ENTRY 1 : Always And Forever

“TVXQ’s manager, Mr. Jang had stated that one of TVXQ’s members, Xiah Junsu or Kim Junsu will be rested for a while. TVXQ’s leader, U-Know Yunho also mentioned that during their latest fan meeting at Seoul last Saturday.”

Mi Young stared at the television, looking at Junsu’s photo that was displayed on the television right now. Her heart aches everytime she thinks about him. She quickly switched off the television.

“I’m sorry, Junsu…” She said, as a tear escaped from the side of her eyes, slowly trailing down towards her cheek.


“Hyung, are you sure this is a good decision to be made?” Changmin asked Yunho worriedly, as he glanced at Junsu’s composing room. He had been locking himself in that room after he came home late one day. He came homedrunk, and he was slightly crying.

“What do you mean? Resting Junsu for a while? It is not my decision Min, it’s Mr. Lee’s order.” Yunho said, as he watched the news on the television about their group.

“I wonder what’s wrong with that kid. I thought he was so happy all these times. Why suddenly he changed like that?” Jaejoong commented as he too was watching the news while munching his takoyaki.

Yoochun on the other hand, was sitting silently beside them, while thinking hard about what may have changed Junsu like that. He remembered Junsu said that he was going to meet Mi Young that night…

“Hyung, I want to go out for a while,” Yoochun suddenly stood up, shocking the others. They all looked at him weirdly.

“Where are you going? You know, the fans would probably already gathered down there,” Jaejoong said, as Changmin and Yunho nodded at his statement.

“Yea, that could be true also.’ Yoochun thought, as he sits down back on the sofa, in between Changmin and Jaejoong. He thought hard for a while when he suddenly thought of someone.

“I’ll be in my room,” he said, and quickly dashes towards his room

Mi Young cried hard once again. She was all alone in her apartment, few kilometers away from TVXQ’s apartment. Junsu had bought the apartment specially for her; he gave it to her for their 2nd anniversary last February.

Yoochun had just called her, asking whether Junsu had met her that night. She tells the truth, she didn’t lie about what happened between them that night. Yoochun was already like her own brother whom she doesn’t have.

Yoochun told her how miserable Junsu looked that night, and asked her whether she knew what had made him changed like that.

She didn’t tell Yoochun about her sickness, not yet, not until Junsu manages to get over her.

She only told him that she wanted a break up.

Now she was crying, she was so sad that Junsu had to suffer because of her. She really doesn’t want him to suffer, he was so valuable to her, and she doesn’t want him to be hurt even a bit.

But fate had already decided, it’s either now or later, less painful or more painful.

She chose to break up with him now, she don’t want him to cry because of her sickness.

She loved him too much that she doesn’t know how to tell him the truth and breaks up with him instead.

“Junsu… I love you… Forever…” She said between her sobs, as her head started to get dizzy…


“Yoochun hyung! Look what I found out!” Changmin suddenly exclaimed while they’re having their breakfast without Junsu. Changmin was currently reading the newspaper while Yoochun was reading a magazine. Yunho and Jaejoong were watching television in the living room, as they all were given holidays by the company.

“What?” Yoochun replied in irritation, everything seems to irritate him nowadays. He doesn’t know why but he feels like something is bothering him lately. Maybe it is because of Junsu, maybe it is because of Mi Young.

“This! You see, a girl named Kwon Mi Young needs help from the caring citizens of South Korea to donate some money for her operation. She had been sick for the past few years and that’s when the doctor told her that she got the two killers, brain cancer and a heart disease, both at the last stage. She needed 100 USD to undergo the operation in US in just one week. To all caring citizens of South Korea, please help to save this young girl that has a bright future,” Changmin reads the whole article. At first, Yoochun wasn’t paying attention but when the name was mentioned, he grew alert. Of course, the band members knew that Junsu had a girlfriend but they never meet her or know her personally, even knowing her full name. They only know that Junsu called her Mimi, and she’s a 17 year old girl.

“Min, give me that newspaper please,” Yoochun demanded, as Changmin passed the newspaper to him and looked weirdly at him.

Yoochun quickly scanned the newspaper, looking for the hospital’s name where she was staying right now.

“Hyung, are you interested with that girl?” Changmin asked jokingly, but Yoochun snapped at him. “Shut up Min.”

Changmin pouted sadly as he walked towards the living room. “I was just joking…”

Finally Yoochun found the hospital’s name and quickly scribbled it down on a memo pad. He looked at the hospital’s name with a sad gaze.

“Mi Young, why didn’t you tell him…”


“Yoochun oppa…” Mi Young was currently reading a magazine when someone dressed in a coat and large sunglasses entered her room. Luckily her room is a private room, she quickly recognize that person as Yoochun.

“Mimi, why didn’t you tell him about it? Why let him suffer?” Yoochun asked Mi Young, as he took a seat next to her on the bed and hugged her lightly. Mi Young was shocked at the sudden visit from Yoochun, but understands when she remembered a column saying about her sickness.

She broke the hug slowly, pushing Yoochun away from her. “Oppa…” She said, getting Yoochun’s attention on her.

