I Love You My Friend (Chapter 41-62)


“Lena, please open the door . . . Lena,” Daichi shouted while he continuously knocked on the door of Lena’s room.

He could still hear Lena crying. She had locked herself up in her room and had been crying ever since she saw Jaejoong kissing abother girl in the hallway of the apartment building.

Hours have passed and Lena still wouldn’t stop crying. Daichi was already going crazy with worry.

“Lena . . . . please stop crying and open the door. Have you forgotten that you’re pregnant? You can’t possibly go on crying forever . . . Please think about the baby you’re carrying. Lena, can you hear me? Lena!” Daichi shouted as he tried to open the door.

Daichi sighed. No matter how he tried to open the door, it still wouldn’t open. Lena had locked the room using another lock inside her room.

“Lena . . .” he uttered hopelessly.

Then he suddenly heard Lena unlocking her door. Within minutes, Lena slowly opened the door.

“Lena . . .” Daichi said as he stared at the pitiful expression on Lena’s face.

“Daichi . . . please. . . . Let’s leave. I don’t want to stay here anymore,” she begged.

Daichi just nodded his head. He already knew that they needed to move again as soon as possible. Staying in that apartment . . . being near to Jaejoong . . . . was going to be pure torture for Lena.

“We can leave as soon as I find a suitable place to live. Just give me a day. I’ll try to fix everything quickly,” he said.

Lena nodded. She felt very tired . . . tired of everything . . . tired of thinking . . . . tired of crying . . . tired of hoping . . . tired of loving . . . and now she was even tired of living.

“Daichi , I’m tired . . .” she slowly uttered.

Daichi carefully stared at Lena. He knew exactly what she meant, but he just decided to avoid talking about what she was trying to say.

“You look pale. I suggest you go to sleep for a few hours. Have some rest. You and the baby need to sleep,” he lovingly said.

Again Lena just nodded her head.

“Come on , I’ll help you,” Daichi said with a smile. He slowly approached Lena, then he carefully carried her in his arms. “Lena, whatever happens . . . Always remember I’m here for you.”

“I know,” Lena uttered as she gently rested her head on Daichi’s chest.

Daichi suddenly felt like he didn’t want to let go of Lena anymore. He felt like he wanted to have her in his arms forever. Slowly he walked to where Lena’s bed was. Then he gently placed her on it.

“Go to sleep. I’ll look after you. Don’t worry,” Daichi said as he lovingly caressed Lena’s hair over and over again so to put her to sleep.

“Daichi,” she uttered.

“Uhhmm?” he uttered back.

“Thank you,” she said slowly.

Daichi smiled. “For what?” he asked.

“For everything,” she replied.

Daichi’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. “Go to sleep,” he uttered again. Then he kissed her on the forehead.

An hour later . . . .

Daichi carefully stared at Lena’s face. And somehow his heart ached after seeing the tired look on her face. He understood that she wasn’t only tired physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

How he wished he could make everything all right for her. He was willing to do anything just to make her happy. But no matter how hard he tried to help Lena . . . it was as if fate always wanted her to suffer.

His gazed focused on Lena’s abdomen.

“Poor child . . . I guess you will never have the chance to be happy with your mother and father at your side. But don’t worry, I promise I will also take care of you,” he slowly murmured.

Then the doorbell suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

“Who could it be? Could it be Jaejoong? It certainly took him a long time to pull himself together,” he thought.

The doorbell rang again. Daichi hurriedly went to the door. He didn’t want Lena to awaken by the noise. As he opened the door, someone unexpected suddenly came into view.

“Hello . . .” Micky uttered.

Daichi stared at Micky. “Why are you here?’ he asked coldly.

Micky tried to put on a smile. “I’m here to see Lena. Jaejoong told us she was here.”

“Your friend surely have some guts. Where is he anyway?” Daichi asked.

“He’s still in his room . . . shocked and confused, I guess,” Micky answered.

“Lena’s asleep,” Daichi uttered.

“That’s okay . . . I’ll wait,” Micky replied.

Unable to drive Micky away, Daichi slowly led him to the living room. The two men sat down, facing each other.

“So when did you guys arrive?” Micky asked casually.

“We arrive here in Tokyo . . . about quarter passed two in the morning, and we left the airport maybe passed three in the morning,” Daichi answered.

“So . . . you guys just arrived when . . . . Lena saw Jaejoong with Keiko?” Micky asked.

“Yes, and frankly it was such a shocking way to greet someone,” Daichi said with sarcasm.

“Shocking? Yes, I can only imagine what Lena’s reaction must have been after seeing Jaejoong kissing Keiko,” Micky uttered.

“She’s been crying for hours. Good thing, I was able to put her to sleep. I was so worried that she might collapse or something, if she continued to cry,” Daichi told Micky.

“I’m really sorry things have to end this way,” Micky uttered.

“So is Jaejoong really serious with that girl?” Daichi suddenly asked.

Micky smiled bitterly. “I’m afraid so.”

Daichi shook his head in disbelief. “What a nice way to show his true love for Lena. Just two months passed, and he immediately finds a new girl.”

“You can’t really blame him. A lot of things can happen in two months. He was so down after Lena left him and suddenly disappeared. Frankly Xiah, Max, U-Know and I are partly to blame for this. We encouraged him to move on and to forget Lena. But we never really expected him to immediately find a new girl and replace Lena. We were sort of hoping that he would just return to his normal self and continue living like before,” Micky explained.

“Honestly, I know I don’t have any right to be angry with Jaejoong. And I also know all of this wouldn’t have happened, if my mother hadn’t interfered. But I pity Lena . . . so much. You wouldn’t even dare to imagine what she went through for the passed two months. And just when I thought . . . everything was already clearing out for her . . . She suddenly finds out that the man she’s coming back for already belongs to someone else. During the time she was crying, my heart was slowly bleeding as well. I really can’t stand seing her suffer,” Daichi said.

Micky just stayed silent. Somehow he didn’t know what to do or say. He also pitied Lena. And just like Daichi, he also wished that he could help Lena be happy.

“I guess . . . there’s nothing else to do, but go and hide again,” Daichi uttered with a sigh.

“Go and hide? What do you mean? Frankly I’m quite confused. Why is it that even Lena’s parents doesn’t know where the two of you were for the passed two months? And why is it that Jaejoong said that Lena was on a wheelchair when he saw her. Is there something wrong with her?” Micky asked nervously.

Daichi tried to hide the sadness in his eyes. “I don’t know if I should tell you the whole story.”

“Don’t worry. . . Whatever you tell me . . . will stay a secret. So please . . . tell me what’s wrong with Lena. You know that I also love her . . . That’s why I’m concerned about her,” Micky uttered as he stared at Daichi seriously.

“Lena is . . . is paralyzed from her waist down to her legs. And this is the reason why the two of us have been in hiding. Lena doesn’t want her parents to know about her condition,” Daichi told Micky with a serious expression on his face.

“What?” Micky asked in total shock. “Have you consulted a doctor? She can still be cured right? She can still walk again right?” he continuously asked.

Daichi smiled bitterly as he suddenly shook his head. “Honestly we’ve spent the whole two months going from one country to another, in search of a doctor who can actually cure her . . . During the time that she and Jaejoong were attacked by mother’s men, she received a blow to her back. At first, all the doctors thought that her paralysis was due to a spinal cord injury. But after dozens of tests, they finally concluded that there was nothing wrong with her physically and that her condition was just a result of trauma or shock that she receive,” Daichi suddenly stopped talking. Somehow he was trying to stop himself from crying. “So we continued to go to psychiatrists, physical therapists . . . anyone who could actually have an idea how to cure her. But they all said the same thing. Lena’s recovery solely depends on her own will. And that it may take weeks, months, years . . . and there was also the possibility that she can never be cured. After hearing those words from the doctors, Lena became more depressed and withdrawn. It was then she decided that she can no longer go back to Jaejoong. She didn’t want him to see her in such a pitiful situation. She didn’t want him to stay with her just because of guilt or pity. So the two of us left and have been continuously travelling. We are still hoping to find someone who could help her.”

“If . . . if there’s nothing wrong with her physically . . . then there is always the possibility that she can walk again. Maybe she just . . . she just . . . maybe she needs more encouragement. Maybe she lacks the will to . . .” Micky tried to say. He was trying to make himself believe that Lena was going to be all right. But no matter how he tried, he still couldn’t lie to himself.

“I know what you’re feeling. Believe me, I’ve tried everything. And Lena really wants to be normal again. So she has been very patient and obedient to everything that the doctors told her. She’s gone through different therapeutic sessions and drunk different medications. But still no effect. Do you have any idea how miserable Lena was for the passed two months? She was willing to do anything just to be able to walk again. She wanted to be normal again, so she could return to Jaejoong. Believe me . . . she has tried everything. There were nights that she would just cry herself to sleep. Her cries were so pitiful that if you heard it . . . it would actually tear your heart into million pieces. During the passed two months, I know the only thing that was keeping Lena sane was the thought that one day she could return to Jaejoong. But now . . . she has to learn to accept another painful reality,” Daichi told Micky.

Micky stared at Daichi. Everything he heard was just too much for him. “If she’s still in a wheelchair . . . then that means she’s not cured yet . . . So why did she return? Did she finally decide that it is time for Jaejoong to know the truth about her? Why do I have the feeling you’re still hiding something from me?”

Daichi couldn’t help but smile. “You’re really very perceptive. Yes, there is a reason why she suddenly decided to return to Jaejoong.”

“And that reason is?” Micky asked curiously.

Daichi stared straight into Micky’s eyes. “She’s two months pregnant with Jaejoong’s child.”

Micky’s world had suddenly stopped. And bit by bit, his heart started to fall apart. How he pitied Lena. And somehow he could feel the pain she was going through. How he wished that everything that he had learned wasn’t true. How he wished that Lena was still the same Lena that he knew. Micky stared blankly infront of him. He knew Lena needed someone to be with her now. And he was determined to be that someone . . . .


Lena slowly opened her eyes, and then a familiar face came into view. At first, she thought that she was seeing Jaejoong, but as time passed . . .her vision became clearer and another face appeared. She slowly tried to push herself up, Micky hurriedly helped her to sit comfortably onher bed.

“Micky?” she gently uttered.

Micky smiled as he gently took Lena’s hands. “How are you?”

Lena tried to smile but she suddenly remembered Jaejoong. And the pain quickly became visible in her eyes. “I really don’t know how to answer that question,” she replied.

Micky gently squeezed Lena’s hand. “Daichi already told me everything.”

Lena looked at Micky. “Please stop staring at me with pity in your eyes. That’s the last thing I want,” she weakly uttered.

Micky lowered his head. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you here?” she asked suddenly.

“To see you,” he quickly replied.

“How did you know I was here?” she asked again.

“Jaejoong told us. We woke up this morning and found him all messed up in the living room. He wasn’t himself . . . So we asked him what was wrong. And that was when he told us that he saw you . . .” Micky explained.

Lena smiled bitterly. “His girlfriend is very beautiful.”

Micky felt that there was a huge lump in his throat. He didn’t know how to react to what Lena said.

“So you already saw Keiko . . . Jaejoong has been going out with her for a month now. But their real relationship just started last week. So there is still a chance for you to . . .” Micky started to say.

“To what? To break them up? I’m not planning to do such a thing,” Lena said as she shook her head in disapproval.

“But what are you planning to do?” Micky asked.

“Frankly, I don’t know. Maybe Daichi and I can go back to New York. The only reason why I came here is to have Jaejoong back. But I guess . . . I’m too late. So there’s no reason for me to stay here anymore. I might as well go back,” she answered.

“So you’re going back without clearing everything up with Jaejoong? Aren’t you even going to tell him about the child that you’re carrying? And aren’t you going to tell him about what really happened to you after you left him? Do you know he hates you . . . for leaving him. He thinks that you have easily forgotten him and moved on with your life. That’s why you never even tried to contact him for the passed two months,” Micky said with concern.

“What’s the use in telling him the truth? He has already moved on. He already had someone new in his life. If I told him the truth . . . do you think it would make any difference? He will just pity me . . . and I would end up ruining his peaceful life again,” Lena replied.

“Think about the child . . . Jaejoong has a right to know,” Micky uttered.

Lena smiled while trying to hide the pain she was feeling. “I don’t want to cause anymore problems. I know once I told him about the child . . . his relationship with his girlfriend will definitely be affected. And frankly I don’t want to hurt the girl.”

Micky looked deep into Lena’s eyes. “God! Why are you so kind? Why don’t you think about yourself first? Who cares about Keiko? Do you know that whenever I see you hurting . . . it just breaks my heart into pieces? Before i just set aside my feelings for you because I thought you would be much happier with Jaejoong. But now . . . I’m starting to think that I made a wrong decision. Now I’m starting to think . . . that I should have fought for you. Then maybe . . . I would be the one taking care of you now.”

Lena sadly stared at Micky. “Please Micky, stop! I’ve already hurt a lot of people . . . I don’t want you to be one of them.”

“Why can’t I love you?” Micky asked weakly.

“Because I . . . I don’t deserve to be loved. Anyone who gets involved with me always gets hurt or faces different kinds of bad luck. So please I don’t want to hurt anyone . . . anymore . . . especially not you,” she answered.

“Don;t you know that you’re already hurting me by refusing my love for you? And why is it that Daichi can be with you . . . and not me?” Micky asked with a hurt look in his eyes.

Lena suddenly looked away. Somehow her mind had totally gone blank. Micky’s question started to echo in her mind.

“Micky’s right. Why am I staying with Daichi when I already know that I’m hurting him over and over again. Why do I keep on hurting him? Is it time for me to leave him too?”

“Lena . . .” Micky uttered.

Lena gazed at Micky. “Please don’t try to complicate things. You can’t possibly fall in love with me. Look at me! I’m totally useless now. All the doctors say that there’s something wrong with me . . . mentally. That’s why half of my bopdy is paralyzed and I can’t walk. And aside from that . . . I am pregnant. You can’t fall in love with a disabled and pregnant woman, Micky. Use your mind!”

“Why is it that Daichi and Jaejoong are allowed to love you and not me? Don’t you think you’re being unfair?” Micky asked.

“I’m not being unfair. Micky. I’m just telling you what is best for you. I’ve already hurt and brought grief to both Daichi and Jaejoong. I don’t want you to be like them. I want to spare you from the pain. So please try to find someone else. . . someone who is more suited for you,” Lena begged.

Micky’s heart was slowly breaking as he listened to Lena’s words. He then gently embraced Lena.

Lena was totally surprised by what Micky had done. She felt pity for Micky, but she knew what she had done was the right thing to do.

“Micky . . . thank you for the concern and love. But I’m very sorry I can’t return it,” Lena uttered as she gently embraced Micky back.

“No matter what you say or do, I will still love you in my own way. Let me help you . . . I also want to take care of you, just like what Daichi is doing. I don’t care if you only treat me as a friend. That’s enough for me. I want to show you how much you mean to me, even if it hurts me. So please let me love you . . .” Micky said with a trembling voice.

Lena was confused. She wanted to stop Micky but she was afraid to hurt him. So she just decided to silently stay in his arms.

While Micky and Lena were in each other’s arms, Daichi unexpectedly walked into the room.

Daichi instantly felt like his heart was going to explode after seeing Micky and Lena. But he decided to just set aside his personal feelings and deal with more important matters.

“Lena . . .” Daichi called.

Micky and Lena, both surprised, looked at Daichi. Lena could see that Daichi was trying to hide the pain he was feeling.

“Daichi . . .” Lena started to say.

“We have to go now. One of my men just informed me that someone had already reported to your parents that we have arrived here in Japan. Your parents’ men are already searching for us. We have to move now or else they will find us,” Daichi said with concern.

Lena worriedly looked at Daichi. “But where will we go? If they are already searching for us . . . we have nowhere else to go.”

“Frankly I am a little bit confused myself,” Daichi replied.

Micky stared at Lena, then at Daichi. “Maybe I can help,” he uttered.

“How?” Daichi asked with a surprised look on his face.

“Well . . . both of you can stay in our apartment for the time being. You guys need a place to hide . . . Our apartment would be perfect for that. No one would ever think that you would actually hide in our place,” Micky answered.

“You’ve got a point there. But . . .” Daichi said as he looked straight at Lena. He was still thinking about her condition and her situation concerning Jaejoong.

Micky stared at Lena as well. “You don’t have to worry about Jaejoong. I’ll take care of him.”

Lena shook her head. “No! I don’t want to be close to him. And I don’t want to see him. I can’t possibly stay in your apartment.”

“Lena . . . Micky’s got a point. No one would actually look for us in their apartment. We’ve got no choice . . . Unless you want your parents to know what has happened to you,” Daichi said seriously.

Lena lowered her head. She didn’t want her parents to know about her situation. She wanted to make them believe that she was fine. She was afraid that once her parents found out about her condition. They will surely make Daichi’s parents pay dearly. And that was the last thing she wanted. Even though Daichi’s mother had been cruel with her, she still loved Daichi’s parents like her own parents. She didn’t want anything bad to happen to them.

“Lena . . . you’ve got to decide now,” Daichi said anxiously.

Micky didn’t want for Lena’s answer. He immediately carried Lena in his arms, and carefully placed her on her wheelchair.

“Micky . . .” Lena protested.

“Sssshhh . . .” Micky uttered, then he slowly pushed Lena’s wheelchair out of the room.

Daichi quickly gathered all their bags and followed Lena and Micky out of the apartment.

Lena’s heart was pounding wildly. She didn’t know if she was doing the right thing. She was very much afraid of seeing Jaejoong once again.

“Micky . . . please don’t tell him anything about the child . . . and my condition,” Lena uttered before Micky opened the door of their apartment.

“Don’t worry. I won’t say anything,” Micky replied.

Slowly Lena and Micky entered the DBSK boys’ apartment first, followed by Daichi.

Xiah, Max, U-Know and Jaejoong were all in the living room. As soon as Micky walked in with Lena, a deafening silence suddenly appeared.

“Lena . . .” Jaejoong was finally able to utter.

Micky coldly stared at Jaejoong and the other DBSK boys.”Lena and Daichi will be staying in my room for a few days. I hope there’s no probelem with that.”

Xiah, Max and U-Know were all stunned. They were totally shocked with what was happening.

Micky slowly pushed Lena’s wheelchair to his room, while Daichi just followed them.

Lena felt the cold stare that Jaejoong was giving her. She lowered her head and tried to avoid looking at Jaejoong and the other DBSK members. She didn’t have any choice, but to endure a few days in the boys’ apartment unit.

After arranging Lena on his bed and a quick talk with Daichi, Micky left his room and went straight to where the other DBSK boys were.

“What are you planning to do?” Jaejoong quickly asked as soon as Micky sat down infront of him.

“Planning to do? Well I’m going to take care of her. That’s what I’m planning to do,” Micky answered sarcastically.

“Are you out of your mind?” Jaejoong asked.

Micky smiled as he looked straight at Jaejoong. “Like I told you before . . . I love her. And since you already have Keiko, then that means you no longer want her. So I’ve decided to make her mine.”

Xiah, Max and U-Know felt a sudden chill. They knew Micky was serious and that he wasn’t going to change his mind. He had been in love with Lena from the very beginning. But because of his friendship with Jaejoong, he had decided to let Lena go. But now . . . it seems he wasn’t going to let anyone stand in his way again. No matter how . . . no matter what . . . it took, Lena was going to be his . . . and his alone.


“Do you think it’s really wise to stay here?” Lena asked Daichi as she worriedly looked at the door of the room.

“We don’t have any choice. And besides we’ll be staying here for only a short time . . . maybe two or three days will do. We just have to wait until things clears up. My men are already trying to fix everything. As soon as everything’s fine, we can leave Japan again. IF . . . that is what you want . . .” Daichi said with hesitation.

“Frankly I don’t want to stay here. I’m afraid of staying so close to Jaejoong. What if he suddenly starts asking questions . . . like why I’m on a wheelchair?” Lena said worriedly.

Daichi sighed. “Don’t you think . . . it would really be better if he knew about what really happened to you? I think it would solve a lot of things.”

“No! I don’t want him to pity me. He has his own life now. Let’s just leave everything as it is. I know telling him the truth will only complicate things,” she said as she rolled her wheelchair near the window. Then she sadly stared out at the sky. It was almost night time, and the stars were starting to appear.

Daichi shook his head. His heart was somehow being crushed as he continued to watch Lena looking so pitiful. He then decided to just leave her alone. He slowly walked out of the room. He knew Lena needed some time alone to think.

He then went straight to where the DBSK boys were sitting. He instantly noticed that there was something wrong because of the expression on Jaejoong’s face.

“Micky . . . ” Daichi uttered.

Micky looked at Daichi and smiled. “Yes, what is it?”

“Look . . . we don’t want to cause any trouble. We can leave and . . .” Daichi started to say.

“Nonsense . . . you and Lena can stay here as long as you like,” Micky uttered.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience Xiah, Max, U-Know and . . . Jaejoong. I will try to fix our problem quickly so that we can leave your apartment as soon as possible,” Daichi said as he faced the other DBSK boys.

“Frankly, we’re just shocked. Don’t worry about us. And just like what Micky said, the two of you can stay here as long as you like. We are always willing to help,” U-Know said as he secretly looks at Jaejoong’s reaction.

“Thank you guys. I think two or three days would be enough, and we can leave Japan again,” Daichi uttered.

“You’re leaving again?” Max asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, there is no reason for us to stay here any longer,” Daichi answered as he looked straight at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong stared back at Daichi. He was about to say what was running in his mind, when Max suddenly asked something.

“Daichi . . . why is Lena on a wheelchair? Is she sick or something?” Max asked curiously.

Daichi exchanged glances with Micky.

“She’s suffered a bad sprain before going here . . . So she’s on a wheelchair,” Micky suddenly answered.

