11 Years Of Forgotten Valentine

Late one night, a young boy opened the door of a little girl’s bedroom door. Soft light shone into the dark pink room. He tip toed quietly to the side of the sleeping girl.

“I will be back and make you my bride…” he whispered softly into her ears, kiss her forehead gently and left the room.
——————————–10 years later——————————–

“Let’s break up.”

19 year-old Choi Hyo Rin looked up to her boyfriend, Park Yoo Chun.

“Heh? What did you say?” she asked him.

“Let’s end our relationship… Let us both go our own way…” he said softly, with a look of regret on his face.

Hyo Rin stared at her boyfriend blankly. She couldn’t register what he had just said; she could not believe what just poured out of his lips.

“WHAT?” Hyo Rin shrieked in disbelieve, about a minute later. Yoo Chun looked at her guiltily for a moment then took a sip off his Long Island.

They had never quarreled. They had been tolerant to each other. HE never once looked at another girl, and HE didn’t even mind SHE looked at other guys. [=_=;;] That particular day was even their 365th day/anniversary of being together. So why break up now?

“You…you have a new girlfriend?” Hyo Rin’s stuttered with her words.

“No…” he answered softly.

“You are bored with me?”


“THEN WHAT! Is there anything you don’t like bout me? You can s…” Hyo Rin words were as fast as the train, her heart pounding heavily.

“I have a new boyfriend,” he said finally.


Hyo Rin stared at Yoo Chun with a Did-I-Hear-Wrongly look.

“Ha..ha… Stop kidding, oppa,” Hyo Rin forced out a nervous laugh.

“No I’m not, Rin,” Yoo Chun said seriously. Hyo Rin stopped laughing and gulped down air down her dry throat.

“I…I thought I can escape from abnormality of being a homosexual when I obliged myself to love a girl… but it seemed that it’s impossible… I don’t wanna lie to you any longer, Rin, that I can barely treat you more of a sister…” Yoo Chun said painfully and put his hands on his face, looking down onto the floor.

Hyo Rin jaw must have swept the floor hearing that.


“YOO CHUN!” a dolphin-like squeak was heard from a distance away. Both of them looked up upon hearing Yoo Chun’s name being called.

A thin guy with cute face sliding passed the crowd towards them smilingly.

He’s thin but had a tough body…cute but charismatic face…he’t cute but isn’t he too manly to compare to a girl? Which part of him did Yoo Chun compared me to?

“YOO CHUNNIE!!” the stranger flung himself at Yoo Chun that was sitting opposite of Hyo Rin, exposing his…


Sub-consciously Hyo Rin grabbed her own butt. Face flushed with embarrassment and anger.

“Ah, Jun Su ya…” greeted Yoo Chun, giving him a peck on the cheek. Hyo Rin could have just fainted there and then.
————————————–2 hours later————————————–

“Park Yoo Chun you PABO!!! PABO PABO PABOOOOOOO!!!” cursed drunk Hyo Rin while walking aimlessly at the cold street. An urge to throw up came up and she puked at that instant.

“Ugh…” she groaned and fell onto the floor into sub-consciousness. A tall figure appeared beside him, sighed and picked her up, piggy-back her all the way back to her house.

“Oppa…” she mumbled and snuggled into the warm back of the guy.

————————————–The Next Morning————————————–

9 year-old Hyo Rin was sobbing softly while being piggy-backed by a boy.

“Don’t cry ok? We will get your knee treated when we get home. Meanwhile, take this, it’s a magic remedy that will make you feel the pain no longer,” said the boy, giving lithe Hyo Rin a lollipop. Hyo Rin smiled naively.


Hyo Rin woke up in a jump, her head hurt so much it can just explode. She hit her alarm clock to snooze and slowly dragged herself out of bed.

I gotta get a new alarm that doesn’t ring when I didn’t set it…

She went into the bathroom and sleepily turned on the tap to wash her face and brush her teeth.

Who’s that boy that always appears in my dream? He’s always so sweet in my dream…

*brush brush*

Who’s that?

*brush brush*

Who’s that?

*brush brush*

Who’s that?

*brush brush*

Who’s… *GASP*


She rinsed her mouth and ran to search her house. Living room, hallway, porch, balcony…nobody. She shrugged, thinking she must had staggered home all by herself and walked into the kitchen; she looked up and was shocked out of her wits.

A tall man with muscular body and short stylish hairstyle, wearing a baby green hoodie and white pocketed pants standing in front of her, taking out sandwiches she figured he bought. He had such a handsome face, with a warm smile that melted every girl’s heart.

