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New One-Shots In Our Collection


I’ve just finished adding up the submitted entries from our 2009 Valentine’s Day One Shot Contest in ‘Activities’. If somehow you’re short of one-shots to read, drop by over there and have some fun! All of them are written in line with the Valentine’s concept so do expect lots of romance and fluff!

There are 7 entries in total and each of them are from different writers, which are also the members of DTL.

That’s all, Thanks~ =)


Hye again everyone~ ^^

Its been a very long time right? I bet the last time all of you were here was when our last contest was taking place. Well, I’m here to announce that the blog is finally DONE! yay! I have to say sorry to emer unnie for deleting most of the post out here coz I’ve transfered all them to one of the pages. It will be easier to track later and I really had fun arranging them! =D And I am sorry to those who have commented on the posts too coz I’ve deleted them along with the whole thing. Do leave us another comment on the new page, will you? =)

So to the rest of you guys, don’t just keep yourselves around here. Do take a look around the pages too to see what’s new I’ve installed for you there! =) Well, basically there are the list of downloads and perhaps new fanfics for you guys to read. If you would like to see something else around here, leave us a comment!  And I’ll say thank you in advance.. ^^

*Leaving footsteps of LOVE for everyone*



To all dearest blog walkers,

I am here to inform all of you that this forum’s blog is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION !! Since the admin is currently busy with forum matters and it has been relatively difficult for her to update this blog, it is up to me to do it on her behalf. But the problem is I’ll be having my trial exams for my A-levels next week and the real thing will appear in less than a month after that so I’ve decided to put this blog on hold for the time being. It’s better if I focus on what’s more important, right.. So please wait for the new look of this blog in 3 months. ^^

If you browse through the blog now, it might seem a little bit messy~ (VERY, infact =.=”) But that will turn out better as soon as I have sufficient time to dedicate to this blog. I apologise for the inconvenience in advance.

Thanks for your time to read this post~ =) Have a nice day!!