Drama Reviews

Since I am such an addict when it comes to watching dramas I have decided to make my very own drama review for all the dramas that I have bought and currently have a copy of.  I will just be making a short review for all the dramas and please do forgive me for some errors or comments that I might make in the reviews. I don’t intend to offend anyone or any actors/actresses or dramas in particular. All reviews/comments that I will be posting up are all based on my personal opinions/criteria/judgments. If you also want to add in your personal comments/suggestion about the dramas that I have written about, please feel free to share with all of us. And if you already watched the dramas in my listing, don’t forget to vote and make your own rating of the specific dramas.

Here is the listing of all the Dramas that I have a copy of and have already watched. I will be making one by one reviews whenever I am free, so pls. do forgive me if this whole drama listing review will take some time to finish. (Pls. also do take note that this is just a listing, don’t forget to click the name of the specific drama so to access the reviews. Only drama names that are underlined & italicized are already finished and have an existing review. Thanks!)

Take note: All dramas with asterisks & colored  titles are either still unwatched or unfinished.

Light green –  unwatched

Dark green – unfinished/still being reviewed


1.  14 Years Old Mother
2.  Absolute Boyfriend
3.  Bambino
4.  Hana Yori Dango
5.  Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
6.  Nobuta Wo Produce
7.  Nodame Cantabile
8.  One Liter of Tears
9.  Yamada Taro Monogatari
10.  Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
11.  Yukan Club

1.  18 Vs 29
2.  Bad Couple
3.  Bad Family
4.  Boys Over Flowers
5.  Cloud Staircase
6.  Coffee Prince 1st Shop
7.  Fireworks
8.  Freeze
9.  Friends
10.  Full House
11.  Get Karl Oh Soo Jung
12.  Go To The Beach
13.  Goodbye Miss Ripley
14.  Heading To The Ground
15.  Heartstrings
16.  Hello God Thank God I’ve Loved
17.  Hello My Lady
18.  How To Marry A Millionaire
19.  I Am Sam
20.  I Am Sorry I Love You
21.  If In Love Like Them
22.  In-Soon Is Pretty
23.  Mary Stayed Out All Night
24.  Mischievous Kiss
25.  My Girl
26.  My Love Patzzi
27.  My Lovely Sam Soon
28.  My Princess
29.  Over The Rainbow
30.  Paradise Ranch
31.  Perfect Match
32.  Princess Hours
33.  Protect The Boss
34.  Que Sera Sera
35.  Scent Of A Woman
36.  Secret Garden
37.  She Come Back
38.  Soulmate
39.  Sungkyunkwan Scandal
40.  Tamra The Island
41.  The Lucifer
42.  The Person I Love
43.  The Snow Queen
44.  The Successful Story Of A Bright Girl
45.  Time Between Dog And Wolf
46.  Tree Of Heaven
47.  Two Outs In The 9th Inning
48.  Wedding
49.  Who Are You
50.  Witch Yoo Hee
51.  You’re Beautiful


1.  Autumn Concerto
2.  Corner With Love
3.  Devil Beside You
4.  Easy Fortune Happy Life
5.  Fated To Love You
6.  Green Forest My Home
7.  Hanakimi
8.  It Started With A Kiss
9.  Lavender
10.  Love Contract
11.  Magical Love
12.  Marry Me
13.  Mars
14.  Material Queen
15.  Meteor Garden
16.  My Lucky Star
17.  Romantic Princess
18.  Sakurano
19.  Silence
20.  Star Apple Garden
21.  The Magicians Of Love
22.  They Kiss Again
23.  Tokyo Juliet
24.  Why Why Love

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