DTL 1st Anniversary OneShot Fanfic Writing Contest

the contest has successfully ended!

thank you to all who participated and voted, and congratulations to our winner :

~ emerheliena ~

!our beloved admin with the 9th Entry : Wasurenaide!



Here are all the list of entries for this section of the contest. We need your help to vote for the best story or the story that you like the most! How to vote? It’s easy. Just leave your comment below the story to vote!! One vote per story. Furthermore, you are allowed to vote more that one story including your own story!! ^^

The identity of the writer will be hidden until the day of the announcement of winners!! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the stories~ =)


  • ENTRY 1 : Always And Forever
  • ENTRY 2 : The Story
  • ENTRY 3 : Love Is Never Gone
  • ENTRY 4 : My Very First of The Week
  • ENTRY 5 : Song of My Heart
  • ENTRY 6 : My Ghost Girlfriend
  • ENTRY 7 : Come Back To Me
  • ENTRY 8 : Jaji-Little Screaming Loaf
  • ENTRY 9 : Wasurenaide
  • ENTRY 10 : Hot Choco

Please click on the link to have a read and don’t forget to leave your comments if you like them!! Dozo! ^^

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