Greetings to everyone at Bigeast♪

A tie-up has been decided for “Easy Mind,” which was recorded in the “TONE” album that was recently released.

As the “Nissen 2011 Winter CM Song,” the CM will start on 22 October so please do not miss it!

Also, details for the new single to released on 30 November has been decided!
The new single “Winter” will include Tohoshinki’s first Christmas song “Winter Rose” and a Winter Version of “Duet,” from the album “TONE.”!!

The DVD included version will have 2 versions of the offshoot videos for the “Duet” video clip, and in the CD only version will have the lyrics of “Winter Rose” from the male viewpoint, as well as the “reversible version” lyrics from a female viewpoint, 2 versions included! Both of these are first press, and are Christmas editions, a special present version of the single!! Pre-order has started, so please check for further details on our homepage!

Also, Tohoshinki’s new Kisekae for TONE is now being distributed on 【Kisekae♪mu-mo】!


(Other details omitted)

Also, there is a new FROM MEMBER project on the Bigeast site that has started! We should be updating it every month! Everyone, please enjoy♪

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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