A Star For A Star (Chapter 1-14)


“Our flights delayed?” Xiah asked the other DBSK members.

The DBSK boys were going back to Japan after staying in Korea for almost two weeks.

“Yes, the flight is delayed for an hour,” their manager answered.

“So what are we supposed to do for an hour?” Xiah asked impatiently. He was very tired and he wanted to rest.

“How about we eat?” Max suddenly suggested. “I am kind of hungry.”

The other DBSK members all looked at Max and they all started to laugh.

“Come on, let’s eat then . . . .We wouldn’t want our little brother starving,” Xiah said jokingly.

After eating, they all waited patiently at the departure area of the airport. As they were sitting in a corner, Xiah noticed a girl sitting near their group. She wearing a cap and sunglasses. She was also carrying a lot of luggage. “Who could she be?” he suddenly thought to himself. He suddenly became curious about the girl. Then he started to watch her closely.

The girl’s cell phone suddenly rang. She immediately searched her bag and after finding her phone . . .she quickly answered it. She spoke in an unfamiliar language. But he could hear that she had such a sweet voice. Hurriedly the girl left after finishing her phone conversation.

After the girl left, Xiah noticed something sparkling in the seat that the girl sat on. He quickly got up and took a look at what was lying on the the seat.

It was a bracelet . . . . .a gold bracelet with diamonds. He quickly looked around again, hoping that the girl was still around. He wanted to return the bracelet to the girl. It was obviously very expensive.

But the girl was already nowhere in sight. Xiah suddenly took out his handkerchief, and carefully placed the bracelet in it. He folded the handkerchief carefully so that the bracelet would be safe.

He didn’t know why but he had a feeling that he would be able to return the bracelet to the girl somehow.

Suddenly Xiah was startled by Micky.

“Hey! What is that?” Micky asked. He had seen Xiah pick up something and place it in his handkerchief.

“Nothing . . . . just a bracelet . . . .” Xiah replied.

“Well . . . . you can give it the officials of the airport so they can put it in the lost and found section of the airport,” Micky said again.

Xiah just looked at Micky. Somehow he felt like he just wanted to keep the bracelet and return it to the owner himself.

“I think I’ll just keep it for a while . . . . you may never know . . . . I might end up seeing her again. And besides I really want to return it to the girl myself. It’s very expensive . . . . And who knows . . . even if I give it to the airport staff . . . . it may never be returned to her anyway,” Xiah tried to justify his decision to keep the bracelet.

Micky frowned . . . . then suddenly smiled. “Whatever suits you . . . .But frankly I don’t think you’ll meet her again. I saw that girl . . . . She was carrying so many luggages . . . . If I didn’t know better . . . . I’d say she’s going on a very . . . .very long vacation.”

Xiah knew that what Micky had said was right. It was really very impossible for her to meet the girl again. But he was determined . . . .he was going to keep the bracelet until he can give it to the girl personally.

“Xiah . . . . Micky . . . . Come on . . . . We’re leaving“ U-Know said as they all started to arrange their personal belongings. The passengers of the flight they were in, had already started boarding.

Fifteen minutes later . . . .

Xiah and the other DBSK boys were already resting in their seats. They were in the first class section of the airplane.

“I can’t believe we’re going back to Japan . . . .” Max exclaimed.

“You better believe it! Two weeks is such a short time. I didn’t even had the chance to meet up with some of my friends . . . . “ Jaejoong commented.

“Goodbye Korea! We will be missing you . . . .” U-Know said jokingly.

“Goodbye . . . .my girlfriends in Korea . . . . I’ll be missing you . . . .” Micky said jokingly as well.

Everybody laughed with Micky’s joke.

“Girlfriends? What girlfriends are you talking about? You don’t even have one right now . . . .” Jaejoong said with a laugh.

“Well . . . . a guy is always allowed to day dream . . . .” Micky replied with a grin.

All the boys laughed again. They were busy laughing and teasing one another when a girl suddenly caught Xiah’s attention.

The girl had only arrived and just sat a few seats away from them. Xiah kept on looking at the girl. He wasn’t sure if it was the same girl that he had seen at the airport. She was no longer wearing a cap and sunglasses. So he wasn’t so sure, if it was really her or not.

Micky noticed that Xiah was looking at something. He followed Xiah’s gaze and he noticed that he was looking at a girl. Somehow the girl looked familiar. He tried hard to make himself remember where he had seen the girl. Then after a few minutes . . . . he was finally able to remember who the girl was.

“Xiah . . . . isn’t that the girl who dropped the bracelet that you picked up?” Micky asked.

Xiah suddenly gave Micky a very sweet smile. “So my guess was right . . . . It is her. But I was somehow hesitant since she’s no longer wearing her cap and sunglasses.”

Micky laughed. “You all know I easily remember a girl’s face . . .”

“Hyung . . . . are you sure it is the girl’s face you remember? Isn’t it their phone numbers you always try to remember?” Max asked innocently.

Xiah, Jaejoong and U-Know all laughed at Max and Micky.

The girl had suddenly taken notice of the DBSK boys because of their laughing.

Xiah was able to have a straight glance at the girl’s face. She was very beautiful. But it was very obvious that she wasn’t a Korean or a Japanese. “Maybe she’s Chinese or Malay . . . . Oh! I don’t know.” Xiah said to himself.

“Earth to Xiah!” Micky said with a grin. “Why haven’t you returned her bracelet?”

Xiah looked at Micky. He had totally forgotten about the bracelet. He carefully took out his handkerchief . . . . and the girl’s bracelet.

“Return the bracelet . . . . and don’t forget to ask her name and number . . . . “ Micky teased.

Xiah just smiled. Then he slowly approached the girl. He was already standing in front of the girl . . . . but he still couldn’t find the right words to say.

The girl looked up at Xiah . . . . she then smiled. Somehow Xiah felt that his heart had melted with the girl’s smile.

“Yes? Can I help you?” the girl asked Xiah.

“Yes . . . . Well . . . . Uhm . . . . You see . . . .” Xiah started to talk but he was still unable to start the conversation.

The girl looked at Xiah with confusion.

“I saw you earlier while you were waiting in the airport lobby . . . .and I think you dropped this . . . .” Xiah held out the bracelet to the girl.

The girl stared at the bracelet that Xiah was holding in his hand. She suddenly smiled again.

“Yes . . . . It is mine . . . . Thank you . . . . Thank you for returning it to me. It is really very important to me. “ the girl said as she took the bracelet from Xiah.

“I’m glad that I’ve finally returned it to you. Frankly I thought I would never see you again,” Xiah said with a smile.

“I’m glad that a nice guy like you found my bracelet. Thank you again . . . . How can I ever repay you?” the girl asked.

“It’s nothing. Your thank you is enough already,” Xiah replied.

The girl suddenly stood up. “Then let me give you something else to show my gratitude,” she said. She gently walked up to Xiah and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Xiah suddenly froze. His heart suddenly started pounding

“Thank you . . . .” the girl said again with a warm smile on her lips.

Xiah gazed at the girl. He could never forgive himself if he didn’t get the chance to even know her name. He tried to gather all his courage . . . . he was determined to know who the girl was.

“I’m Xiah . . . .” he was finally able to say. He slowly held out his hand to her.

The girl smiled sweetly again and she quickly shook hands with Xiah. “I’m Moniqa Ramirez. . . . . Or just call me . . . . Iqa. . . .”

Xiah couldn’t believe what he was feeling as he held her hand. Somehow he didn’t want to let go of her hand . . . . How he wished he could hold her hand forever.

“What a beautiful name . . . .Iqa . . . .” Xiah uttered.


After introducing themselves to one another . . . . Xiah felt that he wanted to talk with her more.

“Would you like to join me and my friends?” Xiah asked Iqa sweetly.

Iqa looked at the other DBSK boys. “Are you sure you want me to join you guys? Wouldn’t your friends mind if I joined you?”

“No . . . . it’s okay. I know they won’t mind at all,” Xiah replied.

“Really? Are you sure? It would really be nice if I could join you. Since I would really like some company while traveling . . . .” Iqa said as if hesitating.

Xiah looked back at the other DBSK members who were also looking at them. They all had wide grins plastered on their faces.

“Your friends seem very nice . . . . .” Iqa commented as she stared at them.

“Come on . . . . I want you to meet them . . . . “ Xiah said.

Iqa nodded . . . got her things and just followed Xiah to where the other DBSK boys were.

“Guys . . . . I would you like to meet Moniqa Ramirez . . . .” Xiah said to the other DBSK members.

“Hi . . . . . I am Micky.”

“I’m Max . . . .”

“I’m U-Know . . . .”

“Hello . . . . I’m Jaejoong. It’s nice to meet you.”

Iqa gave everyone of the DBSK boys a very warm and friendly smile.

“Xiah said I could join you guys . . . . I hope you won’t mind.”

“Sure . . . . you’re welcome to join us,” Micky said with a smile.

“You can sit beside Xiah . . . .” Jaejoong said with a meaningful smile.

“Thank you . . . .” Iqa uttered as she sat down her things and sat down beside Xiah’s seat.

The other DBSK boys were all amazed that Xiah had actually made friends with a girl so fast. He had always been shy and uneasy whenever there were girls around . . . . especially ones he didn’t know very well. But he was very different with Iqa . . . . very different . . . . that they knew it had some other meaning

“So . . . . what do you guys do?” Iqa started their conversation.

The DBSK boys looked at each other. They were all shocked that someone didn’t actually know who they were.

“You mean you really don’t know who we are?” Micky asked Iqa with astonishment.

Iqa stared at the boys. Then she smiled. “Why? Should I know you guys? Have we met before?” she asked as if she was confused.

“Well . . . . no . . . . it’s just . . . . we have really met someone who doesn’t know who we are . . . . .” Jaejoong answered.

“I’m sorry . . . . But I am already very confused. Who are you guys . . . .really?” Iqa asked again.

Max laughed. “ This is the first time that a girl is asking us who we are . . . “

“I’m sorry . . . . if I’m offending you guys,” Iqa apologized.

“No . . . . no . . . . it’s all right. In fact . . . we’re sort of glad . . . .It’s very seldom that we meet a girl who is very natural in dealing with us . . . . I guess that can only happen if the girl doesn’t know who we are . . . .” Xiah said with a smile.

“So you still haven’t answered my question. . . . Can I know who you guys are?” Iqa asked again.

“We’re a group called Dong Bang Shin Ki in Korea and Tohoshinki in Japan,” Micky answered.

“Oh . . . . I’ve heard about you guys . . . . I’ve also heard some of your songs. You guys . . . are very good . . . and very popular in Japan right. I’m very sorry if I didn’t recognize you guys earlier. I sort of have a bad memory in recognizing and remembering people’s faces . . . .” she said.

“It’s all right . . . .So how about you? What do you do? I mean . . . . your line of work . . . .” U-Know asked.

“Me?” Iqa was a little hesitant to answer their question.

Then after a few minutes . . . . she finally answered.

“Let’s just say I am also into the same kind of work that you guys are in.

“What do you mean? You’re also in the music industry? You’re a singer?” Jaejoong asked.

Iqa nodded with a smile.

“Wow! So you’re a singer also . . . “ Max exclaimed.

“Can I ask you something?” Jaejoong asked.

“Sure . . . .” she replied.

“You’re not Japanese right? But how come you speak fluent Japanese?” Jaejoong asked again.

Iqa laughed. “No . . . I’m not Japanese. I’m a Filipina . . . You guys have heard of the Philippines right?” The boys nodded.

“Yes . . . we have been there once,” Xiah replied.

“So you’re a singer in the Philippines . . . . So how come you’re good in Japanese?” Max asked.

“I always travel to different places . . . . I figured if I was going to stay in one place for a very long time I should be able to handle having a conversation with the people where I am staying at. And frankly . . . . There are still a lot of people in Japan who don’t speak English . . . . So I decided to learn Japanese instead. So I would be able to communicate better,” Iqa answered.

“Oh . . . So how long are you staying in Japan?” Micky asked.

“Frankly . . . .I don’t know. As long as I can . . . . I guess . . . . I am quite tired of the busy schedules and the unending routines. I really need a break . . . . I am so fed up with everything. You guys know what I mean right?” she said as she sighed.

The boys nodded. They all knew exactly what she meant. They were all feeling the same thing. They were tired as well and they wanted a break too.

Xiah somehow felt pity for Iqa. He could see that she was really tired of being a celebrity. There were times that he also felt the same way. But seeing her expression . . . . he could easily tell that she was already far too sick and tired than he already was.

“How old are you Iqa?” Max suddenly asked.

“I’m 21 . . . . Why?” she suddenly asked.

“Nothing . . . I was just wondering why . . . .” Max replied but he suddenly stopped talking.

Max didn’t know how to say what was in his mind. He was afraid Iqa might get offended by his question.

“What are you wondering about? Don’t worry . . . . you can ask me,” Iqa said with a smile.

“Well . . . . I . . . I just wanted to ask how come you already seem to be very tired of being a celebrity when you’re only 21 . . . . “ Max answered honestly.

Hana laughed. “That’s a very good question. In fact . . . . a lot of people have also asked me the same question.”

“And?” Max asked.

“Let me ask you a question first . . . . then I am going to answer your question later,” Iqa said.

“What’s your question?” Max asked.

“How long have you guys been in the music industry? I mean . . . . how long have you guys been celebrities?”

“More than 4 years, I guess,” Micky answered.

“4 years? . . . . That’s still a short time compared to mine . . . . I first started to act in TV dramas and movies when I was only six years old . . . . Then at fifteen . . . . I also became a singer . . . . By seventeen . . . . I became a professional model. And ever since then that has been my life . . . . An actress . . . a singer . . . . and a model all rolled in one.” Iqa told the DBSK boys.

“Wow! You already have accomplished so much. You have really worked ever since you were only six years old? So that means you’ve worked in the entertainment industry for more than fifteen years . . . .” Max commented.

Iqa just nodded with a smile. “Maybe now you can all understand why I am already very exhausted . . . .and why I am always trying to escape.”

Suddenly . . . . Iqa’s expression changed. “The life of a celebrity maybe glamorous and exciting but it also has its own price . . . .” she said sadly.

“We all know what you mean . . . .” Xiah uttered.

“So can I ask . . . . are you really on a vacation or are you just hiding?” Micky asked jokingly.

Iqa laughed. “You’re very perceptive . . . . Frankly I am not on a legal vacation. I just woke up one day . . . . and I said to myself that I wanted to have a break. So I packed my things . . . . and booked myself a flight for Thailand first . . . . then Korea . . . . and now I’m off to Japan.”