A sudden flash of a boy’s face sprint through her mind… somebody she seemed to have forgotten…

“Oh! Hey, you’re up,” he said. Hyo Rin jumped for a moment. A vague memory of a tall guy picking her up at the street the night before flashed through her mind.

“Ah! Good morning! Sor..sorry for causing you trouble yesterday! I’m…I’m Hyo Rin!” Hyo Rin spluttered nervously, bowing clumsily.

He looked at her interestingly, but with deep disappointment in his heart.

She doesn’t remember me…

“YUNNIE!!” Hyo Rin called out, running towards the tall handsome man that picked her up from the street and brought her home almost a year before. Yun Ho smiled at her as she reached him. Clinging to his arm, they started walking towards the station.

“Mum will be happy to see you, she had been inviting you again and again ever since our last home-visit,” said Hyo Rin. Yun Ho laughed, wrapping his muffler around her to keep her warm from the February cold.

“You’re mum’s cooking is the best, can’t help thinking bout it,” Yun Ho complimented. Hyo Rin snuggled closer to him.

She couldn’t believe that Yun Ho and herself shared the same hometown. She didn’t even know it until he spoke in dialect with her mum the last visit home. And her parents seemed to be know him so well and liked him a lot, she was puzzled but didn’t ask anything, as long as they gave them two a “YES”. She couldn’t explain why, but he had a familiarity of someone she can’t seem to remember of.

That night they returned to Yun Ho’s apartment after dinner with Hyo Rin’s family. Hyo Rin woke up early the next morning to make themselves the first Valentines breakfast together. Yun Ho suddenly barged out of the house hurriedly as she was almost done fixing breakfast.

“YUN…I wonder why he’s in such a rush…” she just mumbled.

Hyo Rin put on a robe and walked out to the balcony to catch some fresh air. Her sight fell on a couple a distance away from the apartment, a tall man and a young lady around her age.

The girl passed something to Yun Ho’s hands, hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Hyo Rin heart crashed into pieces when she saw that. She was betrayed. Tears unknowingly formed in her eyes. She went back to the house and sat down on the couch. Holding back her tears.

Yun Ho opened the door and saw Hyo Rin on the couch, and quickly stuffed what was in his hands into the pocket of his jacket.

“Yah! You are awake!” Yun Ho said happily, trying to give her a hug from the back, but was pushed off roughly by Hyo Rin.

“Who was that?” Hyo Rin said coolly, still with her back to him. Yun Ho gulped.

“Er…who? There wasn’t anyone…I was just taking a stroll…HM…What a lovely breakfast!” said Yun Ho, trying to cover up.

What a bad liar…Can’t he be more creative?

Hyo Rin got up and threw the couch pillows at him. Tears streaming down her cheeks.

“YOU LIAR! I SAW YOU GUYS WERE SO INTIMATE!” she grabbed the CDs on the TV table and threw at him.

“WAIT! RIN! WAIT! I CAN EXPLAIN!” Yun Ho tried to talk.

“YOU GUYS WERE ALL LIAR! PABO!!!” she unknowingly took a glass decoration and threw it at Yun Ho. It hit him hard on the forehead. He fell back onto the floor and was bleeding.

Hyo Rin stopped and was petrified, ran towards unconscious Yun Ho, shook him panicky.


-At the hospital-

Yun Ho had a plastered forehead, but nothing was death-threatening, the doctor assured Hyo Rin. It was just that coincidently Hyo Rin’s throw hit exactly at his old wound.

Old wound? I wonder why…

Hyo Rin had called her parents, asking them to come over as she couldn’t contact Yun Ho’s family. She was confused and troubled to think straight as her lover had not yet wake up. She was worried that her temper had been over-board. She put her head on his right hand and dozed off while waiting for him to wake up. In her sleep, she dreamt, she dreamt of something from long ago…

Something she had once chose to lock up deep in her memory…

—-11 years before—-

“OPPA WAIT UP!” Hyo Rin ran after Yun Ho who was going to the park near her house.

11 years old Yun Ho was temporarily staying with Hyo Rin’s family when his parents was away overseas, preparing to bring him and his sister along as personal residence there.

It was late November, with some snow just fell the night before. The park was slippery and covered with some ice. Yun Ho scooped up some ice and made several snowballs. He threw one at Hyo Rin, hitting her knitted jumper. Soon after, they had snowball fight.

“HAHAHA! HERE I COME!” Hyo Rin bent down and picked up a “snowball”, and threw it at Yun Ho without checking what it really was.

“OUCH!” Yun Ho shouted in pain when it hit his forehead and bent down holding on tight to his forehead. Hyo Rin figured something was not right and ran to him. It appeared that the “snowball” was a rock! Hyo Rin had not realized that she was out of snowballs supply.

