ENTRY 4 : My Very First Of The Week

Hello, my name is So-Young and this is my story this all just happened in one week…..

– Day 1-

This week started like a normal week. I picked up my stuff, putted on my school uniform and got to school. There was my best friend Yoora. We are best friend since we could walk. And that is a long time. She smiled to me when she saw me. We walked along some boys.
“Hi” said one of them to us. We repeated “hi” back to them.
“Oh Yunho he is so handsome” She said to me, when we walked away from them.
“How long do you love him now, you should make a move to him and not just stand there day dreaming of how it can be” I said to her.
“But, but, what if he don’t like me” She said with a scary look on her face
“You never know if you don’t try” I said while we walked into the class. Yea that was my friend. In love with Yunho. Me? I am not in love or not right now. But I know I will find the one someday, like my parents did. I never could have known this week would change that all…
The end of the school day came. My friend walked to me.
“Please could you read my letter…I want to give it to Yunho” I laughed to her when I read the letter.
“It is good, give it to him” I said and she walked away to Yunho. Not much later he hugged her. I felt so happy for her. I walked to her with a big smile on my face.
“Lucky Yunho, he is the one who got a letter” I looked to the boy who said that. His name was Jaejoong, Next to him was Changmin. On his other side of Jaejoong stands Yoochun and Junsu. I don’t know how long the have been friends. But since I got to this school with my best friend, we always saw them together.
“Well, are we going home or do we stay here some longer”
“Let’s go” Yoora said, Yunho placed a arm around her and the walked out of the school building.
“Don’t you want to have a boyfriend now” Junsu asked her suddenly while I looked to my happy friend.
“Me, No…I am not in love, I am just really happy for her since she had so long a crush on him and everyday I needed to hear story’s from her about him” The boys started to laugh.
“What’s so funny” asked Yunho while he turned around.
“Noting, noting now let’s go home”

“No, don’t go, please I need to know more about it. Please don’t leave me alone” I screamed while I stood in a dark room the only light was from a little girl.
“Wait for me” suddenly she disappeared.
“Don’t go!!”
I woke up, cold sweat was rolling from my body. That was the most weirdest dream ever. But it looked so real. No it was just a stupid dream. I got back to sleep.

– Day 2-

The next day on school I told directly to my best friend about my dream.
“So, do you think this is a messenge or something like that”
“I don’t know” I repeated to her. “all I know is that I have to watch out” We walked back to the boys. Yunho directly hugged her while I just stood there.
“Need a hug to” It was Junsu who said that to me.
“No, I just need some sleep. Had a really bad night” I repeated to him. Suddenly we all saw a little kid running to us. My eyes became bigger as I realised that she was the kid I dreamt about. Suddenly she hugged my leg and screamed
I kneeled down to say “I am not your umma, you must mistake me with somebody” But like she didn’t listen to me she ran to Changmin and hugged him also
“Appa!!” Changmin looked to me and then to the little kid.
“Me, being a appa, what is going on I can not be your appa” I suddenly realised my dream that I was screaming from a answer. I needed to know more about something, but what that was I can’t remember.
Yunho and Yoora walked away to across the street. When the where on the half of the road a car with full speed came up to them.
“Aaah!!!” Suddenly the both of them lied on the ground. Blood was everywhere. I ran to them and saw the where dead. I couldn’t believe what I saw when suddenly…
“Hello….” Yoora was waving with her hand for my face.
“Finally back to earth” I looked down me and saw the little kid still with us.
“Well Yunho and I are going to get a ice cream. If you guys want to join. I saw them walked away to across the street. I got the feeling the same thing was about to happened of what I just saw.
“Stop!” Yunho and Yoora looked at me like I had something weird on my face.
“Why don’t we going to get ice creams at my house” Yoora and Yunho walked back to me. Suddenly a car with a full speed came here.
“He slow that car down a bit before people get hurt” Jaejoong shouted to that car. I only could have think what would happened if I didn’t stop them from a crossing the street.
“He where is that little kid” I looked down me and notice she was gone.
“Hey…So Young, What would that kid have mean while she called you umma and me appa, you won’t think that, we” Changmin said
“No, no I don’t think so” I Said while we walked fader to my house.