“Aren’t you afraid to travel alone?’ U-Know asked.

“No . . . . why should I be? I can take care of myself and I’m not afraid of being alone,” she replied with a smile.

“But . . . . if you’re a celebrity . . . . aren’t you scared that fans might suddenly follow you around and harass you?” Max jokingly asked.

“No . . . I’ve never encountered such a thing . . . . And that’s why I always try to keep a low profile when I am outside the country,” Iqa answered.

“But you should always be careful . . . . You’re still a celebrity . . . and there are people who will always recognize you . . . .” Xiah said with concern.

“Thank you for the concern . . . But you don’t have to worry . . . . I can always rely on my manager to get me wherever I am . . . .” then she suddenly laughed.

“What do you mean?” Xiah asked.

“I mean he’s good in finding me. There was a time that I accidentally dialled his number on my cell phone. And he was able to trace where I was through that call. That time I was in Bangkok . . . But he was still able to find me . . . .” Iqa told the DBSK boys as she laughed.

“Your manager must really care for you a lot . . . .” Jaejoong commented.

“Yes . . . . he does . . . He’s been taking care of me like a father ever since from the start,” Iqa replied.

“So does he know where you are right now?” Xiah suddenly asked.

Iqa smiled at Xiah. “No! I wouldn’t call him unless it’s very necessary . . . . and I have already had enough of my vacation . . . . Because I know once I call him . . . . he will immediately find me and bring me back to the Philippines.”

The DBSK boys looked at Iqa. They all liked her. She was very cheerful and had a very bright personality.

Iqa and the DBSK boys’ conversation lasted thoughout the whole flight to Japan. The DBSK didn’t even notice how time flew as they were talking with Iqa.

Finally . . . . it was time for Iqa to separate from the boys. Xiah didn’t want his time together with Iqa to end. How he wished he could stay with her longer.

“Goodbye . . . . Micky . . . . Max . . . . U-Know . . . . Jaejoong . . . .” she said with a sweet smile.

Then she looked straight at Xiah. “ Goodbye . . . .Xiah. It’s really nice meeting you . . . and your friends . . . . Thank you for returning my bracelet . . . . and thank you for the wonderful time I had during the flight. I hope we can meet again . . . . Goodbye . . . . Xiah,” Iqa slowly kissed Xiah on the cheek again.

“Will we see each other again?” Xiah asked Iqa.

Iqa shook her head. “I don’t know Xiah. But I do hope so . . . .”

“Iqa . . . .” Xiah uttered.

“Goodbye . . . . .” she uttered as she slowly walked away. . . .

Xiah couldn’t explain what he was feeling. He didn’t know if he would be able to see her again. As Iqa slowly disappeared from her sight . . . . his heart was screaming and calling Iqa’s name. How he wanted to ran after her . . . . and ask her to stay with him longer. But he knew he couldn’t do it. So he just silently watched as Iqa finally disappeared. At that moment . . . . he could feel that his heart had suddenly stopped.


Xiah was silently looking out the hotel. He was in their room’s balcony. It was already passed midnight. But he couldn’t sleep at all.

“How could I have been so stupid? I didn’t even ask her where she was going to stay . . . . And more importantly . . . . I didn’t even ask her about her phone number . . . .Oh!” Xiah said out loud while thinking. Then he cupped his face with his hands.

Micky who had been silently watching Xiah suddenly laughed.

“So you’re still thinking about her?” Micky exclaimed.

Xiah was startled. He didn’t expect anyone of the other DBSK members to be awake at that time.

“Micky . . . .” he uttered.

“You’re still thinking about Iqa? You really got hooked didn’t you?” Micky teased.

Xiah smiled. “I don’t know ,why but I just can’t seem to forget her.”

“Well . . . . she is a very amazing girl. I think she must be very popular in her country,” Micky commented.

Xiah nodded. “I keep on wondering where she is right now . . . .”

Micky laughed. “Don’t tell me you’re in love? You don’t even believe in love at first sight.”

Xiah suddenly sighed.

“Honestly . . . . I am a little bit confused myself . . . . The first time I saw her . . . . I felt something strange . . . . something I can’t explain . . . . something I’ve never felt before.”

Micky looked at Xiah. He could easily tell that his friend was really attracted to Iqa. But as for being in love with her . . . he knew it was very impossible. Xiah wasn’t the type who would fall in love so easily.

“Well . . . . . Japan may be a small country but there are a lot of places to go to and to hide. So it may be nearly impossible for you to meet again. So if I were you . . . . I would try to forget her. It’s been a week since we met her. Who knows? She may no longer be in Japan . . . . Like she said she never stays in one place for a very long time,” Micky said.

Xiah knew that what Micky had said was right. He really must try to forget Iqa.

“Is it really impossible for us to meet again Iqa?” he asked as he stared out the dark sky.

Several days later . . . .

The DBSK boys had just finished their scheduled activities for the day. Their manager had decided that they should eat at a famous restaurant as a reward for their hard work for the last few days.

The boys cheered after they learned where they were going to eat. They all loved the foods being served in that particular restaurant.

As soon as the boys arrived, they immediately ordered the foods that they liked. They were all busy talking with one another . . . . when Xiah noticed a familiar face enter the restaurant.

At first . . . . Xiah thought that he was just dreaming. But as the girl got closer . . . . his heart started beating faster.

“Hey! Isn’t that Iqa ?” Micky asked as he saw her sit a few tables away from them.

“Iqa . . . . Iqa . . . .” Max called out as he also waved at her.

Iqa looked at the direction the voice was coming from. She was surprised to see the DBSK boys again. She had been thinking of them these passed few days . . . . especially Xiah.

Iqa smiled and waved back at the boys. She wanted to join them but she saw that they were with their manager and some other people which she guessed as part of their staff.

“Why don’t you invite your friend over? Isn’t that the girl you met on the plane?” their manager asked.

“Yes . . . . she is,” Max replied happily.

“Well . . . . she’s all alone over there. Better ask her to join us . . . .” their manager said again.

Xiah was very happy. He hurriedly walked over to where Iqa was. “Iqa . . . . would you like to join us?” he asked sweetly.

Iqa looked at Xiah. She had been thinking about him ever since she met him. She was really attracted to him . . . . but she didn’t want to give importance to what she was feeling. She had just ended a very painful relationship . . . . And at that time . . . . she wasn’t prepared to go into another relationship . . . . especially with someone with a different nationality . . . . and someone who was also popular. She knew that the media in her country and in Xiah’s country will certainly have a feast if they ever have romantic relationship.

Iqa sighed . . . . she had been in and out of relationships. And all of it ended with her being hurt. Her stardom was always the main cause of her break-ups.

“Iqa . . . . what are you thinking? I said if you would like to join us . . . . .” Xiah said again.

“Oh . . . . sorry! I was thinking of something. . . .” she said with a smile.

“So how about you join us?” Xiah asked again. He really wanted Iqa to join him and the other guys at their table.

Iqa felt that Xiah wasn’t going to accept no for an answer. She suddenly nodded and followed him to their table.

“Hello . . . . everyone!” Iqa greeted the other DBSK boys.

“Hi . . . Iqa! How have you been?” Jaejoong asked with a smile.

“Fine . . . . And how about you guys?” she asked in return.

“Fine also . . . I guess. We have been very busy these passed few days . . . . And now our manager is treating us,” Jaejoong answered with a laugh.

Iqa looked at the boys’ manager. She was somehow embarrassed.

The boys’ manager stared at Iqa. He could sense that she was feeling awkward in joining them. He smiled at her. He wanted her to feel at ease with all of them.

“Come on . . . . sit down. Don’t be shy . . . . these boys won’t bite you,” the manager said as a joke.

Iqa suddenly laughed. “Thank you . . . .” she replied.

“What would you like?” Max asked Iqa.

“Here . . . .” Xiah said as he offered some foods that he had already selected.

Iqa looked at Xiah. “Please don’t be sweet with me . . . . You’re making my heart melt,” she said to him in her mind.

“Iqa . . . . that is your name right?” the boys’ manager asked.

“Yes . . . sir,” Iqa answered politely.

“You’re a very nice girl . . . . I can see. . . . So what nationality are you? Japanese? Chinese?” the elder man asked again.

“No . . . . I am a Filipino . . . .” Iqa answered.

“Filipino?” the elder man asked again as if thinking where he heard the word.

“I’m from the Philippines. . . .” Iqa added.

“Philippines! . . . . Oh right! We already went there for a commercial . . . .” the elder man said with a smile.

“So Iqa . . . . how long are you staying in Tokyo?” Micky asked.

“Not long . . . .” she replied with a sad look in her eyes.

Xiah suddenly stared at Iqa. His heart somehow stopped when he heard that she will be leaving Tokyo soon. And that meant he would never see her again.

“How long?” Xiah asked again.

Iqa looked at Xiah. She could see the sadness in his eyes. “I don’t know . . . . .but maybe a week or so . . . .”

Xiah’s heart suddenly started pounding. “You can’t leave . . . . Please stay with me,” he said in his mind.


The boys and Iqa were talking when someone caught their attention.

“Oh . . . . .It’s Matsuda Masao . . . .” one of the boys’ staff suddenly exclaimed.

The DBSK boys and their manager suddenly looked at the direction their staff was pointing. Matsuda Masao was a very famous Japanese fashion designer. Everyone in the fashion and entertainment industry in Japan knew him. He was well respected and was considered a fashion icon in Japan.

“He’s really so handsome . . . . “ one of the female staff suddenly said.

“Handsome, rich and famous . . . . what can a girl ask for?” another female staff said with a big grin on her face.

Iqa looked at the man the DBSK boys and the others were all looking at. She wanted to hide but she knew it was already too late.

Masao Matsuda was with his friends. He was already about to sit down when he noticed the DBSK boys looking at him. Then he suddenly saw someone very familiar. He suddenly smiled and left his friends to go straight to where the DBSK boys were sitting.

Everyone . . . including the DBSK boys and their manager were very shocked to see that Masao was walking straight up to them. They didn’t know him personally. And somehow they felt it was a big honor to have him greet them.

Iqa saw that Masao was going to where they were. She wanted to hide and just cover herself up so he wouldn’t see her. But his gaze was already fixed on her.

Masao suddenly stopped in front of Iqa.

“Hello . . . . Long time no see. . . .” Masao said to Iqa.

Iqa looked up at Masao and smiled. She knew she couldn’t escape Masao’s attention.

“Hi . . . . Masao,” Iqa said with a smile. She slowly stood up and gave Masao a quick kiss on the cheek.

Masao smiled as Iqa kissed him, and he suddenly placed his arm around her waist. Xiah was surprised with Masao’s action. He couldn’t really explain what he was feeling as he saw Iqa kiss Masao . . . and now he was holding her in his arms. It was driving him insane . . . . with jealousy.

“So how are you Moniqa? I haven’t seen you around Japan for some time now?” Masao asked.

“You know I love going here and there. I never stay in one place for more than a week . . . .” she replied.

“Except Japan . . . . . You always stay in Japan for as long as you can. You’re eating in a famous restaurant now . . . . So this can only mean that you’re no longer hiding in Japan right?” Masao asked with a smile.

Iqa suddenly laughed. “You are really very good. You already know me that well. I am impressed.”

“Do you know it is very hard to get in touch with you? You’re manager is always saying that you’re pre-booked whenever I ask him if you could attend one of my shows,” Masao said with a smile as well.

“I am sorry to hear that. . . . But you know how busy I have been these past couple of months. . . .” Iqa replied.

“Months? You’re kidding right . . . . Baby . . . . You’ve been busy for the whole year . . . . ever since you broke up with that good for nothing boyfriend of yours . . . .” Masao said with sarcasm.

Iqa suddenly became silent. She didn’t want to talk about his ex-boyfriend anymore. She had already moved on . . . . and she didn’t want to think about him anymore.

“Oh! I’m sorry . . . . Me and my big mouth . . . . I didn’t mean to mention him again in front of you. But you know how much I disliked that guy the moment I set my eyes on him. I already knew he was just going to make you cry,” Masao said again.

Everyone at the DBSK boys’ table were all wondering how Iqa was able to know Masao personally. And judging by the way they were talking . . . . they seem to be very close.

Xiah was already getting red with jealousy. Micky had already noticed his reaction as he watched Iqa and Masao talk so sweetly to each other.

“So how long before your manager arrives and brings you back to the Philippines?” Masao asked again.

“Maybe a week at least . . . . “ she replied sadly.

“I see . . . . well . . . . it means you can still attend my fashion tomorrow. Please say you’ll come,” Masao said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Iqa laughed. “What would you do if I said I already have a prior engagement?”

“Oh. . . . you’re kidding right? I never get the chance to have you model my clothes . . . . You know how much I adore you . . . My clothes all look so perfect on you. That’s why I always want you to model for me. But that manager of yours always keeps on denying my requests. I am beginning to think that I don’t matter to you anymore,” Masao said as if his feelings were hurt.

Iqa laughed again. “Very well. . . . I’ll attend you fashion show. . . . even if it means my manager will be strangling me for going on impromptu shows again.”

“Well . . . . he knows you love me right?” Masao asked sweetly.

“Of course . . . . You’re my best friend . . . .” she replied sweetly.

Xiah’s heart was already bleeding as he watched the sweet scene that Masao and Iqa were doing. It was too much for him. He already wanted to snatch Iqa away from Masao and just keep her locked up in a room where she will only be his and his alone.

“So . . . . I have a rehearsal in about half an hour . . . . Would you like to join me?” Masao asked Iqa again.

Iqa looked at the DBSK boys. They were all looking at her and Masao. “But . . . . I have some friends with me . . . . Masao.”

Masao then stared at the people staring at him and Iqa. He suddenly smiled. “I’m sorry . . . . if I have interfered your meal. Let me introduce myself . . . . I am Matsuda Masao.”

The boys’ manager suddenly stood up and shook hands with Masao. “Hello . . . . Mr. Matsuda. It is a pleasure finally meeting you.”

As the boys’ manager and Masao talked, Iqa apologized to the DBSK boys.

“I’m sorry . . . . but I have to leave. I have promised to help him in his show. Maybe we can meet again some other time . . . .” she said.

“It’s all right . . . . we understand,” Micky replied.

Masao suddenly held Iqa’s hand. “Come on . . . . We’ll be late for the rehearsal.”

“Xiah . . . . I hope we can meet again . . . . Bye . . . .” Iqa said as she slowly walked away with Masao holding her hand.

Xiah just stared as Iqa slowly disappear with Masao.