“Tell me Mimi… Do you know how much Junsu suffered right now?” Yoochun said as he started to cry, he was so sad, how could someone whom he care so much would be sick like this and end up hurting?

“Yoochun oppa, do you know that I suffered more than him? I was the one who wanted the separation, I don’t want him to cry over my dead body. Oppa, it is already too late if I wanted to undergo an operation. The hospital is just lying, all they wanted is money. My sickness is at the last stage already, there’s nothing they can do to cure me…” Mi Young said slowly, as she wipes away the tears from her face. Just thinking about Junsu makes her cry

“Mimi, why don’t you tell me then? I could have helped you…” Yoochun’s voice trailed, as Mi Young stopped him from talking by placing her finger on his lips.

“Oppa, that’s the main reason. I don’t want you to waste your money on me. I’m just someone, not your family members. I don’t deserve your money oppa, although you’re the closest person to me…” Mi Young said, her voice quivering, she was sobbing madly right now.

“Hush, don’t cry Mimi. You’ll be more sick if you continue to cry like that. Stop crying, okay?” Yoochun said, as he hugged Mi Young once again. He loved her so much, he loved her like his own little sister, he really cares about her… And he doesn’t want her to suffer, but she’s just too


Unknown to Mi Young, Junsu had locked himself inside the composing room for days already. During the times he was in there, he keeps on thinking about Mi Young, how pale and tired she looked that night. No, he’s not crying because of her. He was thinking about her, day and night, thinking the reason why she wanted the separation. He recalled all the memories of them together, not once he remembered making her sad.

He knew, something is definitely not right. He had never attempted to make Mi Young sad, so that will not be the reason why she wanted to break up.

As he was thinking, he remembered about his band members. He had been locking himself since days ago and his band members would probably go insane thinking about him. He decided to go out and apologize to them, while still looking for the main reason of the separation.


“Junsu hyung! Are you alright? Oh my, Yunho hyung, Jaejoong hyung! Junsu hyung already went out from the room!!” Changmin shouted, making Junsu’s pitiful ear suffer for a while. Soon enough, sound of ruffling could be heard and seconds after that, Jaejoong, Yunho and Changmin had already hugging

“Wah~ Hyung! Stop hugging me! Changmin, stop it! What’s wrong with you guys?” Junsu said, pushing Jaejoong, Yunho and Changmin off him. He was even more worried right now, what’s wrong with his band members?

“How could you said that to us Junsu! We’re deadly worried about you, you have been locking yourself in that room for how many days already without going out, how on Earth are we supposed to know your condition, whether you’re still alive or what…” Jaejoong started to scold Junsu, but that is
because he loved Junsu so much. Junsu was already like his own family members, in fact TVXQ are already like families
“I’m so sorry hyung…” Junsu said, as he hugged Jaejoong tightly, repeating ‘I’m so sorry’ all the time. He had started crying by now, this is the first time he cried after that night.

As they were busy hugging each other, Yoochun on the other hand had just arrived from the hospital. He was surprised to see nobody at the living room when the television was switched on. He then heard a sound coming from the kitchen, so he went there. There he saw Junsu being hugged by Yunho,
Jaejoong and Changmin.

“You’re fine,” Yoochun said, as they break the hug and turned towards him. Changmin leaped forward and suddenly hugged Yoochun, Yoochun was taken aback by Changmin’s sudden reaction.

“Whoa! Changmin.. What are you trying to do?” Yoochun said, as Yunho, Jaejoong and Junsu laughed at Changmin’s behavior. Yoochun looked at Junsu as he saw that pair of eye was watching him intently.


Junsu was browsing through the newspapers when he suddenly saw the column about Mi Young. He was so shocked to find out that she break up with him because she’s ill. He bet Yoochun knew about this. He called Yoochun on the spot.

“YOOCHUN!!!” His voice travels to every part of the house. Yoochun who was in his room, sending text messages to his friends could even hear that clearly. He rushed towards the direction of the sound to find Junsu sitting in the kitchen, looking at a newspaper.

“Yes Junsu?” Yoochun said, as he took a peek at what Junsu was reading. When he saw the column, he understood the reason why Junsu called him here.

“What happened… to Mimi?” Junsu asked Yoochun, his voice was trembling. Yoochun looked apologetically at Junsu, he loved Junsu like his own little brother, and he don’t want to see him sad.

“You’ve read it, right? It’s stated there. I also just know it few days ago. When you’re PMS-ing…” Yoochun said, joking a little to reduce the intense atmosphere and succeeded when Junsu smiled.

“Yoochun, can I see her? I missed her so much…” Junsu stared at
the newspaper in his hand, reading the article again and again as if the
article would let him meet her.


“Yoochun, why are we dressing like this?” Junsu whispered to Yoochun as they made their way towards Mi Young’s room. Junsu followed suit behind Yoochun since he doesn’t know the direction. He keeps on looking at all the people who were watching them like a weirdo.

Of course people would take a second glance at them. Who on earth are going to wear a thick, dark chocolate coat, a baggy jeans, large sunglasses that covers half of your face and a beanie on a HOT day in a HOSPITAL?