“Oh . . . I actually thought something was wrong with her,” Max said with a sigh of relief.

Micky tried to laugh. “What could possibly be wrong with her. She’s still the same Lena we all knew.”

“So Micky where will you sleep? You can stay in my room if you like,” Xiah said with a smile.

“I was really planning to ask you about that. Good thing, you already opened that topic,” Micky said with a grin.

Suddenly a phone started ringing. Daichi hurriedly took out his phone and answered it.

Several minutes later . . . Daichi’s expression had somehow changed after receiving the mysterious phone call.

“Micky . . . do you think you and I can talk privately? I really need to discuss something with you,” Daichi said seriously.

Micky just nodded his head and stood up. “we can talk outside,” he uttered.

Daichi and Micky both went out of the apartment unit. Then they headed straight to the nearby fire exit.

“What’s wrong?” Micky asked worriedly.

“Do you think you can take care of Lena for a day or two? I really need to go and fix something,” Daichi answered.

“Can I help? What’s wrong?’ Micky asked again.

“One of my men have informed me that a large group of men from Lena’s clan are already being sent in different locations. So I need to go and make myself visible in another place. So I can lure those men away from here,” Daichi explained.

“So you’re going to leave Lena? Where will you go?” Micky asked.

“I don’t know yet. But what is important now is to hide Lena. You know she doesn’t want anyone from her family to know about her situation,” Daichi said.

Micky nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of her. It’s a good thing! It’s our day-off tomorrow. Nothing to do . . . So I can stay with her all day long.”

“That’s good. Thank you. I am really sorry for the trouble we are bringing you,” Daichi apologized.

“It’s nothing. Aren’t you going to say goodbye to Lena before you go?” Micky asked.

“I am really in a hurry. I’ll just call her and explain everything later. Oh! And before I forget . . . Lena can’t be left alone in a room when she’s sleeping. Ever since that day . . . when Jaejoong got beaten badly . . . she had started having nightmares everyday. That’s why most of the time . . . she’s afraid to sleep. So please . . . stay in the room with her. . . especially at night. I am really worried about her, especially now . . . with her being pregnant and all,” Daichi said with concern.

“Just do what you’ve got to do. I’ll take care of Lena and her baby,” Micky said with a smile.

Daichi somehow felt relieved after hearing Micky’s words. He knew Lena was safe with Micky around.

Ten minutes later . . . Micky entered the apartment unit alone.

“Where’s Daichi?” U-Know asked.

“He had to take care of some personal matters. So he won’t be around for a day or two,” Micky answered.

“So he left Lena here?” Max asked.

“Yes, and he asked me to take care of her while he’s gone,” Micky replied with a smile.

Jaejoong felt irritated with Micky. He was jealous even though he was trying very hard to deny it. He quickly stood up and walked towards his room.

“Hyung, where are you going? It’s dinner time already,” Max said.

“I just lost my appetite. I’ll just go to sleep,” Jaejoong answered.

As soon as Jaejoong was gone, U-Know couldn’t help but confront Micky.

“What are you trying to do Micky? We all know that Jaejoong still has feelings for Lena. So why are you trying to torture him?” U-Know asked.

“I’m not trying to torture him,” Micky replied.

“But what you’re doing is wrong. Why do you have to put yourself in the middle of Lena and Jaejoong’s problem?” Xiah asked.

“If Jaejoong still wants her, there’s no one stopping him from taking her back. He’s free to do whatever he wants. As for me . . . I just want to be true to myself once and for all. I love you and I’m willing to do anything just to make her happy,” Micky said seriously.

U-Know shook his head in confusion. “You and Jaejoong are both very stubborn. Okay we’ll respect your decision Micky. But I do hope you already thought about the consequences that may arise from your actions.”

Micky smiled. “I’ve thought about the things you’re saying. And frankly I’m not scared and I’ve already decided . . . that there’s no turning back.”

Xiah, U-Know and Max all sighed heavily. They were all very confused on what they were supposed to do. They all cared about Micky and Jaejoong, and they were totally torn on who to side with.

Inside Jaejoong’s room . . .

Jaejoong silently stared at the painting in his room. The more he looked at it, the more intense the pain he felt.

“Why Lena? Why?” he uttered. “Why did you come back? Do you still love me?” he asked as he covered his face with his hands. He was totally confused. He wanted to talk to Lena, and know the answers to all the questions that were running through his mind.

Back in Micky’s room . . .

Lena was staring out of the window when Micky slowly entered the room.

“Lena . . .” Micky called.

“Yes?” she immediately replied as she turned her wheelchair around to face Micky.

“It’s time to eat,” Micky said with a sweet smile.

Lena lowered her head. Somehow she didn’t feel like going out of the room. She was embarrassed and scared, both at the same time.

“I . . .I’m not hungry,” she replied.

Micky knelt down infront of Lena. “You’re not hungry . . . or you’re just scared to go out?”

Lena stared straight at Micky. “Both,” she quickly replied.

Micky sighed. “Jaejoong’s in his room now. He said that he doesn’t want to eat. So it’s quite safe to go out now.”

“But . . . I’m also scared of the others. I’m afraid of what they might say or what they might ask. I’m really confused right now. I don’t want to think anymore,” she said with a heavy sigh.

“Don’t worry. I’m here for you. I’ll take care of you while Daichi is gone. You do know that he’s gone, don’t you?” Micky asked.

Lena nodded. “Yes, he just called me, and he already explained everything. That’s why I’m feeling more embarrassed now. I’m left all alone here. Frankly I don’t know what your friends are thinking.”

“You don’t need to worry about Xiah, Max and U-Know. They won’t interrogate you. And besides . . . they also care about you. So you don’t have to be afraid of them,” Micky said.

“But . . .” she uttered.

“No buts . . . your baby needs some nourishment. So you’ve got to eat whether you like it or not,” Micky lectured as he carefully pushed Lena’s wheelchair out of the room.

“Don’t be scared . . . I will take care of you,” Micky whispered to Lena before they went into the dining room.


Lena was feeling very nervous as they entered the dining room.

“Hi Lena!” Max immediately greeted with a smile.

Lena stared at Max, U-Know and Xiah. They all had smiles on their faces. She knew they were really happy to see her again. Her fear suddenly disappeared and her heart had finally become at ease.

“Hello . . . I’m sorry for the inconvenience I’m causing you guys,” she apologized.

Xiah laughed lightly. “Inconvenience? What inconvenience? You’re always welcome to stay here as long as you like.”

“Thank you,” she uttered.

Micky pushed Lena’s wheelchair near the dining table.

“Lena, can I ask? Is your sprain better now?” Max asked with concern.

Lena looked at Max as if confused. But she just decided to nod her head.

“Well come on, Let’s eat! I’m hungry,” Max said happily.

Micky started selecting some foods and placed it on a bowl. Then he pulled a chair near Lena and sat near her.

“Here you are . . . .” he said as he gave the bowl of food to Lena.

“Thank you,” she replied.

“You should try to eat more . . . You have really lost some weight since the last time we saw you,” U-Know said.

Lena stared at U-Know. She was touched by the kindness and concern that the four DBSK boys were giving her.

“Thank you guys,” she uttered again.

“Oh! It’s nothing,” U-Know replied.

Several minutes passed, and they were all busy eating and chatting when the doorbell rang.

Max stood up and hurriedly went out of the dining room to open the door.

“Who could it be? Are you guys expecting any guests?” Micky asked Xiah and U-Know.

“No . . . Hey, maybe it’s . . . .” Xiah uttered as he suddenly remembered someone.

But before Xiah could say the name on his mind, a familiar figure had already entered the room together with Max.

“Hello everyone! I see I am not late yet. I brought some additional foods. See!” Keiko said as she happily showed the assorted the plastic bags containing different foods from different restaurants.

Lena stared at Keiko. It was the first time she had seen her up close. “She’s really very beautiful, and I think she’s very nice too,” she thought to herself.

Micky worriedly looked at Lena, then at Keiko. He didn’t expect that the two would eventually meet again.

Keiko noticed Lena and smiled at her. “Hello, I”m Keiko . . . and you are?”

Lena just continued to gaze at Keiko. Her mind had totally gone blank.

“She’s Lena. She’s a friend of ours,” Max uttered.

“Oh! I’ve already seen her early this morning. I was surprised because Jaejoong was quite shocked when he saw her,” Keiko said.

“Maybe . . . . it’s because Lena’s been gone for a long time,” Xiah tried to lie to cover up for Jaejoong.

“Oh! Well it’s nice to meet you Lena,” Keiko said cheerfully.

“Lena, please control yourself,” Micky whispered to Lena.

Lena stared at Micky, then tried to nod her head.

“Where’s Jaejoong? Why isn’t he eating?” Keiko asked.

“He’s in his room. He said that he’s not hungry,” U-Know answered.

“Here take this,” Keiko said as she gave Max all the food she was carrying. “I’m going to check up on my baby now,” she said sweetly as she left the room.

Lena felt like she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t believe that she was actually staring at the girl who had taken her place in Jaejoong’s heart.

“Lena, are you all right?” Micky asked nervously.

She looked at Micky with a blank expression on her face.

Micky gently caressed Lena’s face. “You’ve become pale. Are you all right? Do you want to go to your room now?”

Lena nodded. She felt like she had no strength to talk. She somehow felt very weak and confused.

Micky took the bowl of food Lena was holding, and place it on the table. Then he stood up and was about to push Lena’s wheelchair when . . . .

“Come on Jaejoong! Let’s eat. I brought a lot of food,” Keiko said as she dragged Jaejoong into the dining room.

Jaejoong immediately noticed Lena. The surprised look on his face was replaced with a dark and angry look after seeing Micky was behind her.

“Hey, where are you guys going? You’re both finished already?” Keiko asked curiously.

“Lena needs to rest now. So I’ll be taking her to my room now,” Micky said.

“To your room? So is she your girlfriend?” Keiko teased.

Micky coldly stared at Jaejoong.

“No, she’s not my girlfriend . . . but soon to be,” Micky said with a serious expression on his face.

“Really? I’m so happy for you. Then the two of you shouldn’t leave. Let’s all eat together please,” Keiko said. She then left Jaejoong’s side and went to where Micky and Lena were. She carefully took Lena’s wheelchair from Micky’s hand and placed it back near the table.

“Please stay a little longer. I would really like to know you better,” Keiko said to Lena.

Lena stared straight at Keiko. She could see the sincerity in her eyes. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t say no to her.

“Okay,” Lena uttered.

“Thank you,” Keiko said with a smile.

Micky really didn’t want Lena to be around Keiko and Jaejoong. He knew she was going to get hurt. He exchanged glances with Xiah, Max and U-Know. They were all thinking the same thing. All of them wanted Lena to leave the room.

“Come on, Micky . . . sit,” Keiko said as she pulled Micky to sit down on the chair next to Lena.

“Keiko . . .” Jaejoong uttered.

“Hmmm? Come on baby. Let’s eat,” Keiko lovingly said as she pulled Jaejoong to sit down next to her.

As soon as everyone was already seated, Xiah, U-Know and Max felt very tensed. It seemed a cold breeze was circulating in the room that was making all of them shiver in fear and anxiety.

Jaejoong and Micky coldly stared at each other. They were angry and were just controlling themselves for the girls’ sakes.

“Hey, why are you all quiet?” Keiko asked as she noticed the strange atmosphere in the room.

“Let’s eat . . .” U-Know uttered as he tried to break the silence.

Keiko took a bowl of food and started to sweetly feed Jaejoong. “Here’s your food baby,” she sweetly uttered.

Lena’s heart suddenly stopped as she saw the sweet gesture that Keiko was doing. She tried hard to fight off the tears that were trying to form in her eyes.

Micky noticed the pain in Lena’s eyes. He wanted to help her and make her forget the pain she was feeling. He then took the bowl of food that Lena was eating before and filled it with new kinds of foods. Then he turned Lena’s wheelchair to face him.

“You’ve got to eat . . . ” he said to Lena as he took a spoonful of food to her mouth.

Lena obediently opened her mouth and swallowed the food that Micky was giving him.

Jaejoong just watched as Micky fed Lena. He was both very angry and jealous at the same time. Somehow he felt like he wanted to just push Micky away from Lena.

Xiah, Max and U-Know just watched helplessly as their two friends continuously exchanged cold glances with each other. Somehow the three of them pitied Lena the most. She was obviously very hurt by what she was seeing, but there was nothing she could do.

Micky looked at Keiko. She was bery busy talking and taking care of Jaejoong that she wasn’t even noticing that there was something going on.

Micky shook his head in disbelief. “Is this girl naive or what?” he asked himself.

As Keiko continued to be sweet with Jaejoong, Lena couldn’t stop herself from feeling like she was being stabbed over and over again. She tried very hard to avoid looking at Keiko and Jaejoong. But she just found herself staring blankly at them. She was totally losing her self-control.

Micky noticed Lena’s reaction as she stared at Keiko and Jaejoong. His heart ached after seeing the pitiful look on Lena’s face.

“Lena . . .” he uttered.

Lena slowly turned to face him. “Please . . . I want to go back to your room now,” she begged with a trembling voice.

Xiah, U-Know and Max stared at Lena. Somehow they all knew that she was just trying to control herself not to cry. But after hearing her voice, their hearts were immediately filled with pity.

“All right . . .” Micky uttered as he stood up and quickly went behind Lena’s wheelchair.

“You’re both finished already?” Keiko asked Micky.

“Lena’s tired already . . . So we’re going to my room now. Just continue eating and enjoy your dinner,” Micky said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Yeah . . . go to your room . . . and have fun . . .” Jaejoong uttered with total annoyance.

Micky angrily stared at Jaejoong. “Why you . . .” he was about to say something when Lena suddenly touched his hand.

“Please Micky . . . let’s go,” she begged again.

Micky tried to calm himself down. Then he slowly pushed Lena’s wheelchair out of the dining room.

As soon as Lena entered Micky’s room, she finally let herself free. Her tears started to fall, and then she finally cried uncontrollably.

Micky didn’t know what to do. He wanted to make Lena stop crying. But he knew it was impossible. He then gently embraced her. It was the only thing he could do for her. He wanted to make her feel that there was still someone caring for her. He also wanted to let her know that he was someone that she could lean on.

As Lena’s tears continued to fall, Micky’s heart was slowly being crushed. One by one, tears started to stream down Micky’s face. He couldn’t stop himself from crying. The pain of hearing and seeing Lena cry was bringing him pain too. A pain that was too intense and too maddening.

Micky tightened his embrace. “Lena, I love you . . . I promise whatever happens I will never let you go.”


It was already four in the morning . . . .

Micky yawned and tried to stretch his body. Somehow some parts of his body were aching. He wasn’t used to sleeping on a chair. But he had no choice. There was only one bed in his room. And Lena was already sleeping on it. He then sighed. He looked at Lena’s direction. She was still sleeping. He was about to close his eyes again, when he noticed something. He suddenly stood up and went near Lena.

Lena was lying on the bed with her head turned on one side. Micky thought that she was sleeping soundly. But then he noticed that her shoulders were moving as if she was crying. He looked closely at Lena. Somehow she was constantly whispering something.

“Lena . . .” Micky uttered.

Lena just kept on whispering something.

“Is she having a nightmare?” Micky suddenly asked himself after remembering what Daichi had told him.

Then he noticed the sweat that were forming around Lena’s forehead. He then became quite alarmed.

“Lena, wake up. . . Lena,” Micky said with worry.

Lena continued to say something . . . something that Micky couldn’t understand. Then he noticed tears were running down from Lena’s eyes.

“Lena . . . for God’s sake . . . wake up,” Micky said with total confusion, as he tried to wake Lena up by shaking her shoulder.

Minutes passed . . . Lena was still in her own world. But her words were clearer now.

“Please stop . . . . Please stop . . . Don’t hurt him. . . .Please stop . . . I’m begging you,” she continuously repeated while sleeping.

Micky was already going crazy with worry. He didn’t know what to do. No matter how he tried, Lena still wouldn’t wake up. He suddenly rushed out of his room and went to U-Know’s room first.

“What’s wrong?” U-Know asked as he tried to brush off his dizziness.

“Something’s wrong with Lena. Please you’ve got to help me,” Micky said while panicking.

U-Know hurriedly got out of his bed. “Okay . . . Go back to Lena. I’ll wake the others.”

Micky nodded. He went back to his room, only to find Lena in a more frightening situation. She was crying and moaning, as if pain.

His heart was filled with fear. He tried to wake Lena. But she still wouldn’t respond to anything he said or did. Lena’s whole body was very cold and her whole face was covered with sweat.

Micky felt like he wanted to cry out in desperation. He was very worried with what was happening to Lena.

Xiah, Max and U-Know hurriedly entered Micky’s room. While Jaejoong just stayed at the door of the room.

“Micky . . .” U-Know uttered.

Micky stared at U-Know. “She wouldn’t wake up. I have tried waking her up. But she . . . just kept on . . .” he said nervously. His mind was already messed up. He couldn’t think straight anymore.

Jaejoong just watched from a distance. He didn’t want to get close to Lena. He was afraid of what his own emotion might make him do. But eventhough he tried hard not to show his emotions, he was still very concerned about her.

“Let’s bring her to a hospital,” Xiah suggested.

Micky was about to agree when he suddenly remembered that Lena wasn’t supposed to go out of the apartment building. He then shook his head. ” I . . . I’m not allowed to bring her out of the building,” he uttered.

“What?” U-Know asked. “What are you talking about? Look . . . she’s sick. Don’t tell me we’re just going to watch her until something worst happens to her.”

Micky stared at Lena. U-Know was right. He needed to bring Lena to a hospital. He was just going to deal with the consequences later. He was about to carry Lena out of bed . . . when she suddenly screamed.

As soon as Lena screamed, she immediately opened her eyes and started to cry. She was scared. All the terrible memories were constantly playing in her mind.

“Lena . . . ” Micky uttered worriedly. He then gently took her into his arms, and held her tightly. “Thank god, you’re awake now. You scared me.”

Jaejoong felt like he was dying as he silently watched Micky embracing Lena. He then decided to turn away and return to his room. He didn’t want to see Lena and Micky together. Even though he was angry with Lena, he still couldn’t stop himself from feeling jealous and hurt because of Micky. He knew he no longer had any right to feel such emotions. He already had Keiko in his life. And he belonged to her now. Whatever he and Lena had before could no longer be returned. She was only a part of his past now, and Keiko was his present and future.

Jaejoong sat down on his bed, and cupped his face with his hands. He then closed his eyes. He was totally confused. He didn’t want to care about Lena anymore. He wanted her to be totally out of his life. He was already back to his normal life. His life was peaceful now. He just wanted to be free of all the pain.

“Why did you have to return Lena? Why are you destroying my peaceful life again? Why can’t you just go back to where you came from and just leave me alone? I don’t want to see you anymore. I already have Keiko in my life now. She have been with me during the time that you should have been the one taking care of me . . . I thought I have already forgotten you. But why is my heart still pounding very hard whenever I see you. And why am I hurting whenever I see you with Micky? Why is my heart restless now? Am I still in love with you? But . . . even if I still have feelings for you . . . I will just have to hide it. I don’t want to hurt Keiko. I also love her . . . You are no longer a part of my life, Lena. I have already released you a long time ago. I’m sorry . . . I can no longer hold your hand and take care of you. You were the first one to let go Lena. I tried very hard to hold on . . . But you made me give up. I’m sorry, but Keiko is my life now. . . and you . . . no longer mean anything to me. I wish you will be able to find your own happiness. The happiness that I know I promised to give you, but I won’t be able to give. I hope you will find another love . . . a love you will be able to keep,” the words kept playing in his mind.

Jaejoong couldn’t understand why, but his tears just kept on flowing. As his mind was trying to say goodbye, his heart was crying.

Back in Micky’s room . . .

“Lena, please stop crying,” Micky uttered as he caressed Lena’s head.

“I want to die . . . I want to die . . . I’m tired . . . I’m very tired already. Why can’t the pain stop? It’s driving me insane,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Xiah, U-Know and Max exchanged glances. Somehow they could also feel the pain that Lena was feeling. Pity filled their hearts. They wanted to help her, but they knew there was nothing they could do.

Micky closed his eyes. He pitied Lena. How he wanted to take all her pain away. “Don’t say such things! You have to be strong. You can’t die. You have to live . . . not only for yourself, but also for your child.”

U-Know, Max and Xiah all looked at Lena with shock in their eyes. Then Max looked back at where Jaejoong was standing when they entered the room. He was no longer there.

“Hyung has left. Did he hear what Micky have said?” Max asked himself.

Lena sobbed. “I’m tired. I . . . I . . .” she tried to say.

“Stop it! Have you forgotten you have a child that’s growing inside you. So what if Jaejoong has another girl now? It still doesn’t give you any right to just throw away your life . . . and especially the life of your child. Life doesn’t end with Jaejoong, Lena. You have to learn to move on,” Micky tried to lecture her.

Lena continued to cry. She knew what Micky said was right. But she was too emotional to even think straight. She felt too weak and too useless. She just kept on wishing that everything that was happening was just a dream. And that somehow she would suddenly wake up and find everything back to that way it used to be.

Micky continued to caress Lena’s head. “Lena, I’m here for you. Just put your mind at ease . . . I’ll take care of you . . . you and your baby.”

Lena just closed her eyes. She didn’t want to cry anymore. But her tears just kept on falling. She felt her mind was already going to explode because of all the heartache. She buried her face on Micky’s chest, that she could easily hear his heart beating. Somehow she wanted to hide and pretend that nothing was wrong.

Micky was surprised with what Lena had done. It made him feel such a feeling of happiness and contentment just having her in his arms. He felt like she was perfectly made for him, and that she truly belonged in his arms.

Xiah, U-Know and MAx continued to watch in total silence. How they pitied Lena . . . but then they were starting to think that Micky was taking advantage of Lena’s situation.

Half an hour later . . .