“Why is it I always end up watching you leave?” Xiah asked Iqa in his mind.

“Who is that friend of yours? How come she’s so close to Matsuda? Is she a model?” The boys’ manager asked.

“Yes . . . . she’s a model, singer and an actress back in her country,” Max replied.

“Oh . . . . Well . . . she must be very good then . . . to have Masao offer her to model for him like that . . . .” their manager commented.

“Do you think we’ll be able to see her again?” Xiah suddenly asked out loud.

Everyone at the table all looked at Xiah. He was still looking at the door of the restaurant as if expecting to see Iqa walk in again.

“Better try and tame your heart . . . . Xiah . . . . She’s way out of your league . . . . A relation ship with that kind of girl will just bring you trouble. . . . .” their manager said as an advice.

Xiah just nodded. . . . but deep in his heart he knew . . . . it was already too late . . . . his heart already belonged to her.


The next day . . . . .

The DBSK boys were unexpectedly visited by their manager in their home. It was still very early for their scheduled activities, so they were all confused as to why he was in their apartment.

“Are we already late for an appointment?” Jaejoong asked their manager.

“No . . . . I am just here to tell you guys a very good news.,” their manager said with a sweet smile on his lips.

“What is it hyung?” Max asked their manager.

Their manager suddenly took out a piece of paper and started to wave it around. “Do you guys know what this is?” he asked with a grin.

“What is it?” Jaejoong asked curiously.

“Well . . . . this is an invitation for the Matsuda show tonight. He just sent our company an invitation for you guys. Do you know how hard it is to get invited to his shows? And to be sent an invitation is already an honor. Even the president of our company doesn’t get invited to his shows . . . . So when the president learned that Matsuda had sent an invitation for you guys . . . . He told me to make sure that you guys were to attend the event. It is a very prestigious event . . . . and only the elite

get invited. So all of your scheduled activities for today have all been canceled so that you can all concentrate on getting yourselves ready for the show tonight,” their manager said with a big smile.

“So we are basically free tonight?” Xiah asked in disbelief.

“Yes . . . . and the president has even provided new suits for you to wear for the event tonight. We wouldn’t want you boys to look out of place would we?” the older man said.

The DBSK boys all looked at each other. They had a feeling about why they suddenly got invited to Matsuda’s show. They all knew it was because of Iqa.

“So get yourselves ready now. We have a lot of things to prepare for your attendance in the show tonight,” the older man said again.

The boys could easily tell that their manager was very happy by what had happened. They were all excited to go to Matsuda’s show as well. But as for Xiah . . . . he had a strange feeling that he couldn’t quite explain. He knew he would be seeing Iqa again tonight. But there was fear in his heart . . . He was fearing that he might not like what he was going to see. He was fearing the fact that he was going to see Iqa as the real person that she really was. . . . . Another shining star. . . . a star that he couldn’t reach.

“Hey! What are you thinking . . . .hyung?” Max asked.

Xiah looked at Max as if startled. He was thinking about how he was going to react once he net Iqa again.

“Nothing . . . .” Xiah replied with a fake smile.

“Nothing? Do you actually think we are blind?” Micky asked.

“You haven’t been yourself ever since you met Iqa . . . . And ever since yesterday. . . . you have been acting really strange as well. So please stop lying and just accept the fact that you really like her . . . . . . We all know that you keep on denying it. But it doesn’t work on us,” Jaejoong said with concern.

Xiah stared at his friends again. He really couldn’t keep any secrets from them They already knew each other so well . . . . that they could easily tell what was in each other’s minds.

“I am . . . . really nervous about tonight . . . .” he said as he tried to smile.

“Why?” U-Know asked.

“I . . . . I don’t know! I just . . . . feel strange just thinking that she will be around Matsuda. Have you seen the way he was acting around her yesterday? I just find it so . . . . so sickening. . . .” Xiah answered.

Micky laughed out loud. “You’re jealous! Xiah is jealous of Matsuda!” he said again and again as he laughed.

Xiah suddenly blushed. “Please stop it! Our manager might hear you,” he said with concern.

Micky suddenly stopped laughing. He had totally forgotten that their manager was around.

“Sorry . . . . I forgot,” Micky apologized.

“So what do you plan to do tonight? Are you going to ask Iqa out or maybe talk to her?” Micky asked seriously.

Xiah was very confused on what to do. He wasn’t even sure if he would be able to get near her . . . or talk to her.

“Do you guys think I can actually have the chance to talk with her?” Xiah suddenly asked.

“Why not?” U-Know asked again.

“Because . . . . we will be sitting in the audience and she will be on stage . . . and surely after that a lot of people will be around her and us . . . . of course,” Xiah answered.

The other DBSK boys suddenly paused and started to think. They haven’t thought about that. They never thought about Iqa’a real status.

“Well. . . . surely she wouldn’t be that busy . . . . since she will only be one of the models . . . . and the attention of everyone will be on Matsuda and the other famous Japanese models in his show,” Max suddenly said.

“Maybe you’re right . . . .” Xiah suddenly said with a sigh.

“The best thing you can do now is get to spend some time with her . . . .” Micky said as an advice.

“But hyung . . . . what’s the use of being close to her . . . . when she’s supposed to leave Japan in a few days?” Max innocently asked.

Unexpectedly Max’s question hit Xiah very hard. “Max is right! What am I expecting? She is leaving in a few days. Even if I get close to her for a few days . . . . what next?” Xiah started to ask himself.

The other DBSK boys knew that Xiah had started to think about Max’s question. They all felt sorry for him. Max suddenly felt guilty for asking. He didn’t mean to make his friend unhappy all of a sudden.

Night came . . . . the boys and their manager had finally arrived at Matsuda’s show. The DBSk boys were amazed at how grand and star studded the show was. Everywhere they could see politicians, singers, artists, and other famous celebrities in Japan.

The boys entered the show room nervously. They were very uneasy as they all moved into the room. Their manager was somehow taken by surprise as well by how grand the event really was.

“Hello . . . . boys!” Masao greeted them personally as they entered the room.

“Hello . . . . Mr. Matsuda. Thank you for the invitation,” the boys’ manager said with a big smile.

“Oh . . . .it’s nothing. Any friend of Moniqa . . . . I also consider as my friend. So you guys are all welcome to my show. I hope you will enjoy it,” Masao with a smile.

“Thank you again,” the boys’ manager said again.

“Excuse me . . . . Mr. Matsuda . . . . but can I ask where is Iqa . . . .I mean Moniqa?” Max suddenly asked.

Masao laughed. “ I’m sorry . . .But she’s quite busy now boys. You will see her in the show. And after the show . . . . maybe then you can talk with her. . .” Masao replied.

“Is she really going to be in the show? Is she going to model?” Max asked again.

“Yes . . . She’s my main model. You will all be taken by surprise by how she looks tonight,” Masao replied.

The DBSK boys and Masao were still talking when a girl suddenly approached them and whispered something in Masao’s ear.

“I am sorry . . . . but I’ve got to go. The show is about to start. I hope you will all enjoy the show,” Masao said with a warm smile.

After Masao left the boys. . . . they suddenly felt very anxious. They were very curious as to how Iqa looked and if she really was a good model . . . . and a lot of other questions were running through their minds.

The guests started to take their seats. The DBSK boys waited . . . . . and suddenly all the lights focused on the stage.

As the music started . . . . female models started to enter the stage. One by one . . . they all looked very gorgeous and elegant.

After several minutes of waiting. . . . Iqa finally walked on stage. She was very stunning in her black velvet dress. She walked with such confidence and elegance that the boys were all convinced that she really was a professional model.

Xiah gasped in amazement at how beautiful she was. Everyone around them were all taken in by her beauty as well. He was feeling very proud of her . . . . and again his heart started to pound so hard and beat very fast.

As soon as Iqa entered the stage . . . . a lot of people started to talk. The DBSK boys couldn’t help but hear everything that they were saying.

“Isn’t that Moniqa?” a woman suddenly asked.

“She’s so beautiful in person . . . . How come she is in Japan?” another woman asked.

“Masao is really very close with her . . . . Imagine he was able to invite her . . . . She’s supposed to be very busy with her new album and upcoming concert in the US,” a man said.

“That only proves how special Masao is to her,” another girl commented.

Xiah’s heart was breaking as he silently listened to everything that the people around them were saying.

“Isn’t she supposed to have a boyfriend. . . . you know the CEO of a large cell phone company?” another woman asked.

“Didn’t you know? She had already broken up with her a few months ago. It seems the guy was seeing another girl while he was having a relationship with her. So she broke up with him. Do you know that she was already about to get engaged with him . . . . when she learned that he was cheating on him?” another woman said.

“Poor girl!” the other woman exclaimed.

The DBSK boys felt pity for Iqa after learning what she had gone through. Xiah, on the other hand, was feeling sorry for her as well. . . . . so sorry that he wanted to comfort her and hold her in his arms.

“If I was that guy I would never hurt you . . . . If I was that guy I would never make you cry . . . If I was that guy I would never leave you. . . . . I would always stay by your side. If I was the one . . . . in your life,” Xiah said to himself as he watched Iqa.


After the fashion show . . . . .

Xiah sighed. He had been trying to get the chance to talk to Iqa but she was always too busy. She was always with Masao . . . . and she was always either with a reporter or a media personality.

“Iqa sure is very popular . . . . Imagine all the press people here know her . . . .” Max commented.

The other DBSK boys all nodded. They never imagined she was such a big star. Somehow they all felt that she was even a bigger star than they were.

“It seems it’s impossible to talk with her now,” Xiah said sadly.

Micky looked at his friend. He was obviously very upset that he couldn’t talk with Iqa.

“Sorry . . . . Xiah. But there’s nothing we can do . . . . unless she comes to us . . . . we can’t possibly talk to her . . . .” Micky said to Xiah.

“I know . . . . Good thing . . . our manager is enjoying himself talking with different people or else we would have already left a long time ago,” Xiah said again with a sigh.

“Yes, that’s true,” Micky replied.

Half an hour passed . . . . .

Xiah had already accepted the fact he was never going to have the chance to talk with Iqa.

“I guess . . . . I should just accept that I won’t be able to talk with her . . . .” Xiah said to the other DBSK members as he sipped a glass of wine.

“You want to talk with whom? Maybe I can help . . . .” a sweet voice suddenly said.

Xiah was suddenly surprised and looked at where the voice came from . . . . It was Iqa.

“Hello . .. . Sorry I couldn’t get away so easily from the press . . . . I have been wanting to chat with you guys as soon as the show was over. But someone was always trying to talk with me and was trying to get my attention . . . . And Masao was always trying to introduce me to someone . . . .” Iqa explained.

“It’s all right. . . . We understand,” Xiah said with a sweet smile on his lips. Finally . . . . Iqa was in front of him.

“So did you guys like the show?” she asked.

“Yes . . . . very much. You were great!” Max said with a smile.

“Thanks . . . . While I was backstage I heard some of the models talking. . . . And they were talking about you guys. They were all saying you guys were much more handsome in person than in tv,” Iqa said with a laugh.

“Really?” Micky suddenly asked with a wide grin on his face. He was suddenly very interested in what Iqa was saying.

Iqa laughed. “Micky . . . . you’re really very cute!”

“Why?” Micky asked as if confused. He suddenly looked at Xiah . . . . who was suddenly having a gloomy look on his face.

“Well . . . .you suddenly became interested as soon as I mentioned about the other models . . . .” Iqa answered with a laugh.

“Oh. . . . “ Micky uttered.

“Well . . . . Xiah is way . . . . way cuter than Micky here,” Jaejoong said as if trying to divert Iqa’s attention to Xiah again.

All the other DBSK boys knew that Xiah had been waiting for the chance to talk with her. They all wanted to give him what they knew would make him happy.

“Xiah . . . .” Iqa uttered as she noticed that Xiah was very silent.

Xiah somehow snapped out of his thoughts and back into reality.

“I’m sorry . . . .I was thinking of something . . . . What were you saying?” Xiah asked with a smile.

Iqa smiled sweetly at Xiah. She had moved closer to Xiah and was standing next to him now.

Xiah didn’t know what to do . . . . He was very nervous as Iqa was only inches away from him. His heart was beating very fast and somehow he was feeling very cold.

“Xiah . . . . are you okay?” Iqa asked with a worried look on her face. She could sense that something was wrong with him.

Xiah tried to smile. He tried very hard to control himself. He didn’t want to look foolish in front of Iqa. He tried to control his nervousness and tried to act normal.

“Yes . . . . I am fine. How about you? Aren’t you tired? You were fantastic . . . . I never thought you were really an amazing model . . . .” Xiah commented.

Iqa laughed. “You’re very cute as well,” then she gently pinched Xiah on the cheek.

Xiah’s heart quickly stopped the moment Iqa touched his cheek. He then immediately blushed afterwards. He couldn’t explain the joy that he suddenly felt.

The other DBSK boys suddenly smiled as they all noticed the smile that appeared on his lips.

“Frankly . . . . I wanted to meet you guys again. I really enjoyed my time with you guys on the plane. I guess . . . . I just used this event to have an excuse to see you and talk with you guys again,” Iqa confessed.

The DBSK boys were surprised by what Iqa had said. They never expected her to be frank.

Iqa laughed again, as soon as she saw the shocked look on the boys’ faces.

“I mean . . . . I have been missing talking with friends. . . .And frankly I don’t have that many friends anymore . . . . Being a star has many advantages but mostly disadvantages, on my case. That’s why I feel so comfortable with you guys . . . At least with you . . . I can be open and you would somehow understand my situation and my sentiments . . . . since you are all stars as well. I hope you won’t mind me hanging out with you guys again . . . . even if one more night . . . . just tonight . . . .” Iqa said as she looked at Xiah.

Xiah somehow felt that there was a deeper meaning in what she was saying. He could see the loneliness in her eyes. Somehow he wanted to erase that loneliness and replace it with joy and love.

“We also enjoyed the time we had on the plane . . . . And we are more than honored to have the pleasure of accompanying you the whole night,” Xiah said with a sweet smile.

Iqa’a heart suddenly skipped a beat. “Please don’t be so kind. I don’t want to fall for you. . . . I can’t fall in love with you . . . .I’ve only met you . . . . And I don’t want to fall in love with anyone anymore. I am already finished with love. . . . I don’t want to be hurt anymore . . . . So please . . . . Stop Xiah . . . . Please don’t make me love you,” she said in her thoughts as she silently stared at Xiah.