After countless of minutes staring here and there, they finally arrived at Mi Young’s room. Yoochun have to pull Junsu in as Junsu didn’t see him went into the room and keep on walking like a crazy maniac in a hospital. People would have mistaken him as an assassin, or a kidnapper, thanks to the glares.

Yoochun and Junsu took off their thick coats and their sunglasses as Junsu slowly made his way towards Mi Young’s bed. She looked so fragile; he wondered if he touched her, she would just break easily. He took his seat next to the bed, facing her sleeping angelic face. He smiled; at last he can see her for the last time.

He carefully caressed her bony cheek, feeling the soft skin under his touch. He doesn’t want her to wake up but unfortunately, she wriggled a little bit before opening her eyes a little.

“I’m in heaven, am I?” She asked, or said to herself, as she smiled at Junsu. Junsu’s heart skipped a beat. It’s been a long time since he saw that smile on her face. He smiled back at her and shook his head slowly. “No, you’re still alive. You’re not dead, Mimi.”

Mi Young smiled even bigger. She slowly lifts her hand up, wanting to touch Junsu’s puffy cheeks, as Junsu guides her hand and rested them on his cheeks. “You feel so real…” She whispered, caressing Junsu’s face, making Junsu smile even wider.

“Of course I’m real. I’m right here, with you…” Junsu replied, as he too, caressed Mi Young’s cheek lovingly. They stared at each other lovingly; it feels like the time had stopped when they do that.

“Junsu…” Mi Young breathed out suddenly, when a painful feeling struck at her heart, making her hard to breathe. But she did not manage to hide the pain, so Yoochun who was sitting on the sofa nor Junsu realized her situation right now. “Can you promise me something?” She continued, as Junsu nodded his
head cutely at her.

“Please don’t cry because of me…” She whimpered, this time Junsu sensed something wrong with her. Her grip on his hand had tightened, as if she was in a lot of pain.

“I won’t… if that what you really wanted…” Junsu assures her, smiling at her even though he knows that her time had come.

Yoochun stood up in alarm when the life machine beeps louder. But Junsu just keep on smiling at her, although right now his heart is crying. He did that just for her, if she doesn’t want to see him cry, he won’t cry.

“Thanks Junsu. I’m sorry… sorry that we have to end like that…” Mi Young had broken her cold sweat by now; she was in a lot of pain indeed. She tightened her grip on Junsu’s hand, trying hard to fight the pain that was building up in her.

“No… we didn’t end anything, Mimi. I’m always right here for you, I will never leave you… I promise, I will never give my heart to someone else. I just want you…” Junsu said, trying hard to fight the need to cry, “-to be healthy and happy always, just for me…” He continued, forcing a smile on his

“Junsu, no… You deserved someone… better than me… Please, promise me… If you found someone else, love her with all your heart… Urgh…” Mi Young whimpered in pain as she can feel her heart was going to burst anytime now. Her headache was going worse, it wasn’t helping either. Right now, she knew, her time has come.

Junsu looked calm, although inside he already wanted to burst out of the room to call for the doctor. But he knows, even if he called the doctor, Mi Young still couldn’t be saved. So he just stayed there with her,
looking at her features, memorizing her face and voice.

“Mimi, I love you, always and forever… I love you more than I love my own self… I just want you to know that, I will never give my heart to someone else…” Junsu smiled, at the same time he bit his lower lip to prevent himself from screaming. Just looking at your love ones dying, and you can’t do anything to help her… This is just too crazy to describe with words…

“Junsu.. ARGH! Junsu… I… I love you too… ARGHH!!!” Mi Young closed her eyes tight, her heart was hot right now, it feels like it is going to burst anytime soon, when her vision had started to slowly blur… She couldn’t see Junsu’s face clearly by now.

Yoochun who was watching all these times, couldn’t control himself anymore. Not bothering to disguise himself, he rushed out of the room and called the doctor on duty. The nurses gasp when they saw Micky Yoochun was running in the hospital, looking for a doctor.

“JUNSU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” Mi Young screamed in a lot of pain, as her grip on Junsu’s hand tightened, making Junsu winch in pain, but of course that little pain means nothing compared to what Mi Young is going through right now… Few seconds later, her grip started to loosened, her eyes slowly closed on its will, as her body relaxed.

“Mimi, I’ll always love you, no matter you are…” Junsu said, as a tear finally glides down on his cheek, staining it. That’s when Yoochun barged into the room, with a doctor behind him, and a few nurses.

“Mimi? MIMI!!!” Yoochun screamed, as he saw the smile on Mi Young’s face, she had finally went through all the pain, she had rest in peace right now… Yoochun rushed forward, hugging Mi Young’s limp body, still couldn’t face the fact that his beloved little sister had left him forever.

Junsu slowly stood up, looking at Yoochun hugging Mi Young’s body just make him even more sadder. More tears come streaming out from his eyes, as he slowly walked towards the sofa, when suddenly he feels dizzy and his vision started to blur. Few moments later, he felt light, as his vision turns to black, he slowly falls down on the carpeted floor…

[The End]

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