ENTRY 6 : My Ghost Girlfriend


It was Junsu’s first day at his new school.And he was totally excited…..He walked slowly looking at each corner of the school,looking amazed when he suddenly…..


“Ouch!!That Hurts”, Junsu cried.

“Damn it!!CAN’T you see where am I going???URGHHH!!!!!”, Jaejoong said angrily.

“I’m sorry,but your wrong also!!You were staring at that girl and didn’t see me walking!!”

“Why you!!!ARGHHH!!!I’m done here! Sa..Yo..Na…Ra…!” , pouted Jae and walked away.


He’s damn scary..He sounded like a gay guy! Don’t u think so? (giggled)


Such an ANNOYING boy!!Well,back to her…

Hyuk Rin looks unwell…Is she fine?

Jaejoong headed to his class and to his surprise, Junsu was sitting just right beside him!!

Teacher Han came in and introduced Junsu.Every girls in the class cheered loudly when Junsu did his cute dolphin face….Jae totally got annoyed.

Suddenly,Teacher Han announce about singing audition.All the pupils were excited.
Out of a Sudden~

“JUNG YUNHO!!!”,teacher Han shouted


“Why are you crawling?You’re late again!And where’s Mr Fancy Yoochun?”

“Yoochun?His…his in the music room with….er…ermm……”



ERGhhhh!!!…..Why is she so grumpy?No wonder she don’t have a boyfriend….No guys like her…..neither do I!

~Audition Day~

Every student gave their best shot on the audition and guess what? Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Yunho, Changmin was picked and they were called TVXQ…

Their New mission has begun!

Every day,after school,they will have to practice their dance and vocal with Teacher Han

~After 3 Weeks~


Gosh….there’s tons of audience!OMG,she’s here!!!!Is she here for me?..Hahahaha….I knew it…It must be because I’m cute….Heheheh……



“Can I tell you something?



Before Hyuk Rin can say what she wanted to him,she fainted…..

“Hyuk Rin??Are you okay??Anyone HELP!!!Changmin!!call the AMBULANCE!!!!”

Changmin called the ambulance and Hyuk Rin was brought to the Hospital but Jae was not allowed to follow…He was so worried but he determine to win and confess his love to Hyuk Rin….


“THE WINNER IS TVXQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS!!”

Everyone clapped hands in enjoyment for TVXQ victory!

Jae quickly left the stage and rush to the Hospital.When he reached the hospital,

Somehow, he felt his heart beat faster.

He quickened his pace, wondering why he was feeling like that.


Jae’s voice echoed in the Hospital.


“I’m sorry to tell you,sir, that she can’t survive and her sickness was in a critical state already.” ,the doctor said,feeling uneasy.

“This can’t be….Doctor,what disease was she having?Please tell me Doctor!”,pleaded Jae for he had to know what is going on.

“She was suffering from Leukemia.I’m sorry ,sir,i need to go now because my patient is waiting..” said the doctor,and walked away.

~End of Flashback~

Yoochun and the others tried to calm him down… Since that day, Jae fell silent, not knowing what to say anymore for his unconfessed love was gone.

Hyuk Rin was sent to death world and settled down at there for a while.

After 6 months, Hyuk Rin was released by the death angel to complete her last wish.

She possessed Hee Nim which lives near Jae and start to seduce Jae. Jae felt in love with Hee Nim because her personality is exactly like Hyuk Rin. Angel of Death was mad due to Hyuk Rin’s fault of using human body without permission and forced her to be put in jail.

After a couple of days, Jae saw Hee Nim acting so weird and Jae was so pissed off because Hee Nim did not know him .Instead,he tried picking up on her.

Unfortunately, Hyuk Rin saw this and ran away from the jail of death world…..

First, she went in Hee Nim’s dream and begged for her permission to use her body by night time but Hee Nim did not agree.Hyuk Rin keep bugging her since that night and finally, Hee Nim gave up and pitied Hyuk Rin. So, Hee Nim’s body is officialy Hyuk Rin’s body by night.

The next night, Hyuk Rin went to see Jae and he was so happy because Hee Nim remembered him! But, Hyuk Rin told Jae about her soul and Hee Nim. At first he did not believe but when Hyuk Rin showed her soul, Jae smiled because his first sight of love was back for him. Hyuk Rin smiled fakely as she knew that Angel of Death would soon found out about her escaping from jail and wouldn’t want Jae to be worried.

“DAMN IT!!She’s gone~”,cried the death angel.Angel of Death went to Hyuk Rin and forced her to go to hell but Jae wouldn’t let go.

Jae begged to go with them but neither Hyuk rin let nor Angel of Death too….Jae couldn’t lose his love again and he ran to the main road and the first thing he saw was a big truck heading fast towards him.

“PON!!!!PON!!!!!HON!!!!,the driver honk as much as he can.

Jae only smiled and stayed at where he was standing.

(truck sounded uncontrollable)

NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!JJJAEEEEEEE!! ,shouted Hyuk Rin.

Red stains representing Jae’s willingness to die for love spilt everywhere.Hyuk Rin stood beside Jae,crying. She looked at him. People had said that Jae was a special person. He was a perfect person to Hyuk Rin.She had believed in true love and loved him. Now, she regretted about it . She should have stop it since the first time they met. Then, none of this would happen.

And for the last time,

“Ca..can…I….go…with …her..now??Please!!..I lov…love her…and I …..can’t….lose her….her….again…”, said Jae, almost lifeless.

“Give his life back.You only need me!!TAKE ME!!”, sobbed Hyuk Rin.

“NO!!Listen to me!!”, said Jae.”Bring Me Along!!Let us be together!!”

Angel of Death pitied them so much and was totally touched by their pureness of true love.Angel of Death changed Jae and Hyuk Rin’s soul to be angels at Heaven and they were together till now…


He went over to his seat and sat down on the side,waiting for her. He could smell her perfume when she walk through beside him. The sound of her clear laughter and soft gentle voice filled the classroom.

~End Of Flashback~

He remembered the first time he had met her…
And now,she was his forever eternity.

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