In their interview, The Boss spoke about how TVXQ are their role models.


The Boss considers their sunbae singers, TVXQ, as their role model. Mika of The Boss revealed that they admire TVXQ, who has received recognition for their outstanding performances, equally outstanding vocal talents, and their popularity. He said, “When our album came out, we received many compliments from TVXQ sunbae-nim. It’s really amazing how their passion oozes out when they’re on stage.”

In addition, Hyun Min showed his admiration for TVXQ’s endless charms, “Every time TVXQ sunbae-nim reveals that they’re going to release a new album, we can’t picture how it will turn out. I want to be a singer who evolves and improves constantly, just like TVXQ sunbae-nim.”

Members of The Boss, who have always been monitoring TVXQ’s performances, are youths who have set their goal as wanting to become singers as outstanding as TVXQ, and who harbor many dreams and even greater aspirations.

Leader of rookie group AA, Woosang, has expressed his gratitude for U-Know Yunho during his days as TVXQ’s dancer.

Upon meeting with reporters recently, Woosang introduced his special acquaintance with TVXQ, “Before I debuted through AA, I was active as TVXQ’s dancer. I even toured with TVXQ on their Asia tour.”

He went on to express his gratitude to U-Know Yunho, “There was a time when AA’s debut was approaching. I went to the hair salon and there were many seniors from the music industry there. I felt intimidated and just stayed at one corner, but U-Know Yunho sunbae-nim came over and asked me if I was preparing to become a singer. He then introduced me to all the singers in the salon, saying that I was going to debut and be a rookie soon.”

In addition, he smiled and said, “That period coincided with the time when our debut single “Because I’m Crazy” was just completed, so I offered the song to U-Know Yunho sunbae-nim for a listen. U-Know Yunho sunbae-nim listened to it carefully and evaluated it to be a very good song. He also encouraged me and gave me a variety of advice about the things I have to look out for while being active in the music industry. He even told me that it was okay to tell people that I was close to him, so I was really happy.”

[note: only TVXQ-related parts have been translated.]

Source: starnnews + osen
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_mug_ping @ ContinueTVXQ.com
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