Xiah was about to say something when . . . . something caught everyone’s attention. A man and a woman had suddenly entered the room . . . . Everyone started to look at the newly arrived couple. . . .and then some people started to whisper to one another.

As soon as Iqa saw the couple that walked in . . . . her heart somehow started to ache terribly. She suddenly became very pale that Xiah immediately noticed her.

“No! . . . . Please not him . . . . I don’t want to see him anymore . . . . .I can’t bear to see him now . . . . Please . . . .” Iqa uttered with fright in her eyes.

“Iqa . . . . what’s wrong? Are you all right?” Xiah asked with concern.

“I . . . . I . . . .” Iqa’s mind had suddenly gone blank. She wanted to run and hide. She didn’t want to meet the man and woman that had just walked into the show room.

“Iqa . . . .” the other DBSK uttered as they were also very concerned with Iqa.

Masao suddenly went to where Iqa was. He was obviously very concerned with her as well.

“Moniqa . . . . are you all right? I’m sorry . . . . I didn’t expect that he would come . . . . I’m sorry . . . “ Masao said.

Iqa looked at Masao. She then tried to smile. “It’s okay. We are going to meet sooner or later. I guess . . . .the time has finally come for me to face him again.”

“Moniqa . . . . be brave okay. . . . I will be here. I’ll make sure he won’t be able to hurt you,” Masao said again with concern in his eyes. He could see that Moniqa was already disoriented.

The DBSK boys were all confused as to who was the man that Iqa feared to meet. They all stared at the couple that had just entered the room. They were slowly walking to the direction that they were in.

“Moniqa . . . .I’ll take care of this . . . .” Masao said with a hard tone.

“Who is that man?” Max suddenly asked out loud.

“It’s Akira Sato . . . Moniqa’s ex-boyfriend . . . .And that girl is Reina Nakano . . . . the girl he replaced her with,” Masao answered.

The DBSK boys were all shocked by what they learned. Now . . . . they knew why she was acting very strange. . . . They somehow pitied her. . . especially Xiah. How he wanted to be the one to protect her from Akira. . . . .

As soon as the couple approached them . . . . the man had immediately greeted Iqa with a big smile.

“Hello Moniqa. . . . .” the man greeted.

Iqa didn’t know what to say . . . . or if she should say anything at all. She just stared at the face that haunted her dreams for months now.

“Hello . . . . Akira . . . .” Masao said with a very cold voice.

“Masao . . . . still trying to protect your best friend . . . I see. I was talking to her . . . .” the man said with a very cold expression on his face too.

“What are you doing here? I never invited you . . . .” Masao said coldly.

Akira laughed. “You didn’t invite me . . . . but you invited my father . . . . And since he couldn’t come . . . . I came in his place instead,” he answered bluntly.

“Hello . . . . Moniqa! Nice meeting you again . . . . I hope you already have someone new in your life,” Reina greeted with a big grin on her beautiful face.

The DBSK boys knew that Reina was making fun of Iqa. They became very disgusted with the girl. They never thought that such a beautiful woman could have such an ugly character.

“I don’t think that is any of your business . . . .” Iqa replied with a sharp look in her eyes.

Reina laughed. “I was just asking . . . . because if you haven’t met someone . . . .then maybe I can help. I can introduce you to some of my male friends . . . . I know they would be delighted to meet someone like you.”

“Reina . . . . stop it,” Akira warned.

“I’m not doing anything wrong . . . . In fact, I’m being nice to your ex,” Reina said with a smile.

The DBSK boys were very disgusted with Reina. They couldn’t believe that such a beautiful woman could have such a repugnant character.

“So? You haven’t answered my question? Are you seeing someone now? Would you like me to introduce someone to you? I hope you’re not still thinking that maybe Akira will come back to you. He’s already mine . . . . and there’s no way that he’s going back to you . . . .” Reina said again.

“I . . . . .” Iqa started to say.

“What? You already have a new boyfriend? . . . . So? I’m waiting . . . .” Reina asked.

“I . . . . I . . . .I . . . .” Iqa was trying to find the right words to say when . . . .

“She already has someone new in her life . . . . So you can stop asking her . . . .” Xiah suddenly answered.

“Really? Who? May I ask the guy’s name?” Reina asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Me . . . .” Xiah boldly answered.

The DBSK boys and Masao were all shocked with Xiah’s statement. They didn’t expect that he would be able to boldly admit his feelings for Iqa around so many people.

“Really? You’re kidding right? You’re one of the DBSK members right? So how come someone like you is going out with someone like her?” Reina asked again still unable to believe.

“What’s wrong with me going out with her? She’s much a nicer girl than you will ever be . . . .” Xiah answered sarcastically. He had already had enough of Reina’s insults.

Reina laughed out loud. “You really expect me to believe that you and her are a couple?”

“Yes . . .” Xiah replied.

“Then prove it!” Reina said.

“How?” Xiah asked again.

“Kiss her . . .” Reina said with a sly look on her face.

Xiah looked at Iqa. She was still trying to avoid looking at Reina and Akira. He could also see the tears that were starting to form in her eyes.

Somehow what he saw had made him mad. He slowly moved . . . . and gently, he took Iqa into his arms. . . . . And then he gently lowered his lips to cover her sweet lips. At first . . . Iqa was somehow reluctant to return Xiah’s kiss but as time moved on . . . . she had unconsciously started to kiss him back. Everyone who saw what Xiah had done were stunned. All of the people in the show room couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

But to Xiah and Iqa . . . .

As their lips met . . . . they somehow felt a very strange sensation overcome their bodies. It was as if their worlds had suddenly stopped and met at one end. They were in each other’s arms and they both felt that they had somehow found a place where they both felt so warm and secure. They both wanted their kiss to last longer. They both wanted to continue living in that day dream . . . . They both wanted to pretend that they truly belonged to each other. . . . .


While Xiah and Iqa kissed each other . . . . . the media were already busy taking pictures and videos.

The other DBSK boys didn’t know what to do. They all knew what Xiah had done was going to greatly affect his image and their group’s image as well. Their manager was silently watching everything that was happening. But they could see the anger in his eyes.

“This is going to be big trouble for all of us . . . . .” Micky suddenly whispered to Jaejoong.

Jaejoong just nodded. As much as he wanted to support Xiah . . . . he knew what Xiah had done was totally unacceptable. Both in their personal and career aspects.

Xiah had finally released Iqa. And as soon as they ended their kiss, reporters started asking them questions.

“So the two of you are a couple now?” a reporter asked.

“How long have the two of you known each other?” another reporter asked.

“Can you please tell us how, where and when the two of you met?”

“Do you plan to make an album together?”

“Xiah , why did you fall in love with her?”

“Iqa . . . . after your last break-up with Akira Sato, you mentioned that you will try to avoid falling in love again . . . . So how come you’re with Xiah of DBSK now?”

“Do you guys have any plans of getting married in the near future?”

Both Xiah and Iqa were totally confused on what to do and how to answer the questions bring thrown at them. They were already being mobbed by the media people.

Luckily, Masao with a group of men interfered and helped Xiah and Iqa escape from the large group of media present at the fashion show.

The other DBSK boys and their manager were already waiting in the dressing room that the models used for the show. They were waiting for Xiah and Iqa to arrive.

Masao had told them to leave the show room as soon as the commotion started.

Xiah and Iqa finally arrived, still holding her hand, with Masao right behind them.

As soon as Xiah entered the room, their manager had totally lost his self-control.

“Xiah! What were you thinking? For years . . . . we have maintained your images as artists . . . clean and scandal-free. But now . . . . now with what you have done . . . . what do you think the president of SM Entertainment will say now? How are we going to explain everything to him. Aside from that . . . . there is also the president of Avex Trax to also think about. How are we supposed to explain to him too? I told you . . . . the moment I learned she was also an artist . . . . I told you . . . . Stay away from her . . . . I told you . . . . She was just going to bring you trouble. But did you listen to me? No . . . . you had to be the very charming and helpful boy that you are . . . . and you had to help . . . . in exchange . . . . you’re going to ruin your career,” the DBSK boys’ manager angrily said to Xiah.

Xiah and Iqa were both very silent as the boys’ manager talked.

“Hyung . . . . I’m sorry,” Xiah said to their manager.

“Sorry . . . . Sorry? How is you sorry going to fix everything?” the older man asked.

“Please just calm down. . . . We can certainly think of something to fix the trouble they had caused,” Masao had said to the boys’ manager.

“How? How are we supposed to fix everything? I am thinking of my boys’ future . . . They have worked so hard for years . . . . I don’t want it to all go to waste. Can you understand what I am trying to say?” the boys’ manager was already very emotional.

“I’m sorry . . . . I didn’t mean to cause any trouble . . . .” Iqa apologized to the boys’ manager.

“Iqa . . . .” Xiah uttered.

“I’m sorry also to all of you . . . . Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to bring you any trouble,” Iqa then apologized to the DBSK boys.

“Iqa . . . . Don’t you dare apologize . . . .You don’t have to lower yourself like that!” Masao angrily said.

“Masao . . . . But it is all my fault . . . . That’s why I’m saying sorry,” Iqa softly said.

“Yes . . . . it’s all your fault . . . . But your sorry won’t be able to do anything,” the older man said.

Iqa looked at the boys’ manager with tears already forming in her eyes. She was very sorry . . . She wanted to help clear everything up. But she didn’t know what to do.

“you’re so concerned with how your boys’ images and careers will be affected . . . . But have you ever considered that Moniqa has her own image and career to take care of too?” a voice had suddenly said.

Everyone in the dressing room suddenly looked at where the voice came from. It came from another older man, more or less the same age as the DBSK boys’ manager.

“And who do you think you are?” the boys’ manager asked.

“Since Moniqa’s real manager is still in the Philippines, Sony Music Entertainment has sent me to take care of this matter,” the other older man said.

“Sony Music Entertainment? . . . . Who are you?” the DBSK boys’ manager asked again.

“I am Ichiro Nakano, her temporary manager. Moniqa is currently under Sony Music Entertainment . . . . You didn’t know? Well . . . . as soon as the news of what happened at the show room broke out. I was immediately sent here to take care of everything,” the older man explained.

“You’re signed in with Sony Music Entertainment? Then you’re really a big star then . . . .” Max said to Iqa.

Iqa just nodded. She didn’t know what else to say. Somehow she was glad that someone was sent to help her.

“What do you mean you will take care of everything?” Xiah suddenly asked Ichiro.

Ichiro looked at Xiah and Moniqa.

“The three presidents of SM Entertainment, Avex Trax and Sony Music Entertainment have already decided on a good solution to cover everything that had happened,” Ichiro answered.

“How?” Jaejoong asked.

“Only one thing to do . . . . Xiah and Moniqa . . . both of you will have to pretend that you are in a real relationship,” Ichiro answered.

“What?” the other DBSK boys asked in unison. They were all surprised by what Ichiro had said.

“Ichiro! . . . That’s totally absurd! Isn’t that going to make things more complicated for both of us?” Moniqa protested.

Xiah looked at Iqa. He couldn’t explain what he was feeling at that moment. He was somehow hurt that Iqa didn’t want to pretend to have a relationship with him.

“You don’t have any choice . . . . I was just instructed to tell you of what they have decided . . . .” Ichiro said again.

“And that is?” Moniqa asked.

“Xiah . . . . Moniqa . . . . the two of you will have to pretend that you are both in love with each other and currently in a relationship . . . . Both of you will have to pretend for at least two months. After two months . . . . we can then work out how to announce your formal break up to the press . . . .” Ichiro answered.

Iqa looked at Xiah. She was feeling very sorry that she had suddenly dragged him into a very complicated situation.

“Is that the only way we can avoid further scandal?” the DBSK boys’ manager asked Ichiro.

Ichiro just nodded. “Yes . . . and starting tomorrow . . . . Xiah and Moniqa will have to go out and make people believe that they really are a couple . . . .”

“But I’m supposed to leave Japan in a week . . . .” Iqa said.

“I am sorry . . . . But you won’t be able to leave Japan until the two of you finished your so-called relationship. You will be staying here in Japan for two months. And while you’re here . . . . you will also be doing your concert,” Ichiro said again.

“Concert? But it’s scheduled seven months from now . . . .” Iqa said again.

“It has been moved. . . . Since you will be staying in Japan for two months, might as well . . . . take advantage of the situation,” Ichiro replied.

“You’re really serious about everything?” Iqa asked again.

“Yes . . . And I already have found an apartment for you,” Ichiro replied with a smile.

Iqa sighed. It was totally hopeless arguing with Ichiro. She had known him for years . . . and he wasn’t easy to persuade.

“There’s nothing you can do . . . but follow. Everything has already been set . . . . Tomorrow . . . the two of you will have your very first official date under the public eyes. I have already set a dinner reservation for the two of you in a hotel,” Ichiro said.

Xiah and Iqa both looked straight into each other’s eyes. They knew starting tomorrow . . . their lives will suddenly change.

The next day . . . .

It was only 7 o’ clock in the morning . . . . but the DBSK boys’ manager had already arrived at the boys’ apartment. He was instructed to prepare Xiah for his so-called date with Moniqa, by none other than the president of both Avex Trax and SM Entertainment.

“Hyung . . . . why are you here so early in the morning?” Max had asked their manager.

“I was told to help prepare Xiah with his date today. . . . . All your schedules have been cleared so that his date won’t be affected. So basically all of you are free to do whatever you want today,” their manager had said.

The other DBSK boys all looked at each other . . . . then suddenly they all cheered. They were very happy . . . . They were going to have a day off . . . . and they could do anything they want.

“I am going to sleep the whole afternoon,” Max said with a smile on his lips.

“I am going to cook a new recipe that I have been wanting to try out,” Jaejoong said.

“We’re going to watch a movie,” U-Know and Micky exclaimed in unison.

“As for me . . . . I . . . . I . . . .” Xiah had started to say something when his friends interrupted him.

“You . . . . You . . . . You are going on a date!” Micky had suddenly exclaimed with a big laugh. Max, Jaejoong and U-Know started to laugh as well.

Xiah suddenly blushed as Micky and the other DBSK members all started to tease him. But he was very happy and was already anticipating his date with Moniqa. The other DBSK boys could easily tell that he was very happy and was very much excited as well.

The boys’ manager just watched as they all teased one another. He loved the boys liked his own sons and he wanted the best for them. How he wanted to always protect them and give them the best things that life could possibly give them.