Micky was finally able to convince Lena to stop crying and go back to sleep again. He carefully arranged Lena’s bed first and made sure that everything was all right, before going out of the room with the other DBSK members.

“Let’s talk in the dining room,” Micky said to the others. He knew he needed to explain a lot of things to his friends. But he didn’t want Jaejoong to hear it.

Max, U-Know and Xiah just followed Micky to the dining room. And as soon as they were all seated around the table. Xiah had already lost his self-control. “Micky, have you totally lost your mind?” he asked.

Micky looked at Xiah with a strange expression on his face. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“She’s pregnant with Jaejoong’s child . . . and you’re still trying to take her from Jaejoong,” Xiah answered.

Micky let out a light laugh. “Let’s get one thing straight. Jaejoong is with Keiko now . . . So Lena doesn’t belong to Jaejoong anymore. So I’m not taking Lena away from Jaejoong.”

“Micky, don’t you think it’s better if Jaejoong knows about Lena’s condition? At least . . . maybe he can . . .” U-Know tried to voice out his opinion.

“He can what? He can just go back to Lena and leave Keiko? Is that what you’re trying to say?” Micky asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s the right thing to do hyung,” Max uttered to Micky.

Micky suddenly put on a maddening smile. “The right thing to do? Tell me . . . what is the right thing to do? Is it . . . sleep with your bestfriend, tell her you love her and then after two months of being separated from her . . . find another girl to sleep with? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“Micky, you’re already way out of line. Why are you being so selfish?” U-Know shouted.

“Me? Selfish? You should tell that to Jaejoong, not me!” Micky shouted back as he violently stood up.

“Micky . . . we know that you love her. But can’t you see? She still loves Jaejoong, and she’s carrying his child. Jaejoong should be the one beside her, taking care of her,” Xiah tried to reason out.

“No! I have already let her go once. But Jaejoong didn’t take good care of her. So now it’s only fair that I try to fight for her now. Jaejoong has a life of his own now. He has Keiko to take care of. I love Lena and I don’t care whether she’s pregnant or not. I love her and I want her. And nobody can stop me,” Micky said as he suddenly walked out of the room

Xiah, Max and U-Know looked at each other. All of them sighed. They knew things were going to become more complicated. And no matter who they decided to side with, Jaejoong, Daichi, Micky, Lena and Keiko were all going to get hurt, one way or the other.


It was already 9 in the morning, but Xiah, Max and U-Know still sat in the living room waiting for Jaejoong, Micky and Lean to wake up and go out of their rooms.

“My stomach is growlong already,” Max complained. “Aren’t we going to eat yet?”

“We have to wait for them,” Xiah said.

“Oh . . . but what if they over sleep?” Max moaned in frustration.

Xiah laughed. “Okay, 20 minutes more and if they stil don’t wake up, we’ll eat without them. Is that all right with you?”

“Yes! Oh, yes! Thank you,” Max uttered happily.

Another fifteen minutes passed, but both Jaejoong’s and Micky’s rooms were still quiet.

Then the doorbell rang. Max weakly stood up and opened the door.

“Hello, good morning!” Keiko greeted.

“Keiko what are you doing here? You’re so early,” Max complained.

“Hmmm? Well . . . today is your day-off isn’t it? I just wanted to have an early breakfast with my baby. Then have some nice and quiet time with him and you guys as well,” Keiko answered sweetly.

Max suddenly touched his forehead as if he was having a headache.

Keiko looked at Max’s reaction, then smiled. “I’ve brought breakfast,” she said sweetly.

Max stared at the plastic bags Keiko was carrying. He then slowly took them from her. Then Keiko and Max went straight to the living room.

“Hello guys!” Keiko greeted.

Xiah and U-Know’s reactions immediately changed after seeing Keiko. They knew she was certainly going to make an early commotion for everybody.

“Keiko, why are you so early?” Xiah asked also.

Keiko looked at the DBSK boys seriously. “Why are you guys like that? Why do I have the feeling that you don’t want me here?”

Xiah tried to smile. “It’s not like that Keiko. It’s just that . . . you’re really too early. Jaejoong hasn’t even woken up yet.”

“Oh really? Then let me wake up Jaejoong . . .” Keiko said as she quickly went to his room.

As soon as Keiko entered Jaejoong’s room, Max let out a long and deep sigh.

“This is going to be a very long and complicated day. Why did she have to appear again? Everything is already messed up between Jaejoong, Micky and Lena. . . And now . . . I’m sure she’s going to make things worse,” Max complained again.

“Max be quiet! she might hear you,” U-Know warned.

“We don’t have any choice, but to just help out as much as we can,” Xiah uttered with a sigh as well.

Several minutes later, Keiko happily went out of the room with Jaejoong right beside her.

“So let’s eat,” Keiko announced as soon as she and Jaejoong sat infront of the other DBSK boys. Then she noticed something. “Micky and Lena aren’t up yet?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,” Max answered.

Keiko smiled mischievously. “They must be tired or something,” she then said with a laugh.

Jaejoong’s expression hardened. He didn’t like the idea that Keiko was trying to imply.

“Lena had a nightmare. So I guess she’s still tired,” Xiah explained.

“Oh! Poor girl. I really do hate nightmares as well,” Keiko uttered.

They were still talking when Micky suddenly walked out of his room.

“Good morning,” Keiko greeted as soon as she saw Micky.

“Good morning,” Micky greeted as well, as he sat down beside Max.

“Where’s Lena?” Keiko asked Micky.

“She’s . . . she’s still sleeping,” Micky lied.

“Oh . . . well. Let’s have breakfast already. We can just set aside some foods for her when she wakes up,” Keiko said as she pulled Jaejoong into the dining room.

Keiko and the DBSK boys had breakfast with Keiko being the only one lively enough to do all the talking.

“Hey! Why are you guys so quiet? Is something wrong?” Keiko curiously asked after finally noticing the strange atmosphere in the room.

“Nothing’s wrong . . . we’re just all tired, I guess. Today is our day-off. So we’re supposed to rest and be quiet,” Max tried to lie.

“Micky, aren’t you going to wake Lena up?” Keiko suddenly changed the topic.

Micky smiled. “No, I’ll just bring her food once she wakes up.”

“Oh . . . you’re so sweet! Lena is such a lucky girl. So how long have you guys known each other?” Keiko asked.

Micky gave Jaejoong a quick look before focusing his attention on Keiko. “Just a few months,” he answered.

“Oh, just like me and Jaejoong,” she uttered.

“Keiko stop asking so many questions,” Jaejoong said with irritation.

Surprised, Keiko stared at Jaejoong. She had never seen him get irritated with her before. She then felt very embarassed that she just stayed quiet all throughout breakfast.

As soon as breakfast was over, Keiko hurriedly bade goodbye to Jaejoong and the other DBSK boys. She told them that she needed to go to a photoshoot, but will be back later in the afternoon.

The DBSK boys were already in the living room watching a movie when . . . .

“Micky, it’s already 11 o’ clok. DOn’t you think it’s time for you to wake Lena up?” Max asked.

Micky smiled. “Honestly . . . she’s already awake, even before I went out of the room.”

“So she’s already awake all this time? And she hasn’t had breakfast yet . . . How could you allow her to skip meals? You know she’s . . . ” MAx suddenly stopped talking after remembering that Jaejoong was with them.

Xiah and U-Know worriedly glanced at Jaejoong. He still didn’t know about Lena’s pregnancy.

Micky gave Max a warning look. He didn’t want Jaejoong to know the truth.

“Micky, you should bring Lena some food . . . She might be hungry already,” U-Know reminded.

“She says she’s not hungry. She’s quite stubborn. She wouldn’t listen to me,” Micky said.

Jaejoong suddenly let out a laugh.

“What’s funny?” Micky asked.

“You,” Jaejoong boldly answered.

“What? Why?” Micky asked while trying to control his temper.

“You’re quite funny because you can’t even control her,” Jaejoong answered.

Micky’s face suddenly changed. He was really mad. “I’m funny huh? Well, you’re even funnier . . . Keiko still doesn’t know who Lena really is, does she? You don’t have any plans to tell her the truth do you? Why? Are you scared? Are you afraid to lose another toy?” Micky asked wickedly.

Jaejoong suddenly stood up. “How dare you say such things to me!” he said angrily. “Keiko is not my toy.”

Micky laughed. “Really? Well, I’m sorry if I offended you. But I’m just saying what’s on my mind.”

Jaejoong rushed to where Micky was sitting. Then he pulled him up, with both his hands on Micky’s front collar.

Xiah, Max and U-Know tried to stop their friends from fighting.

“You’re really very out of line . . . Do you know that? I have tried very hard to restrain myself. Do you know that I just want to beat you up. I know you have been trying to provoke me, ever since Lena appeared again. So . . . you want her? She’s all yours. . . I don’t care anymore. So you don’t have to be so harsh on me and Keiko. Lena means nothing to me now. I don’t want her anymore. You’re free to do whatever you want with her. Love her . . . Sleep with her . . . Leave her . . . I don’t care. Just leave me and Keiko alone,” Jaejoong angrily shouted.

Xiah and U-Know tried to separate Micky and Jaejoong from one another. But Jaejoong wouldn’t let go of Micky.

“Jaejoong . . .” U-Know uttered as he tried to pull Jaejoong away from Micky. “Come on, let it go . . .”

“Don’t worry . . . I’ll leave your precious Keiko alone. I’m not going to tell her anything. So stop worrying about losing your precious doll,” Micky said as a tease.

Jaejoong’s face reddened with anger. He was about to punch Micky when . . .

“Stop Jaejoong . . . please,” Lena screamed while tears continuously flowed down her face. She had been watching everything that happened.

All the DBSK boys’ attention suddenly focused on Lena. She was staring at them with tears in her eyes. Jaejoong immediately released Micky, and slowly backed away.

“Lena . . .” Micky uttered as he worriedly looked at her.

“Lena . . . Jaejoong . . . I think it’s time that the two of you talked . . .” U-Know said seriously.

“No!” Micky tried to say but Xiah had already placed his arms around Micky’s shoulder.

“Come on, Micky. Let them have some time alone to talk,” Xiah tried to persuade him.

“Micky . . . U-Know’s right. I really need to . . . talk with . . . Jaejoong . . . for the very last time,” Lena tried to utter.

Micky gave Lena a sad look then slowly lowered his head and walked away. The other DBSK boys all went to the dining room, leaving Lena and Jaejoong alone in the living room.

Lena stared at Jaejoong. She didn’t know how to start what she needed to say. But she knew this was going to be the last time she was ever going to talk to him. After hearing everything that Jaejoong said, she already knew there was really no chance for her to have him back.

As she gazed at him, her heart was screaming his name and was slowly bleeding. She needed to say goodbye to all her hopes and dreams of having Jaejoong once again. She needed to face reality . . . even though it was going to be very painful.


Lena gazed at Jaejoong. It had been such a long time since she last stared at him. How she had missed looking at his handsome face . . . caressing the curve of his perfect nose and lips.

Lena’s whole body shivered after she started to remember all the nights that they shared. How she missed him emotionally and physically.

“Jaejoong . . .” Lena uttered. She was surprised with the way her voice sounded.

“What is it that you want? If you have something to say . . . just say it and get it over with . . . so I can leave already. I don’t want to waste my precious time on useless things,” Jaejoong irritatedly said while trying to avoid looking at Lena.

Lena felt like her whole world had turned black. She had never expected Jaejoong to treat her so

“I . . . I’m sorry,” were the only words that she could utter.

Jaejoong lightly laughed, while trying to control his emotions. “Sorry? Is that all you’re going to say? Do you know that after you left . . . I had totally gone crazy . . . to the point that I even thought of committing suicide? Do you know how worried I was about you? Do you know how many nights I spent just wondering where you were and what you were doing? Tell me . . . during the passed two months . . . did you even think of me even for once . . .even for a second?”

“Jaejoong . . . you were always in my heart and in my mind . . . even though I was far away from you. You were the only thing that kept me alive all this time,” Lena said with tears running down her face.

Jaejoong suddenly faced Lena, with hurt and anger in his eyes. “Really? I was in your heart and in your mind for the passed two months? You’re making me laugh. If what you said is true then you would have at least tried to contact me . . . even once. So don’t try to say such sweet things to me. I won’t believe your lies anymore . . .”

“Lies?”Lena uttered. She looked at Jaejoong. “I have never lied to you . . . you know that,” she felt hurt that Jaejoong no longer believe her.

“I’m with Keiko now. So no matter what you say or do, I will never return to you. I gave you my trust and my love . . . but you just threw it all away. So don’t expect me to welcome you back with open arms. You’re no longer a part of my life Lena. I’m sorry but I don’t love you anymore,” Jaejoong said harshly.

Lena felt her whole body had suddenly turned cold. She bit her lower lip very hard to try to stop herself from crying out loud. She bit so hard that blood slowly oozed from the wound on her lip.

Jaejoong’s expression softened after he saw the blood oozing from Lena’s lip. He then looked away in another direction. Somehow regretting what he have said. He knew he was too cruel with her. But she just couldn’t stop himself from releasing all the pain and anger that had stayed locked up in his heart.

“I’m sorry. I know you’re angry with me, because I left you. But I . . . I only did it to save you. God knows . . . how much I love you. But during that time . . . it was the only way to save you and everyone you love. I’m sorry if I made you suffer . . . But please believe me . . .I also suffered as well,” she tried to explain.

Jaejoong shook his head, as if trying to make himself wake up from a dream.

“Lena, it’s too late . . .I’m sorry . . . But I’ve already learned to move on and . . . and I’ve already
gotten very intimate with Keiko. I don’t think I can ever leave her . . .I have to be responsible for her,” Jaejoong uttered with a very heavy heart.

Lena felt she was going to die right at that instant.

“But you have to responsible for me too . . . me and our baby,” the words kept on echoing in her mind. But she was already feeling very weak and hopeless to even try to voice out what was on her mind.

Lena felt totally lost. She never expected to hear such words from Jaejoong. She felt like her whole world had stopped and was now slowly crashing down on her.

She tried to control herself, but her tears just kept on flowing. She tried to stop herself from crying out loud. But she felt her heart was already too heavy. She needed to release the extreme emotion she was feeling or else she felt like she was going to collapse.

She tried to control her sobbing at first. But after a few minutes, her cry finally became uncontrolled. Her tears and her sobs were finally released.

Jaejoong glanced at Lena. His heart was totally being torn into pieces as he continued to watch the first woman he had ever loved cry because of him. He then looked away and closed his eyes. He wanted to pretend that he wasn’t seeing Lena. He wanted to make believe that he wasn’t feeling anything.

Lena looked at Jaejoong again. She felt like her heart was going to explode. He wasn’t even looking at her. She slowly moved her wheelchair to where he was standing. She wanted to be close to him. She wanted to explain . . . . She wanted to make everything all right. She couldn’t stand the pain anymore. She didn’t want to lose him. She needed him to be beside her. She knew she couldn’t live without him. If she needed to beg, she will do it . . . She was willing to do anything, just to have him back.

“Jaejoong . . .” Lena uttered as soon as she was close to him. Then she touched his hand.

But Jaejoong immediately brushed her hand away, and moved away from her. Then he looked at her with shock and disgust in his eyes.

Lena stared at Jaejoong’s eyes, then she looked at her hand that had touched his hand. Her hand was still reaching out to him. She suddenly pitied herself. She closed her eyes, as she slowly lowered her hand. And as her eyes were closed, tears ran down her face. How she wished she could die where she was right at that moment.

As she slowly opened her eyes, more tears immediately rushed down her beautiful face.

“I still love you Jaejoong,” she weakly uttered. “Please forgive me! I am willing to do anything . . . just forgive me. I love you and I need you. Please come back to me. I don’t think I can live without you. Please . . . please . . . love me again . . .” she begged.

Jaejoong felt like he couldn’t breathe. No matter how hard he tried to deny his true feelings . . . the truth was he still cared for Lena.

As he stared at her in such a pitiful state, his own heart was bleeding out for her. How he wanted to hold her and comfort her. But he knew it wasn’t possible anymore. He already had Keiko to think about.

But his heart was more powerful than his mind. Somehow his heart was controlling his entire body. He approached Lena, and then he knelt down in front of her. He then carefully wiped away the tears on her face. He then lovingly caressed her face.

Lena stared straight into Jaejoong’s eyes. She then wrapped her arms around him. She wanted to feel him near her again. She wanted to feel his heart beat again.

Jaejoong’s entire body felt warm, and as Lena embraced him . . . memories started rushing into his mind. He then started to return Lena’s embrace. He also wanted to feel the warmth of Lena’s body next to his. How he had longed for the time that he would be able to have her in his arms again. And now that she was with him again. . . it was as if he didn’t want to let go anymore.

At that exact moment, Jaejoong’s cold heart had already melted and the anger in his heart had
disappeared as well. Everything was like a dream.

As he continued to embrace her, he wasn’t thinking anymore. He just allowed his heart to take over. His lips immediately searched for Lena’s lips. And as soon as their lips met, all their longing for each other was released. All the hurt were easily replaced with passionate kisses.

Jaejoong and Lena felt like their entire world had started spinning, as they continued to passionately kiss each other. Somehow they didn’t want to stop. Jaejoong tightened his hold on Lena. He was so afraid that she was going to stop and let go of him. How he wanted their kiss to go on forever.

“Jaejoong!” a voice suddenly called out.

Surprised, Jaejoong and Lena both looked at where the voice came from. And as fast as they were able to forget, they immediately fell back into reality as soon as they saw Keiko standing in front of them with tears in her eyes.

Bewildered and hurt, Keiko kept on looking back and forth between Jaejoong and Lena, as if asking what was going on.

“Keiko . . .” Jaejoong uttered. He immediately let go of Lena.

Keiko brushed her tears away, and hurriedly rushed out of the room.

Jaejoong’s heart was pounding very hard. He was so confused on what to do. He was about to stand up, but Lena immediately grabbed his hand. She then tightened her hold on him. She didn’t want to let him go.

“Please stay . . . I love you . . . I promise I’ll make up for everything I’ve done. Please just stay with me. I need you . . .” Lena begged as she tried to hold on to him.

Jaejoong slowly shook his head. “I’m sorry . . . But I’ve got to go,” he uttered as he released himself from Lena’s hold.

Lena violently shook her head. “No! No! No! Please don’t go. I love you Jaejoong . . . I need you . . . Please just let her go. I love you. . . I can’t live without you,” Lena uttered as if she was going crazy.

Jaejoong stared at Lena, then at the door. “I’m sorry, Lena. . . . but I love Keiko,” he said as he
hurriedly stood up and ran out of the room. He knew he needed to find Keiko. He needed to explain everything.

“No . . . Jaejoong,” Lena cried out as she tried to reach out for him. She was totally losing her sanity. She wanted to ran after him. She wanted to stop him.

Lena tried to stand up. But her legs were still numb. She then started to hit her legs with her hands. She wanted to hurt herself. She wanted to make her legs feel again. She then tried to push herself up and out of the wheelchair. But her legs and her whole body immediately lost balance, and she instantly fell down on the floor.

As soon as Lena hit the floor, she again cried uncontrollably. She didn’t try to stand up anymore. She just continued to lay down motionless, and wishing that she would just die.

“Lena . . .” Micky cried out after he saw her lying on the floor. “Lena, what’s wrong? Are you hurt?” he worriedly asked as he gently carried her in his arms.

Lena continued to cry. She then wrapped her arms around Micky. “Please . . . I don’t want to stay here anymore. I don’t think I can bear to see Jaejoong again. Please help me . . . I want to go,” Lena begged.

Micky’s face was full of anger. “What did Jaejoong do to you? What did he say?”

Lena shook her head. “Whatever he did and said isn’t important anymore . . . Keiko already knows about me and Jaejoong. I’m afraid I’ve done something wrong again. It’s obvious that Jaejoong truly cares for her. I saw the love and concern in his eyes before he left and ran after her. I don’t want to destroy his relationship with Keiko. That’s why I want to leave.”

Micky’s facial expression hardened. “You’re staying here and I’m taking care of you, that’s final. I don’t have the slightest concern whatever happens to Jaejoong and Keiko. The only person I am concerned about is you. So don’t you even think of running away again just for Jaejoong’s sake.”

“Micky . . .” Lena uttered.

“Have you told him about your condition and about the baby?” Micky asked.

“No . . . I don’t think it was necessary. I wanted him to return to me because he still loved me . . . not because of pity . . . and especially not because of the baby,” she answered.

“Stupid Jaejoong . . . So he’s left you . . . just to run after Keiko. Well that’s it! I’ve already had
enough. He’s just made the biggest mistake of his life. From now on, I’m never going to allow you to go back to him ever again. Even if he died begging, I will never give you back to him,” Micky said coldly.

Xiah, Max and U-Know all sighed. This was what they were all afraid of. things were beginning to be more complicated. And everyone was obviously hurting. How they wished that all the problems would stop coming. They didn’t want Jaejoong, Micky, Daichi, Keiko and Lena to get hurt anymore.

Lena felt very weak. She rested her head on Micky’s chest and just silently cried again.

Micky just tightened his hold on Lena. He had decided that he wasn’t going to let Jaejoong hurt her anymore. He was going to protect her in anyway that he can.


Jaejoong hurriedly ran out of the apartment building. His mind was sort of spinning while his heart was beating very fast.

“Keiko . . .” he uttered.

He quickly ran to where Keiko usually parks her car. And there . . . he found her crying. He gently opened the door of the car.

Keiko was crying uncontrollably while her head was bent down on the wheel of the car.

“Keiko . . .” he uttered as he gently caressed her head.

Keiko slowly lifted her head and stared straight at Jaejoong. “Jaejoong . . . Oh . . . Jaejoong . . .” she uttered as she quickly embraced him.

