[ENTRY 10] I Love You From The Day I Met You

Junsu was kicking the ball to the wall, even knowing the weather was cold he was outsider everyday to practice for his upcoming football match.

“Really good Junsu” His coach came to him.

“With you in the team we will win this match” Junsu smiled big, he felt so happy. The team needed him for the upcoming match.

A week was going by and it was the day of the match. Junsu did his best and scored 2 times. After 1 hour of playing it happened. He had the ball, a kid from the other team was running next to him to get the ball, Junsu tripped and felt of the kid his leg, he back on his leg but directly felt on the ground with a big pain in his leg. The coach run fast to him.

“JUNSU! JUNSU! Are you all right?” He said with a worried face, that was the last thing Junsu heard because he fainted of the pain.

“Hellooo…” He heard a unknown voice above him. When he opened his eyes he saw 2 big brown eyes watching him.

“He he you are awake I started to feel bored” The girl said. Junsu blinked a couple of times. He saw a bit jumping around in the room.

“Oh yea my name is Ha-Neul that means sky” She said which such a happy cheerful voice, but also irritating. Junsu hasn’t said anything yet.

“You broke your leg right, what are you a stuntman, footballer?” Still Junsu could say a thing to
come between her talking. It was like she was a motor who was running.

“You don’t say much, you know what! I like you” Junsu blinked hard. Like me without knowing me.

“Well I go now, But see you tomorrow” The girl walked away but came then back.

“Oh what is your name?”


“I like that name!” Now her head disappeared, and Junsu lay back with his head on his pillow.
Looking to the sealing.

The next day Junsu could go home, he was still wondering about that girl he had met. Her name was…
“Ha-Neul” A woman shouted her name. Junsu looked around and saw her cheerful walking by his door. He had to laugh soft to himself. Weird girl. What did she had why was she here?
Junsu saw his parents coming together with his brother and the walked “well Junsu was in a wheelchair” outside.

“So Junsu how do feel now” His mother asked him.

“I am fine now” and there the go on there way home.

6 weeks where passing by and his plaster could be remover from his leg. Junsu suddenly was wondering about that girl he met then. Ha-Neul. He suddenly heard a familiar laugh. Was
she still here, wasn’t she recovered.

“So Junsu, try now to see if you can walk” Junsu came of his bed and he stood on his leg. Everything felt all right with his leg.

“Well thank you doctor” Junsu said polite and he walked away. With his parents.

“Mom, Dad? Can you wait a second for me, I want to see somebody fast” He parents nodded yes and Junsu walked slowly away since he couldn’t walk so fast. Ha-Neul passed him by. She stood still and walked back.

“Haven’t I seen you here before?” She asked again with her cheerful voice

“Yea we did” Junsu said back with a smile. Those 2 talked a bit with each other.

The couple of days and weeks he came everyday to the hospital where she was so the could meet. His brother keeps saying to him he was in love but he keeps denying it. Junsu wasn’t in love, at least he said to himself. He knew a lot about the girl now. Her age, her name, even things about her family. But still there was 1 thing she didn’t want to tell him, and that was why she was in the hospital. She keeps telling she worked there also but somehow Junsu didn’t believe it. As months went over it started to become December and a happy time for Junsu. He loved December it was the month where his birthday was, Christmas was and a month where the said goodbye to the old year.

“Junsu” Somebody covered his eyes.

“Happy birthday” When he turned around he saw Ha-Neul with a little cake in her hands. She still had the same happy smile on her face. Like she always had and, but her face looked

“Are you all right?” Asked Junsu with a worried face.

“Oppa! It is your birthday so you should relax, don’t stress about me!” said Ha-Neul.

“I got a surprise for you so let’s go outside!” She grabbed his hand and dragged him outside the
hospital. When the came outside Junsu saw a big present.

“For…me??” Junsu could not believe how big it was.

“It is not only from me but from all the people who work here to since you came here so much and did so many things for us” Junsu smiled like a little child and run to the present. When he got the paper of he saw a big plushie teddy bear.

“It is so cute!!” Junsu said but he didn’t hear a word of Ha-Neul. He turned around and saw she
lay on the ground.

“Ha-Neul!” Said Junsu shocked and run to her. He got her in his arms and run inside.

“Doctor, please something happened to her,” he said to the first doctor he saw. The next 2 hours looked like days for Junsu. He was so worried something bad happened to her and he didn’t had the time to tell her…that he…

“I love her” Suddenly Junsu realised it. “I want to give her a great Christmas and a happy new year” He said to himself. He was so busy talking to himself that he didn’t realized the doctor stood in from of him.

“Excuse me sir but she if awake now” “Oh thank you” Junsu ran fast to Ha-Neul. He saw her lying on the bed and for the first time he saw her crying. What happened to the happy and full of
energic Ha-Neul?

