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Recent photos of JYJ‘s Jaejoong have surfaced on an online community board, and is causing quite the buzz among netizens.

The photos were snapped of Jaejoong while on set for a photo shoot, and he is looking off into the distance, seemingly deep in thought.

Dressed in black skinny jeans and a warm violet sweater, he looked the part of a camper, fitting right in with the camping gear surrounding him.

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “He’s such a man“, “He’s so handsome and so built too. He looks so buff here“, “Such a masculine shot“, and “He has such broad shoulders“.

In related news, Jaejoong was recently compared to actor Robert Pattinson in an Italian magazine.

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Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have moved on from Spain to take over Germany.

On the night of 6 November, in the Tempodrom, over 3,000 fans were gathered and cheering loudly for an encore.

The Europeans, who had gathered from Northern European countries such as the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden, from Eastern European countries such as Poland and Russia, as well as from other regions such as France and Greece, sang along with JYJ for two hours with perfect Korean pronunciation and waited for an encore stage while shouting “We love you JYJ!”

JYJ performed a total of 15 songs for the two-hour concert and ended their European tour in success with their concert in Berlin, Germany after becoming the first Korean singers to hold a solo concert in Spain.

The reception they received in Berlin was through the roof. The ticket reservation site’s server crashed as soon as it opened in October and the tickets sold out on the same day. To match this excitement, fans were seen gathering four hours before the concert to stand in line and wait to enter the concert venue.

The concert organizers said, “Before the concert, there were already fans pitching tents and queuing up like they had for the Spain concert. This is a rare sight for a pop singer’s concert in Germany, and there were many rare sights to be seen at this JYJ concert.”

Amidst the passionate cheers, JYJ gave an amazing performance. Showcasing their slick dance moves for ‘Empty’ and ‘Ayyy Girl’, JYJ showed off their powerful vocals with ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Get Out’, leaving their European fans deeply moved by their talent.

Before the concert, JYJ said, “We really wanted to come, and finally we have made it to Germany to meet with everyone, we’re really fortunate. The food in Germany is really good, and we like the parks as well.”

Member Kim Junsu also made a special mention, saying, “I’m very happy to be in Germany, the country of Sylvester Levay, the composer of ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elisabeth’ who has always been like a father to me. We are thankful to have received great strength from everybody, and next year, we want to present an even more active JYJ.”

After the concert, a portion of the fans could not help but cry, and even stood in front of the concert hall, singing JYJ’s hit songs, showing their unwillingness to leave.

17-year-old Isabelle from Germany said, “Because of JYJ’s music, I’ve grown to like Korea a lot, and am currently studying Korean. I’m really touched that I was able to hear the three of them live.”

Yagoda from Poland said, “I’m really thankful that JYJ could come, and I really want them to know this, and this was an unexpectedly fantastic experience, they must come again!” Ana from Sweden said, “The three members are really cute when they speak German, and I can feel their love for Europe, so I’m really happy. They dance well, sing well, and are too cool! I loved everything (about them)”

JYJ’s European concerts started after their 10 country tour that kicked off in 2011. JYJ’s decision to hold concerts in slightly foreign cities is meaningful, and shows their courage to take up the challenge of getting more people to know about their music.

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS said, “The Kpop fever has just started to take shape in Europe, but since it’s JYJ, we felt that we could hold a solo concert, albeit a small-scale one. We are really thankful for the unexpected passion and support given by the European fans, and we will definitely want to come back again for the world tour next year.”

With the end of this concert, JYJ have completed their long voyage of 13 cities in 2011. JYJ expressed, “To be able to hold concerts in North America, Asia and Europe is a very meaningful result. The start of December will be our time to rest, and aside from taking a good break, we plan to focus on writing music, and will continue working hard in preparation for future world tours!”

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Dramas, musicals, and various fields that they are very active in, it is the 3 members of JYJ! JYJ participated in a fan meeting held by Lotte Duty Free Shop. On September 3rd 3:00pm, the fan meeting was held at the Dome Art Hall at Grand Park in Japan. Appearing amidst the cheering of 2000 Japanese fans, JYJ arrived onto the stage with a powerful dance number “Empty”, energizing the crowd at once. At the talk show after the concert, they started to talk about their current activities.