Jaejoong’s heart pounded very hard as soon as he felt Keiko’s warm body next to his. He couldn’t quite explain it . . . but he knew there was a big difference between his body’s reaction towards Keiko and towards Lena.

“Lena . . . Oh god! What have I done?” he suddenly remembered her. Instantly his heart started to ache after realizing that he had hurt Lena when he left her to look for Keiko. He was totally confused.

“Jaejoong . . . I . . . I thought you wouldn’t look for me . . . I thought . . . I thought you didn’t love me anymore,” Keiko tried to utter in between sobs.

“I’m sorry . . . I’m sorry if I hurt you,” Jaejoong slowly uttered.

Keiko looked straight into Jaejoong’s eyes. “Please tell me the truth . . . Who is she? Why did you kiss her? Is she . . . someone from your past? Please tell me,” she begged.

Jaejoong felt like there was something stuck in his throat. He was finding it very hard to answer Keiko’s question.

“Lena . . . Lena was my first love. She was the very first woman I ever fell in love with. And she was also the reason why I was hurting . . . during the time that you met me,” Jaejoong confessed.

“So . . . she’s the girl . . . you were trying to forget?” Keiko asked as if unable to believe.

Jaejoong slowly nodded his head.

Keiko’s eyes suddenly softened. She then cupped Jaejoong’s face with her hands.

“Now . . .I understand . . . why you were so shocked when we first met her . . . I no longer want to know why you kissed her . . . because . . . I know what you will answer might hurt me more. And I’m willing to forget everything I saw and heard . . . in exchange . . .just promise me that you won’t leave me. I love you, Jaejoong. You know that don’t you? I don’t think I can live without you. So please . . . don’t leave me. I need you . . . our baby needs you,” Keiko said with tears in her eyes.

Jaejoong stared at Keiko. What he had heard had suddenly exploded like a bomb. He hated himself for hurting her. But he still couldn’t deny the fact that a big part of his heart was calling out for Lena. “You’re pregnant?” he asked with a trembling voice.

Keiko just nodded. Then she saw the confusion in Jaejoong’s eyes. She knew that he was still in love with Lena. But she was just trying to pretend that it wasn’t real. She was constantly making herself believe that she was the only one in his heart. She gently wrapped her arms around Jaejoong. She wanted to make him forget. She wanted him to want her and forget about Lena.

Keiko slowly searched for Jaejoong’s lips. She was willing to do anything just to make sure that he wouldn’t leave her. She then tightened her embrace. She wanted to make him feel how much she loved him. She didn’t care about anything else anymore. The only thing on her mind was that she loved him, and it was the only thing that matters.

Keiko’s gentle kiss quickly changed into a deep and passionate one. Jaejoong was immediately drawn into Keiko’s kisses and caresses that he momentarily forget about Lena and everything that had happened.

Back in the DBSK boys’ apartment . . . .

Micky carefully placed Lena on her bed. She had been crying non-stop ever since Jaejoong left her to look for Keiko.

“You should rest now . . . And please stop crying. . . Crying will be bad for you and your baby,” he softly said while caressing her hair.

“Can you . . . can you please stay beside me until I fall asleep?” Lena asked weakly.

Micky smiled. “Yes, I will certainly stay with you . . . even for a lifetime. So don’t worry. Just close your eyes and try to forget everything.”

Lena followed what Micky had said. But as soon as her eyes were closed . . . Jaejoong’s image quickly appeared in her mind. One by one . . . images started to rush in . . . Jaejoong embracing her . . . Jaejoong kissing Keiko . . . Jaejoong kissing her . . . Keiko with tears in her eyes . . . Jaejoong running out of the room . . . Everything was just too maddening for her.

Lena’s weak and tired body finally gave up and within minutes she was fast asleep.

Micky silently gazed at Lena’s beautiful face. He still couldn’t believe that someone would actually hurt such a beautiful angel. Somehow he couldn’t stop himself from being angry with Jaejoong. He had already given him all the chances to have Lena back. But Jaejoong just threw it all away.

Micky gently caressed Lena’s cheek, then his fingers travelled to her lips. “Such sweet lips,” he uttered.

He stared deeply at her lips. He felt so drawn that he somehow couldn’t stop himself. He slowly lowered his head, then he lovingly planted a long and sweet kiss on Lena’s lips.

Micky was still kissing Lena . . . when the door opened. Xiah, Max. U-Know and Jaejoong slowly entered the room and were all stunned with what they saw.

Jaejoong’s world suddenly became black. Then he instantly felt like his heart was being crushed and torn into millions of pieces. He had never imagined he would actually see Micky kissing the only girl he had loved with all his heart. The pain was just too much. Now he knew what Lena must have felt when she saw him kissing Keiko. He abruptly leaned on a wall. He felt like he was going to collapse. Somehow the scene he was seeing was making him enraged.

“Micky . . . ” U-Know spoke softly but with a distinct warning tone.

Micky suddenly looked at the other DBSK boys. He was quite surprisedm, but was instantly delighted when he saw the pain in Jaejoong’s eyes. He wanted to hurt him so much. He wanted to make him feel even a fraction of the pain that Lena was feeling.

“Micky . . . what are you doing?” Xiah asked with disgust in his eyes.

Micky grinned. “Can’t you see? I was kissing the woman I love,” he answered directly.

Max looked carefully at Lena. “But hyung . . . Lena is sleeping. . . You’re taking advantage of her,” he said angrily.

“I’m taking advantage?” Micky asked, then he lightly laughed. “Okay . . . let’s say . . . I really am taking advantage of her . . . So what? . . . At least , even if I took advantage of her, I’m willing to be responsible for all my actions . . . And I’m certainly willing to be responsible for her unlike someone I know,” he said tauntingly while staring at Jaejoong.

“Micky . . . let’s all go outside. All of us need to talk . . . right now. This situation is already getting way out of hand,” U-Know said with a serious voice.

U-Know and the other DBSK boys quickly left Lena’s room.

And as soon as they all entered the living room . . .

“Micky . . . what the hell are you trying to do?” U-Know shouted angrily. “Have you really gotten so low . . . as to take advantage of a girl while she’s sleeping?”

“U-Know . . . try to calm down yourself. And please lower your voice, you might wake up Lena,” Xiah tried to remind him.

U-Know sighed. “What is happening to us? What is happening to the two of you?” he asked Micky and Jaejoong. “We all have been together for years now . . . We’re like brothers . . . So how come the two of you are hurting each other?”

“The problem isn’t with me . . . You should try to ask Jaejoong. He’s the one with all the problems,” Micky said sarcastically.

Jaejoong tried to control himself. He was already very furious with Micky.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked angrily.

Micky looked straight at Jaejoong. “I mean . . . you’re the one making all the trouble. By the way . . . how is your precious Keiko? Have you comforted her? Are you satisfied that while you were consoling Keiko Lena was almost dying of crying,” he said furiously.

Jaejoong’s heart somehow stopped because of what Micky had said. He was suddenly hit by the truth.

“I . . . I’m sorry . . . I didn’t mean to hurt her,” Jaejoong tried to utter.

“You didn’t mean to hurt her? Are you kidding me? You practically threw everything right at her face when you left her just to look for Keiko. So you know how hurt she was? Can you even imagine what kind of pain she was feeling? I can still see it in your eyes that you still care for her . . . So why the hell are you still hurting her? She had already gone through so much . . . Why can’t you just give her a break? Please stop causing her more pain. You don’t know the difficult situation she is in right now. Have pity on the girl . . . She’s . . . .” Micky quickly controlled himself. He didn’t want to divulge Lena’s secrets.

Jaejoong closed his eyes. Everything that Micky had said had stirred different emotions in him . . . emotions that he didn’t want to feel. “I’m so confused,” he uttered as he slowly opened his eyes.

“Confused? get your head straight Jaejoong! You’re a man . . . act like a man,” Micky said seriously.

“Yes . . . I admit I still have feelings for Lena. But I don’t want to hurt Keiko. She’s been so good to me . . . and I’ve . . . . I’ve already slept with her . . . and now she’s carrying my child. So I can’t just leave her. I have to be responsible for her,” Jaejoong tried to explain.

“Responsible? Lena is the one you should be responsible for. She’s also carrying your child,” Micky said in his mind while staring at Jaejoong.

“You already slept with her? And she’s pregnant as well? Way to go!” Micky said as an insult.”You sure have a unique way of showing your love. So what if you already slept with Keiko . . . or she’s pregnant? Are you even sure that the child is really
yours? You slept with Lena too . . . but look at her now. You’re already moving on with your life . . . while she’s still trying to hold on to your memories. Do you think that’s fair?”

Xiah, Max and U-Know were all stunned with what Jaejoong had said. Keiko was pregnant as well.

Micky slowly approached Jaejoong. Then he stopped right in front of him . . . face to face . . . eye to eye . . . man to man . . .

“I know we’ve been friends for a very long time now. But please understand . . . I love Lena. I’ve never felt this way with anyone before. So I’ve decided to fight for her. I want her to be mine,” Micky suddenly said with sincerity in his eyes.

Xiah, Max and U-Know were totally speechless. Their two friends were in love with the same girl. And Jaejoong had gotten two girls pregnant. They had never imagined that such a situation could happen to them.

Jaejoong didn’t know what to say. Hearing Micky say that he loved Lena was making him insane with jealousy. “I still love Lena. . . . but I also love Keiko,” he confessed.

“You’re a fool! You can’t possibly love two girls all at the same time. Decide Jaejoong! I’m going to give you one last chance. Choose . . . Lena or Keiko . . .” Micky said seriously.

Jaejoong felt like both his head and his heart was going to explode any minutes. He was totally confused. He still loved Lena and he wanted to have her back in his life. But he also cared about Keiko and she was pregnant with his child. He needed to set aside his own feelings and take care of Keiko for the sake of their child.

Jaejoong lowered his head. He had finally decided. Even if his heart was screaming out another name, his mind had only one name. “Keiko . . .” he weakly uttered.

Micky shook his head in disbelief. He was totally enraged with Jaejoong’s decision. “So you’re really choosing her over Lena?” he asked Jaejoong with anger in his eyes.

“Yes . . .” Jaejoong uttered softly.

“Congratulations! I think you just made the biggest mistake in your life. You’re really a fool! How I wish I could see your reaction once everything blows up in your face. I know there will be a time that you will realize what you just threw away is really the most important and the only real thing in your life. Go and take care of your Keiko . . . I hope the two of you will be happy . . . in hell . . .” Micky said with such fury in his eyes that Xiah, Max and U-Know were all scared.

Jaejoong suddenly looked at Micky. He wanted to say something, but nothing was coming out of his mouth.

Micky grinned with a scary look in his eyes. “Oh! And before I forget . . . I want to give you something . . . you will always remember . . .” and with those words he violently punched Jaejoong straight in the face.

Micky’s punch was very fast that Jaejoong wasn’t able to avoid it. He was hit very hard on the face that his lower lip immediately bled. Jaejoong tried to wipe away the blood that was coming out of his wound. He knew he deserved what Micky had done.

“From now on . . . You’re no longer my friend. I don’t want to know you or your Keiko. And starting today . . . don’t you dare go near Lena again . . .Our friendship ends here, Jaejoong . . . With your decision, you didn’t just lose me . . . as your friend . . .or Lena as your lover . . . but you also lost a very special part of your life . . . a part which you will never know . . . a part which you can never replace . . . Your pain is just starting Jaejoong. Once you know the truth . . . I hope you will have the courage and the strength to face what you have done. When that time comes . . . even if you beg a million times . . . I will make sure that you will never have Lena back. I will do everything . . . I will make Lena my wife . . . I will make sure of that,” Micky said as he finally walked out and went back to his room.

Jaejoong was left still unable to believe what just happened. How he wished he could turn back time, so that he could be free to love Lena again.

Slowly his tears started to fall. He still loved Lena. But he was no longer free to love her. He wanted to scream and let out the pain he was feeling. Micky was right. Letting Lena go would be the biggest mistake in his life . . . but there was nothing he could do. He needed to set her free . . . and he needed to bind himself to a love that he just realized wasn’t real. . . . all for the sake of a child . . . his child.

Jaejoong’s tears continuously fell. How he wished he would become numb. He felt so tired . . . tired of all the pain. “I’m sorry Lena. . . ” he tried to utter.

CHAPTER 49 Part 1

The next day . . . .

“Lena . . .” Micky lovingly uttered while he caressed her hair. “Wake up, let’s have breakfast.”

Lena slowly opened her eyes. She immediately saw Micky’s smiling face. Somehow his sweet smile brightened up her day. “Good morning,” she greeted.

“Good morning . . .” he greeted back. “I already brought breakfast . . . I want us to eat forst before I go.”

“Go? Go where?” Lena asked curiously

“We have an interview to go to at 10 o’ clock. Then we have a Tv guesting at 2pm. I think we will be finished by 4 . . . So we will be back here before 5. We can have snack by then okay,” Micky said sweetly.

Lena felt her heart suddenly skipped a beat. She was deeply touched by Micky’s sweet gesture. She smiled and just nodded.

“Oh, before I forget . . . I’ve already ordered from a restaurant. Your food will be delivered here before lunch time. I’m sorry . . . I won’t be here to have lunch with you. Promise me, you’ll eat your food. I don’t want you to skip your meal okay,” Micky said with love in his eyes.

Lena smiled, then she carefully sat up on her bed while Micky still helped her. “Are you leaving already? Can you help me to go to the bathroom first? I really want to take a bath first before we have breakfast.”

Micky bowed his head in approval. “Of course, I knew you might say that so I already prepared the bathroom for you.”

Lena smiled. Micky was really such a gentle and caring person. Somehow she felt glad that he was beside her. He was just like Daichi. . . She then remembered Daichi. “Where could he be?” she started to ask herself.

Half an hour later . . . .

“Micky . . . I’m already finished,” Lena called out.

Micky then carefully lifted Lena out of the bathtub, and out of the bathroom. She was only wearing a bathrobe that was covering her naked body.

Micky’s whole body felt tensed as he carried Lena in his arms. He could smell the sweet scent coming from Lena. EVen though he tried to control himself, his manly desires were still trying to take over.

He tried to shake himself awake from the fantasies and thoughts that were flooding his mind. He gently placed Lena on her bed on a sitting position. Then he placed the clothes she was supposed to wear on one side of the bed near her.

“Thank you,” Lena uttered.

Micky smiled, then he gently caressed Lena’s face. “I hope you will be all right . . . while I’m gone. I’m very sorry that I have to leave you alone.”

“It’s all right. I’m used to being left alone. Daichi sometimes leaves me alone whenever he needs to go somewhere,” Lena tried to reassure Micky.

“I’ll only be gone for a few hours. You can just sleep or watch TV while I’m gone,” Micky uttered.

“I can still take care of myself Micky. So don’t worry too much,” Lena said with a sweet smile.

“I’ll go out now . . . while you put on your clothes. Then I’ll transfer you to your wheelchair . . . and then we can have breakfast,” Micky said.

Lena nodded. “Okay.”

Micky slowly went out of the room. As soon as he was outside the room, he let out a long sigh. Then he leaned against the wall. He was losing his control whenever he was around Lena. Somehow while he was carrying her in his arms, he was feeling like he really wanted to kiss her and make love to her.

He closed his eyes. He needed to clear his head. He needed to pull himself together.

“Micky . . . what are you doing there?” U-Know asked.

Micky suddenly opened his eyes. He then saw Xiah, Max and U-Know staring back at him.

“Oh . . . I’m waiting for Lena to finish putting on her clothes,” Micky carelessly answered without thinking.

“What? Why are you waiting for her to finish putting on her clothes?” Xiah asked curiously.

Micky started to realize what mistake he had made. His friends still didn’t know that Lena’s half body was paralyzed. He started to think of a perfect excuse.

“I’m supposed to help her sit on her wheelchair. Then we will be having breakfast so I’m waiting here . . . Is it time to go already?” Micky asked. He was trying to divert their conversation to another topic.

“Oh . . . not yet,” Xiah replied.

“Before I forget . . . where’s Jaejoong? I haven’t seen him after we had breakfast,” U-Know asked Max.

“Hyung already went downstairs. He said he will just wait for us there,” Max answered.

“Oh . . . Micky, have you told Lena that we will be gone for a few hours. Do you think it would be all right to leave her alone?” Xiah asked with concern.

“I already told her, and she said that she will be all right,” Micky answered.

“Oh . . . what’s that?” Max suddenly asked as they all heard a loud crashing sound inside Micky’s room.

Micky hurriedly opened the room. They were all surprised with what they saw. Lena’s wheelchair and the table near her bed were both turned over. And Lena was sitting on the floor, trying to pick up the pieces of broken glass and plates that were scattered all over the floor.

“Lena, what happened?” Micky asked worriedly.

Lena slowly looked up at Micky. It was only then that Micky realized that Lena was crying.

“I’m sorry . . . I accidentally knocked over the table. I wanted to get on the wheelchair . . . by myself. But I . . . I . . . I’m sorry . . . I’ve totally wasted over breakfast,” Lena said in between sobs.

Micky gently carried Lena in his arms. “Max, can you please arrange her wheelchair,” he then said.

Max immediately followed Micky’s request.

Then Micky carefully placed Lena on her wheelchair.

“I’m sorry . . . I’m totally useless . . . I always cause a lot of trouble,” Lena uttered.

Micky knelt down in front of her. Then he lovingly wiped away all her tears. “Don’t worry about it. I can always replace our breakfast. What would you like? I can always order . . .”

Lena looked deep into Micky’s eyes. “Sorry,” she uttered.

Micky smiled. “Stop saying sorry. It’s all right.”

Max, Xiah and U-Know had already started to clean up the broken glasses and plates when . . .

“Blood? Xiah . . . there’s blood here,” Max uttered.

Xiah and U-Know hurriedly went to look at the piece of broken glass that Max was holding.

“Micky . . . I think you should check Lena’s hands. She might have a cut. We found a piece of glass with blood on it,” U-Know said to Micky.

Micky then hurriedly took Lena’s hands.

“I’m okay. I don’t have any cut,” Lena said as Micky carefully examined her hands.

“Micky . . . I . . . I think I already know where the blood came from,” Xiah said seriously.

“Where?” Micky asked.

“Look at her left leg,” Xiah uttered as he stared at the wound that Lena had.

Surprised . . . Micky looked at Lena’s left leg. And there he found a long cut that was bleeding steadily.

Max had already handed Micky the medical kit that they had in the apartment.

“Maybe we should bring her to a hospital,” Max suggested.

“Make sure that you clean her wound carefully,” U-Know said tried to remind Micky.

“Yes, I know. I dont think it is deep. So we don’t need to bring her to a hospital,” Micky said seriously.

Xiah, Max and U-Know exchanged glances with each other. They had already noticed that something was wrong with Lena. But they just kept silent, thinking that they were just making a mistake.

Micky had already finished cleaning and bandanging Lena’s wound. He then arranged Lena on her wheelchair. He made sure that everything was fixed before turning to his friends, who were silently watching in a corner of the room. “Thank you for helping,” he uttered to them.

Max couldn’t control his curiosity any longer. “Lena . . . Micky . . . can you guys be honest with us,” he uttered.

Lena worriedly stared at Max. Somehow she already knew what he was talking about.

“What are you talking about Max? Be honest with what?” Micky asked.

Max stared at Micky seriously. “I have a feeling . . . something is wrong with Lena. How come . . . if she only has a sprain . . . then why won’t she even try to move her legs. And why is she acting like an invalid or something. And why didn’t she react while you were cleaning her wound? It’s like she didn’t feel a thing . . . which is very impossible . . . unless . . .”

Lena closed her eyes. She knew this time would eventually come. “I’m paralyzed . . . from the waist down,” she weakly voiced out.

U-Know, Xiah and Max were all shocked by what they heard. They never expected Lena’s answer could be so unbelievable.

“Paralyzed? How? Why?” Max asked as if very confused.

Lena just lowered her head. She didn’t have the strength to narrate everything that had happened to her that might have caused her situation now.

Micky looked at Lena. He knew she didn’t want to say anything. So he just decided to do the talking for her.

“Let’s all go out. If there are things you want to ask. You can just ask me. Let’s leave Lena alone so she can rest,” he said to the other DBSK boys.

Xiah, Max and U-Know all followed Micky out of the room. Then they went straight to the living room.

CHAPTER 49 Part 2

“How did she become paralyzed?” Xiah asked immediately.

Micky sighed. “She became paralyzed after she and Jaejoong got separated.”

“How long have you known all about this?” U-Know asked Micky.

“The day . . . she and Daichi arrived and Jaejoong saw them, I immediately went to see them. Daichi was kind enough to explain everything to me,” Micky answered.

“What happened to her?” Xiah asked again.

Micky slowly started to tell his friends about everything that happened to Lena right after she and Jaejoong got separated. He told them everything that Daichi told him. . . including the hardships that Lena went through just to find a cure for herself.

“So the reason . . . why she disappeared for the last two months was because of what happened to her?” Max asked out loud. Somehow he couldn’t believe what he just found out. It was too cruel for a fate to have happened to an innocent and kind girl like Lena.

“Micky . . . what are you really planning? Don’t you think it’s time that Jaejoong knows about the truth? He has a right to know. He needs to know about Lena’s condition . . . and about the baby she’s carrying. He is the father. And no matter how hard you try to hide it, he will still know about it . . . sooner or later. I know and I understand that you love Lena. But please don’t be selfish. Think about what is good for both Lena and her child. Jaejoong must know the truth . . . before it is too late,” U-Know tried to put some sense into Micky’s clouded mind.

Micky tried to hide the pain he was feeling with a fake smile. “Tell him the truth before it is too late? Are you making me laugh? Don’t you think it’s already too late? He’s already involved with Keiko and she’s pregnant. What’s the use of telling him the truth now? Do you actually think that once he learns about Lena and their baby . . . things will change? It will only make things much worst. He would only be faced with two women who are both carrying his children. Frankly I’d hate to be in his position. That kind of position would be totally maddening for me. Imagine . . . the first woman I’ve ever loved is disabled and pregnant with my child . . . and the second woman is also carrying my child . . . Who do you think I should choose?” Micky said with sarcasm.