He was very unhappy that something was now threatening the very successful careers of his boys. He didn’t want anything . . . . especially someone to destroy what they have worked hard for so many years. He didn’t actually blamed or disliked Moniqa . . . . In fact, he found her a very nice and charming girl. But somehow he could feel that she could easily attract the DBSK boys. And that was the main reason he didn’t want her to get close to the boys. And especially after learning, she was also an artist . . . . He already concluded that she was really trouble for the DBSK boys.

And now . . . . watching the DBSK boys tease Xiah. He already knew that Xiah might really have special feelings for Moniqa.

The DBSK boys’ manager sighed. He couldn’t do anything anymore. Xiah was free to like and love anyone he liked. He had no right to control Xiah’s feelings. Again he looked at the DBSK boys, all he could do now was just help them in the best way that he can.

“Hyung . . . is going on a date!” Max teased Xiah.

Xiah just smiled.

“He’s not even complaining about our constant teasing . . . He’s just smiling . . . .Ph! This is driving me crazy,” Micky said with a big laugh.

“The reason why Xiah is smiling is because he’s so happy that he’s finally going on a date . . .” Jaejoong also teased Xiah.

“Yes . . . . he’s going on his very . . . . first date,” Micky added with a laugh.

“Hey! It’s not my first date,” Xiah protested.

“Oh?” Micky asked with a big grin on his face.

“Hey! . . . That’s enough. You’re all going to make Xiah . . . . cry . . . .” U-Know said as if serious at first but then started laughing at the end also.

“Poor hyung . . . .” Max uttered.

“Just don’t forget to be good to her . . . .” Jaejoong suddenly said seriously.

“She’s a nice girl . . . So you should treat her nicely,” U-Know also said.

“Hyung . . . . be sweet to her okay?” Max said with a sweet smile.

“Remember . . . . Don’t bite!” Micky said again with a laugh.

As soon as the other DBSK boys heard what Micky had said. They all started laughing again.

Xiah was speechless. He was blushing again because of what Micky had said.

“Okay . . . .boys . . . that’s enough. Xiah, you’re supposed to pick up Moniqa in her new apartment at 9 am. A car and a driver has been assigned to you. Then the two of you will be having breakfast at a restaurant. After breakfast, the two of you will have the whole morning and afternoon to yourselves. You can both decide where you want to go. Just tell the driver the place and he will take you there. Just make sure . . . . you show at the hotel I told you earlier for dinner. Then after dinner . . . you can still stay with her until 10 pm. After that . . . you’re supposed to bring her home to her apartment. Then after you’ve brought her home . . .I expect you to be back here by 11:30 pm okay? You still have a full packed schedule tomorrow . . .” the DBSK boys’ manager had elaborated every detail of Xiah’s itinerary for the day.

Xiah was totally taken by surprise by what he heard. He was given the chance to be with Iqa from morning until late evening. His heart was already jumping with joy. Somehow he couldn’t hide the joy he was feeling. And unconsciously, a smile suddenly appeared on his lips.

Their manager had instantly noticed Xiah’s reaction. “I can see you’re not even complaining . . . . and you’re actually very happy about it,” he said.

Xiah just smiled at their manager.

“Get dress already . . . . We don’t want you to be late on your first date . . . “ the older man said to Xiah with a hidden smile on his lips.

Xiah together with the other DBSK boys started to get ready for his arranged date with Moniqa. While he was preparing . . . . he couldn’t stop himself from feeling very nervous. He was . . . . nervous that he wouldn’t be able to act normal once he was already with her . . . . nervous that he wouldn’t be able to find the right words to say . . . . nervous that he wouldn’t be able to hide his true feelings once he was alone with her.

Xiah tried to burhs all his fears aside. He was determined to make this day a very special and memorable day for both of them. He wanted to make himself believe that he was actually going out with her because they both liked each other. He wanted to make believe . . . . even for one day . . . . that Moniqa really belonged to him.

“Xiah . . . .it’s time to go. Moniqa is already waiting at her apartment,” their manager said.

Xiah closed his eyes. “ Please help me to make this day a special one for both of us,” he silently prayed.


As soon as Xiah laid his eyes on Moniqa, His heart started beating wildly. She was very stunning in the dress she was wearing.

He couldn’t believe that he was actually going out with her. Then suddenly fear started to fill his heart. As he stared at her, it was only then that he started to realize that Moniqa was someone he could only have in his dreams.

She was a star with such beauty and radiance that he could never obtain.

Xiah continued to stare at Moniqa as things started to fill his mind. “I know I can never truly have you, Iqa . . . . That’s why I am willing to be contented with this make-believe world. . . . At least . . . . in this world . . . . even for a short time . . . . I can make myself believe that you are mine . . . .”

Xiah’s heart was somehow feeling pain. But he just ignored it . . . . and tried to put on a happy smile.

This was his special day with her . . . . And he was determined to just forget everything . . . . and just pretend . . . pretend that they were truly in love with each other.

“Xiah . . . .” Iqa uttered.

Xiah smiled. “Have you been waiting long?”

“No . . . . Xiah . . . First of all, I just want to say sorry . . . .” Iqa started to say with a sad look on his face.

“Sorry? Why? What do you mean?” Xiah asked.

“Sorry . . . . for dragging you into this mess. . . . Sorry . . . for complicating your life. We have only met each other for a couple of days . . . and now . . . look at us . . . We’re suddenly forced to look and act like a couple. I’m sorry . . . for all the inconvenience this situation might cause you,” Iqa apologized.

Xiah smiled sweetly at Iqa. “Why is it you’re always apologizing for everything . . . . You don’t have to say sorry to me . . . Come to think of it . . . I’m the one who started this problem. . . . So if there’s someone who should be apologizing . . . . it should be me. So please stop blaming yourself.”

Iqa looked straight into Xiah’s eyes. She could see the sincerity in his eyes.

“Thank you . . . .” she uttered.

“Come on . . . . I think we have to go . . . . or else our managers will be calling any minute,” Xiah said with a laugh.

Iqa smiled back at Xiah. “Where are we going so early in the morning?”

“We’re going to have breakfast first,” Xiah replied.

Iqa just nodded. “Breakfast . . . that sounds good.”

As they were about to go out Moniqa’s apartment, Xiah boldly took Moniqa’s hand and held it.

As soon as their hands touched each other, a sudden warm feeling started to fill their hearts. Somehow they both felt like holding hands with each other was the most natural thing in the world.

As Xiah held Moniqa’s hand . . . . the only thing he could think about was how her hand fitted so perfectly in his hand. How he wished he could hold her hand forever.

After breakfast . . . .

They were already in the car discussing where to go next.

“So where do you want to go?” Xiah asked Iqa.

“I don’t know . . . .” She replied with a smile.

“They said we could go anywhere we like . . . How about if we go to a mall? Or watch a movie?” Xiah suggested.

Moniqa smiled. “That sounds like fun. But do you think it is wise to go to a mall? Many girls will recognize you instantly . . .”

“Oh . . . .” Xiah uttered. It had totally slipped out of his mind that he can’t go out so easily.

“I’m sorry . . . But you’re right . . . . going to a mall may not be advisable for both of us,” Xiah said with a sigh. He was really disappointed.

Moniqa saw the sadness and disappointment in Xiah’s face. She suddenly smiled.

“Come on . . . . I have a perfect idea,” she said.

“Where are we going?” Xiah asked as if confused.

Moniqa whispered something to the driver. She was obviously very happy.

“It’s a secret!” she replied with a sweet smile. “Just wait. . . .”

Fifteen minutes later . . . .

“Here we are!” Moniqa exclaimed with joy.

Xiah looked outside the car. He was suddenly shocked.

“But we’re outside the mall . . . . Iqa. What are we doing here?” Xiah asked with concern.

“We’re here to have fun. We’re going to take a stroll . . . then we’re going to buy some stuffs . . . then we’re going to see a movie . . . .” she replied with a glitter of happiness in her eyes.

“But as you said before . . . . many people will recognize me . . . . and you,” Xiah said again with concern.

Moniqa laughed. “Don’t tell me . . . . you’re scared of your own fans . . .They won’t eat us . . .”

“No . . . but I just feel it’s not safe . . .I’m more concerned about you . . . .” Xiah replied.

Moniqa suddenly looked straight into Xiah’s eyes. It was true . . . . she could see the concern in his eyes. Somehow this made her feel she should be honest with him.

“Xiah . . . . I’m always willing to take the risk. I don’t want to always be confined to what I can or can not do. And frankly right now . . . . I want to enjoy my time with you,” Iqa said honestly.

Xiah’s heart suddenly leaped with joy as soon as he heard what Moniqa said. Then he suddenly smiled.

“I’m also willing to risk everything . . . just to make you happy . . . .” Xiah seriously said to Moniqa. They both looked into each other’s eyes. Somehow they could understand what the other was trying to say just by looking at each other. Xiah smiled and then he gently held her hand as they both stepped out of the car.

Xiah didn’t let go of Moniqa’s hand as they walked around the mall. Somehow they both felt like they were floating into thin air as they strolled. Moniqa was feeling very happy as well. She had never felt such a satisfying feeling like the way she is feeling right at that moment.

“Happy?” Xiah asked Moniqa as they strolled along the mall. It was still very early and there were still only a few people in the mall.

Moniqa laughed. “Yes . . . very happy . . . . And you?”

“Happy . . . . like you will never imagine . . . .” Xiah replied with a hidden meaning.

“What do you mean?” Iqa asked.

“Nothing . . . .”

“So this is how it feels like to stroll around the mall . . . . with your boyfriend holding your hand. . . . Frankly . . . .I’ve never experienced this before,” Moniqa said with a sigh.

“You mean . . . you never went to a mall with your boyfriend?” Xiah surprisedly asked.

“No. . . . I never went to a mall with my ex-boyfriends. I always forbidden to go anywhere without any chaperon. And all my ex didn’t want to go out if I was with a bodyguard or a chaperon. The life of a celebrity has its disadvantages . . . . and one of them is all your personal relationship will be affected. I have had five boyfriends since I was eighteen and they all didn’t work out. My longest relationship was more than a year and that was with Akira. But then he also grew tired of me . . . . and ended up replacing me with Reina. I know I can’t blame him . . . since I had a lot of faults too. I was always busy and I didn’t have much time for him,” Iqa said with sadness in her eyes.

Xiah didn’t want to see Moniqa sad. It was breaking his heart seeing her down. He held her hand tighter and he led her to the arcade area of the mall.

“Where are we going?” Moniqa surprisedly asked.

“We’re going to have fun. . . . “ Xiah answered.

Xiah and Moniqa passed the time different games in the arcade. As they played and happily laughed at each other, how Xiah wished that their time together would never end. How he wanted to be with her forever.

After the arcade . . . Xiah and Moniqa also went to some stores and bought some personal items for themselves. As they were busy trying to select what to buy . . . . many of the sales people in the different stores were already making a big fuss over them. But Moniqa and Xiah still continued to shop and go around the mall as if they were ordinary citizens.

Hours passed, Xiah then led Moniqa to the cinema center. They were already sitting and were already waiting for the movie to start when . . . .

“Thank you . . . . Xiah. . .” Moniqa uttered.

“For what?” Xiah asked.

“For being so nice . . . .and making me feel so special . . . .” Moniqa answered.

“You are special . . . .” Xiah softly said.

Moniqa softly laughed. “You’re so cute . . . . do you know that? You can easily make a girl fall in love with you . . . “

“Do you think you can fall in love with me?” Xiah asked Iqa in his mind.

“Xiah . . . . What are you thinking about?” Moniqa asked as she saw Xiah was looking at her intently.

“Nothing . . . . I was just thinking how we were able to spend time together without any fans disturbing us . . . .It’s like a dream,” Xiah said with a smile.

“Yes . . . .it is like a dream,” Moniqa uttered.

“A dream that I don’t want to wake up from . . . . “ Moniqa said in her mind as well.

“Iqa . . . .” Xiah wanted to say something.

“What?” she asked.

“No . . . . nothing . . . . “Xiah had suddenly changed his mind.

Moniqa could feel that Xiah was feeling very tense and awkward with her. She then slowly leaned her head on Xiah’s shoulder. She didn’t know why but somehow she wanted to do it, and she was feeling very tired. Somehow she felt she needed to rest her head.

“We are supposed to look like a couple right? I hope you won’t mind . . . .But I am a little bit tired . . . .” Moniqa said to Xiah.

The moment Moniqa rested her head on Xiah’s shoulder, his heart suddenly stopped. He could smell the scent of Moniqa’s hair and he could feel the warmth of her body next to him. It was as if his entire soul was on fire. He was somehow burning inside. . . .

A few minutes passed . . .

Moniqa had unexpectedly fallen asleep. And as she slept . . . . Xiah just lay still and wished the day will never end.

“Iqa . . . . “ Xiah softly uttered her name as he gently caressed her face. She was still sleeping soundly.

“Iqa . . . . if only you could hear me . . . . Do you know how much I want to be always by your side? I can’t understand it . . . . Maybe it is love . . . . But I’ve never believed in love at first sight. So I can’t really say it is love . . . . yet. . . . But what I do know is that I like you . . . . It’s like whenever I see you . . . .I always want to be with you . . . I want to be around you . . . so I can take care of you and protect you. . . . I don’t care about anything else . . . . but what I am feeling right now. . . . And honestly . . . . right at this moment . . . . I don’t want to say I love you . . . because I don’t even know what love really is . . . . But I just want to be honest and say . . . . I like you . . .“ Xiah continued to boldly say while thinking that Moniqa was asleep.

Unknown to Xiah . . . . Moniqa wasn’t asleep . . . but just resting. She had heard everything that he had said . . . . Moniqa’s heart was beating wildly.

“Sorry . . . . Xiah. . . . Even if I also feel something for you . . . I am afraid I won’t be able to show it and let anyone else know. . . . . especially not you. I have already complicated your world enough. If I answer your feelings with my own feelings . . . I’m afraid . . . I will just cause more problems for you . . . . So sorry . . . . Xiah . . . We can only be friends . . . . That is the only thing I can offer you . . . .” Moniqa said as she tightly closed her eyes. She wanted to stop the tears that were somehow trying to escape her eyes. She just continued to pretend that she was asleep . . . . and she said to herself that she was also going to pretend that she didn’t hear anything. . . . . She was going to pretend that she didn’t know anything. . . .

“It is for the best Xiah . . . . Sorry . . . .” Moniqa said in her mind.

As Xiah finally brought Moniqa home to her apartment, he was very sad that their day together had ended.

“Thank you Xiah . . . . for a wonderful day . . . . or should I say date . . . . I hope you also enjoyed as much as I have . . . . I will never forget this day . . . . This is the first time in a very long time that I felt like a normal girl . . . . Thank you . . .” Moniqa said with a sweet smile on her lips.