Jaejoong talked about his current drama “Protect the Boss” with Choi Kang Hee, Yoochun about his drama “Miss.Ripley” which had ended just recently, and Junsu about his special appearance in “Scent of a Woman” followed by his Ost song for the drama titled “You Are So Beautiful”. On the day of this talk show, the three of them spoke in Japanese without any translator. It seemed that they wanted to feel closer to their Japanese fans. After the talk show, with the actress Kim Jeung Eun’s narration for the song “In Heaven” from their second album (which has become quite a topic), was brilliantly performed as this painful love song was unveiled. This Lotte Duty Free Shop fan meeting gave the fans not only four live performances but also gave favourite items of the members as presents, high touch times, and had a good time with the fans. The favourite item for Yoochun was his vintage camera, Junsu’s was the glasses he was wearing in a PV, and Jaejoong’s was a keychain that he always used on a daily basis. The highlight of the fan meeting, which was the high touch event, took about an hour as JYJ members exchanged smiles and high fives with each of the 2000 fans, leaving the fans with inexpressible feelings.

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As Changmin was accepting the interview, his hand was circling the props used for the photo shoot when it came a halt at a small beach photo. Then, he smiled and starts to talk.

Changmin: Recently, I’m troubled. After we became a duo, the pressure from the surroundings towards our relationship is huge! (laughs) Of course our relationship has been good since we debuted for 8 years. Since the day we’ve met, we have been in close interactions for the past 10 years and we are able to know what the other party is thinking just by seeing his expressions. The photo shooting for this (pictorial album) is as always, “Here, shall we take an intimate shot?”, “Stand close to each other.” In fact, that is how our good relationship are ‘displayed’, isn’t it awkward? Especially when my personality is not like that. But our good relationship are being displayed in this way, fans would be happy too thus it’s good. We are not in such a superficial relationship. On the contrary, it seems intentional if were to show everyone deliberately. That’s not our usual selves. It’s because we are living together thus isn’t it weird if we did all these (T/N: intimate photo shoot poses) in our daily lives? However during the photo shooting of this pictorial book, I experienced the sense of liberation in traveling and was able to laugh to my heart’s content at the beach. I accidentally discovered an expression of Yunho which I don’t know. It was interesting.

When asked what expression was that, Changmin replied “The shower scene” and burst out laughing. Speaking of Yunho, he was always being labeled with “passionate man”. Was there an other side of him to this?

Changmin: I used to tell Yunho, “Isn’t it better to lift some burden off your shoulders?” But I know it’s useless (to tell him that). (laughs) He really has always been too serious. But this is how Yunho is and I acknowledged this. Friendship is not built as you like it. It’s the sharing of time and experiences, and the further understanding it. As for me, I have two sides to my personality. Saying it myself, I’m impatient and shy. I will neither trust the other party easily without any in-depth interactions nor pour my heart out to him/her. Staff said, “Kind of aloof way of cherishing own time and space, very troublesome and very stubborn. Indeed a typical B blood type.” (laughs) Right now I am moving forward on the same route as Yunho and our values are the same, though other aspects are totally different. Indeed in the past towards Yunho’s words or actions, I would always be saying, “Ah! Why was it like this?”, “I don’t understand (him).” But, since when did I start thinking about giving way (to him) at times like this? (laughs) Yunho is the same towards me too. Whenever I was outspoken with my personality, he would initiate to give way to me. We have this well-balanced mutual agreement. Thus I am in a good mood.

The same question about relationship changes was posed to Yunho again.

Yunho: Thinking upon it now, Changmin might have endured a lot in the past as the youngest. Actually, during our debut, I interacted the least with Changmin. As a leader I need to prepare a lot of other stuffs. I have to be stricter to myself, compared to now. Compared with the members, I have to take charge of the whole situation, I have to lead the whole group into working hard, that is. The time spent one-to-one with Changmin was not much. I am cheerful and enthusiastic but Changmin is careful and cautious. Whenever I see him like this, I would be thinking, “Is he alright?” Previously we were like older and younger brothers, then slowly becoming friends and now its as though we are (same-level) close friends. In the past, whenever I find him weird, I would ask, “What happened?” Now I don’t have to say anything and I would understand, “Since it’s Changmin, he would be fine”, trust like this and 100% dependable. It felt as though I gained an older brother. Especially after we became a duo, we often engaged in talks. The parts where we don’t understand in the past, it was fully understood now. Understanding each other very well because our personalities are completely 180 degrees different. To attain the balance between such total difference is not easy and it was not due to any coincidences, it was slowly formed through the time spent together. Me? I love to joke around but in actual, I’m the loneliest. Because of loneliness, I love to be in groups and in bustle. Changmin knew this side of me and the way we are mutual understanding and complementing each other now, it’s really is a treasure. From my previous position, I was the aggressive leader. Embarking on this road with Changmin, I have some free time and lifted off burden in goodwill. As expected, I am a human being, it’s exhausting to always be working hard. (laughs) Perfecting myself, judge objectively and to remember to meticulously observe the surroundings… It’s not that our relationship changes, it’s just my evolvement towards being a man who possessed more than just passion.