“No matter what or who Jaejoong chooses is entirely up to him. The important thing is . . . he should be given the chance to know everything . . . and to choose. The two of you are both our friends. We are not taking anyone’s side. We just want what is best and fair for everybody involved. Please Micky . . . give Jaejoong the chance to choose,” Xiah said.

“A chance to choose? Do you think I haven’t given him that so-called chance? I’ve already given him the chance to choose . . . and he chose Keiko,” Micky said with anger in his eyes.

“But hyung . . . he doesn’t know about Lena’s condition and that she’s also pregnant. The only thing that he knows is that Keiko is pregnant. So of course, he would automatically choose her,” Max voiced out.

Micky ran his fingers through his hair. He was totally confused. He knew what his friends were saying were right. But he somehow couldn’t accept the thought of losing Lena once Jaejoong finally knows everything and suddenly chooses her again.

“Micky, we are not doing this because we are on Jaejoong’s side. To be honest, we are doing this because of Lena and the child she’s carrying. We want to give her and her child to be happy. I know we are somehow being unfair with Keiko and her child by pushing Lena back into Jaejoong’s arms. But let’s all be honest with each other, we all know that Lena and Jaejoong should be the ones who end up together . . . not you and Lena . . . or Lena and Daichi . . . or keiko and Jaejoong. Micky, if you really love Lena . . . give her what she wants . . . what she loves. . . give her happiness. More importantly, give Lena’s child a chance to be with his real father. Have a heart . . . pity the child. Set Lena free. She doesn’t belong with you,” U-Know said with a sad voice. He knew he was hurting Micky with the words he was saying. But there was nothing he could do to avoid it. He needed to open Micky’s eyes . . . even if it meant hurting him. He wanted to make him realize his mistake and accept everything he was trying to say.

Micky closed his eyes. His heart was pounding very hard, and he felt like it was going to explode. Everything he was hearing was bringing him unimaginable pain. As he suddenly opened his eyes, tears immediately ran down his face.

“Hyung . . .” Max uttered with pity in his eyes.

“All right. . . tonight . . . after dinner . . . I’ll tell Jaejoong everything. I just hope . . . this time he finally realizes who he really loves.”

U-Know nodded his head in approval. Then Xiah suddenly gave Micky a hug to show him his support.

Micky tried to control his tears. Somehow he wanted to cry out loud. His heart was aching badly. It was already time for him to say goodbye to Lena. His tears ran down his cheeks. He couldn’t accept that he already needed to say goodbye when he haven’t even started yet.

“I love her,” he weakly uttered. He felt like he wanted to die. It was really very hard for him to let Lena go. He loved her too much.

Xiah tightened his embrace as Micky continued to cry. “It is for the best Micky. Just let all the tears out, it will somehow help to ease the pain. We’re here for you. We will help you to mend your heart,” he said as tears were also filling his eyes. Somehow he could feel the pain that Micky was feeling, and he was also hurting just like his friend.

Max and U-Know just silently watched. They pitied Micky, but they knew his sacrifice was needed for more people to be happy.

“Micky. . . what’s wrong?” Lena asked with concern. She had decided to follow the guys to the living room.

Micky slowly looked at Lena. Xiah had already drawn away from him to give him space.

One step at a time . . . Micky walked up to Lena. Then he knelt down in front of her.

“Micky . . . what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Lena asked as she carefully wiped away his tears, and started to caress his face.

Micky gently held Lena’s hand that were caressing his face, then he looked deep into her eyes.

“I love you . . . Lena. No matter what happens, always remember . . . I will always love you,” he uttered with so much emotion that he felt like his heart was going to stop any moment.

“Micky . . .” she uttered. She pitied him, but she didn’t know what to do. She knew she couldn’t return his love for her. Jaejoong will be the only man she will ever love.

Micky slowly embraced Lena. He wanted to feel her body next to his for the very last time. He wanted to cherish the memory of having her in his arms. . . for the last time.

Lena just silently returned Micky’s embrace. She wanted to comfort him. She knew he was in pain, and it was the only way she could think of to help him.

“Lena . . .” Micky uttered. “Can I . . . can I kiss you? This will be the first time . . . and the very last time . . . that I will ask something from you . . . please,” he said with a trembling voice.

Lena’s heart had suddenly ached. It felt like Micky was already saying goodbye to her. “Micky . . .” she uttered.

Micky was already staring straight into Lena’s eyes. “I love you,” he lovingly said as he lowered his head to cover Lena’s lips.

Their world had started spinning as their lips met. Micky tried to keep the feeling he was having locked up in his heart. He wanted to keep the special memory of having Lena in his arms and kissing her . . . all locked up in his heart and in his mind forever.

“Xiah, Max, U-Know . . . the van’s already waiting downstairs,” Jaejoong uttered as he suddenly entered the room.

Xiah, U-Know and Max all turned to look at Jaejoong with concern and fear in their eyes. They didn’t want him to see Micky and Lena kissing each other again.

But it was too late . . . Jaejoong was already staring at Micky and Lena with his eyes wide open with shock and pain.

“Hyung . . .” Max said with concern. He could see hurt in his friend’s eyes.

Jaejoong hurriedly turned away after seeing Micky and Lena. He could feel his heart was very heavy, and was somehow being crushed. He didn’t want to feel such emotions. He no longer had any right to feel hurt or jealous. Lena was no longer a part of his life . . . She no longer belonged to him.

As he quickly stepped out of their apartment . . . his tears appeared again. Even though how hard he tried to deny it . . . the fact still remains . . . he still loved Lena and it was killing him to see her with another man. How he wished he could wake up from the nightmare he was having . . . He wanted to be with Lena again . . . But he knew she was only a dream now that he could no longer obtain.


Lena was suddenly startled by the continuous ringing of the doorbell. Micky and the others had already left hours ago, and the food that Micky ordered had also been delivered.

“Who can it be?” she asked herself as she hurriedly pushed her wheelchair out of the room. She then went straight to the front of the door, and opened it. She was totally surprised with what she saw.

Keiko was standing in front of her. “We need to talk,” she immediately uttered as she entered the apartment.

Lena just silently followed Keiko into the living room. And as soon as they entered the room, Keiko confronted her.

“You should leave,” Keiko said with a serious tone.

Lena looked straight at Keiko. She could see anger in her eyes.

“Just go back where you came from. You have already caused so much trouble. Ever since you arrived, our peaceful lives have been turned upside down. And frankly . . . I hate you . . . and I despise everything about you. Do you actually think that people . . . especially Jaejoong will pity you if you appear on a wheelchair? Are you really injured? Or are you just playing to be one? Your tricks are already old-fashioned dear . . . Why don’t you try playing a new one? But I suggest you better play your game somewhere else . . . and with someone else. Jaejoong belongs to me now. He will never go back to you. So just forget about your plans of winning him back . . . because it won’t work. We’re going to have a baby soon. . . So get lost! I don’t want you here! And I certainly don’t want you near Jaejoong. You’re just making him confused. I know he will soon ask me to marry him. But that won’t happen with you around. So I suggest you find another place to stay. I want you gone before they return,” Keiko said while looking straight at Lena’s shocked expression.

“You’re . . . you’re pregnant?” Lena asked.

“Yes. that’s why I want you to leave. I need Jaejoong . . . Our baby needs him,” Keiko answered.

Lena tried to control her tears that were forming in her eyes. She didn’t want Keiko to see her crying.

“Fine . . . I’ll leave right now,” she weakly uttered.

A sweet smile suddenly appeared on Keiko’s lips. “That’s good. At least, you know when to accept defeat. I never thought you could be so easy to persuade.”

Lena suddenly gave Keiko an angry look. “I’m not leaving because of you, or the things that you have said . . . I’m leaving . . . because of your baby.”

Keiko smiled. “Fine . . . whatever . . . just get lost. I don’t want to see your face again.”

Lena hurriedly turned her wheelchair around. “I’m just going to take some of my things in Micky’s room . . . and then I’ll leave.”

“Sure . . . just make sure you don’t take too long. I want you gone before they arrive,” Keiko uttered coldly.

Lena silently went to Micky’s room. She gathered some of her personal belongings and hurriedly placed all of it into her bag.

She then sadly looked around Micky’s room for the very last time. Slowly she picked up Micky’s picture near her bed.

“Goodbye, Micky. Thank you for all the love and care you’ve given me. I’m sorry that I can’t love you back in the way that you want me to. But please keep in mind . . . that I will always love you . . . as a friend,” Lena softly uttered as she traced Micky’s face in the picture she was holding. Then she planted a kiss on Micky’s picture.

Sadly . . . Lena returned Micky’s picture frame on the side of the bed. “Please take care of yourself Micky,” she uttered before she finally closed Micky’s room.

“Are you leaving now?” Keiko asked coldly as she stared in front of the door of the apartment.

“Yes,” Lena replied.

“Good,” Keiko uttered as she quickly opened the door.

Lena gradually pushed her wheelchair out of the apartment. She felt like she was slowly dying inside. But she still tried to control herself. She didn’t want to appear so pitiful in Keiko’s eyes.

“Goodbye . . . I hope I will never see you again,” Keiko uttered.

Lena stared at Keiko. “Keiko . . . please take good care of Jaejoong,” she softly said.

Keiko felt her heart had suddenly softened for Lena. She somehow pitied her. But she immediately regained her cold heart and sneered at Lena.

“Of course, I will take good care of him. You don’t even have to remind me,” she uttered angrily.

Lena tried to smile, even though she felt like her whole world was slowly crumbling. She then turned her wheelchair and went straight to the elevator.

As Lena moved farther and farther away from the DBSK boys’ apartment, her tears quickly appeared. She was totally lost and confused. She didn’t know where to go. The only thing she knew was she needed to get away from that place. She didn’t want to see Jaejoong anymore. How she wanted to forget him.

Lena sobbed. Somehow her heart couldn’t take the pain anymore. Jaejoong was also the father of another woman’s child. The thought was too sickening for her. She wanted to hate him and forget him.

As she was having those thoughts, she suddenly felt a weak movement in her abdomen. And slowly she smiled, then she started to caress her abdomen.

“I’m sorry . . . baby. I know you don’t want me to hate your father. But I’m hurt . . . very hurt. Please try and understand,” she uttered with a trembling voice.

Several minutes passed and Lena was already outside of the apartment building. She sadly stared at the building. Memories then started to fill her mind.

“Where do I go now?” she started to ask jerself. Then she looked at the people passing by. Fear started to creep into her heart. She knew once she leaves that place . . . she can never return to it ever again.

Lena let out a long sigh. She didn’t want to cry anymore. She was very tired of crying. She tried to put on a smile on her face. “Come on, baby. . . Let’s see where the road takes us. Let’s leave this sad place and find another place where we can both be happy. As long as you’re with me . . . I know I can endure anything. So stay strong baby . . . I promise I will stay strong as well,” she uttered as she slowly pushed her wheelchair along a large group of people passing by.

She didn’t care about what will happen to her once she leaves. The only thing she cares about is that she won’t be alone. She will always have a special memory that will stay with her forever.

Lena continuously pushed her wheelchair farther and farther away. She didn’t care about the pity in the eyes of the people that saw her. She didn’t care where she was heading. She wanted to get away . . . and forget.

Her tears were already streaming down her face. She couldn’t help it. She needed to cry, or else she wouldn’t be able to bear the pain. She had finally decided to let Jaejoong go. Even though her heart wasn’t accepting her decision, her mind was telling her it was the right thing to do.

A cold breeze suddenly made her shiver. She then thought that she will never have the chance to feel the warmth of Jaejoong’s embrace again. The thought brought pain into her heart.

She then tried to console herself with the thought that even though she will never have Jaejoong again . . . she will always have the memories they shared . . . and she will always have a special part of him with her. She will always have their child with her . . . their baby will be the everlasting memory that will bind her and Jaejoong forever. No matter where she was . . . or who Jaejoong was with. They will always share something special.

“I will always keep you in my heart, Jaejoong,” she uttered.

The cold breeze continued to make Lena shiver. But she just ignored the cold.


It was already passed 5 o’ clock in the afternoon . . .

Micky and the other DBSK boys were finally finished with their schedules activities for the day. And they were already on their way up to their apartment unit.

“I’m so glad we’re already finished with our work. I can finally have some time alone with Lena,” Micky said out loud while they were in the elevator.

U-Know worriedly looked at Jaejoong, then gave Micky a warning look. But Micky just shrugged his shoulders and ignored his friends. Then he continued to smile while thinking about Lena.

As soon as the boys entered their apartment, the sweet aroma of food being cooked immediately greeted them. Xiah, Max, U-Know and Micky were all surprised. They knew Lena couldn’t possibly be the one who is cooking.

“Who is cooking?” Max asked curiously.

“Maybe Daichi’s back,” Xiah replied.

The boys quickly went to see who was in the kitchen.

Max, Xiah, Micky and U-Know were all dismayed with what they saw.

“Oh . . . it’s you,” Max uttered with disappointment.

Keiko was happily cooking in the kitchen. Somehow the four boys didn’t like the idea of having her around. They all felt that she always appears at the wrong time. And they also thought that whenever she was around, problems were surely to arise.

Max sighed. He was actually hoping that Lena was the one who was cooking. How he had missed the delicious foods she had prepared for them before.

“Hello . . . I’m preparing our dinner. I think everything will be ready in ten minutes. Are you guys hungry yet? We can have an early dinner if you want . . . .” Keiko said sweetly to the boys.

Micky frowned. “Good thing I already bought dinner. I’ll be in my room with Lena, if you guys need me. Oh . . .don’t bother to call us out for dinner. We will just eat what I bought,” he said coldly as if unconcerned about Keiko’s feelings.

Keiko gave Micky a sharp look. She didn’t like what he had said.

Micky immediately turned around and went out of the kitchen. He was too disgusted with Keiko. Somehow there was something about her that makes her repulsive but he couldn’t quite figure out what it was. He then just brushed aside his thoughts regarding Keiko and went straight to his room.

Back in the kitchen . . .

The four DBSK boys were already sitting around the table.

“Jaejoong I hope you will like the different foods I prepared. I really worked hard to learn how to cook. I know my cooking skills isn’t as good as yours . . . But I’m willing to learn. And I know in due time . . . I will eventually improve,” Keiko uttered sweetly as she continued to stir the dish she was preparing.

Jaejoong smiled. “Thank you for preparing our meal today. Don’t worry. I will always appreciate everything that you will prepare for me.”

Keiko smiled. She felt so happy after hearing Jaejoong’s words. Somehow she felt that everything was already perfect . . . until . . .

“Where’s Lena?” Micky shouted as he suddenly bursted into the room.

The other DBSK boys were all stunned.

“Is Lena missing? Have you checked the other rooms?” Max asked worriedly.

“Yes, I’ve already checked the whole apartment. Keiko . . . where is Lena?” Micky asked with a hard tone.

“She left,” Keiko replied coldly as if she didn’t care. She just continued to look over the different dishes she was preparing.

“Left? What do you mean she left?” Micky asked irritatedly.

“She left . . . She went out of the door . . . and left,” Keiko replied sarcastically, and with a raised eyebrow.

Micky was already red with anger. “What did you do? Why did she leave? What did you do to her? Tell me!”

Keiko stopped what she was doing and faced Micky. “What makes you think that I did something to her? She left . . . on her own free will. I didn’t force her.”

Micky quickly walked up to Keiko and hastily grabbed her arm. “What did you say to her? I know she wouldn’t leave without any reason. What the hell did you do to her?” he continuously asked while his grip became tighter.

Jaejoong hurriedly tried to pull Micky’s hand away from Keiko. He knew Micky was already hurting her. But Micky’s grip was too tight. He wouldn’t let go.

“Micky, you’re hurting Keiko!” Jaejoong warned Micky.

“I don’t care! Keiko, what did you say to Lena? Answer me!” Micky said again.

Micky’s grip on Keiko’s arm was really starting to hurt. Keiko couldn’t stand the pain.

“Okay, I just told her that I’m pregnant . . . that’s all,” Keiko finally answered.

All the DBSK boys were shocked.

Jaejoong suddenly felt weak. He quickly leaned against the counter next to him. Somehow he could imagine the kind of pain that Lena might have felt after learning about Lena’s pregnancy. The thought also caused him to feel pain. He pitied Lena. He knew it was the reason why she left.

Micky also felt like all his blood drained out of his body. He weakly released Keiko. His heart was pounding very hard. He knew Lena must have been hurt badly with what she learned. He suddenly felt miserable knowing that he wasn’t able to protect her from Keiko.

Keiko started to massage her arm that was hurting because of Micky’s grip. She was irritated with Micky and somehow she wanted to get even with him.

“Frankly I’m glad she already left. She’s just a nuisance here. Why are you so concerned about her anyway? Aren’t you glad she’s gone? Have you ever thought that maybe she’s just using your feelings to her advantage . . . so she could win Jaejoong back?” Keiko asked Micky seriously.

“Don’t say such things about her . . . You don’t know her. She’s not like that,” Micky replied with a glare.

“she’s not like that? Why? is she an angel or something?” Keiko suddenly laughed. “It seems she’s really fooled you huh? I think she’s just playing her game with that injured drama effect. So all of you will pity her and be kind to her. She’s nothing . . . She’s just a bitch . . . a total wretched bitch!” Keiko said angrily.

Micky quickly lost his self-control. He slapped Keiko so hard that she instantly fell down on the floor.

“Micky . . .” U-Know uttered with shock.

Jaejoong suddenly became angry. He immediately gave Micky a punch on the face. But Micky quickly returned his punch. Xiah, U-Know and Max rushed to separate their two friends.

“Micky, stop it,” xiah uttered as he gently held Micky arm.

“Jaejoong, calm yourself. The two of you are friends. You don’t have to fight each other,” U-Know tried to remind Jaejoong.

“Friends? How can you say that he’s my friend? He just hurt the woman carrying my child,” Jaejoong said angrily.

“Micky, no matter how angry you are with Keiko . . . It still doesn’t give you any right to hurt her physically. It is too unacceptable, hyung. . . I think you should apologize to her,” Max tried to put some sense into his friend.

Keiko had gotten up and was already beside Jaejoong. “Are you insane? Why did you hurt my Jaejoong? You’re crazy . . . just like your Lena,” she shouted at Micky. “Good thing . . . I told her to leave . . .” she unconsciously blurted out.

All the DBSK bosy surprisingly looked at Keiko.

“So you told her to leave?” Max asked Keiko as if unable to believe what they all heard.

Confused and frightened . . . Keiko looked at Jaejoong. Somehow she was asking his help.

But Jaejoong had already released his arm from Keiko’s hand. Suddenly he found Keiko’s touch to be repulsive. He lowered his head and ran his fingers through his hair. All the emotions that he was feeling was driving him insane. He didn’t know who to side with . . . the woman carrying his child or the woman he truly loved. He felt like his entire world was spinnig in different directions. How he wished he could just melt away on the spot he was standing and disappear totally. So that he would no longer need to choose.

“I . . .I . . . I just told her about the baby . . . and that it would be better . . . for everyone’s sake . . . if she leaves . . . I didn’t force her,” Keiko uttered with a trembling voice as if she was about to cry.

“How could you do such a thing? I actually thought you were a nice person, but I guess I was wrong,” Xiah said with disappointment.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. She doesn’t belong here anyway. Why are you all concerned about her? I’m the one carrying Jaejoong’s baby,” Keiko said as if she hurt. “I’m the one you should be concerned about.”

“Why should we be concerned about you? Because of your baby? Frankly I don’t give a damn about you or your so-called baby,” Micky uttered furiously.

Keiko started to cry. Jaejoong immediately became concerned about her. He was still thinking about their baby.

“Keiko, please don’t cry. It will be bad for our baby,” Jaejoong tried to console her.

Micky couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was very angry with the way Jaejoong was still caring about Keiko.

“Jaejoong, you’re really unbelievable! You’re still taking her side?” Micky uttered.

“Micky stop it already! Keiko’s already hurt . . . So just stop,” Jaejoong furiously shouted back at Micky.

Micky let out a laugh. “Fine . . . The two of you really deserve each other. You’re both stupid and conceited.”

Keiko cried harder after hearing Micky’s words. While Jaejoong became angrier with Micky.

“Are you still trying to start a fight? Stop hurting Keiko with your words,” Jaejoong warned.

Micky looked straight at Jaejoong. “You’re so concerned about Keiko . . . because she’s carrying your child. But I wonder . . . what you would do once you know the truth.”

Jaejoong became confused. ” What truth? What do you mean?”

Keiko suddenly grabbed Jaejoong’s hand. “Jaejoong, I want to leave . . . please,” she begged.

Jaejoong looked at Keiko. “Fine . . . we’ll leave,” he uttered.

Micky shook his head in disbelief. “That’s good. Leave with your precious Keiko. Console her. . . Take care of her . . . Take care of your baby . . . While you’re doing that . . . Somewhere out there . . . God knows where . . . Lena might already be shivering in the cold . . . But still trying to keep herself warm just to protect . . . your child growing inside of her.”

“What?” Jaejoong exclaimed as he looked at Micky, eyes open wide with shock.

“She’s also pregnant with your child . . . That’s why she came back for you,” Micky finally revealed the truth.

Jaejoong’s body unexpectedly lost its strength. He then suddenly fell down on his knees. What he learned was just too much to bear. He felt like he wanted to scream. Both his heart and his mind were telling him different things that he just couldn’t understand.

Keiko was also shocked by what she heard. “Lena is pregnant . . .” the words kept on repeating in her mind.

Micky stared at Jaejoong’s pitiful reaction. “Lena didn’t tell you about the baby . . . because she wanted you to return to her because you still loved her, and not because of the baby.”