“I also enjoyed out time together . . . I hope we can spend some time again . . . . with each other,” Xiah uttered.

“Don’t worry . . . . I’m sure our managers will arrange it again,” Moniqa said with a laugh.

“Good night . . . “ Xiah said with a sweet smile.

“Good night . . . .” Moniqa uttered. She wanted to kiss him good night but she knew it would only make his feelings for her grow more. So she just contented herself as she watched him leave with a sad look in his eyes.

The next day . . . . .

“So hyung . . . . how did your date go?” Max asked with a naughty smile on his face.

Micky laughed. “Judging by the way he is smiling . . . .It went well . . . .”

“So what did you guys do?” Jaejoong asked.

“We had breakfast at a restaurant . . . . then we went to a mall . . . .” Xiah started to narrate.

“A mall?” U-Know and Jaejoong asked in unison. They were all surprised that Xiah was able to stroll in a mall without any escorts.

“Are you crazy? Why did you go into a mall? What if some fans mobbed you and Moniqa?” Micky asked with concern.

“We’re fine . . . . actually we enjoyed the whole afternoon in the mall. We were free, without anyone bothering us. We went to different stores and bought some stuffs . . .and then we went to the arcade . . . After that we watched a movie. . . .” Xiah continued to narrate.

“Really? You guys were able to do that without any girls bothering you? And no one even followed you around to ask for an autograph?” Max asked as if bewildered by what Xiah had said.

“Yes . . . I was very much shocked as well. No one bothered us . . . . I guess they really thought we were in a date . . . So they left us alone. . . .” Xiah answered.

“So did you enjoy your make-believe date?” Micky asked with a big grin on his face.

“I certainly did . . . And I think I will remember it . . . . for the rest of my life,” Xiah answered.

“Really now?” U-Know asked with a grin on his face.

“Our manager already called and said that we should be early today . . . Because of the sudden cancellation of all our activities yesterday . . . Our schedule for today has been doubled,” Jaejoong said with a sigh.

“Sorry . . . I know I am to blame . . . .”Xiah said with a sad look on his face.

“It’s all right, hyung. . . . We understand,” Max replied with a smile.

“Well . . . come on, we don’t want to be late . . . . Better start our day early so we can finish early too,” Micky said with a smile as well.

They all wanted to make Xiah feel that they truly didn’t mind the double work they were supposed to do that day.

The DBSK boys all hurried to finish their breakfast and afterwards left their apartment in a hurry.

Another two days passed . . . . .

The DBSK boys were already resting . . . . They had just finished eating their lunch. And they were already waiting for their manager so that they could go next to their scheduled interview.

“Boys . . . the interview has been cancelled and it has been moved for tomorrow . . . You are free to go home now,” the boys’ manager had said as soon as he arrived.

“Really?” Jaejoong asked in disbelief.

“Yes . . . . we’re free!” Xiah shouted.

The DBSK boys had been working on a very tight schedule ever since the scandal at Masao’s show happened. Somehow the incident just made them more popular, especially Xiah and their already fully booked schedule just became more packed after the incident.

“I thought we were going to be working until midnight . . . I’m so relieved . . . . We can finally take a break,” Micky said with a big smile.

Suddenly . . . their manager’s phone rang. A few minutes after ending his phone conversation . . . .

“Sorry . . . boys . . . But it seems you still need to do something . . . .” their manager said.

“What? I thought you said we don’t have anything to do anymore . . . . What are we supposed to do now?” Max asked with disappointment in his eyes.

“Well . . . . basically . . . . all of you are free for today . . . except Xiah,” their manager answered.

“Me?” Xiah asked surprisedly. “What am I supposed to do today?”

“Moniqa has informed us that she’s having some friends over at her apartment tonight . . . Ichiro and I have decided that you should go to her apartment too. We wouldn’t want any other rumours spreading around. At least if you are there, it would be much safer for both of you,” their manager explained.

“She’s having some friends over? Can’t we come too?” Max suddenly asked.

The DBSK boys looked at Max. “I guess it would be all right if you guys join Xiah . . . That is . . . if you guys want to join him. . .”

“Of course . . . . we want to join him,” Micky said with a big grin.

“Micky . . . Don’t go fooling around with the girls okay? I’ve already had enough with Xiah’s problem. Don’t add more problem to your group,” their manager suddenly said.

The other DBSK boys suddenly laughed. Their manager had already guessed what was running in Micky’s mind.

“Who ever said that I was going to fool around with the girls?” Micky asked innocently.

Jaejoong laughed. “Even if you don’t say anything . . . .It is already written all over your face.”

The other DBSK boys laughed again.

“So can we really go with Xiah to Moniqa’s apartment?” Jaejoong asked again.

“Yes. . . .that is if . . . . Xiah would allow you guys . . . .” their manager answered.

“So hyung . . . . can we come with you?” Max asked Xiah with puppy eyes.

Xiah suddenly laughed as soon as he saw Max’s expression.

“Yes!” Micky and Max said in unison.

“So what time is are we supposed to go there?” Xiah asked their manager.

“Ichiro said that Moniqa is expecting her guests at around 6pm. But I think you guys can go there immediately as soon as you’re finished here,” their manager answered.

“Well . . . . come on . . . let’s get going . . .” Micky said to the other DBSK boys excitedly.

U-Know, Xiah, Jaejoong and Max all laughed at Micky. They were very much amused with the way he was acting.

“So do you think Moniqa will have some special foods prepared for her guests?” Max suddenly asked.

Micky and Jaejoong suddenly burst out laughing. Max was thinking of food again.

“Of course, there will be food there . . . Don’t worry . . . We won’t let anyone starve you,” Micky replied with a big grin on his face as he looked at their friend.

“Let’s get going . . . .” U-Know said to the others.

As the DBSK boys all prepared to go to Moniqa’s apartment, Xiah was very nervous. He was very nervous . . . . that he was going to see Iqa again after two days.


Xiah and the other DBSK boys patiently waited outside Moniqa’s apartment. Max had already rang the doorbell.

“Why is it taking her so long to open the door?” Micky asked the others.

“Maybe she went out and she isn’t home yet . . . .” Max suddenly said.

After a few more minutes . . . . the door finally opened.

“Oh . . . . sorry . . . . I was taking a shower . . . .” Moniqa said as she opened the door. She was still trying to dry her hair with a towel.

“Oh . . .it’s okay,” Jaejoong replied.

“Come in . . . .” Iqa said with a smile.

As the boys entered Moniqa’s apartment, they were all astonished at how lavish her apartment was. Everything in her apartment was either top of the class or branded. She was obviously very pampered by her record company.

“Wow! Your apartment is amazing . . . .” Max uttered.

“Thanks . . . .” Moniqa said with a smile.

“I wonder how much this place cost. . . .” Micky uttered as his eyes started to roam around the place.

Moniqa laughed. “Frankly I don’t know . . . . They just provided this place for me.”

“You’re very lucky . . . . ” Jaejoong said.

“Please sit down . . . . You guys are the first to arrive . . . . I think Masao and his friends will be here any minute,” Iqa said with a smile.

“Masao will be here?” Xiah asked.

“Yes . . . . he and some of his model friends,” Moniqa replied.

As soon as Micky heard the word ‘models’, he suddenly grinned. Jaejoong immediately noticed Micky’s reaction and laughed.

“Why?” Moniqa asked as she noticed Jaejoong was laughing.

“Nothing . . . .nothing,” Micky replied.

“I am just going to change okay? You guys wait here, and please make yourselves at home okay?” Moniqa said with a smile.

“Sure . . . .” Xiah and the others replied.

Moniqa left the DBSK boys . . . leaving them still amazed at how grand her apartment was.

“This place is sure amazing . . . . Look at the high tech gadgets and the furnitures . . . .” Max said in total amazement.

“She really must be one of the top artists of Sony Music Entertainment . . . Just look at how much they are taking care of her,” U-Know said.

The other DBSK boys just nodded. They were still chatting with one another when . . . . the door bell rang.

Max stood up to open the door. After a few minutes . . . . he entered the living room again with Masao behind him.

“Hello . . . . ” Masao greeted with a big smile on his face.

“Where are the girls?” Micky suddenly asked, obviously very disappointed.

Masao suddenly laughed after seeing that Micky’s reaction.

“Sorry . . . . boys. . . But my models suddenly got cancelled,” Masao answered

“Who got cancelled?” Moniqa asked as she entered the living room. She had changed into a body fitting shirt and shorts.

“My models . . . .” Masao replied.

“What about your models?” Iqa asked again. Then she started to look around. “Where are they anyway? I thought you said you were bringing some of your models. . .”she asked again.

“I cancelled them . . . .” Masao replied as he sat down on the sofa.

“Why?” Moniqa asked curiously.

“You said that the DBSK boys were going to come too . . . So I figured I couldn’t bring the girls . . . .” Masao replied.

“What?” Micky asked.

Moniqa laughed. “Why? Are you afraid that Xiah and the others will take advantage of your models?”

“No . . . .but I can’t bring them because they might notice what your real relationship with Xiah is. . . . My girls are very perceptive and very nosy. . . . I wouldn’t want them making more trouble for you and Xiah . . . . ” Masao answered.

“Oh . . . you should have told me about that so I could have told Xiah and the others to just play along . . . .so you could still bring your model friends,” Moniqa said with a smile.

“I know you could play along . . . . But I doubt it if you could still act normal once he comes . . . .” Masao said with a smile.

“Who will come?” Moniqa asked again.

“Surprise . . . .” Masao replied with a naughty smile on his face.

“What? You know I hate surprises . . . . Come on tell me . . . .” Moniqa said as she went to where Masao was sitting and started tugging at his shirt.

Masao laughed very hard. “Just wait . . . . I think my surprise will be here any minute . . . “

“Who is it? Come on . . . tell me . . . .” Moniqa said again.

“I won’t tell . . . . Just wait . . . .” Masao said again.

“You’re so bad!” Moniqa said as she started pinching Masao.

Masao and Moniqa were obviously very close with one another as the DBSK boys all observed. As for Xiah, he was feeling a bit jealous . . . seeing how Moniqa was so close with him.

“I am really. . . . really curious . . . . Come on . . . . Who is it?” Moniqa asked again. “I won’t stop bugging you, unless spill out who it is . . . .”

“I can’t say . . . .” Masao said with a big grin.

Moniqa looked at Masao. She was very confused and she was very curious as well.

“I’m going to cry if you don’t tell me now!” Moniqa said as she was already tired of asking Masao.

Masao laughed again. “Hey . . . no crying . . . “

Suddenly the door bell rang again . . . .

Masao stood up to open the door. “I think your surprise has finally arrived,” he said with a big grin.

“Huh?” Moniqa asked.

Masao went out to open the door . . . . and within minutes he returned with the surprise he was mentioning.

“Hello . . . . baby!”

Moniqa looked at the person standing in front of her.

“Dong-Wook!” Moniqa happily said as she ran towards the newly arrived guest. She had flung her arms around the man’s neck happily . . . . and in return, he had picked her up and swung her around as he was embracing her.

The DBSK boys were all surprised by what they saw.

“Hello baby . . . . I missed you . . . .” the man said with a bright smile on his lips.

“I missed you too . . .” Moniqa answered.

“Sorry . . . I couldn’t meet with you in Korea . . . . My schedule got messed up . . . Sorry . . . .” the man said again as he touched Moniqa’s chin.

“I know . . . your manager told me,” Moniqa answered.

The man suddenly noticed the DBSK boys. He suddenly smiled.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your new friends?” he suddenly asked Moniqa.

Moniqa smiled, then nodded. “Baby . . . Don’t tell me you don’t know them . . . . They are the very famous Dong Bang Shin Ki . . . . Jaejoong, U-Know, Micky, Max and Xiah.”

“Hello . . .” the DBSK boys greeted. They were all surprised at who was standing in front of them.

“Guys . . . .I believe you already know my Dong-Wook . . . .or the famous Se7en,” Moniqa introduced the man holding her.

Somehow Xiah’s dreams suddenly came crashing down. How he wished that he was only dreaming . . . . His heart had suddenly stopped beating the moment he saw that Moniqa was in Se7en’s arms . . . . He was trying very hard to smile . . . and pretend that what he was seeing wasn’t affecting him.

And as Xiah tried to smile . . . . his heart was slowly breaking into tiny pieces.


“Now . . . . Moniqa . . . . do you understand why I couldn’t bring my models here . . . . They will certainly get very confused. Since you and Xiah are supposed to be a couple . . . and if Se7en is here . . . they will certainly take notice of how you and Se7en are so close,” Masao said with a smile.

“Close?” Se7en asked while laughing. He had sat down on the sofa, while pulling Moniqa to sit down beside him. He was still holding her hand.

“More like he’s taking advantage of me . . .” Moniqa said with a laugh.

“I missed my baby . . . .” Se7en said with a sweet smile as he looked at Moniqa.

“Before I forget I have a special gift for my baby,” Se7en suddenly said with a smile.

Moniqa laughed. “Are you trying to bribe me? Do you think by giving me a gift I will forget that you stood me up in Korea?”

“No . . . . But at least . . . it can certainly make my punishment a little lighter,” Se7en replied.

“I don’t think I can forget that easily this time. You always make me wait . . . . and the last time was the worst and the longest,” Moniqa said as she pouted at Se7en.

“Sorry . . . .” Se7en said sweetly at Moniqa. Then he gently hugged her.

Xiah avoided to look at Se7en and Moniqa. His heart couldn’t bear the pain and jealousy he was feeling at that exact moment.

“My God . . . . Moniqa . . . . Se7en . . . Please stop it! I’m having goosebumps . . . just watching and listening to the two of you,” Masao suddenly said.

Moniqa and Se7en both looked at Masao as if shocked . . . and then after a few seconds, they both laughed.

“The two of you are just plain . . . . I . . . .I can’t find the right words to describe the two of you . . . .Aaaah!!! You are both crazy and unexplainable . . . . And you still expect me to bring my models here when I know that the two of you are going to be together? Just look at their faces . . . .” Masao then pointed to the DBSK boys. “Judging by the look on their faces . . . . if I said to them right now that the two of you are just friends . . . Do you think that they would actually believe me?” Masao said to Moniqa and Se7en.

Moniqa and Se7en both looked at the DBSK boys.

“No!” they both replied with a laugh.

“See . . . even I . . . sometimes . . . . can’t believe that the two of you are really just friends. There are times I keep on thinking that maybe you are just hiding your true relationship,” Masao said again.

