[ENTRY 5] Chasing A Rainbow

A deep hopeless sigh escaped my system as this song resounded in my room. It always reminds me of a very saddening reality and the season seems to ring a bell of my never-ceasing wish. I never believe in Santa Claus like dear Junsu oppa did. Yet sometimes, I find myself reasoning out to Santa that I’ve been a good girl all throughout the year. Maybe a day with DBSK would be great.

Yeah, you got it right. I’m a fangirl. One of those super dupers. I save money to buy their albums even if I can just freely download it in the net. Well, that’s how I can show my support to them. Religiously memorize their songs from Hug up to the latest, even if I’m struggling to pronounce the lyrics in Crazy Love. And going all insane in searching infos about them. And yes, I admit. I’m one of those who checked out their ideal women and see if I’m one (bet you did that too?).

I want to see them, as in meet them face to face. Some people may think that it’s utterly ridiculous, when I’ve seen them almost every minute in my computer. But it’s still different. I want to be a part of the red ocean on their concerts. I want to be by their side during this hard time. I want them to at least know my existence… I mean, they know they have fans but I want them to know that on
this side of the planet lives a “me”. I don’t demand them to befriend me but just to let them know or meet them is enough…

‘Yah! You’ve just got chosen to attend DBSK’s 6th anniversary…’

What’s with this pop window? I’m having my sentimentals here. Might as well close this…

Yah! Wait!
What?!! I’ve been chosen?!! To attend ?!!! KYAAAAA!!!! Woot!!!

After a few hours of airplane trip, I finally got here. Yah! I can’t believe I’m here… Okay, so… posters (where they would sign), check. Camera – fully charged, check. Pens, check (Yah! When I ask for their autograph I’ll ask them to use my pen… Can you imagine JaeJoong oppa’s fingerprints there?!!!). Sorry, I’m getting stalker-ish. But hey! Don’t tell me you won’t be ecstatic with the thought.

I waited patiently for their hottest, coolest, grandest and all the –est entrance of Dong Ba – KYAAA!!! There they are!!! Wooooh!!!! So the screamings continued… I think I’ll get a sore throat tomorrow. Harumanh nibangui shim nega dwegoshipo, Oh baby… Sorry, can’t help not to sing the song together – how shameful ehehehe… whatever.

Okay, moving on.

“We’re going to play a game…” the crowds cheered. “Whoever wins will have a some time alone with DBS – “ the audience applauded. I could see the host’s annoyed hey!-let-me-finish-first expression behind his bogus smile. After the mass had silenced , he explained the mechanics. It’s just simple, he asked a question and the first one to answer gets the oh-so-good-no-i-mean-best reward. Okay, don’t talk to me for a moment I’m concentrating…

“What is… the height of… Jae – “

Great. Somebody just got it.

“180 cm.” She answered sweetly, her eyes sparkling in a foretold triumph. The people groaned. They definitely know that she got it right.

“Mianhe… but that is incorrect…” the girl looked perplexed. “Okay, let me repeat the
question, What is the height of JaeJoong-ssi converted in nanometer?!!!”

1cm is equal to 10,000,000 nanometer so 180 x 10,000,000 is…

nanometers!!!” I shouted.


AHAHAHA!!! I can’t believe this!!! Ahahaha!! I’m meeting them. I waited patiently in their dressing room after the event. Then it dawned to me that I’m not fluent in Korean. Yah! What to do?!!! I checked my looks for the nth time and dig my head for some useful Koreans. I’m so absorbed that I didn’t notice them enter. They looked tired and some watchdogs, Ehrm~ I mean bodyguards are present. Yah! I remember the SM’s conditions, no conversation or contact between them. Yah! What on earth?!!!

“Annong… ehrm~ I mean… Anneyong… hase…yo?” I greeted unsurely.

They smiled. A genuine smile.

We kind of talk. And I could see their sincere effort to understand what I’m saying. I noticed that they are uncomfortable with those guards around. Well the brilliant me thought of a wonderful plan and the next moment, we are out of the building enjoying the amazing Christmas sight on the park. No watch dogs. No SM. Just me and the oppas in their true selves. As soon as we we’re out they hugged tightly.
“Yah! I miss you guys!!!” leader-ssi said as he embraced them. Tears streaming from their eyes. I gazed softly at them, contented at their united scene.

“Yah! What are you doing there? Join us here…” JunSu pulled me in their circle.

We had snowball fights and got really entertained by MinSu’s cute bickering. Then we bought some food and ate in the park.

“I’m glad to see your smiles again, DBSK-ssi…” I said in a not-so-perfect Korean but nevertheless they smiled.

“Thank You.” YooChun said.

“We’re lucky… no… we’re bless to have you guys on our side… Without the fans there’s no DBSK…”
JaeJoong said.

“Half true… Well, because if there’s no DBSK in the first place there would be no Cassiopeia, Bigeast, International Fans that would be formed. Let’s just say, both can’t exist without the other…”

“I just still can’t imagine that people like you exist. I mean, we’re not related nor acquainted yet the support you show us is more than enough for us to continue… Thank you… really…” ChangMin said.

= =
= = =
= = =
= = =
= = =

I never got to know if they got sermon from escaping from their bodyguards. But one thing I’m sure, they continued to share their great music. All five of them. The way we, fans, wish it to be. After that unforgettable event, I got back to normal. Sending letters and cards for them whenever it’s their birthday or anniversary. I got a reply… once. But that’s enough for me. Of course, they are busy bodies.
Hello! I’m not the only fan they would need to reply besides I already got a memorable time with them. I can’t demand for more. I’m cherishing every moment of it. I don’t know if they already forgot me… maybe yes… maybe no… A lot of people come and go in their lives. Would they remember me?… Yah! I’m getting too emotional here! I hate this!! AHAHAHA!!!

Woah!! Look at that! A rainbow!!!…

I stared at it from the park. Yah the little children are so cute, running like they could reach the edge of the rainbow, where it is said to be that there’s a pot of gold. I sighed. My desire for them is like chasing a rainbow… It’s very tiring and almost impossible. But whatever… I might not always reach the rainbow but I’m always free to see it even from down here…. From a far…. Anyway, my chase doesn’t end here, does it?… ^_^

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