Jaejoong cupped his face with his hands.

“And the reason why she disappeared for two months is because . . . she wanted to find a cure for herself first before she returned to you,” Micky continued.

Jaejoong quickly raised his head and looked at Micky. “What do you mean? Is . . . she sick?”

The anger in Micky’s eyes was instantly replaced with sadness. “She’s not playing around or faking her condition, just like what Keiko is trying to imply,” he uttered.

“You said . . . she suffered a sprain,” Jaejoong said as if totally confused.

“No, the truth is . . . she’s paralyzed from the waist down to her legs,” Micky said weakly.

“What?” Jaejoong asked. He felt like a bomb had suddenly exploded right in front of him.

“After she left you, she suffered a condition that lead to her paralysis. It was the main reason why she didn’t try to contact you. She didn’t want you to worry or to feel responsible about her. She tried to undergo different treatments just to cure herself, but everything failed. It was only after she found out that she was pregnant . . . that she decided to to return to you . . . But she was already too late. You already had Keiko in your life,” Micky tried to explain everything.

All the things that Micky had said finally cleared all the questions that were left unanswered in Jaejoong’s mind. He finally understood Lena. All the hurt and anger in his heart were immediately replaced with pity and remorse.

Somehow he couldn’t even try to imagine the kind of hardship Lena went through. How he wanted to ask for her forgiveness.

“I’ve got to find her,” Jaejoong uttered as he quickly stood up.

“No, don’t leave,” Keiko said as she tried to hold on to Jaejoong’s hand.

Jaejoong gently shook his head and released his hand from Keiko’s hold. “Please understand, Lena needs me more that you do. And she . . . is the one who I truly love . . . I’m sorry. I will still be responsible for our child. I will give you and our baby everything you need . . . but please . . . let me go.”

“I need you . . . Our baby needs you. I will never let you go. Never!” Keiko uttered as tears continued to flow down her eyes.

Jaejoong quickly drew away from Keiko. “I’m sorry . . .” he uttered. He then hurriedly went out of the apartment unit.

Micky’s heart was being torn into pieces as he just watched Jaejoong leave. He knew Jaejoong had finally decided to go back to Lena. And the thought was stabbing him over and over again. He was going to lose Lena all over again.

“Good luck, Jaejoong. I hope with all of my heart that you find her . . . and once you find her. Please give her the happiness that she deserves. And don’t you ever let her go again,” Micky said in his mind as tears slowly rushed down his face.

CHAPTER 52 Part 1

Jaejoong hurriedly went out of the apartment building. He tried to look for Lena . . .hoping that she would still be aroound. As he continuously walked, looking from left to right. . . people started to take notice of him.

“Where are you Lena?” he asked in his mind.

Then memories started to rush into his mind. The same thing had happened before. The only thing missing now was the rain.

As soon as he thought about the rain . . . tiny raindrops started to fall.

“The park . . .” he quickly uttered. He had a feeling that she was there. “Lena, please wait for me. Please wait for me . . . I promise I’m going to make everything right,” he uttered as he ran to the park as fast as he could.

In the park . . .

Lena had been staring blankly at the people passing by. Somehow she had totally lost her mind. She couldn’t even think straight.

She sighed. “Where do I go now? It’s almost dark. I can’t possibly stay here all night . . . and even if I stayed here all night . . . I would still have the same problem tomorrow . . . I would still be homeless.”

A cold breeze suddenly made her shiver.

“I wonder where Daichi is right now. But if I call him . . . I would only be pushing all my problems back to him . . . I’ve already caused him so much trouble . . . And I really think he deserves to have a break from me and my problems . . .” she said to herself.

She started to gently rub her abdomen.

“Do you think I am a bad person baby? Why can’t I be happy? Why does my life have to be so complicated? Why can’t I be with the man I love? Sometimes I can’t help but think . . . that maybe I’ve done something wrong. That’s why I’m being punished now . . . Problems seem to always follow me wherever I go . . . And everyone who becomes involved with me . . . seems to suffer different problems too. Maybe I am really cursed. . . cursed to live my life alone.”

Slowly tears started to form in her eyes. “Here I go again . . . Why am I such a cry baby? Even if I don’t want to cry . . . I always end up crying anyway,” she uttered as she tried to laugh.

A young couple with a baby suddenly passed in front of Lena. Her heart ached as she saw them. Somehow she couldn’t help but envy them.

“I’m sorry baby. You will never have the chance to be with your father. Frankly I don’t know if you will even have the chance to know or meet him. Things are so complicated . . . It would be better if we just stayed away,” she uttered sadly.

Then . . . Lena’s phone started to ring.

“Hello . . .” she uttered as she answered her phone.

“Lena, I’m going back to you now. I’ll be with you . . . in a few minutes . . . So do you want me to buy you something? What do you want to eat?” Daichi happily uttered. He was so glad that he was finally going to be with Lena again.

“Daichi . . .” she uttered. Somehow she didn’t know how to tell him that she wasn’t in the DBSK boys’ apartment anymore.

“Lena . . .” Daichi said as he tried to figure out the noise that he was hearing from Lena’s phone. “Lena . . . where are you? Why is it so noisy there? What are you doing?” he asked continuously.

“Daichi . . . I . . . I’m not in the boys’ apartment anymore,” she finally confessed.

“What? Where are you? What happened?” Daichi asked worriedly.

“I’m in a park . . . near the boys’s apartment,” she replied.

“Turn around . . . and go to the park. I think we just passed it,” Daichi said to his driver.

“Yes, sir,” the driver replied.

“Lena, stay where you are. I’ll come and get you. Tell me where you are exactly . . .” Daichi said with concern.

“I’m near the playground . . . near a bench,” she answered.

She then stared at the bench near her. It was only then that she realized that it was the same bench where Jaejoong found her crying . . . months before.

“Jaejoong . . .” she started to remember him again.

“Lena . . . I’ll be there in a few minutes okay,” Daichi said.

“Okay . . . don’t worry. I won’t go anywhere,” she uttered as she finally closed her phone.

“Hurry,” Daichi told his driver.

Lena quietly looked at the sky. “I think it’s going to rain . . .” She then started to remember the past. All the sad and painful memories started to rush into her mind.

Tears quickly fell down from her eyes after remembering all the things that Keiko said.

And as her tears fell . . . tiny rain drops started to fall as well. Lena just lowered her head and started to sob. She didn’t care about the rain or whether she was going to get wet and sick afterwards.

Pity, slowly crept into her heart. She was thinking that even the rain was trying to hide her tears. She pitied herself . . . but she pitied her baby the most.

While Lena was crying in the rain . . . someone suddenly sheltered her with an umbrella.

CHAPTER 52 Part 2

Lena slowly looked up at the man standing in front of her.

“Daichi . . .” she uttered with joy and relief.

Daichi’s heart ached as he looked at Lena’s pitiful condition. He quickly took off his coat and carefully wrapped it around Lena.

“You’re so cold . . .” he uttered worriedly.

“I . . . I’m fine,” she tried to say while trying to control the quivering of her voice.

“Why are you here? What happened? Why isn’t Micky taking care of you?” Daichi asked continuously again.

“It’s not Micky’s fault. I left while they were all gone. I left . . . because I wanted to,” she tried to explain.

“But why? Did something happen?” he asked again.

Lena didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to lie to Daichi.

“I left because I’m constantly ruining Jaejoong’s relationship with Keiko . . . I don’t want to interfere anymore . . . especially now . . . that Keiko is pregnant with Jaejoong’s child,” she confessed.

“What?” Daichi asked in total disbelief. “Jaejoong got that girl pregnant too?”

Lena tried to smile. “I guess we’re really not supposed to be together . . . Even fate is trying to set us apart. The only thing I regret now . . . is that my baby won’t have a father.”

Daichi slowly bent down in front of Lena. “I’m here . . . I’ll be the father of you child, if you allow me to. You know I’m willing to do anything for you.”

“Daichi, aren’t you tired yet? Aren’t you tired of constantly taking care of me?” Lena asked weakly.

“No, I will never get tired of taking care of you,” he lovingly answered.

“Daichi, I . . . I . . . I don’t know if I can ever learn how to forget Jaejoong. It would only be unfair to you . . . if we stayed together,” she uttered.

Daichi’s heart suddenly felt a sharp pain. “Are you trying to say goodbye to me too? Because if you are . . . I’m already telling you . . . I won’t accept it.”

Lena started to cry again. “But it’s so unfair to you . . . to be with me . . . when I can’t give you anything back in return. I’ll just be making you tired, day after day. And I know there will come a time . . .that you won’t have any strength left because you’ve wasted all of it on me. Do you understand me, Daichi? I know I won’t be able to make you happy . . . So why do you still want to waste your love and your time on me?”

Daichi suddenly let go of the umbrella he was holding.

“Lena,” he uttered as he finally knelt down in front of her.

Drop by drop, the rain continued to soak both Daichi and Lena.

“Daichi, you’re getting wet,” Lena said with concern as she tried to wipe away the rain drops that were falling down on his face. Then she suddenly stopped. . .

As her hands were touching Daichi’s face, it was only then that she noticed something . . . Daichi was crying.

“You’re crying? Why?” Lena asked.

“Because of you . . . I can’t live without you Lena. Even if the whole world laughs at me or despises me . . . I don’t care . . . as long as you’re near me. I’m willing to endure any pain or hardship. I was willing to let you go because I know you would be happier if you were with Jaejoong. But now . . . now that you can’t be with him. Don’t you think it would be more unfair to me . . . if you didn’t stay with me? I love you . . . I’m willing to give the world to you. So please don’t leave me. I’ll die if you leave me,” Daichi uttered with pain and sadness in his eyes.

Lena’s heart suddenly melted with Daichi’s words. She knew she couldn’t match the kind of love and attention he had given her . . . but she had finally decided to give it a try. He had already done so much for her . . . It was time for her to pay him back.

“Lena, let’s get married. I know I won’t be able to match Jaejoong in your heart. But I’m willing to wait even if it takes a lifetime,” Daichi slowly uttered.

Lena closed her eyes for a few seconds. Somehow her whole world was spinning. Both her heart and her mind were screaming out different names. But she knew she needed to make a choice.

As she gently opened her eyes, Jaejoong’s image was the first thing that she saw . . . But as time passed by, Jaejoong’s image was replaced with Daichi’s pitiful image. Her heart ached as she realized that she was day dreaming again.

“Lena,” Daichi uttered as he took her hand. “Will you marry me?”

Lena’s heart pounded after hearing those words.

“Lena?” Daichi repeated again.

Slowly . . . Lena nodded her head. Even though her mind was telling her that it was the right thing to do, she still couldn’t stop her heart from crying and calling out Jaejoong’s name.

Daichi’s face suddenly lit up with joy. He then embraced Lena tightly.

“Thank you . . . I promise I’ll take good care of you and our baby,” he happily said.

Lena just returned Daichi’s embrace and continued to be silent. She was afraid that he might notice the sadness in her voice.

Then Daichi started to kiss Lena. A familiar and comforting feeling suddenly filled Lena’s soul. Daichi’s kiss was sweet and gentle. But there was still something missing.

A few meters away, Jaejoong was already soaked in the rain. He had been standing in the same spot for more than fifteen minutes already. He had been watching Lena and Daichi. Somehow he felt like his heart was going to burst because of the pain he was feeling. His eyes were filled with tears, as he continuously watched Lena and Daichi kissing each other. The scene brought so much pain and sadness that he wanted to cry out and scream.

He had tried very hard to find Lena . . . to make up with her . . . to have her back. But he was too late. She was already in Daichi’s arms when he found her.

Jaejoong’s entire body was somehow numb to the cold. He was like a statue standing in the rain, with tears streaming down his face. How he wished that everything he was seeing was just a dream.

“Let’s go . . . You’re already soaked. You might get sick, if we stay out in the rain any longer,” Daichi said lovingly to Lena, after finally releasing her from his kiss.

Lena nodded. Suddenly the rain stopped. Daichi had already turned Lena’s wheelchair, and was about to go to their car when . . .

“Lena . . . can we talk . . . please?” Jaejoong begged.

Lena felt miserable as she looked at Jaejoong’s face.

“What do you want?” Daichi asked coldly.

“I want to talk with Lena . . . even for a few minutes,” Jaejoong answered.

“You don’t have anything to talk about. We’re leaving. So please get out of the way,” Daichi said indifferently.

“No, we have a lot of things to talk about. Please just a few minutes,” Jaejoong begged again.

Daichi looked at Lena, then at Jaejoong again. “I’m sorry, but she doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Jaejoong stared at Lena. Then he hurriedly knelt down in front of her. “Please, we’ve got to talk. There’s so many things we need to clear out. I need to explain . . . and ask for your forgiveness.”

“Jaejoong . . .” Lena uttered. Somehow her heart was feeling very heavy seeing the agony in Jaejoong’s eyes.

Jaejoong took Lena’s hands and tightly hel them. “I’m sorry . . . Please forgive me,” he uttered.

Slowly tears flowed down from Lena’s eyes. “Jaejoong, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be with Keiko.”

Jaejoong stared straight into Lena’s eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you hide? Do you think I would love you any less if you were on a wheelchair? Why did you have to hide the truth from me?”

“I . . . I didn’t want you to feel burdened with my condition. I was afraid that I would be too embarrassing for you. I didn’t think I was good enough to be beside you,” Lena tried to explain.

Jaejoong gently kissed Lena’s hands. “I love you . . . with all my heart. How could you possibly thought that you would be a burden to me? I love you Lena . . . Do you hear me? I loved you before and I still love you now.”

Lena tried to control herself. She didn’t want to cry uncontrollably in front of Jaejoong.

“You love me? If you truly love me . . . tell me . . . why is Keiko in your life right now? And if you truly loved me . . . tell me . . . why is Keiko pregnant with your child?” she asked with a trembling voice.

Jaejoong felt there was a huge lump in his throat. Somehow he didn’t know how to answer Lena’s questions. He knew she had a point, and he knew he had hurt her badly with Keiko.

“I’m sorry . . . After you left, I was angry. I wanted to forget. So I played around. I know I was weak. I made a lot of mistakes. But I was really hurt . . . I thought you had totally abandoned me,” Jaejoong tried to explain.

Lena tried to smile. “I . . . I don’t blame you. I know I also made some mistakes. But there’s nothing we can do now. You have Keiko to think about now. You have to be responsible for her . . . and the child she is carrying.”

Jaejoong looked at Lena. “But you’re carrying my child as well. And now, now I know everything . . . I want to make it up to you. I want to be the one who takes care of you. . . you and our baby.”

“But it’s too late, Jaejoong,” Lena uttered as she finally broke down. “Can’t you see? We’re not meant to be together. . .”

“Too late? What do you mean?” Jaejoong asked, quite confused.

“She’s already agreed to marry me, Jaejoong,” Daichi suddenly revealed.

Bewildered, Jaejoong looked at Daichi, then at Lena. “You can’t possibly marry him Lena. I’m the one you love . . . I’m the father of the child that growing inside of you. Please take back what you said. Tell Daichi that you’re not going to marry him. Tell him . . . you’re going to marry me,” he uttered with tears in his eyes.

Lena looked deep into Jaejoong’s eyes. “I’m sorry, Jaejoong. But . . . Keiko needs you . . . Please understand . . . I have to give you up for the sake of an innocent child.”

“But what about our child? What about the baby inside you? Don’t you think you’re being unfair to our baby?” Jaejoong asked persistently.

Lena tried to control her sobbing. “Sorry, Jaejoong. I’m sorry . . .” she then looked at Daichi. “Let’s go.”

Jaejoong quickly tried to hold Lena’s wheelchair. “No, I still need to talk to you. You can’t go. I won’t let you go,” he cried out as he placed his head on her lap. “Please, don’t go. I beg you . . . Don’t leave me . . . I’m sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused you. I promise you . . . I’ll make it up to you. Don’t go . . . I love you . . . I don’t want to lose you again. Please don’t leave me,” he continuously said while tears flowed from his eyes.

Lena bit her lower lip. She pitied Jaejoong. She felt her heart was already bleeding as she watched Jaejoong.

Daichi had already called his driver and bodyguard. The two men tried to pull Jaejoong away from Lena, but Jaejoong resisted.

“Please don’t hurt him,” Lena cried out to the men. “Jaejoong, it’s over. Just accept it . . . Go back to Keiko . . . She’s your life now.”

“No! You’re my life. You’re the one I love. Please don’t do this. . . I need you. Don’t go. Don’t leave me,” Jaejoong begged once again.

Lena had started to cry uncontrollably again. Daichi quickly took Lena away from Jaejoong.

“Lena! Lena! Lena!” Jaejoong shouted as he tried to break free from the men’s grip.

Lena glanced back at Jaejoong as she moved farther and farther away from him. “Jaejoong,” she uttered as tears streamed down her face.

Daichi and Lena were already in the car when the men hurriedly released Jaejoong and ran to the car.

Jaejoong tried to catch up, but the men had already gotten inside the car, and had quickly started the car.

“Lena . . . please don’t leave . . . I beg you . . . Come back to me . . .” Jaejoong begged as he tried to keep pace with the moving car. He was already banging on the window of the car just to get Lena’s attention.

Lena looked at Jaejoong for the very last time. With tears in her eyes, her lips moved to say I love you.

“What are you guys waiting for? Let’s leave,” Daichi said angrily to his men.

The car moved faster . . . Jaejoong ran and tried to catch up.

“Lena! Lena!” he kept on shouting her name.

But no matter how hard he tried, the car easily left him behind.

Jaejoong fell down on his knees. Then the rain slowly started to fall again. As his tears fell down, the rain tried to hide it with its own drops. Jaejoong felt like it was the end of the world fro him. How he wished that he would wake up already from the bad dream he was having. How he wished that everything wasn’t real. . . How he wished . . .

“Lena!” he screamed one last time before finally breaking down.

The rain continued to pour, as if trying to hide Jaejoong’s tears, and it was somehow trying to make his heart numb from all the pain.

Lena stared blankly at the rain, as it fell down on the window of the car. She couldn’t help but picture Jaejoong still crying in the rain. Her heart ached . . .

“Jaejoong . . .” she uttered as she cried for him for the very last time.


Jaejoong slowly entered their apartment. His whole body was still wet from the rain. But he didn’t care about anything anymore. He had lost Lena once again. And this time he knew it was already impossible to have her back.

As soon as he entered the living room . . .

“Hyung . . .” Max uttered with concern. “What happened? Where’s Lena? Did you find her?”

Jaejoong stared sadly at his friends. “I . . . I was too late. Daichi was already with her when I found her.”

“Daichi? So what? He doesn’t interfere at all. And he’s always supported you and Lena. So why didn’t you talk with her?” Micky asked.

Jaejoong suddenly sat down on the sofa. He felt very weak. “I . . . I . . . I tried to . . . But she didn’t want to talk to me anymore. I guess I’ve already hurt her so much . . . She’s already tired of me.”

“Hyung, don’t say such things. Lena loves you so much. She will never grow tired of you,” Max said as he gently covered Jaejoong with a towel.

Jaejoong tried to put on a smile. “I guess this is what you call bad karma. I’ve done so many bad things to her . . . and I’ve already said so many hurtful words. I guess I deserve this. Now I know how painful it is . . . to see the one you love with someone else,” he uttered as tears slowly filled his eyes.

“You’re being a fool again, Jaejoong. Don’t tell me you’re just going to give up so easily. She loves you. You love her. That is all that matters,” Micky said as he tried to put on a brave face.

Jaejoong closed his eyes. The memories of Lena’s beautiful face . . . her eyes filled with tears . . . Then he saw himself as he begged her to stay . . . Then he saw himself while he was running after the car where Lena was . . .And finally he saw himself crying in the rain . . . so pitiful . . . that his heart started to hurt again.

As his eyes were closed, tears traced down his face.

Max saw Jaejoong’s tears, then he sadly looked at the other DBSK boys. Their hearts were silently bleeding out for their friend.

“Jaejoong . . .” Micky uttered.

“She . . . she already accepted Daichi’s marriage proposal. She said that we weren’t supposed to be together. And that I should be responsible for Keiko . . . and the baby she’s carrying,” Jaejoong said as he opened his eyes.

“What? Marriage proposal?” Micky asked in disbelief.

“I was already too late. I’m such a fool . . . How could I have so many stupid things? If I didn’t mess around with Keiko . . . then maybe she would have stayed with me . . . maybe she would still be here . . . maybe I would be the one taking care of her and our baby,” Jaejoong said as he started to cry. “It hurts . . . It hurts . . . I still love her . . . And I actually thought that everything would finally be all right. I thought I would finally have the chance to hold her one again. I miss her so much. . . that it’s making me crazy. I love her . . . Please make the pain stop. I can’t take it anymore. Why did things become like this? Why can’t we love each other freely? Why does things always end up being so complicated? God . . .I want to die. I think I’m going crazy with all the pain I’m feeling. I don’t think I can continue another day without her . . . and our baby.”

U-Know sat down beside Jaejoong, then he gently embraced him. How he pitied his friend . . .

Jaejoong continued to cry as memories started to fill his mind.

“Be strong . . . You’ll get through this somehow,” U-Know softly uttered.

Micky looked at Jaejoong. His heart was breaking too . . . not only for Jaejoong, but for himself as well. Lena was going to marry Daichi. He knew Daichi was a good man and that he was going to take good care of her. But the thought still brought pain to his heart. He loved Lena, and it was painful for him to know that she was with another man.

In the airport . . . .

“What are you thinking?” Daichi asked Lena.

Lena looked at Daichi. “Nothing . . .I was just thinking about something.”

Daichi gently held Lena’s hand. “Please stop thinking about Jaejoong. You’ll only hurt yourself, if you continue to think about him.”

Lena nodded her head. “Don’t worry. . . from now on . . . I’ll try to forget him,” she said as she tried to put on a smile.