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In their interview, The Boss spoke about how TVXQ are their role models.


The Boss considers their sunbae singers, TVXQ, as their role model. Mika of The Boss revealed that they admire TVXQ, who has received recognition for their outstanding performances, equally outstanding vocal talents, and their popularity. He said, “When our album came out, we received many compliments from TVXQ sunbae-nim. It’s really amazing how their passion oozes out when they’re on stage.”

In addition, Hyun Min showed his admiration for TVXQ’s endless charms, “Every time TVXQ sunbae-nim reveals that they’re going to release a new album, we can’t picture how it will turn out. I want to be a singer who evolves and improves constantly, just like TVXQ sunbae-nim.”

Members of The Boss, who have always been monitoring TVXQ’s performances, are youths who have set their goal as wanting to become singers as outstanding as TVXQ, and who harbor many dreams and even greater aspirations.

Leader of rookie group AA, Woosang, has expressed his gratitude for U-Know Yunho during his days as TVXQ’s dancer.

Upon meeting with reporters recently, Woosang introduced his special acquaintance with TVXQ, “Before I debuted through AA, I was active as TVXQ’s dancer. I even toured with TVXQ on their Asia tour.”

He went on to express his gratitude to U-Know Yunho, “There was a time when AA’s debut was approaching. I went to the hair salon and there were many seniors from the music industry there. I felt intimidated and just stayed at one corner, but U-Know Yunho sunbae-nim came over and asked me if I was preparing to become a singer. He then introduced me to all the singers in the salon, saying that I was going to debut and be a rookie soon.”

In addition, he smiled and said, “That period coincided with the time when our debut single “Because I’m Crazy” was just completed, so I offered the song to U-Know Yunho sunbae-nim for a listen. U-Know Yunho sunbae-nim listened to it carefully and evaluated it to be a very good song. He also encouraged me and gave me a variety of advice about the things I have to look out for while being active in the music industry. He even told me that it was okay to tell people that I was close to him, so I was really happy.”

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Tohoshinki’s Changmin, following Yunho, has achieved a great feat as an actor. His first starring role in a Korean drama, “Paradise Ranch Full Version DVD BOX I” and “Paradise Ranch Full Version DVD BOX II” (On sale 2 November, released by Avex Entertainment, registered initial sales of 9,571 copies and 9,504 copies respectively, taking the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on the Oricon weekly DVD ranking chart drama category (No. 4 & No. 5 in the overall category), for the week ending 14 November.

On the week ending 28 June, Tohoshinki had already taken the top 2 spots in the same category with group leader Yunho’s drama “No Limit~Heading To The Ground~ Full Version DVD Box I” and “No Limit~Heading To The Ground~ Full Version DVD Box II” (No. 2 & No.3 in the overall category,) both members achieving top positions in the drama category, as actors.

In the Oricon Weekly DVD Rankings (Week ending 14 November) no.3 position was taken by 2PM’s live DVD “1st JAPAN TOUR 2011 “Take off” in MAKUHARI MESSE” which saw initial sales of 10.000 copies, exceeding the highest record of 4th place set by their previous DVD “Hottest~2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History~” (On sale 24 November 2010).

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Going from good-looking boys to chic men, TVXQ recently released a never-before-seen style film online which instantly became a hot topic amongst netizens.

TVXQ, who are renowned fashionistas of the entertainment industry with their airport fashion constantly in the limelight, recently released a style film online that had never been seen before, and it immediately began spreading at a rapid pace, clocking in a high number of views.

The video, entitled ‘All About Outer’, includes a section that shows TVXQ’s personal ‘outer style’ for this season as well as an interview with them. With a high number of views, the video has been receiving comments from fans all over the world, proving TVXQ’s immense popularity overseas as well.

As honorary ambassadors of Lacoste, TVXQ have been participating in photoshoots and style books for the brand. The style video that was released was also filmed as a part of the group’s activities as honorary ambassadors. The video can be watched on Youtube or any other portal sites.

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