[ENTRY 8] Sunset

I stared unblinking at the front entrance way of the mall. Still Jae Joong was not here yet. I looked down to my watch. Already he was twenty minutes late. Looking up again, I tip toed so I can see above the huge crowd.

Already things have gone bad. Jae Joong and I were to meet here, but then a huge crowd had swept into the mall and the crowd wasn’t a good thing, after all Jae Joong was a celebrity.

“Looking for me,” a familiar voice from behind me said.

“You’re late” I replied.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it up for you, after all it is the New Year.

I smiled.

“Look there’s Hero Jae Joong!” A fan shouts as she spots us.

Jae Joong smiles holding his hands out to me.


I laugh and grab hold of Jae Joong’s hand. We ran through the crowd and to his car, which was park at the front of the mall. He opens the door for me before going around the front of the car and getting in quickly.

He started the car and off we were headed.

We were in the car for a little before he grabbed a bag from his jacket he had been wearing. After taking the bag out he threw his coat to the back seat behind him.

Hero gives me the little red bag. “Open it” he says happily.

I open the bag. Inside was a beautiful silk black box and blue sandals.

I looked inside the bag as the curiosity got the better of me. Inside the box held a necklace with the words Jae and Jessica forever carved on it.

I smiled lovingly as I stared at the necklace. “Happy New Year” he said happily.

“What’s the sandals for” I ask curiously,

His smile broadens as he replies, “you’ll see.”

He stopped his car as he got out of the car and came to open my door as we got to our destination.

I haven’t been paying attention to the car ride until now. Now I saw that we were at the beach. I got out and looked around. The sun was setting making the beach look beautiful as the sky became a beautiful shade of orange. The New Year’s cold air also was one of the first things I noticed.

Slowly Jae puts his hands around my hand (the on not holding the bag) and says, “now do you know what the sandals are for.”

I smile and put on the sandals. Carefully I took the high heels that I had been wearing off and slip them into the car.

Hero then takes my hand and shut the door. We walked on the beach for a few minutes talking and chatting about the day. Hero had the sleeves of his dark blue jeans folded up and was wear a fragile long-sleeved shirt that had a deep opening, showing off his muscled chest. The light from the sinking sun behind him made him look like an angel as he stood there grinning at me.

Smiling he looks at me playfully. “Want to go for a dive?”


Hero ran into the crashing wave and splashed water at me. The water was cold but I wanted to get him back. So I ran into the crashing wave and splashed water at him. After constant screaming, getting wet and cold Hero and I stepped back out. Hero’s head was drenched in water and his clothes were wet. The shirt he had been wearing was now clinging onto his muscular body and he was standing there smiling. Shivering a bit but that was it.

Hero all of sudden walks up to me and did something unexpected. He leaned down and kissed my cheek. I was so started I looked up at him. He was wearing that beautiful flirtish grin as he looks down at me.

He laughs and takes off running.

I chased off after him. It took me a few minutes to catch up to him. But I was having a hard time chasing after him with the sandals on so I took them off and chased after him with them in my hands.

I finally caught up with him pulled him down onto the ground. Breathing hard I laughed.
Finally I looked at him. “Need help” I asked.

He smiles and held his hand. I grabbed it and was about to pull him up when he pulled me down. The sandals flew out of my hands and Hero got on top of me, kissing me on the lips. Wow. My heart fluttered so fast I thought I was going to faint.

Jae joong slowly stop kissing me and just stayed there on top of me. I gently pushed him up. He sat down, and I got up and sat down next to him. His arms were around my waist and my head was on his shoulders. As the sun set we watched the beach change colors.

By now both of us were covered with sand, still wet and the wind started to become stronger, making me get goosebumps.

Jae Joong looks at me longingly. “Still want to chase after me” he asks teasingly.
I playfully punched him in the arm and looked at him. By now the sun had become golden orange and the sun made some shadows on Hero’s face. He looked amused and happy.
“Come on” he says as he stands up and holds out his hand to me. With Hero’s help I got up and grabbed my sandals. Hero entwines his fingers with mine as we walked near the shore. Hero and I walked and talked for awhile before he bend down in front of me and put my feet around him. He then stood up. Carrying me with him as he stood up.

I looked at him. “What are you doing” I ask suspiciously

He smiled. “I’m giving you a piggy back ride.”

I looked at him, he looked like he was having a very good time. Slowly I leaned on him and put my hands around his neck, one hand still holding the sandals…

…The End

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