“Once we leave Japan . . . I hope you will also leave all his memories behind. Let’s start a new life together . . . New memories, for me, for you and for our baby,” Daichi said lovingly as he tightly held her hand.

Lena’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. She knew she was doing the right thing. But she still couldn’t deny the fact that her heart was longing for Jaejoong.

An hour passed . . .

As Lena silently looked out of the airplane window, her heart was constantly crying out Jaejoong’s name.

“I’m sorry, Jaejoong. Always remember that I will always love you and keep you in my heart and mind. I hope you will be happy with Keiko. I know you will be a wonderful husband to her and a very loving father to your child . . . Maybe someday . . . you will also have the chance to meet our baby . . . But I’m sorry that I won’t be able to tell our child who you really are . . . Take care my friend . . . I’ll always be praying for your happiness.”

A week later . . . .

Max, U-Know, Xiah and Micky all sat in the living room while waiting for Jaejoong to wake up.

“I’m really concerned about Jaejoong. He’s returning to his condition before,” U-Know uttered.

“Don’t worry. I don’t think he’s going to get another girl pregnant again,” Micky said with sarcasm. “With the way Keiko is constantly watching over him. He wouldn’t even have the chance to talk with another girl.”

Max sighed. “I wonder where Lena is right now. I hope she’s doing fine.”

“Frankly how I wish that everything will be back to normal again. If I could only turn back time, I would surely fix everything between Lena and Jaejoong,” Xiah said with a certain glitter in his eyes.

“Honestly . . . how I wish that Keiko would just disappear from the face of the earth. I think she’s a devil disguised as an angel,” Micky said with hatred.

Max couldn’t help but laugh. “You know I’m also starting to think that way too. What a pity! Such a beautiful face with such an ugly character.”

“Tell me do you guys really believe that she’s pregnant?” Micky suddenly asked.

Xiah, U-Know and Max looked at each other.

“Somehow I have the feeling that she’s lying,” Max answered.

“But Jaejoong believes her,” Xiah added.

“Jaejoong is a fool . . .” Micky uttered. “He’s been drowning himself in self-pity and liquor again ever since Lena left with Daichi.”

“What can we do to help him?” Max asked.

“Nothing. He’s the one who should help himself,” Micky answered.

Max sighed. “What time is it? I think any minute now . . . Keiko will be appearing again. . . acting like nothing ever happened. I can’t help myself, but I just find her so disgusting and annoying.”

Xiah nodded his head. “Honestly I feel the same way. I know it’s quite bad that we’re actually despising her. But I still can’t accept what she did to Lena.”

U-Know sighed as well. “Maybe we can just pretend . . . There’s nothing we can do anyway. Lena’s gone, and Keiko is still pregnant. No matter how much we dislike Keiko, there’s nothing else to do but accept her.”

“Everything that is happening is total madness . . . And whatever happens, I will never learn to like Keiko. I will never accept her . . . her and her child,” Micky said coldly.

“Hyung . . . you’re being harsh. The child shouldn’t be blamed for Keiko’s mistakes. That’s too unfair,” Max still tried to put some sense into Micky.

“Unfair? Lena is paralyzed . . . pregnant . . . and going to marry someone she doesn’t love . . . now that is unfair!” Micky voiced out.

The other DBSK boys suddenly became silent. They knew what Micky said was right. Deep inside their hearts, they all wished that Lena could be the one beside Jaejoong right now . . . and not Keiko.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Micky quickly got up and went to the door.

Several minutes passed, he returned into the room holding a big brown envelope. The expression on his face was quite dark and scary. He was obviously very angry, and somehow his eyes couldn’t hide his emotions.

“What’s wrong?” Xiah asked with concern.

“What’s that you’re holding?” U-Know asked as well.

Micky just continued to stare blankly at his friends, as if thinking of something very important.

“Why? What happened? Why are you suddenly angry?” Max asked curiously.

Micky tried to control himself. “I just found out something very interesting.”

“What?” Max asked again.

“You will all find out . . . as soon as Keiko shows up . . . I want it to be a surprise,” Micky answered as he gritted his teeth in anger.

Xiah, Max and U-Know exchanged glances with one another. They didn’t know what was going on . . . But they had a feeling it was something very important.

Time ticked away . . . All of them patiently waited until Keiko finally arrived.

As soon as she entered the room, a devilish grin appeared on Micky’s face. “The show has just begun,” he finally uttered.


Jaejoong sadly stared at the painting that Lena gave him. Memories were constantly playing in his head, as if trying to torture him, day and night.

“I’m sorry, Lena. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to take care of you . . . I’m sorry that I easily gave up on our love. I know I’ve hurt you badly because of the foolish things I did . . . Somehow I can’t help but wonder . . .Where are you now Lena? I know you’re with Daichi. And just thinking that he’s beside you right now is already killing me,” tear slowly started to race down Jaejoong’s face. “I’m sorry, Lena. I know that even if I say it a million times, I can never endo all the foolish things that I did and all the hurtful words that I said. My mind is all messed up . . . that I can’t seem to think straight.”

He suddenly cupped his face with his hands. “What should I do Lena? What should I do? I can’t move on. . . No matter how I tried. . . I can’t get you out of my mind . . .Now I knoe you’re the one I truly love. So please tell me . . . how am I supposed to continue living when my heart is constantly crying out for you? How can I continue holding Keiko’s hand . . . when it is your hand I am searching for? Please tell me, how can I hide the truth? I don’t want Keiko to get hurt over and over again because of me . . . How can I pretend? What should I do? How I wished that I could just die here . . . right now. I don’t want to feel the pain anymore. And I certainly don’t want to hurt Keiko and our child. Please god . .. help me . . .I’m so confused,” he uttered as he sobbed uncontrollably.

Several minutes passed . . . Soft knocks were suddenly heard. Jaejoong tried to wipe away his tears.

“Come in,” he tried to utter.

Keiko slowly entered his room. “Jaejoong, aren’t you hungry yet? How about if we have breakfast already? Your friends are already waiting for you,” she said sweetly.

Jaejoong tried to act normal. He didn’t want to hurt Keiko’s feelings anymore. He was still constantly reminding himself that she was carrying his child.

“I’m not hungry yet,” he just replied.

“Oh come on, Jae . . . Let’s eat already. Our baby is hungry already. You don’t want anything bad to happen to our baby, would you?” Keiko said with a sweet smile.

Jaejoong sighed. “Fine . . . let’s eat,” he said in defeat. Keiko had been using her condition to constantly push him to do things she wanted him to do. And because he was very concerned with their baby, all he could do was follow her every whim.

Xiah, Micky, U-Know and Max were already eating in the dining room when Keiko and Jaejoong entered.

“Hyung, let’s eat,” Max said with a smile.

Jaejoong sadly stared at his friends. He already knew what they were thinking. Just like him, they were already tired of Keiko as well.

Ever since Lena left, Keiko had been acting weird. She became more possessive and demanding. And she had been continuously monitoring and checking all of Jaejoong’s moves.

“Let’s eat, baby,” Keiko lovingly said to Jaejoong.

Micky tried to control himself. He needed to wait until the right time came.

Keiko continued to act sweet and caring to Jaejoong, while they were eating. Somehow Keiko’s act had already made Micky’s temper rise.

“You’re really quite good in acting. Maybe you should try acting instead of modelling,” Micky said to Keiko with a hint of anger in his voice.

“What? What are you trying to say?” Keiko asked irritatedly.

“Aren’t you tired yet? Why don’t you stop pretending and just be honest with yourself,” Micky said again.

Keiko looked at Micky with a strange look on her face. “Can you stop pestering me? You’re ruining my appetite . . . and you’re upsetting me and my baby.”

“I’m upsetting you . . . and your baby? Oh really? What baby? And whose baby are you referring to?” Micky asked with sarcasm.

“Micky, stop it. Enough with your foolishness,” Jaejoong tried to warn his friend.

“My foolishness? If there is someone who is being a fool here . . . it isn’t me . . .It’s you,” Micky answered back.

“Micky . . . please no more fighting. We’re eating,” U-Know tried to calm down Micky.

“Yes, just shut up Micky. You’re ruining everyone’s breakfast,” Keiko said with irritation.

Micky laughed. “You’re really funny, Keiko. Frankly you’re one extraordinary woman. Tell me, do you even have a conscience?”

“What?” Keiko asked angrily.

“Micky, that’s enough,” Jaejoong said with a raised voice.

But Micky was already very angry as well. He wasn’t going to stop, no matter how hard his friends tried to stop him.

“Tell me Keiko . . . how does it feel to actually cause someone else’s suffering? Doesn’t it bother you that while you’re trying to fool somebody . . . a woman and a child is suffering? Are you really that evil . . . that you don’t even care?” Micky continuously asked Keiko.

Keiko stared at Micky. Her heart was pounding very hard. She didn’t know how to respond to his questions. Somehow her whole body was already trembling in fear.

“So . . . why are you so quiet all of a sudden? Am I already hitting on your conscience? Or maybe you’re just afraid . . .” Micky continued.

“Micky, what are you talking about?’ Xiah asked, quite confused.

Keiko looked at Jaejoong. She didn’t want to lose him. She was willing to do anything for him.

“Look, Micky . . . I don’t want any more trouble. Just leave me and Jaejoong alone please . . . for the sake of my baby,” Keiko said in a soft voice.

“Baby? What baby?” Micky asked with a maddening grin.

Keiko’s eyes were already wide with shock. And her heart was already beating very fast.

“Micky . . .” Xiah uttered with concern.

“Just shut up! If you want to cause more trouble, be my guest. You’re crazy! I think you’ve totally gone mad,” Keiko said with anger in her eyes. She had suddenly become so desperate to defend herself.

“If I’m crazy . . . then you’re much worst . . . A beautiful creature . . . yet so deceitful and evil,” Micky said with a hidden meaning.

“Come on, Keiko. I’ve had enough of this. Let’s leave,” Jaejoong said as he was about to stand up.

“Wait . . . Before you go, I have a gift for both of you . . .” Micky spoke.

“A gift . . . Micky, what’s happening to you?” Jaejoong asked with worry.

Micky slowly stood up and went out of the room. After a few minutes, he returned with a big brown envelope in his hand.

“What’s that?” Jaejoong asked curiously.

“This? This is my gift . . . for you and Keiko,” Micky replied.

“Jaejoong . . .” Keiko uttered with fear.

Micky then gave the envelope to Jaejoong. “See . . . what is inside,” he said.

Jaejoong slowly took out the papers that were inside the envelope. He read all the papers . . . one by one.

“Why?” Jaejoong couldn’t help but utter. His whole body was already trembling with anger that was building inside of him.

“Jaejoong . . .” Keiko uttered as she slowly tried to touch his arm.

But Jaejoong quickly drew away from her.

“Why?” he asked again while staring straight at Keiko. “Why did you lie to me? How could you lie to me?”

“Jaejoong, what are you talking about?” Keiko asked in total denial.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Jaejoong shouted as he violently threw the papers he was holding at Keiko.

Shocked and scared . . . Keiko picked up the papers and read what was written on it.

Slowly . . . her eyes became wide with shock. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was the result of the medical examination she had two weeks before.

Keiko stared at Jaejoong with tears in her eyes. “Jaejoong, please let me explain,” she said with a trembling voice.

“Explain what? That you’ve been fooling me all along?” Jaejoong asked angrily.

“I only did it because I . . . I love you,” Keiko tried to utter.

“So . . . it is really true? You’re not pregnant? You just lied to me? So that I will stay with you . . . is that it? How can you be so selfish?” Jaejoong shouted.

“I love you, Jaejoong. . .I love you,” Keiko uttered.

Jaejoong felt his entire world was spinning and somehow the anger he was feeling was too much to bear.

“Get out . . .” Jaejoong shouted at Keiko.

“Jaejoong, please let me explain,” she begged.

“Get out! Please leave . . . before I lose myself . . . and I end up hurting you . . .” Jaejoong shouted with anger.

Keiko started to cry uncontrollably. “Please forgive me . . . I only did it because I didn’t want to lose you. I love you, Jaejoong. I’m sorry. Let’s just start all over again . . .please.”

“Leave! While I still have some remaining respect for you . . .” Jaejoong weakly uttered.

“Jae . . .” Keiko softly spoke.

“Please leave Keiko. And from now on . . . I don’t want to see you ever again,” Jaejoong said as he slowly stood up and walked out of the room.

As soon as Jaejoong left, the remaining DBSK boys slowly walked out of the room as well.

Keiko cried . . . She knew what she did was wrong. But she loved Jaejoong, and she knew lying to him was the only way she could be sure that he would stay with her. She was desperate just to have him.

“Jae . . . I’m sorry . . . Please forgive me,” she uttered as tears continuously flowed down from her eyes.

The lie she made up was finally over . . . And she knew no matter what she did . . . she could no longer hold on to Jaejoong’s love . . .In reality, it was never really hers in the first place. She just borrowed his heart . . . And now . . . it was time to return it to its real owner. Her tears continued to flow.

“Goodbye, Jaejoong . . . I’m sorry.”


Another week passed . . .

Max, U-Know, Xiah and Micky were all in the living room, discussing what to do with Jaejoong.

“Hyung hasn’t eaten since yesterday. I’m very worried about him,” Max said with frustration.

“I’ve already talked to him. But he still wouldn’t listen. He’s totally lost himself. He won’t eat . . . He won’t drink. All he does is stare at that painting that Lena gave him. I’m very much worried about him as well,” U-Know said as he shook his head.

“It’s already been a week . . . He’s been drowning himself again in self-pity ever since he found out that Keiko tricked him,” Xiah added with a sigh.

“He’s a fool. He’s wasting his time crying in his room, when he should be searching for Lena. He’s free to love her again . . . He no longer has to worry about Keiko. So I don’t really understand why he’s just in his room . . . acting like a fool,” Micky uttered with a cold tone.

“Micky, you’re being harsh again. How can Jaejoong search for Lena . . . when he doesn’t even know where to start. She could be here in Japan, in Korea or any country she chose,” Xiah said to Micky.

Micky looked at Xiah. He knew what Xiah had said was right. If he was in Jaejoong’s situation, he wouldn’t know where to start looking for Lena as well. He suddenly ran his fingers through his hair. He was hurting as well. But he just kept his own emotions to himself. He was more in control compared with Jaejoong.

“Do you . . . guys think that Lena . . . has already married Daichi by now?” Max suddenly asked out of the blue.

Micky immediately looked at Max. His heart had suddenly pounded as soon as he heard Max’s question. Somehow he had been trying to avoid thinking about that possibility. But Max had unexpectedly brought that fear into his heart again.

“Oh. . . I hope not. It would totally destroy Jaejoong, if that were to happen. I don’t even want to iamgine what would happen is she ends up marrying Daichi,” Xiah said with worry.

Max nodded his head. “Judging by the way hyung is acting right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly decides to commit suicide once Lena marries Daichi,” he said out loud without thinking.

“Max!” U-Know said angrily. “DOn’t say such things!”

“I’m sorry,” Max quickly apologized after realizing what he had said.

“We’ve got to do something. We can’t just stand by and watch Jaejoong destroy himself,” Xiah spoke.

“What do you suggest we do? Just like what you said earlier . . . we don’t know where Lena is,” Micky voiced out.

“How about . . . if we talked to his mother? Maybe if we told his mother about what is happening to him . . . maybe she can help to put some sense into him,” Max suggested.

U-Know and Xiah exchanged glances. Max had a wonderful idea. And somehow they hoped it would actually work.

“That’s a great idea. Let’s call his mother right now,” Xiah uttered excitedly.

U-Know and Max nodded their headds in agreement. While Micky just kept silent. Even though he was hurting, he was still concerned with his friend. He still wanted to help him.

An hour later . . . .

Jaejoong was staring out of the window in his room.

“Lena, where are you? Everything is cleared up now. I no longer need to marry Keiko. She’s not really pregnant. Where are you? Are you married to Daichi now? Why did you have to leave me? I’m going crazy just thinking about you. You should have stayed with me. You belong to me . . . you and our baby. How am I supposed to live now? You’re the only thing in my mind right now. It’s like I can’t breathe whenever I think about you and Daichi. I can’t accept that he’s the one beside you now. Please come back to me. I’ll do anything you want, just come back to me. I’ll give up everything I have now, even my career, just to have you back. I can’t live without you Lena. I would rather die than live my whole life without you. Where are you? I need to see you . . . I need to talk to you . . . I need you in my life. Please come back to me. I’m begging you . . .” he uttered as tears streamed down his face.

Unexpectedly his phone started to ring. Somehow he wanted to just ignore it, but he suddenly thought that maybe it would be Lena calling him. He hurriedly picked up his phone and answered it.

“Hello . . .” he uttered as he tried to control his voice.

“Jaejoong,” a woman’s voice spoke.

“Mother?” Jaejoong asked.

“How are you?” the old woman asked with concern.

“I . . .I’m fine. Why are you calling me all of a sudden? Is there something wrong?” he asked with concern.

“I think I should be the one asking that question. Your friends called me, and they told me about what is happening to you. They are all very concerned about you,” the old woman spoke softly.

“Mother . . .” Jaejoong uttered. “I . . .I’m sorry.”

“Why are you saying sorry?” the old woman asked.

“I’m sorry I’m acting like this. I’m sorry that I’m making you worried,” he simply replied.

“Jaejoong, I understand that you’re hurt. But you shouldn’t punish yourself like this. I know Lena wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself,” she tried to reason with him.

“Lena . . .Lena . . . She already left . . . for the second time. I’m hurt, Mother. I’m in so much pain that I think I’m going insane. I love her so much. I don’t think I can ever learn how to forget her. What am I supposed to do, Mother? I can’t do anything else except think about her. She’s constantly in my mind. I know I need to find her. . . but I don’t know where to start. I’m going crazy . . . I need to find her before she marries Daichi,” Jaejoong uttered as tears fell from his eyes.

The old woman’s heart ached. How she pitied his son.

“Jaejoong . . . do you really love Lena?” she asked.

“I love her with all my heart and soul. I would gladly give up my life for her. That’s how much I love her,” he quickly answered.

“Then . . . if you really love her . . . go and find her,” she uttered softly.

“I don’t know where to start. I don’t have any idea where she is . . .” he replied with frustration.

“You don’t have to go far, my son. As soon as your friends told me everything, I immediately talked with Lena’s mother. . . She’s here in Korea, Jaejoong. Lena is here . . . back in her house,” the old woman revealed.

“What?” Jaejoong asked. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. “Lena is in Korea?”

“Yes. It seems the man she’s going to marry brought her home first. But there is a big problem,” the old woman slowly uttered.

“What? What’s the problem?” Jaejoong asked nervously.

“She will be leaving Korea tomorrow. . . and even her mother doesn’t have any idea where she will be going afterwards. You only have a few hours before she leaves . . . You will need to act fast. Her flight will be early in the morning. You don’t have much time left,” the old woman said.

Jaejoong suddenly felt alive again. It was like a new kind of strength and determination filled his entire soul. He suddenly found the will to fight again.

“Thank you Mother,” he uttered happily.

“Jae . . .” the old woman uttered.

“Yes Mother?”

“Try your best to win her back. I wish you all the luck . . . I hope you’ll be able to win back your happiness,” the old woman spoke.

“Yes, Mother. I’ll do anything just to have her back in my life again. I won’t let her leave me this time. . . Even if I have to beg her a million times . . . I will gladly do it. I’ll make sure that she returns to me. . . I need her . . . her and our baby,” Jaejoong said with so much emotion.

“Good luck, my son. Be careful on your way here . . . You have to go now . . . Get Lena . . . Get your happiness . . .” the old woman said as tears were slowly forming in her eyes.

“Goodbye, Mother . . . and thank you,” Jaejoong said as he slowly closed his phone.

Jaejoong quickly grabbed his things. He needed to go to Korea fast.

“Hyung, where are you going?” Max asked, quite surprised.

“I’m going to Korea,” Jaejoong replied.

“To Korea? Why?” Xiah asked as well.

“My mother told me that Lena is back in their house. But she will be leaving in a few hours so I need to get there as soon as possible,” Jaejoong explained.

“We will go with you,” U-Know uttered.

“No! I need to do this alone,” Jaejoong uttered.

The other DBSK boys quickly looked at each other. Somehow they understood what Jaejoong wanted.

“All right . . . Just make sure you get her this time,” Micky said with a smile.

Jaejoong looked at Micky. It had been such a long time since he saw Micky smile at him.

“Thank you . . . and don’t worry. I’ll make sure that she ends up with me,” he quickly replied with a smile as well.

Xiah, Max and U-Know stared at their two friends. They were all very happy that somehow the barrier between Micky and Jaejoong had finally been broken.

“Good luck,” Xiah uttered happily.

Jaejoong quickly nodded.

“Good luck, hyung,” Max said with a smile.

“Go . . . and get her,” Xiah added.

“Be careful,” U-Know uttered.

Jaejoong nodded once again before finally going out of the apartment. His steps were quick and full of energy and hope.

His heart was pounding very hard and beating very fast. He knew he needed to get to Lena before it is too late again.

“Lena . . . wait for me. Please wait for me . . . I’m coming . . .” he continuously uttered.


Lena had been staring out of the window of her room for more than an hour. She couldn’t understand what she was feeling. It has been a very long time since she was able to peacefully stare at the sky. . . no fear . . . no worries.

She was finally home now. Her parents already knew everything. She didn’t need to hide anymore. Daichi had already told her parents about what happened to her. And he had also cleared out the matter concerning Jaejoong and the child she was carrying.

Lena sighed. No matter how much she tried to avoid thinking about Jaejoong, he just keeps on appearing in her mind . . . over and over again.

She sadly looked at the spot where the painting she gave Jaejoong used to be placed. A smile suddenly appeared on her lips. She suddenly remembered the first time that they saw that painting. Somehow she could still remember their faces as they both stared at that painting. She loved that painting and she was missing it badly.