“Are you all right”

“Oh, Junsu, yea I am all right sorry to make you worry so much, I didn’t had that much sleep last

“Why don’t you tell the truth” Junsu said while he walked closer to her and sit the side of her

“Why do you come here everyday while you are not sick?”

“That is not important now”

“If you tell me that, I will tell you why I am here everyday,” Ha-Neul said with a serious tone in
her voice.

“All right, the reason I come here everyday is because of you! I love you!” After Junsu said that
Ha-Neul was shocked.

“Lo-love me, for real?”
“Yea I do! And I want to give you the best Christmas ever and maybe even a nice
new year”
“Really?” She placed her arms around his waist. “Junsu, please don’t be sad when I tell you this,
but the reason for me to be here is…”

“Ssst…” Junsu made her stop. He got out a little book from his pocket with a pen. “I always have this with me for if I meet somebody famous, but today I have it for you, Write in this book what you have, and anything you want to tell me but can not tell my strait” Ha-Neul nodded her had and got the book with the pen.

“Thanks, Oppa” Junsu return her with a smile before the doctor came inside.

“Sir, you need to go now, she needs to rest”

“Yes sir, And Ha-Neul, remember the book” He walked outside and he still found the big teddy bear on the ground. He picked it up and walked on his way home.

“Ha-Neul you have to put on your coat” Junsu said to her while he gave her coat.

“Thanks oppa, so where are we going”

“My dad has a restaurant and he made something special for us because I asked him so I hope
you will like it”

“Really, Oppa is the best!” She said, she was her happy self again. Junsu didn’t know how long she would be with him but until that time. He wanted to make her feel happy, he didn’t want to know what she had so that he didn’t needed to worry to much.

“Dad, we are here” He walked inside and Ha-Neul her eyes looked surprised of what she saw. The whole restaurant was made in the Christmas spirit. Red, green, silver and even a bit gold. There was a bit Christmas tree and so much more. On 1 of the tables she saw a present and a paper above it with her name on it.

“That is for you” Junsu said and helped her to sit down on a chair. When she unpacked it she saw
a pair of gloves.

“To keep you warm this winter when I am not around” Junsu said. He-Neul got tears in her eyes.

“He why are you crying?” Junsu asked.

“About, that you do this for me” She said

“I just want you to feel happy that is al, so if you are happy I am to!” not much later his dad
came with the food.

“Enjoy your dinner” and he walked away. After the dinner was over Junsu walked outside with Ha-Neul while he putted her gloves on.

“Thanks” The both walked away. Suddenly Ha-Neul felt something on her noise.

“Oh it is snowing” the both started to smile and stand still to watch the snow fall down.

“Ha-Neul!” Junsu suddenly shouted. When she looked to him she saw he made a photo of her.

“Aaah why did you do that” She said while she had to laugh.

“Because I want to remember this moment with you!” Junsu said. “Well come here” He made a picture of them together now. The night started to fall.

“I guess, we should go back” Junsu said when he saw Ha-Neul shivering.

“Thanks oppa” Ha-Neul said. He wanted to walk away but Ha-Neul got his hand fast.

“Oppa, you forgot, my present” She said and kissed him.

“Junsu, Hello” His brother said to him but Junsu was with his head into the pink clouds of love.

“Somebody here is really in love” His mom said while she placed a piece of a cake for his face.

“Huh, what is it?” He said and then saw the piece of cake right in front of him. He started to eat
fast of it.

“Hyung, I go sleep now” He said to his brother and walked away. That night he had the sweetest

The next day he was on his way to the hospital. The happy feeling he had when he walked into the hospital was gone. He saw somebody with a sad face walking to him.

“We expected you to come today, follow me” Junsu had directly a bad feeling and that became
stronger to the place where she brought him and gave him a few stuff.

“I am sorry” she said and then left him alone. Junsu could not keep his tears inside. He opened the book he gave her and started to read.

15 December 2009,

Dear Junsu,

Today you gave me this book to write my things down. So I going to do that for you, so you can read them later. Today there are a few things I would like to say to you.
• I am sick, I have leukaemia, but you
didn’t want to hear it so I write it down for you
• Thanks for the great time you gave me.

Junsu was reading and reading until he came to the last page, the page of yesterday.

Junsu there is just 1 thing I always wanted to say to you and that is I lov…

From there the page stopped. Junsu tears where falling down of his cheeks on his pants. He could not believe it she really left him.

A year passed by, it was Christmas again. He wanted to come every Christmas to this place to remind her. He always wanted to remember her. The happy cheerful girl she was even when she was sick. Every Christmas he would remember her. As the girl who stole his heart and could keep it from him. Ha-Neul, with the name meaning “sky”.

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