Yun Ho was groaning in pain.

Hyo Rin’s parents took Yun Ho to the hospital and he got 3 stitches on his wound. Hyo Rin was so upset she had hurt her favourite person on earth and locked herself in her room for the rest of the day, dozing off in the end.

When she woke up the next day, Yun Ho was gone. A young girl of her age was traumatized, thinking it was her fault that Yun Ho left. She cried for a few days and in the end, chose to forget him completely and not wanting to meet him again.

Hyo Rin woke with a start when the door was opened roughly and barged in her parents and a girl of her age.

“Oppa! Oppa!” the girl called. Hyo Rin rubbed her eyes and looked at her closely, she looked awfully familiar.

“Ji…Hye…?” she called the girl softly.

Yun Ho’s sister looked at Hyo Rin in surprise.

“Yes! Unnie! It’s me! Ji Hye! Thank god you remember me!”


Yun Ho was back to Korea after a decade staying overseas. He was back…to fulfill his promise to make Hyo Rin his wife. He was high in hope to meet Hyo Rin as the first place he went after getting down from the plane was her house. The news he got from the mouth of Mrs Choi almost sent him falling into bottomless pit. Hyo Rin, it seemed, had erased him from her memory.

“How…how could this happened…we…we had a promise…” he mumbled sadly. Mrs. Choi gave him a hug.

“She was at a young age, perhaps she was in trauma as you left before you healed. She thought she had caused you to hate her. She cried for days…but after that…she never did mention you again…” Mrs. Choi explained pitifully to Yun Ho.

Yun Ho took a grip and asked for her address, at Seoul where she was working and staying now. He found her house, and saw her popping in and out from there. But…he was afraid to confront her…

God finally gave him chance the year before.

“Good bye, Hyo Rin,” said a guy Yun Ho heard Hyo Rin calling as Yoo Chun, who left hand in hand with a guy not mistakenly called Jun Su. Yun Ho was sitting at a table which was parallel to Hyo Rin’s and had heard the whole break up scene. He stayed and witnessed Hyo Rin drinking heavily, got drunk and finally made her way depressingly out of the Pub.

He tailed her in a distance, fearing she may get into trouble. Hyo Rin stopped by a pillar and shouted like a mad lady.

“Park Yoo Chun you PABO!!! PABO PABO PABOOOOOOO!!!” and threw up soon after, and dropped down sitting on the cold street, appearing to pass out.

“Stupid girl! She’s gonna get sick!” whispered Yun Ho to himself and went to her, taking out his handkerchief and wiped her dirty mouth. Looking at her helpless face and few strands of tears rolling slowly down her cheeks, he sighed, then picked her up and piggy-back her the way back to her house.

“Oppa…” he could hear her mumbled. He smiled and was feeling blissful that Hyo Rin called out for him…even if she couldn’t remember him…a hope appeared in the corner of his heart.

Yun Ho stirred and slowly opened his eyes at 11.30pm. His head a little heavy and eye-sight was blurry.

What a dream…

When he saw Hyo Rin, he quickly tried to explain to Hyo Rin what had happened that morning.

“Sh…I know…it was just Ji Hye…” she said, placing her finger on his lips. “I’m so sorry…for hurting you…”

Yun Ho smiled.


Yun Ho’s expressions turned to surprised.

“Again?” he asked. Hyo Rin nodded.

“You have remembered?” he asked. She nodded again slowly. Then tears started trickling down her cheeks once more.

“Oppa…why did you leave me without telling me last time?” she sobbed. Yun-Ho sat up and rubbed off her tears. He moved closer to her and gently planted his lips on hers. Hyo Rin returned his kiss between sobs. Then Yun Ho broke off and whispered into her ears.

“But I promised to be back to make you my bride…” and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Hyo Rin had a sudden rush of memories in her brain. That very night before Yun Ho left. That very night he made his vow to be back again. That very lips that said those words and kissed her on the forehead on the same night.

Yun Ho reached for his jacket that was beside his bed. He took out a small box in the pocket. That was the reason he met up with Ji Hye that morning. He opened the box, laid there was a simple but beautiful diamond ring.

“Would you marry me?”

Hyo Rin eyes widened with shock and joy at the same time. She was speechless and just nodded. Yun Ho smiled widely and hugged her exclaiming, “YES!”

Yun Ho planted another kiss on Hyo Rin’s lips, this time longer than ever, as if there was no tomorrow.

He had done it; he had made Valentine the most memorable day for the years to come for his beloved that had kept him away for the past 11 years.

“Happy Valentines Day, my love…”

He was back to prove his endless love for her, 11 years later…

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