“So Young why you run away, when you told me you where pregnant, am I the father” Changmin turned me around. We stood in our empty street while it was raining hard. The both of us were soaked wet and I was crying.
“Tell me now!” Changmin said angry.
“Yes Changmin, you are the father of the child. Happy now, but you cheated on me with that lady. I never want to see you again! I can raise this child by myself” I said while I try to ran away but I felt and landed on my knees, Changmin ran fast to me and both of us where sitting on our knees in the rain. He held my hands and kissed them.
“If I am the father, then I want to take care for it to” I cried even louder. Then he kissed me….
I woke up. The dream I had last night was so weird. But it was clearer, but why would I dream about Changmin.

-day 3-

The next day on school I couldn’t stop looking at Changmin. Why did I do that? I am not in love with him, but that dream of yesterday. What did it mean, was it the future. Would I get a child with Changmin. Suddenly I notice somebody was waving her hand for me.
“Yoora, Sorry I was in mind. Wait is the class over now” I stood fast up and walked fast away.
“Are you in love So Young” She asked to me.
“What, why would you think that” I still haven’t forgot that I saved her life maybe. I was still in shock why I saw it. And that kid. What would she mean to me.
“You looked the whole time to Changmin, so I thought maybe you are in love with him” I looked to her and putted on a smile.
“No, it was just a dream I saw. It was so weird, I dreamed about him”
“You love him. Otherwise you won’t dream about him” I looked to her when we reached the boys.
“But you have to tell him by yourself” She walked fast away with Yunho
“He! I am not in love with him!” I screamed then I realised the 4 of them looked to me and I blushed.
“In love with who then” Said junsu while he looked to my red face.
“Nobody…r-really” why was this so hard for me to tell.
“Oh I have forgot to thank you for the ice-cream yesterday” Said Changmin suddenly.
“Oh that was noting, really. Well I go now, bye” I walked fast of. When I came outside I saw my best friend and Yunho. I looked fast away when I saw the where kissing so I walked fast home.
“He! He! Wait a second” It was Changmin. I stood still and waited for him.
“Eeuh…I wanted to talk to you about something” He said fast.
“What?” I was a bit shocked but I let him speak out.
“I dreamed weird about us yesterday. You where pregnant and I was the father and you where angry at me because I cheated and….”
“And then later we kissed each other right” Changmin looked me with big eyes on.
“Yea, but how do you know that?” I sited down at a bench in the park, while Changmin sited next to me.
“Because, I had the same dream as you, What would this mean. That we dream our future all ready. I know I will end up with you then. You will cheat on me and then….”
“Ssst” Said Changmin to me when he saw I was about to cry. “I think that child we saw yesterday, was our child” He placed his arms around me and I started to cry.

“No not our child, please don’t kill her” I hugged a child while I was crying. The man stood there only smiling to me when suddenly a door got open and somebody said.
“Honey I am h-ho…” He stopped in the middle of his line when he saw the man with the gun.
“Changmin run away” The man fired his gun and—-
“AAAhhh!!! Not again…” I couldn’t fall asleep anymore until my alarm got off and I got of my bed ready for school

– Day 4 –

“He panda, next time sleep more” Yoora sited next to me while she looked to me with a worried face.
“I am fine, I just need more sleep” I said
“Then you had to do that at night” She said to me, I didn’t want to talk about this anymore so I changed the subject.
“So how are Yunho kisses, yea I saw it outside”
“Ha-ha, good and Changmin’s”
“He! Who said I kissed him. He just walked with me to my house”
“I was just joking” the class started and we paid attention to the teacher even knowing it was hard for me because of my less sleep.
“Look at this we have found 2 panda’s today” Said Junsu when he saw me.
“Huh? How do you mean Junsu” Then I saw Changmin also very sleepy look on his face.
“So did you guys went to party all night long and didn’t invited us” He said teasing.
“No, I had a nightmare” I said to him
“Same for me” Changmin said while he yawned.
“That is probably a lame joke of you guys, but we will believe you” Junsu said while all the others started to laugh.
“That wasn’t funny” I said while I pouted my lips. Suddenly all of us and it was like only us could hear it, a song which was song by a little girl. We all run into a room where we saw that little girl from 3 days ago singing.
“My very first of the week,
Yea that was you.
You have been a friend.
My very first of the week” She stopped when she saw us looking. “Umma, Appa” She ran again to us and hugged us.
“What was that song about” I asked her.
“About Appa and Umma” When I heard her saying that I looked to Changmin.
“And where are your appa and umma then” Changmin kneeled down to the little girl.
“The are right in front of me, only younger” This sounded so weird in my ears. Suddenly somebody walked into the room.
“Why are you guys here” I looked down me but the little kid was gone.
That night i didn’t had a weird dream at all…I could sleep in peace