Se7en looked at Moniqa . . . . then he smiled mischievously.

“Sorry . . . no comment,” he suddenly said then he laughed.

“Masao . . . . you know we would never lie to you,” Moniqa said with a smile.

“I know . . . I know . . . But frankly . . . the funny thing is . . . I am kind of hoping that the two of you would really end up with each other. At least . . . . in that way . . . I can finally be assured that you would end up with a nice guy who would really love you and take care of you . . . .” Masao said seriously.

Moniqa looked at Masao and then at Se7en. Then some kind of sadness showed in her eyes..

“Sorry . . .. but no comment also,” she suddenly said.

Se7en noticed the sadness in Moniqa’s eyes and decided to change the topic.

“So . . . . I was really shocked when the news about you and Xiah broke out,” Se7en said to Moniqa. “I never expected you to be in a scandal like that . . . especially not with him . . . No offense Xiah,” he said to Xiah.

“It’s all right,” Xiah said with a trembling voice.

The other DSBK boys noticed that Xiah wasn’t himself anymore. He was obviously very affected by what he was seeing and hearing.

“Yes . . . you’re quite right about that. The one who should be in that kind of scandal with her is you,” Masao said with a laugh.

“Xiah just tried to help and it totally went out of hand,” Moniqa replied.

“I see . . . Thank you Xiah for helping Moniqa,” Se7en said to Xiah.

Xiah looked at Se7en and just nodded.

“So what kind of gift did you brought for Moniqa this time?” Masao suddenly asked out of the blue.

Se7en immediately laughed after hearing Masao’s question.

“The usual stuff . . .” Se7en replied with a laugh.

“Usual stuff? Let me guess . . . . chocolates and junk foods . . .” Masao said as he shook his head as a sign of disapproval.

“Yes . . . . ” Moniqa suddenly exclaimed with joy.

“You know she loves it . . . . And it’s the only thing that she always craves for,” Se7en said with a smile.

“You’re spoiling her . . . ” Masao said.

“Hey stop arguing okay . . . .” Moniqa said with a smile. “Let’s just eat . . . I’m already starving . . . . Oh wait! Dong-Wook what do you want to eat? I can cook something for you . . . any special request?” Moniqa asked with a sweet smile.

“Hey! That’s unfair! . . . How come you always ask him what he wants to eat and you always cook for him . . . and you never do that for me?” Masao said with a hurt look on his face.

Moniqa laughed. “Okay . . . Masao, what would you like me to cook for you?” she asked with a sweet smile.

“Anything . . . .” Masao answered with a laugh.

“See . . . .That’s why I never ask you . . . You always say you eat almost anything. . . . just as long as it is edible . . .” she said.

“As for me . . . I would say . . . anything also. Just as long as you cooked it . . . Do you know how much I missed the delicious foods you used to cook for us,” Se7en said with a smile.

“I’ve already cooked some foods . . . But since you are here I will cook some additional foods . . . just for you . . . Can you guys wait while I cook?” Moniqa asked.

“Sure . . . . Would you like me to help?” Jaejoong asked.

“No, thanks. I can manage . . . ” she replied with a warm smile.

“I’ll help . . . .” Se7en suddenly said . . . Then he stood up and grabbed Moniqa’s hand.

“No . . . . you’re tired,” Moniqa said to Se7en. “Just rest. . . .”

Moniqa sighed. She knew it was useless arguing with him. He wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Fine . . . let’s cook together,” she finally agreed.

As Se7en and Moniqa walked to the kitchen, Xiah couldn’t help but stare at the way Se7en was holding Moniqa’s hand. Somehow his heart was crying out in pain . . . But he tried to control his feelings. . . He tried very hard to hide what he was feeling.

Masao looked at the DBSK boys . . . then at Xiah. He had already noticed the jealous look on Xiah’s face whenever he looked at Moniqa and Se7en together.

Masao suddenly smiled. “You know . . . you’re very obvious. Jealousy is written all over your face . . . .” he said to Xiah.

Xiah looked at Masao with confusion in his eyes.

“I know you’re confused on why Se7en and Moniqa are so close . . . . Let me tell you how we all met. . . .Moniqa, Se7en and I have been friends for more than four years now . . . I met Moniqa when she was just starting her modeling career. I saw her model while I was in the Philippines . . . and I really wanted her to be one of my models for a fashion show I was about to do at that time. I talked with her manage and he agreed to let Moniqa model for me. And after that a representative from YG Entetainment also asked me if Se7en , who was just training at that time could somehow join my show also. The company wanted him to be exposed in many fields and modeling was one of them. I agreed . . . and that’s how we all met. And even though I was six years older than them . . . the three of us somehow clicked together. We all became very close friends after the show . . . And ever since then . . . we have been in constant contact with each other. Se7en and I love Moniqa like our own sister. That’s why we treat her very lovingly and in a very special way. Se7en is just really a very sweet guy . . . . and he and Moniqa are much closer to each other,” Masao explained.

Xiah continued to look at the direction of the kitchen. He could her Moniqa laughing.

“Come on . . . Let’s all go to the kitchen . . . .” Masao suddenly said.

The DBSK boys all followed into the kitchen. As they entered . . . . they saw Se7en hugging Moniqa from behind . . . . while she was busy cooking.

“I missed you . . .” Se7en uttered.

Moniqa laughed. “I missed you too. . . . Now can you please let go of me so I can continue cooking? . . . .”

“No . . . . I am just going to stay right here . . .” Se7en replied with a laugh.

Xiah’s heart was shattering into tiny pieces as he watched Se7en hugging Moniqa tightly.

“Sorry . . . love birds . . . But can we interrupt you two?” Masao asked with a smile.

“Masao . . . please ask Dong-Wook to stop bothering me . . . .” Moniqa pleaded.

Masao then laughed. “I can’t do anything about him . . . You know, you’re the only one he listens to . . .”

Se7en suddenly pulled out something from his pocket and slowly placed it around Moniqa’s neck.

“Dong-Wook. . . .” Moniqa uttered as she carefully looked at the heart-shaped diamond necklace Se7en gave him.

“That is my real gift for you . . . .” he said with a sweet smile.

Xiah somehow couldn’t breathe. The scene was just too much for him.

“Thank you . . . I love it,” she said as she gently placed her arms around him again, and then she gently kissed him on the cheek.

The other DBSK boys noticed how Xiah was trying to avoid looking at Iqa and Se7en. How they pitied their friend. All throughout dinner, Xiah didn’t even say a word. He was constantly trying to keep himself busy with the food he was eating.

After having dinner . . . . U-Know and the others decided that it was time they all leave. They didn’t want Xiah to suffer anymore. They all knew how hurt he already was.

They wanted to leave already so he would no longer see the Moniqa and Se7en together.

“Good night . . . .” Jaejoong said to Moniqa. “Thank you for a wonderful dinner.”

“Thank you for coming,” Moniqa replied.

“So we should be going . . . .” U-KNow said with a smile.

“Xiah . . . . are you all right? I noticed that you didn’t even say a single word during dinner. . . . Are you feeling all right?” Moniqa asked with concern.

“I’m okay,” Xiah answered sadly.

Moniqa wanted to ask Xiah something else. . . but she noticed that he wasn’t even in the mood to talk with her.

“Bye . . . . Xiah . . . ” Moniqa sadly said.

“Well . . . I’ll be going too . . .” Masao said to Moniqa. “Se7en . . . I can drive you to your hotel . . . “

Se7en looked at Masao and then at Moniqa. “I will be staying here tonight.”

Masao didn’t look surprised by Se7en’s reply. Somehow he was already expecting that Se7en would stay behind.

The DBSK boys didn’t like the fact that Dong-Wook was going to stay the night with Moniqa. But they all knew that they didn’t have any right to say anything. So they just silently left with Masao.

Xiah was totally out of his mind. He didn’t know what he was feeling at that time. All he could think about was the fact that . . . . at that moment . . . . Moniqa was left in her room together with Se7en. The thought was totally driving him crazy. How he wanted to run back to Iqa’s apartment and just stay there . . .So that he could make sure that she was not alone with Se7en at all . . .

Back in Moniqa’s room . . . .

Se7en was sipping a glass of wine on the sofa while Moniqa was silently looking out the window.

“You like him don’t you?” Se7en asked.

“Who?” Iqa asked as if she didn’t know what Se7en was saying.

“Don’t play dumb with me . . . I can tell that you like Xiah . . . .” Se7en said with a serious look on his face..

“I don’t know . . .” she gently replied.

“What’s wrong? Why are you trying to hide it? If you like him . . . there’s nothing wrong with it. . . .” Se7en said.

“You know . . . .I can’t. . . . I think it is for the best that I just stay away from him. I have already caused him so much trouble . . . and I don’t want to make things more complicated for him. . . ” she replied again.

“Moniqa . . . .” Se7en uttered.

“Dong-Wook . . . . please . . . . you know why Xiah and I can’t work out . . . It’s just going to be useless . . . .We already know where it is going to end . . . So it is better if we don’t start anything at all . . . .” Moniqa said sadly.

Se7en slowly walked to where Moniqa was and gently held her in his arms.

“I’m sorry . . . .” he slowly uttered.

“He is a very nice guy . . . . and frankly the first time I saw him . . . I already felt attracted to him . . . . But I’m afraid I can’t let myself dream of having a normal relationship anymore . . . . I don’t want to hurt anyone, especially not him . . . . So it is better to just stay away and just leave him alone. It is for his own good . . . .” she said as her tears started to fall.

“Moniqa. . . .” Se7en uttered again. How he felt the sadness and the pain she was feeling. . . . He knew there was nothing he could do to help her . . . So he just silently held her in his arms as her tears kept on falling.


Xiah was silently looking out the window. He was still thinking about what happened the other day . . . He still couldn’t believe that Se7en was actually Moniqa’s close friend . . . And it was very obvious that they were more than friends. How Xiah’s heart ached as he remembered how Se7en held Iqa in his arms. How he wished that he would be able to hold Moniqa like that also.

“Xiah . . . . ” Micky said as he slowly walked up to him. “You have been sad ever since we went to Iqa’s apartment. Are you still thinking about her?”

Xiah looked at his friend . . . then he tried to smile.

“No matter how you try to hide the sadness you are feeling . . . your eyes cannot lie. And even if you smile . . . we can still tell that you are unhappy. . . We have already been together for years now, we can easily tell when something is wrong with you,” Micky said again.

Suddenly the other DBSK members arrived and they all surrounded Xiah. They had decided that it was time that they talked with Xiah. They were very concerned with the way he has been acting ever since the night at Iqa’s apartment.

They could tell that he was very hurt. But they also knew that they couldn’t do anything about it. And the best thing that Xiah could do was accept the fact that Moniqa was out of his reach.

“Xiah. . . . we have all talked and we are very concerned about you,” U-Know started to say.

“We know that you are very shocked and hurt by what you saw and by what you heard at Iqa’s apartment . . . . But that doesn’t mean that you have to become so down because of it. Moniqa is a very famous star . . . . and we all think that maybe the best thing you can do now is try to forget her,” Jaejoong softly said to Xiah.

Xiah just looked at his friends. He was very grateful to all of them. He could see the love and concern in their eyes. And somehow it made him feel much better after learning that they were thinking about him.

“Thank you . . . . but frankly I don’t know how to stop myself from feeling so down. . . . I just can’t stop thinking about Iqa and . . . . Akira and . . . Se7en. Frankly, I don’t think I can ever match up to someone like Se7en. The moment I saw him hold Iqa in his arms . . . . it was liked my whole world had come crumbling down. I didn’t know what to say or what to think . . . . The only thing that was in my mind was I can never compare with him. And no matter what I did . . . . she will always choose him over me. And somehow just thinking about that . . . . hurts me . . . . it hurts me a lot . . . to the point that it is making me insane,” Xiah said sadly.

“Hyung . . . you know that we are always here for you,” Max said with a smile on his lips. How he wanted to cheer up his hyung. He didn’t want to see him so down.

“Xiah . . . . There are a lot of other girls . . . . more beautiful . . . more sweet . . . Just forget about Iqa . . . She already belongs to someone else,” Micky said as he and the other DBSK boys had already concluded that Moniqa and Se7en were in a secret relationship.

Xiah looked straight into Micky’s eyes. “I can’t . . . . I don’t think I can forget that easily.”

“Xiah . . . .it may be hard at first. . . . but you’ve got to try . . . .” Jaejoong said with a sad look in his eyes.

“Hyung . . . . we don’t want you to get hurt anymore . . . .” Max said again.

“I like her . . . . I like her a lot that I don’t know what I would do if I lose her . . . . Is this love? I have never fallen in love before . . . . Can you tell me if what I am feeling right now is love? . . . .” Xiah asked with a bewildered look in his eyes.

The other DBSK boys all felt sympathy for their friend. They wanted to help him in every way that they can. They knew that he was very confused and it was very hard for him to accept what was happening.

“Xiah . . . . Two months is still a very long time . . . Please try to hold on and don’t fall deeply in love with her. It will only cause you more pain . . . Just try to pass the time . . . .without giving in to what you feel for her,” Micky advised.

“Do you think I can actually stop my heart from beating?” Xiah suddenly asked.

The DBSK boys all looked at each other . . . They knew what he was saying was right. No matter how hard they tell him to control his emotions. They knew that he can never do it. He was too pure and too clueless about love. He has never fallen in love before . . . this was his very first time to love and to get hurt. . . .

“Xiah . . . . Moniqa is in the studio of Sony Music . . . . You have to go there and pick her up,” the DBSK boys had suddenly said as he approached the boys.

“What?” U-Know said as if irritated. “We’re all convincing him to forget her and now he is expected to pick her up?” he asked in his mind.

“Moniqa is having a rehearsal for her upcoming concert with Se7en. The two of you are supposed to go to a restaurant tonight,” their manager suddenly said.

“Why is it that you suddenly want hyung to pick her up?” Max asked.

“I don’t know either . . . . I was just instructed to tell Xiah that they suddenly have a date at a restaurant tonight,” their manager answered.

The DBSK boys were all irritated. They somehow felt that their friend was being taken advantage of and was being played around with.

“It’s all right guys . . . . Don’t worry,” Xiah said to his friends.

The other DBSK boys just looked at Xiah. They all knew what he was really feeling and they somehow wanted to stop him. . . . They wanted to stop him from seeing Moniqa again. They knew that once he saw her again . . . the pain and sadness he was feeling would increase. And they certainly didn’t want him to suffer anymore.

“Hyung . . . . just tell them that you’re not feeling well. Don’t go,” Max said with concern.

