a trace, one could also feel that these similarities are truly something special. It could just be a feeling.

There has always been the saying that if coincidences keep occurring, then it’s not an accident, it’s fate. But what stands out more than this statement is the saying that, ‘If coincidences keep occurring, then it was planned from the start’ because this feels closer to the reality that we live in. Whatever the case, we pray that these three teams no longer have to suffer from strange events that are unacceptable.

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The season for year-end music awards is back. Not only will the 3 broadcasters KBS, MBC and SBS be holding their music festivals at the end of December, there are various other music awards and festivals that are being prepared for November.

The most serious problem regarding this year’s music award ceremonies is whether JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu), the group formed by 3 previous members of TVXQ, will be able to perform. With their own interests at stake, ex-management company SM Entertainment had shown their disapproval over JYJ’s participation in the music awards and festivals.

In reality, if JYJ were to attend and won an award, SM Entertainment, with whom they are in a legal dispute, could refuse to participate in the event. From the organizers’ standpoint, the groups that have enjoyed huge popularity this year include f(x), TVXQ, Super Junior, as well as SNSD, who have just made their comeback. As such, they would have to bear the burden of possibly missing out on all these “big fish”.

However, it is also difficult to completely close the door on JYJ. Recently, their first Korean album “In Heaven” sold more than 300,000 copies so JYJ are more than qualified to receive invitations to music awards. The JYJ fanbase also can’t be ignored. As an example, JYJ fans have shown their collective power following successive refusals to allow them to perform on KBS “Music Bank”. If JYJ are still unable to attend the year-end awards, they will be able to raise the issue of fairness in these awards.

JYJ’s side expressed their standpoint, “At present, they will be able to attend the award ceremonies as they do not have any overseas schedules planned after mid-November. If there are requests for discussions by the award organizers, they have the intention of attending.”

On the other hand, the Melon Music Awards will begin on 24 November and the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Festival), organized by cable channel Mnet, will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 29 November. In early Deember there is the Golden Disc Awards, in mid-December the GAON Charts Awards and early next year, the Seoul Music Awards will be held.

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Greetings to everyone at Bigeast♪

A tie-up has been decided for “Easy Mind,” which was recorded in the “TONE” album that was recently released.

As the “Nissen 2011 Winter CM Song,” the CM will start on 22 October so please do not miss it!

Also, details for the new single to released on 30 November has been decided!
The new single “Winter” will include Tohoshinki’s first Christmas song “Winter Rose” and a Winter Version of “Duet,” from the album “TONE.”!!

The DVD included version will have 2 versions of the offshoot videos for the “Duet” video clip, and in the CD only version will have the lyrics of “Winter Rose” from the male viewpoint, as well as the “reversible version” lyrics from a female viewpoint, 2 versions included! Both of these are first press, and are Christmas editions, a special present version of the single!! Pre-order has started, so please check for further details on our homepage!

Also, Tohoshinki’s new Kisekae for TONE is now being distributed on 【Kisekae♪mu-mo】!


(Other details omitted)

Also, there is a new FROM MEMBER project on the Bigeast site that has started! We should be updating it every month! Everyone, please enjoy♪

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JYJ Park Yoochun. Protruding Lips Due to Concentration + Eyes That Seem Possessed. “Lost in Game” [Draws] Laughter

Group JYJ’s member Park Yoochun fallen deeply into a game has been revealed to provide laughter.

In an online community recently, a video of Park Yoochun staring at a monitor with the TV personality Heo Joon was revealed. In his hand was a gaming tool and the face that changed with each sound [of the game] was very memorable.

Previously Park Yoochun had left the following words on his Twitter: “Today I have come to play Zelda with Mr. Heo Joon! It would be easier to solve the puzzles if there are two of us right? Now I have eaten dinner and will begin again. Now that I am playing with Heo Joon Hyung it is much more fun.”

At this the netizens responded as follows: “Is he filming a CF perhaps? Daeback.” “Somehow it feels like he is filming an ad. I hope it comes out soon.” “When playing a game, his lips [protrudes due to] concentration. Really cute.” “His eyes seemingly possessed. Even an eye that becomes unfocused is cute.”

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Korean TV news reported on the Indian biscuit CF parody of TVXQ’s “Keep Your Head Down” music video. Watch the news report here. Here’s the translation of the TV news segment.


The vigor of Korean idols is so amazing to the extent where one is now curious as to just exactly how far the rising Korean fever has spread.

Probably because of this popularity, a video which has shocked netizens has appeared. What video is it? Let’s take a look at it.

It’s the pioneer Hallyu idol group right?

It’s the male idol group “TVXQ”.

Let’s take a look at the video which has generated a buzz on internet sites recently. This video is a biscuit commercial from India.

If one just takes one look at group “TVXQ”‘s “Why” music video, one can feel that various factors such as the music, scene get-up and choreography etc of this commercial are similar to the music video.

Ultimately, is this commercial a parody of TVXQ’s music video, or if not, is it a case of plagiarism? That is not known.

But what one can be sure of is that the contents are overflowing with charisma, till the extent of that others want to follow the music and dance routines of Korean idols.

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JYJ and Min Hyorin Stylish Even When Wearing Thick Clothing

Nii exclusive models JYJ and Min Hyorin proceeded with the filming of the winter advertisements at the end of September in a studio located in Nonhyundong.

JYJ overwhelmed the staff on set with poses that were stylish and deep, overflowing charisma, and haughty eyes that fit the “Look: To Find, To Seek the New” which is the filming concept for the winter advertisements.

Nii revealed its strong satisfaction: “JYJ got out from its light/lively feel of the Spring/Summer season and pulled off perfectly the fashionable feel of the Nii winter collection. Further, the newly-contracted actress Min Hyorin even gifted a chic and staylish beauty by upgrading the feminine style that had not been emphasized originally.”

The winter advertisement cuts and the making-of video for Nii are planned to be revealed at the end of October through its official home page, Twitter, Facebook, and the company-owned shopping mall 10Q.

Source: Donga Ilbo
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