– day 5-
It was the next day for school. After all the classes I saw Changmin walking to me and my best friend.
“He, tonight my friend junsu is having a party. So you want to come” asked Changmin to me.
“Sure, I can use something to think about something else then about all those dreams of the past nights” I saw Changmin smiling to me and that made me happy.
At the party I putted on a nice dress and my friend looked over to find Yunho.
“Aaah he must be here all ready right”
“He is there…with the other boys” how later party came how more people showed up. Some of junsu friends brought over alcohol. Of course I didn’t wanted to drink of it but I didn’t notice there was a bottle felled into the punch I was been drinking from all night. I was not the only one also Changmin. When I wanted to go home, I was a bit drunk all ready, Yoora didn’t want to go yet because she was enjoying her time with Yunho.
“He, I can b-bring you home” Said Changmin to me. I didn’t notice he was a bit drunk to so he drove me home. When I stood in front of my house I wanted to thank Changmin. My face was really close to his, he came closer to me and kissed me.
“You can come with me into my house” of course I had no idea of what I was doing or why I said that. When we reached my room he started to kiss me even more. And we landed on the bed. What happened after it I can not remember but I think I can guess it. Because the next morning I was sleeping on Changmin, with hardly anything on.
“Changmin…Changmin…” I try to wake him up while I held the blanket in front of me.
“What…Happened…” When he saw me he was in shock.
“You, me…this is a bad joke right, right…”
“No Changmin, it is not” I started to cry a bit, Changmin pulled me into a hug.
I stayed that day in Changmin’s house. I didn’t want to go home so I called my parents I was at Yoora her place.

-day 6-

“So-Young” Changmin screamed. I ran fast to Junsu house to find out why we became drunk that night. We just drink some soda’s. When I ran the doorbell it was Jaejoong who opened the door.
“What is it?” he asked while he saw Changmin running behind me.
“Yesterday, both of us, where drunk while we only drink some soda’s”
“Not the one with whisky right” My eyes got big
“Somebody let it fall in it but I came after it to late” told Junsu to me “I came after it after you guys all ready left”
I got inside the house suddenly I saw that little kid running inside.
“Last night I was made” She suddenly said which shocked Jaejoong and junsu.
“You guys….did…it?” Changmin nodded his head with a ‘yes’ Jaejoong sitted back.
“And now…” That little girl was still here. He looked at her and suddenly notice her eyes looked a lot like Changmin.
“So the are you parents” the little girl just kicked with her head without saying her name.
“But why are you here…?” I asked her
“Because, daddy got killed and mommy….she… she”
“What happened to me” I kneeled down to the child.
“You did me away, and because you where so depressed you didn’t focus on the road and got in a car accident which killed you” I was in shock but the child hasn’t finished her lines.
“First you lose you best friend, with her boyfriend and them him”
“What but Yoora and Yunho are..”
“Still alive because of you. But I don’t want to lose my parents” She suddenly hugged me, Changmin came closer to me.
“So you came here to safe our life’s” The little girl started to cry, Changmin came to her and hugged her
“Ssst…Appa is here” What happened then I don’t know. One moment I was in junsu house and the next moment I saw Changmin and me only older. Then the same thing happened as in my dream. I looked fast at the calendar and saw it was years later.
25 July 2014. Then I got back to Junsu house but I lay down on the sofa.
“I…I go home” I stood up and walked the house out.

– Day 7-

This was the last day. I was walking with Changmin around the park talking about what I have seen.
“So…on that day…we must be careful”
“Yes, so are you for it” He grabbed my hand, I felt a blush coming up. Why I don’t know but it just happened.
“We just go for it” He said to me. “Or do you have a better plan”
“No, I don’t have” I said while I looked with my head down. We still where walking. But where is that little girl now. Since yesterday I haven’t seen her. I thought while I was walking. All the time Changmin held my hand. He knew he was going to be a father. I looked to him and when he notice that he stopped walking. He got down and sited on the ground in the grass.
“Something wrong Changmin” I asked him.
“Maybe you better can start with saying Oppa to me” Suddenly the both of us heard a girl singing. It was the same song we heard before. ‘my very first of the week’ Changmin stood up and the both of us ran to it. Then we saw her sitting on a rock. Watching over everything. When she notice it she walked to us. The little girl grabbed both of my fingers, I picked her up on my shoulder. All together we walked away. She repeated, “My very first of the week” I looked to Changmin and smiled. We know she would be gone tomorrow but we would see her again 9 months later.

The End.

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