“Would you like us to go with you?” Jaejoong asked.

“No . . . It’s fine. . . . I can take care of myself,” Xiah answered.

“No! You’re not fine . . . Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You look like you haven’t slept in days . . . You look very tired . . . .” Micky said to Xiah.

Xiah tried to laugh. “Tired? Yes . . . I am a little tired . . . . tired of living . . . .”

“Hyung . . . . don’t say that!” Max said with a high note.

“Xiah . . . . If you’re going to be like that . . . . We might as well talk with the president so you and Moniqa can end this little charade of yours,” Jaejoong said seriously.

“No . . . please . . . . don’t be like that . . . .” Xiah said with a fake smile.

“Xiah . . . . We’re very concerned about you. Please take care of yourself . . . . We don’t want to see you get hurt . . .” U-Know said with concern written all over his face.

“Please . . . don’t worry so much . . . . I will try to control my heart . . . And I just want to thank you guys for caring about me so much,” Xiah said as he looked at his friends.

The other DBSK boys couldn’t help but feel sorry for Xiah. All the sweet smiles on his lips and the sparkle in his eyes were all gone. It had suddenly been replaced with a sad, serious face and a sad look in his eyes. The boys couldn’t bear the unexpected change in their friend. How they wanted to bring back the real Xiah . . . . the very happy . . . full of sweet smiles . . . . glittering eyes . . . . full of hope . . . . full of enthusiasm . . . and with a funny disposition. How they wanted to have their real Xiah . . . they didn’t want him to change just because of a girl.

“Xiah . . . . the car is already waiting for you downstairs,” the DBSK boys’ manager had said.

“Bye . . . .” Xiah said to his friends.

As Xiah was on his way to meet up with Moniqa. His heart wouldn’t stop pounding. He was very nervous . . . . He didn’t know what to do once he was alone with her again. He didn’t even know what to say.

“Iqa . . . . ” he slowly uttered her name.

The car had finally stopped and Xiah didn’t know what to do. He was in front of the studio where he was supposed to pick Moniqa up.

Xiah slowly tried to gather all his courage . . . and slowly went out of the car. Then he went inside the studio. As soon as he entered, some staff members immediately noticed him and started to whisper.

“Excuse me . . .” a staff member suddenly approached Xiah.

“Yes . . . .” Xiah replied.

“Ms. Moniqa is still in the recording room . . . Maybe you would like to wait for her there?” the staff asked.

Xiah just nodded. Then he quietly followed the man.

Xiah entered the recording room. On the other side of the room, Moniqa and Se7en were happily laughing at each other. Again . . . .Xiah’s heart started to be filled with grief. He tried to look normal and unaffected by what he was seeing.

As soon as Moniqa saw Xiah . . . . her heart suddenly skipped a beat. She could see the sudden change in his face. The bright and sunny disposition he had was gone and was already replaced with a very gloomy and sad mood . . . She didn’t want the sudden change she was seeing in him. She was very concerned. . . . How she wanted to console and comfort him. . . . How she wanted to bring back the Xiah she had liked.

“The concern is showing in your face . . . my dear . . . . Just be true to yourself . . . Moniqa . . .” Se7en suddenly whispered to her.

Moniqa looked at Se7en and then she tried to smile. “It’s impossible Dong-Wook,” she said as she shook her head.

“Nothing is impossible with love Iqa . . . . especially when both of you are feeling it . . . . And judging by the way he is looking at you now . . . . I can say that he truly loves you . . . ” Se7en said with a smile.

“Se7en . . . stop it,” Moniqa uttered.

“Want me to prove it?” Se7en asked.

“How?” Iqa asked again.

Se7en smiled. Then he pulled Moniqa closer to him. “Simple . . . my dear . . . Let’s make a simple test . . . . if I were to keep on whispering to you like this . . . .” then he gently pulled Moniqa closer to him in a way that she was already leaning on his body. “I would say he would go out the room in . . . . one . . . . . two . . . . . three . . . . four . . .”

As Se7en said the word ‘four’ . . . Xiah had suddenly left the room. He couldn’t take seeing Moniqa so close with Se7en anymore.

Se7en suddenly burst out laughing as soon as Xiah left the room . . .

“See . . . . I told you . . . .” he said with a grin.

“Se7en . . . . .” Moniqa uttered.

“Iqa . . . . give the man a break . . . . Have pity on the guy . . . .” Se7en said with a smile.

“Se7en . . . .”

“Please . . . . just forget about everything . . . . and be true to yourself . . .” he replied.

“But . . . .” Iqa started to say.

“No buts . . . . we’re already finished with practice . . . . You can go now . . . .” he said again with a smile.

Se7en saw that Moniqa was somehow reluctant to follow what he was saying. He suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room.

Xiah was still outside the room . . . . He was leaning against a wall . . . And he was thinking of what to say to Moniqa once he faced her again. He was suddenly surprised after seeing that Se7en was pulling Moniqa towards him.

Se7en was smiling at Xiah. As soon as Se7en and Moniqa were in front of Xiah . . . . . Se7en finally placed Iqa’s hand unto Xiah’s hand.

“Can you please get your girlfriend out of the studio? You guys are supposed to have a date right?” Se7en said with a smile.

Xiah was very confused on what was happening.

“I am giving her to you now . . . . Don’t you ever let her go . . . .” Se7en said to Xiah with a hidden meaning.

Xiah just nodded. Then he looked at Moniqa . . . . then at her hand that he was holding . . .

“Don’t worry . . . . I will never let her go . . . .” Xiah suddenly answered.

Se7en smiled at Xiah. “Go . . . Have fun. . . “

As Xiah and Moniqa walked out of the studio, hand in hand . . . . Se7en was still looking at them with a fake smile.

“Iqa . . . . I love you . . . . Why is it I am always late in telling you how much I love you? . . . . After you broke up with Akira . . . . I said I would just give you enough time to heal your heart . . . .before I confess my love to you . . . . But now it seems . . . I am late again . . .” Se7en smiled with tears in his eyes. ” I am willing to let you go as long as you are happy . . . Iqa . . . . That’s how much I love you . . . . I hope you will finally find happiness with Xiah . . . .”

Slowly Se7en turned away and his tears finally fell . . . . .


Inside the car . . . . . Xiah and Moniqa were both very silent.

He was still holding her hand. . . . And he certainly didn’t want to let go. . . . He slowly looked at Moniqa. . . . He was afraid that if he released her hand even for a second, he will never have the chance to hold it again.

Moniqa didn’t know what to do. She was already very tensed. She couldn’t explain the sensation she was feeling as Xiah still held her hand. It was as if . . . . she wanted to freeze the time and just hold hands with him forever.

Xiah held Monica’s hand tighter . . . .

“Iqa . . . . ” Xiah started to say.

Moniqa looked at Xiah . . . . “Yes?”

“I . . . . I . . . . . I need to talk with you . . . . about something,” Xiah slowly said.

Iqa looked at his face, she was very uneasy . . . . Somehow she had a feeling she already knew what he was going to say. She was afraid that he was actually going to tell her about his true feelings for her.

“Please Xiah . . . . don’t tell me you like me . . . . I don’t know how I will respond to what you are going to say . . . . I am very confused on what to do . . . . “ she said in her mind.

Moniqa noticed the direction that the car was taking was different from the route to the restaurant they were supposed to eat.

“Xiah . . . . where are we going?”

Xiah smiled sweetly. Somehow Moniqa’s heart suddenly melted as she looked at his very charming and innocent face.

“It’s a secret . . . . Just trust me . . . . .” he said as he held her hand tightly.

As Moniqa patiently waited for them to arrive at their destination . . . she couldn’t stop her heart from throbbing wildly. She was very anxious . . .

“Xiah . . . . . . Please . . . . Please . . . . Don’t tell me you like me . . . . More importantly . . . . Don’t tell me you love me . . . . . . Please . . . . ” Moniqa continuously said in her mind.

“We’re here . . . .” Xiah said as the car finally stopped in front of a large hotel.

Moniqa looked out the car. “Why are we here?” she asked curiously.

“I told you . . . . I need to talk with you . . . .” he replied with a serious expression on his face.

Moniqa’s heart started pounding again. She was totally speechless.

“Come on . . . .” Xiah said with a sweet smile.

Moniqa couldn’t say no to him. His smile was too inviting. . . . that she was somehow hooked by it. Her heart was telling her to just follow him . . . . and just forget everything that she was worrying about.

Moniqa smiled . . . . she suddenly remembered what Se7en had told her in the studio . . . . . “Please . . . . just forget about everything . . . . and be true to yourself . . .”

“Don’t worry . . . Dong-Wook . . . . I will try . . . ” Moniqa said as she slowly followed Xiah out of the car and into the hotel.

The moment Xiah and Moniqa walked into the hotel, everyone all looked at their direction. Xiah led Moniqa straight into the elevator.

“Where are we going?” she asked again.

Xiah stared at Moniqa and then put on his very charming smile.

“Just wait . . . . It’s a surprise,” he answered.

Moniqa was baffled by Xiah’s answer. “What surprise id he talking about?” she asked herself.

The elevator finally stopped at the top floor of the hotel. Slowly Xiah led Iqa into a room.

“This is your surprise?” Iqa asked Xiah with a laugh. She was trying to hide her nervousness.

Xiah smiled . . . and then slowly he opened the door. . . . Moniqa was totally shocked the moment Xiah opened the door.

The whole suite was filled with roses. . . . Moniqa couldn’t believe it . . .Right in front of her eyes were different roses of different colors. The whole place was such a magnificent sight. The moment she stepped into the room . . . it was as if she was transported into another world. . . . . A world full of beauty and . . . . love.

“Xiah . . . . This is so sweet!” Iqa uttered with extreme joy.

“I’m glad you loved it,” he replied with a sweet smile.

“You shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble,” Moniqa said.

“But . . . I did this . . . because I want to say something to you . . . something very important . . .” he said with a serious look on his face.

Moniqa’s heart suddenly stopped for a second.

“Xiah . . . .” she uttered his name.

Xiah slowly walked up to Moniqa. Then he stopped as they were already face to face.

“Iqa . . . .”Xiah uttered as he looked straight into her eyes.

Moniqa’s heart was already screaming Xiah’s name as he gently drew her closer to him. She was unable to move . . . It was as if her whole body had suddenly froze. And then she started trembling as soon as he touched her. She wanted to push him away . . . . but she didn’t have the heart to do it. As she stared at his expressive eyes . . . . somehow she could see through his entire soul.

“Xiah . . . . What are you doing?” Moniqa asked with confusion in her eyes.

Xiah embraced Moniqa tighter. Then he stared lovingly at her face.

“Iqa . . . I . . . I. . . . I’m sorry for doing this . . . . But. . . . But I don’t think I can hide what I am feeling anymore . . . . The very first time I saw you . . . I already felt something special for you . . . . At first, I thought it was just an infatuation . . . But as time grew . . .I realized it must be love . . . .” Xiah said with love so visible in his eyes.

“Xiah . . . . we have only known each other for a very short time . . . . How can you say that you love me? Please . . . try to think about what you are saying . . . . It isn’t possible for you to fall in love with me . . . .” Moniqa said with sadness in her eyes.

“Why? Why is it impossible? I know we have only met. But what can I do? I have already fallen in love with you the moment I saw you. . . . . I love you . . . . I am very sure of it now. . . .” Xiah said.

“Xiah . . . . I’m sorry . . . . but . . . . I don’t think it will ever work out between the two of us . . . . There are a lot things . . . .things that you still don’t know about me . . . . ” she said as she tried to control her emotions.

“I already know what I need to know about you . . . . and that is . . . . I love you . . . I don’t care about who you really are or your status as a star. . . . or who you have been with . . . . I don’t care about what you have done in the past . . . . All I care about is you . . . . as the person I love . . . the woman I want to spend my whole life with. . . .” Xiah said with the sweetest smile Moniqa has ever seen.

Moniqa closed her eyes. She didn’t want her eyes to betray her. . . . She didn’t want Xiah to see the love she was also feeling for him. She was too afraid of too many things . . . . She wasn’t sure if she was even allowed to fall in love again. There was still a very important part of her life that Xiah would need to know. . . . and she was afraid that the moment he knew about it. . . . he would also turn his back on her . . . . like what Akira had done.

Unconsciously, a tear slipped from her eye. Xiah saw the single tear that had ran down her face. Slowly Xiah kissed the exact path that the tear had fallen. And slowly . . . Iqa opened her eyes as Xiah kissed her.

“I never want to see you cry . . . .Iqa . . . .My heart aches whenever I see you cry . . . So please stop . . . .I love you . . . . Please give me a chance to prove how much I love you . . . . .” Xiah said as he lovingly stared at her.

Moniqa’s heart was already shouting Xiah’s name. She knew she had already fallen in love with him too. But she was afraid. She was afraid that in the end she would eventually hurt him. . . . And that was what she wanted to avoid.

“Xiah . . . . Please stop . . . I can’t love you . . . .” Moniqa whispered.

“Why?” Xiah asked with tears already forming in his eyes.

“I . . . . I . . . ” Moniqa wanted to lie to him and tell him that she already loved somebody else. But the moment she saw the tears in his eyes . . . . her heart had suddenly melted and started to feel pain.

“Iqa . . . . please I love you . . . . How many times do I have to tell you that I love you before you believe me? Tell me what I can do to make you believe what I am saying is true . . . . I am willing to do anything . . . . . Just give me a chance to love you . . . ” Xiah said as tears started to fall from his eyes.

Moniqa didn’t know what to do . . . . It was breaking her heart seeing him cry. She looked at him again . . . . Then she finally decided. . . . She was going to give it a try. She was going to forget everything that was stopping her from loving him, and just give in to her heart’s desire. She had finally decided to give herself a chance to be happy . . . . even for the last time.

“Xiah . . . .I . . . I love you too.” Iqa uttered with love in her eyes.

Xiah looked deep into Moniqa’s beautiful brown eyes. And he finally saw the thing he was searching for . . . . love.

Slowly Xiah lowered his head and softly whispered. “I love you, Iqa.” Afterwards he gently kissed her sweet and soft lips. Xiah couldn’t control his emotions. He was filled with so much love and joy . . . . She wanted Iqa to be with him forever.

As Xiah and Moniqa kissed each other . . . They had somehow forgotten about everything . . . . All they cared about was the fact that they loved each other.

“Please God . . . . give me a chance to love him . . . . Please give me more time . . . . . .” Moniqa said in her mind as tears suddenly slipped from her eyes.

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