ENTRY 3 : Love Is Never Gone

Every night after the hectic schedule he stood in the balcony and stared to the sky. Looking at millions of twinkling little stars and smoking his favorite cigarette, he sat behind piano and composed songs that captivated everyone’s heart. It was the best way to release his stress and tiredness. It also gave him courage and energy to live on. For other people every star looked the same, but for Micky each star gave him different impression and feeling.

“Tonight the sky looks exactly like a concert stadium. Those shiny stars look like a red stick, which Cassiopeia, our fans, hold during our concerts and brighten the dark stadium.”

He uttered happily as he smiled to the sky, hand moving closer and farther to lips, blowing a smoke.
Holding concert, singing a song for the people who support them and meeting their fans gave them happiness with no words to describe. Suddenly he heard a melody from nowhere, which exactly told how he felt for his fans, how thankful he was and how he loved his Cassiopeia. It was like an angel named Cassiopeia came to him and sang a song softly to his ear. He started to scribble the beautiful melody; however it was a time to go to bed. He was too afraid that if he slept he’d forget the melody and never would be able to remember it again.

Suddenly he was interrupted by the door bell.

“Who’s visiting this late?” he asked himself and looked at his watch. It was 4 am. He hadn’t realized that he had been working on the song for 5 hours. As he stretched his body, he slowly walked to the door,
trying to guess who might be standing behind the door. He opened it and saw a girl, hugging her leg,
and crying.

“Yuri? What happened? Why are you crying?” he asked. But she was still crying and didn’t answer.
Without asking any other questions he helped the girl to stand up and go into his house. Pain and pity were visible in his eyes. The girl was drunk again. Whenever Yuri was drunk she came to her ex boyfriend’s house, Micky’s house, however she had another boyfriend. But Micky was never angry at her for coming late and disturbing him.

He slowly placed her on bed “Wait here, I make you a tea”. She just nodded her head and silently watched as he walked to the kitchen. Just after a few minutes Micky came to the bedroom holding 2 cups of tea. He saw Yuri sleeping on his bed peacefully; he put the cups on the table. He covered her body with a sheet and sat next to her. “What happened again?” he slowly uttered as he caressed her face. Her skin was so soft and flawless like a silk and shone like a crystal.

“Whenever I see you crying, I feel so sad. Please don’t cry again” he wiped away the drop of tears from her face, and then he stood up to go to the balcony to continue his song.

Suddenly he felt a warm body embracing him tightly from his back. “You fought with Jae won again?” he asked as if he knew everything. “You talk like you read my mind”

She answered smiling and still hugging him.

“Of course, I read your mind. We’ve known each other for 7 years now” he joked to cheer her up.

The silence remained between them as they recalled all the good and bad memory they shared
together… The dates with full of surprises… The childish fights over small things… The obstacles they faced together… They could remember it as if it was just yesterday.

“7 years. Time flies so fast. I remember our first date like it was yesterday. But 7 years has already passed,” She said releasing him from her embrace. And Micky faced her. “But I still can’t understand why we’re not together now.” She asked.

Micky was stunned with her question and didn’t know how to answer. He was shocked because he never expected her to ask it.

“Why did you fight with Jaewon? I thought he was a nice guy,” he wanted to change the topic.

She came over his house many times before, but she never told him that she wanted him back, she just asked him to comfort her. Sometimes when she came to his house drunk she would act like crazy crying, screaming, singing. But Micky would just calm her down and take care of her. When she woke up the next morning she would find breakfast next to her made by Micky and her clothes cleaned and folded

“I thought I liked him. But now I understand I liked him only because he resembles you. As time
passes I started to compare him with you. Whenever I’m with him, I wish it was you instead of him. I thought I was slowly forgetting about you. But I was wrong,” she said lowering her head down.

“I think you should rest now. You’re still so drunk.” He said stumbling like a little child.

“I know I’m drunk. And I know I can’t tell it when I’m not drunk. Let me tell all the things that I’ve been holding in my heart for 3 years.” She continued. “Oppa, I still love you. And I know you love me too. Why can’t we start again? Let’s just ignore what people say about us. I feel like if I won’t tell
you now, I will regret it for the rest of my life.” The tears started form in her beautiful eyes.

“Sorry if I made you misunderstand, but I don’t love you anymore. All the things are left in the
past. And you also have Jaewon. It is wrong of you to talk like this when you have a boyfriend to take care of. Oppa is disappointed that you’re not faithful to your boyfriend. And sleep now. If you
come to my house and talk like this I feel uncomfortable. Don’t come over again if you’re going to say it.” He said harshly.

He didn’t want to tell these words to her but he knew if he continued to listen to Yuri, he’d change his mind immediately and follow his heart, which always called for Yuri’s name. Micky had hard time to control his heart, to make him believe that he had already moved on. Whenever she came to
his house and talked about her boyfriends and their relationship problems, he felt so lost and hurt. But he didn’t want to show it to Yuri and pretended like he wasn’t feeling anything. However in reality it drove him crazy just thinking about some other men touching her, hugging her, kissing her and making love to her.

Somehow she wasn’t hurt with the harsh words of Micky, because she knew he didn’t mean that.

“I know you’re lying.You never stopped loving me. I can see it in your eyes. The way you stare at me… it’s different from the way you stare at other people. With full of love and concern… it has never changed… since the very first day that we met” She said as the tears slid down her face.

Micky couldn’t protest again because deep in his heart he also wanted her back in his arms, he wanted her to be beside him. The tears started to form in his eyes too. He didn’t know what to say and kept silence. He just stayed like a motionless toy.

“Just to be with you, I can leave all things that I have now: money, expensive cars, Jae won and even
my parents. Just to be with you. You’re the only one that I need. And it was like this from the very beginning.”

After Yuri confessed all her feelings they both kept quite. Just their breath could be heard and their tears, sliding down their face could be seen. As they saw each other crying, they felt how much they missed each other, how hard it was to be apart, and how hurt they were living separated from each other.

Before Micky could do something she came closer to him and started to touch his face.

“This beautiful eye, this beautiful lip, this lovely cheek… how I wanted to touch it… how I wanted
to own it… The god only knows it.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her lips on Micky’s lips and slowly, softly started to kiss it. But Micky didn’t return her kiss and stayed without any movement.

But he felt like he was in a heaven with a beautiful angel holding and kissing him.

Suddenly the fear started to fill in Yuri’s mind. She was brave when she confessed her feelings towards him, but now she was scared… scared of being rejected. She just couldn’t believe that his eyes
lied to her. The tears started to form in her eyes again. Then she stopped kissing him and took her hands off of him.
“I… I… I’m sorry. I think I’ve made a mistake,” she said quickly and rushed to the door. Her tears never stopped coming form her beautiful eyes.

Suddenly she felt a strong arm wrapping around her waist, pulled her closer and embraced her from

“I’m sorry for everything… for being coward… for throwing the true love that happens once in a life time… for hurting you.” as he said with full of emotion, he lowered his head down. Yuri felt something
wet flowing down on her neck. It was Micky’s tears.

“I love you, I still love you, I never stopped loving you. I know even if I die I will still love you.” Hearing those amazing words Yuri’s eyes again filled with tears… with tears of joy and happiness.

“Let’s start it again. This time I won’t be coward as before. I will do everything to make our parents approve us. Even it’s all people in the world against over love I won’t give up on you. I promise you.”

Suddenly Micky broke his embrace as he remembered about something. He approached to the desk and started to search for something and messed up everything that was on desk. Yuri didn’t know what to say and just stared at him. Finally Micky found what he was looking for. It was a little heart shaped box. He kneeled down and stretched his hand to her as he openedthe box. It was a ring with diamond on the top. “Will you marry me?” he asked.

“What?” Yuri was so shocked to see the ring.

“Actually I bought it 3 years ago to ask you to marry me. But I didn’t have enough courage to do it! So I kept it even not knowing if I will ever be able to give it to you. Now I know it’s the best moment to give it
to you.” He said as he studying every emotion on her face.

“I want to wake up every morning next to you. I want to protect you every day. I want you to be mine. Please be mine!” he asked gently again.

“Yes I will. I will marry you! You, stupid Park Yoochun!”

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