“How are you Jaejoong? What are you doing right now? I miss you . . .” she slowly uttered.

“You’re thinking about him again?” Daichi suddenly asked as he placed his hands on Lena’s shoulder.

Lena turned her wheelchair around. She was too busy thinking about Jaejoong that she didn’t realize that Daichi was already standing beside her.

“Daichi . . . how long have you been standing there?” she asked.

“Long enough to hear what you said,” he replied with ahurt look in his eyes.

“I’m sorry . . .I just can’t help it. Everything I see . . . everything I do . . . reminds me of him,” she said as she lowered her head in sadness.

Daichi looked out of the window as well. His heart was aching badly, but he couldn’t show it. He didn’t want to cause Lena any worries. He loved her too much that he was willing to sacrifice his own emotions.

“We’ll be leaving in a few hours . . . Get some rest,” he said as he slowly looked at Lena.

“Where are we going Daichi?” she suddenly asked.

“Far away . . . in a place where you will never think about Jaejoong ever again . . . A place where we can start our own memories,” Daichi replied.

Lena looked straight into Daichi’s eyes. “Daichi . . . are you really sure . . . you want to do this?”

“Are you hesitating again?” Daichi suddenly asked with a hint of irritation.

Lena immediately noticed the sudden change in Daichi’s face.

“I’m sorry . . . Please don’t get mad,” she apologized.

“I’ve already done everything for you . . . And I’m willing to do anything for you . . . What more do you want? You’re killing me, Lena . . . You’re killing me with your actions and your words . . . But because I love you, I just try to accept everything . . . the humiliation, the pain, the fear, the self-pity . . . Don’t I deserve some happiness? Can’t you just forget about Jaejoong? What does he have that I don’t? Tell me! I’m willing to do anything just to have you,” Daichi said with anger and desperation in his voice.

“Daichi, I’m sorry if I’m hurting you . . . I’m sorry,” she quickly said.

Daichi slowly closed his eyes. He then drew in a deep breath. He was being emotional and harsh with Lena, and he didn’t want that. He tried to control all his emotions and tried to erase all the things that were clouding his mind. He then opened his eyes and stared directly at Lena.

“I’m sorry too. . . I shouldn’t have said those words. I’m sorry, Lena. . . Do you think you can forgive me?” he asked with a low voice.

Lena moved her wheelchair next to Daichi, then she took his hand and gently held it.

“Let’s just forget about what happened . . . We have been through so much already . . . We both need a fresh start,” Lena uttered.

Daichi nodded, then he gently kissed Lena on the forehead. “Go to sleep and get some rest,” he lovingly uttered.

Lena smiled. “I’ll sleep after I’m done looking at the stars . . . beside I’m not tired yet.”

“After you’re done looking at the stars?” Daichi asked, then he laughed. “Lena, you’ll never grow tired of looking at the stars . . . It’s like your addiction.”

Lena lightly laughed. “You really know me . . . All right . . . I’ll sleep after an hour, okay . . .promise,” she said with a sweet smile.

Daichi’s heart jumped with joy after seeing her beautiful smile. Somehow he still couldn’t believe that she belonged to him now.

“Fine. Just don’t stay up too late. We have an early flight and you’re not supposed to get yourself tired. It’s bad for the baby . . .” he lovingly said.

Lena nodded, then she smiled again. “Yes, sir . . . I understand,” she lovingly said.

Daichi gently kissed Lena on the lips, then he carefully touched Lena’s abdomen. “Goodnight, baby . . . I love you . . .” he uttered.

Lena laughed. “Why are you saying goodnight to my baby already?”

He stared at Lena’s eyes. “I’ve promised myself that starting from today . . . I’m going to say good morning, good night and I love you to our baby everyday. So that our baby will know how much I love her . . . or him,” he said with the most sweetest smile.

Lena’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Somehow what Daichi had said touched her heart deeply. She knew what Daichi said was true. She could easily see it in his eyes. He loves the child growing inside her like it was his own child.

“Daichi . . . what did I do to deserve you?” she suddenly asked while gazing directly into his eyes.

“Lena?” he uttered.

“You’ve done so much for me, while I haven’t done a single good thing for you. You’ve also been hurt because of me . . . But why? . . . Why are you still beside me? Aren’t you tired? You’ve already given me all your love . . . that you didn’t leave even a small part for yourself. You’ve given me so much kindness, understanding and love . . . that I don’t even know if I can return even half of it . . .” she said with a low voice.

Daichi let out a sigh. “You don’t have to return anything. I loved you without any conditions . . .”

“Daichi, I don’t know if I can ever be a good wife to you,” she said with concern in her eyes.

“You’ll be the perfect wife and mother, I know it. So don’t worry too much,” he lovingly said as he caressed her face.

“Thank you . . . Thank you for loving me,” she slowly uttered.

Daichi smiled. “I need to go downstairs first. Your father and I need to discuss something. I’ll just come back after an hour to help you go to bed okay?”

Lena nodded. “What are you going to talk about with my father?” she asked curiously.

“Lots of things . . . but mostly about our wedding. He wants the wedding to be done here in Korea. And he’s saying that we should have the wedding before this month ends,” he replied.

“Oh, I see. Just bear with my father okay? I know he can be a little bit demanding and authoritative. He always wants to be the one in control of everything,” she said.

Daichi laughed. “Don’t worry. I’m already used to your father’s attitude. My mother is much more worst than him remember?”

Lena giggled. “Yeah, I know.”

“I’ll go now . . .” he uttered as he kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Don’t drink too much . . . If I’m correct, my father will surely offer you a glass of wine before you guys talk,” she lovingly reminded him.

Daichi nodded. “Don’t worry . . .” he replied with a smile before leaving the room.

As soon as Daichi left, Lena sadly stared at the sky again.

“I still can’t believe this is happening to me. This is like a dream . . . a very bad dream . . . I wish I can wake up and find myself back to my former life. . . A life where I can freely love you, Jaejoong . . . where there is no Keiko to think of . . .” she uttered as tears slowly started to fall.

She continued to gaze at the twinkling stars, but her tears were already clouding her eyes.

In the living room downstairs. . .

“Is she asleep already?” Lena’s father asked Daichi.

“No, she said she will sleep after an hour. I’ll just go up again later to help her go to bed,” Daichi answered as he sat down in front of the old man.

“Don’t spoil her . . . You should learn how to handle her. You should be more strict with her,” the old man uttered as he handed Daichi a glass of wine.

Daichi smiled. He suddenly remembered what Lena had said.

“I’m not spoiling her, Father . . . I’m just respecting her decisions,” Daichi uttered as he slowly tasted the wine he was holding.

Lena’s father nodded. “You’re really a good man, Daichi. My daughter is very lucky to have you.”

Daichi shook his head. “I’m the one who is lucky . . . Lena is a very special woman. I’m very grateful that she finally agreed to be my wife.”

“Are you sure . . . you’re really going to marry Lena inspite of the fact that she’s carrying Jaejoong’s child? Are you sure you’ve already accepted Lena’s condition?” the old man asked seriously.

Daichi took a big gulp from his glass before answering. “I love Lena with all my heart and soul. I love everything about her . . . all her perfections and all her faults . . . I have already accepted her child like it is my own flesh and blood. You don’t have to worry . . . I will treat the child like it is my own. No one will ever know that the child isn’t mine.”

Lena’s father nodded his head in approval. “That’s good. Now I see that I don’t have anything to be worried about,” he said with a sudden smile. “Where do you plan to go while I’m arranging your wedding?”

“Frankly I still don’t have any specific place in mind. We’ll just go travelling from one country to another . . . so to avoid Jaejoong from being able to track us down. Just in case, he suddenly changes his mind and comes looking for Lena again,” Daichi answered.

“Why? Do you think there’s a chance that he will actually return to Lena? Didn’t you say that he already got that girl pregnant? With that given situation . . . how could he possibly go back to Lena?” the old man asked as he continuously shook his head in disbelief and regret of what happened to Jaejoong.

Daichi stared at Lena’s father. He could easily see that the old man had some sympathy for Jaejoong.

“Jaejoong loves Lena very much . . . And the only thing that preventing him from going back to Lena is the child that his current girlfriend is carrying . . . As for his girlfriend, I think he doesn’t really love her at all . . . Let’s just say, it was just a little game for him . . . that suddenly became serious,” he uttered.

The old man looked at Daichi. “Even if it wasn’t serious for him . . . he still got that girl pregnant . . . and now he has to pay for it.”

Daichi nodded. “I just hope that he doesn’t bother us anymore . . .”

Lena’s father was about to say something when . . . .

“Sir, a young man is shouting outside and calling out for Miss Lena,” one of the guards reported.

Daichi felt his heart had suddenly stopped. Fear immediately crept into his heart. Then he exchanged glances with Lena’s father.

“It’s already late . . . No one knows she’s here . . . Who could it be?” the old man asked curiously.

“Could it be?” Daichi uttered. “No . . . please . . .no.” he said again as his heart started to beat very fast. Somehow he already knew who it was . . . but he still couldn’t believe . . . he didn’t want to believe . . . .


Jaejoong was outside the gate of Lena’s home. He was continuously asking for the guard to let him in and let him see her. But the guard just ignored him.

“Lena . . . Lena . . . Please I need to talk to you . . . Lena . . . I love you . . .” Jaejoong shouted as he stood outside the gate,

“Be quiet! Miss Lena isn’t here. How many times do I have to tell you . . . she’s not here. Go home. You’re just wasting your time, and you’re disturbing the people inside. It’s already late. They are already sleeping,” the guard said with irritation.

“I know she’s inside. Please let me in. I just need to talk to her. . . even for a few minutes. I just want to tell to her something . . . something very important . . . Please . . .” Jaejoong begged.

The guard shook his head. “Sorry. Just go home. You’re just wasting your time. You will never see her.”

“Lena! Lena! Lena!” Jaejoong shouted again. He knew if he shouted loud enough she would be able to hear him, since her room was faced in front of the gate.

In Lena’s room . . . .

A voice suddenly caught Lena’s attention. It was a very familiar voice . . . her heart immediately recognized it.

“Impossible . . .” she uttered as she quickly went ot the window where the gate was seen.

As soon as Lena saw who was standing outside of the gaet, her heart quickly started to get confused. She didn’t know what to do.

“Jaejoong . . .” she uttered with a trembling voice.

As if he heard her, Jaejoong suddenly looked up at Lena’s room. His heart instantly regained its strength after seeing Lena.

“Lena . . . Lena . . . Please let’s talk,” Jaejoong shouted with desperation.

Lena didn’t know what to do. Somehow she wanted to go and talk to him. But she also knew it wasn’t right. She just continued to stare at him with pity in her heart.

“Stay away from the window!” Daichi said as he quickly moved Lena away from the window.

“Daichi,” she uttered. She then looked at the worried expression on his face.

“I’ll talk to him. . . I’ll make him leave. . . Just promise me, you won’t go to him,” Daichi said with fear in his eyes.

Lena didn’t know what to do or say. So she just nodded her head and just kept silent.

Daichi quickly covered all the windows with the curtains. He was afraid that if Lena continued to see Jaejoong, she would suddenly decide to return to him.

“Just stay here . . . Ignore everything you hear . . . I’ll make him stop . . . Don’t worrry,” he said to her. Then he hurriedly went out of the room.

Lena closed her eyes. she could still hear Jaejoong shouting outside . . . begging her to come out and talk to him even for a few minutes. Her heart was slowly being crushed as she tried to ignore what she was hearing. Somehow she wanted to pretend that she wasn’t hearing anything. And somehow she wanted herself to be numb to the pain that was stabbing her heart over and over again.

Jaejoong already belonged to Keiko. He has a responsibility to her and their baby . . . Lena kept on telling herself just to make herself hold on and stop herself from going back to Jaejoong.

As Jaejoong kept on shouting outside, Lena felt like she was dying. As she slowly opened her eyes, tears immediately streamed down her face.

“Jaejoong. . . I’m sorry. . . Even if I still love you . . . I can’t go back now . . . You have to learn to move on . . .” she uttered.

At the gate . . . .

Daichi hurriedly approached the gate. He was having mixed emotions as he walked up to where Jaejoong was. He was angry, sad and scared all at the same time. How he wished that Jaejoong would just leave and let him have Lena without anymore problems.

“Daichi . . . please let me see Lena. I’ve got to tell her something. Please let me talk to her even for a few minutes . . . even a minute will do . . . Please,” Jaejoong begged desperately.

Daichi somehow felt pity for Jaejoong. But he still tried to keep his heart cold and numb. He didn’t want to give in to his emotions. Because he knew if he did, he might lose Lena forever.

“Jaejoong, please leave. Lena doesn’t want to see you anymore. You’re already disturbing a lot of people here. Just leave Lena alone . . . Just leave . . . us . . . alone. She doesn’t belong to you anymore. So just accept it,” Daichi said with a very cold tone.

Jaejoong shook his head. “No! I won’t accept it. I love her and she loves me too. Please let me talk to her. I’ve got to tell her that Keiko isn’t really pregnant. She was just lying to stop me from leaving her. I’ve already separated with Keiko. I’ve already cleared everything concerning Keiko. Lena and I can love each other freely now . . . She can return to me now . . . she and our baby . . . Please Daichi let her go . . . She belongs with me. I’m the one she loves and I’m the one who should be responsible for our baby. Please return her to me. . . I need her . . . I can’t live without her,” Jaejoong begged as tears unexpectedly rolled down his face.

Daichi’s expression hardened. “Do you actually expect that Lena will return to you after she learns that your girlfriend was just lying? Are you even thinking, Jaejoong? Or have you really lost your mind? Wake up, Jaejoong . . . Even without Keiko in your life now . . . Lena, will never . . . ever return to you again. You’ve already hurt her many times . . . I won’t allow her to go back to you again.”

“But Daichi, she’s carrying my child . . .” Jaejoong uttered.

“So what? The child won’t be a problem. . . I’ll take care of the child and treat it like my own,” Daichi immediately replied.

“No, Daichi. Please return her to me. Our baby needs me . . . I’m the real father . . .” Jaejoong tried to reason with Daichi.

“Father? What a good father you have been. . . Lena just disappeared for a few months, and you already got yourself a new girlfriend . . . plus you’ve already slept with the girl . . . What a good example you make,” Daichi said with irritation.

Jaejoong suddenly lowered his head. He felt beaten and he knew what Daichi had said was true.

“Leave . . . Jaejoong . . . It is the best for everyone . . .” Daichi said coldly.

“No . . . I will wait here . . . Until she comes out and comes back to me,” Jaejoong uttered with determination in his voice.

Daichi gave Jaejoong a cold stare. “Suit yourself . . .” he said as he quickly turned around and left.

Jaejoong’s heart was already being filled with doubt as he silently watched Daichi go back inside the house. He knew that there was a big possibility that Lena will not see him, even if he waited the whole night for her.

“I’ve got to hold on . . . I’ve got to wait . . .I’ve got to believe . . . I know she still loves me . . . She will come . . . I know she will . . .” he uttered to himself.

Inside the house . . . .

“Why didn’t you make him leave?” Lena’s father asked Daichi.

“I already told him to leave. But he’s quite stubborn. He said that he won’t leave and will just wait outside . . . until Lena comes back to him,” Daichi replied.

Lena’s father laughed. “He’s a fool. Let him wait then . . . Just make sure that Lena doesn’t go out of her room.”

Daichi nodded. “But I’m really curious as to how Jaejoong knew that Lena is here . . .” he suddenly uttered.

“Yes, I’m quite curious as well. I’m sure one of the people working here inside the house told him. . . If I ever find out who that person is . . . I will surely fire him and make him regret what he did . . .” the old man said with an angry tone.

“It’s a her, dear . . . not a him. . . And you can’t possibly fire me . . . but you can divorce me. And as to making me regret what I did . . . I don’t think I will ever regret helping my daughter. . .” Lena’s mother said as she slowly walked up to the two men.

“You? But why?” Lena’s father asked with shock and disbelief written all over his face.

Lena’s mother looked at her husband, then at Daichi.

“I’m sorry, Daichi. I know how much you love my daughter . . . and I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done for her. But my heart . . . a mother’s heart . . . still tells me that you’re not the one for Lena. Yes, Jaejoong made some mistakes. But I still believe that everyone deserves a second chance. My heart tells me that Jaejoong will be the only man who can make my daughter truly happy. Please understand . . . that even if Lena ends up marrying you . . . her heart will always be somewhere else. Her heart will always be with Jaejoong. No matter how hard you try to patch up all the differences and barriers between the two of you . . . there will still come a time that you will eventually grow tired. You may say you love her now . . . but what happens when you can’t pretend anymore . . . and your heart has already grown tired of believing? Will you still have the strength to live with her? . . . To take care of her? Think hard, Daichi . . . I’m not only concerned about Lena or Jaejoong . . . but you as well. I don’t want to see the three of you end up living the rest of your lives in regret and pain. Stop pretending, Daichi. . . We all know that Lena still loves Jaejoong. Just set her free . . . for the very last time,” she said with mixed emotions visible in her eyes.

Daichi stared at Lena’s mother. Somehow everything that she had said made him more confused. He knew she had a point . . . but his heart was still telling him to just hold on to Lena. He loved her too much, and he didn’t want to let her go.

“I’m sorry, Mother. But I love Lena . . . I won’t let her go,” Daichi uttered as he quickly left the living room.

Lena’s mother sadly watched as Daichi left silently.

“What were you thinking? Why do you still want Lena to end up with Jaejoong? Are you blind? Daichi is a much better man than him,” the old man said to his wife angrily.

The old woman stared back at her husband with a blank expression on her face.

“I don’t care who is a better man . . . What I care about is my daughter’s happiness . . . I only want the best for Lena . . . I want her to be happy . . . And I know Jaejoong is her only happiness,” she replied.

The old man didn’t know what to say. He was suddenly lost for words.

“Let Lena decide again . . . I believe this time she will make the right choice,” the old woman said to her husband as she slowly left the room.

Upstairs . . . in Lena’s room . . .

Daichi slowly opened the door. He was already expecting to see Lena crying, but his heart still ached after actually seeing the miserable condition she was in.

Lena was crying uncontrollably on her wheelchair. Somehow the sight made Daichi’s entire being sick. Daichi decided that he couldn’t face her now . . . Somehow he couldn’t bear to face her and just watch her cry. He then closed the door again. It was better to just leave Lena alone, he decided.

As Lena cried miserably inside her room, Daichi was just standing outside the door of her room . . . listening to her pitiful cries.

Daichi’s heart was bleeding as he continued to listen to Lena’s cries while leaning on the door. He felt so miserable as well. He wanted to make Lena stop crying . . . It was driving him insane, knowing she was hurting. He knew he needed to decide . . . whether to continue or to let go . . .

Slowly tears rolled down from his eyes . . .


Three hours passed . . . .

Jaejoong was still patiently waiting outside of Lena’s house, despite of the cold and hunger he was feeling. He hasn’t taken any food or water for more than a day. But he didn’t care. All he cared about was getting Lena back.

Jaejoong shivered as a cold wind passed. He tried to make himself warm by rubbing his palms together. Somehow he felt like his body was going to give up any minute.

The two guards at the gate just shook their heads, as they silently watched Jaejoong. They pitied him, but there was nothing else they could do to help him.

Then . . . as if nature was teasing Jaejoong . . . rain started to fall.

Jaejoong stretched his arm and opened his hand, then he stared at the tiny rain drops slowly falling on his hand. Suddenly his arm fell down to his side again. He was already losing all his hopes of seeing Lena again.

“Why is it . . . rain always falls whenever Lena and I are in pain?” he started to ask himself and wonder.

Jaejoong continued to just stand still. He didn’t care about himself anymore. He didn’t care that he was already soaked in the rain. His whole body trembled, but he just ignored it.

In Lena’s room . . . .

Lena had already noticed the sound of rain falling. She hurriedly opened the curtains and looked out of the window.

Somehow her heart immediately stopped after seeing Jaejoong’s pitiful condition. He was still standing outside the gate . . . soaked in the rain . . .

“Fool . . . why are you still standing there? Just leave . . . Forget about me . . . You’ll get sick, if you continue to stand there . . . Just go, Jaejoong . . . please,” Lena uttered with concern. She continued to watch Jaejoong, while hiding behind a curtain.

Another hour passed . . . .

Tears were already streaming down from Lena’s eyes.

“You’ll get sick, Jaejoong . . . Don’t do this please . . . Just go . . . Stop your foolishness . . . I don’t want you to get sick . . . Come on, Jaejoong. . . Don’t be stubborn,” she continuously uttered with concern.

Then . . . unexpectedly Jaejoong fell down on his knees. He was already very tired and weak.

“Jaejoong!” Lena cried out in fear.

Suddenly Lena’s wheelchair moved away from the window. Lena looked at who was behind her.

“Daichi . . .” she uttered.

Daichi then slowly pushed Lena’s wheelchair out of her room.

“Daichi, where are you taking me?” Lena asked.

“I’m taking you . . . where you truly belong,” he simply replied with extreme sadness in his voice.

Daichi slowly took Lena into his arms, then he gently carried her down the stairs.

“Daichi,” Lena uttered with a trembling voice. She could easily see that he was hurting.

As soon as they were down the stairs, Daichi then placed Lena into another wheelchair. Then with a heavy heart, he pushed her wheelchair towards the front door.

“Daichi . . .” she uttered again, as if questioning him what he was doing.

But Daichi just continued to push Lena’s wheelchair until they reached the door. Then before he opened the door, he knelt down in front of Lena. . . .

Tears were already forming in his eyes.

“Daichi . . .why? Why are you crying?” Lena asked with concern. She gently caressed his face, as if to comfort him.

Daichi took Lena’s hands and gently kissed each hand. Then as he held her hands, his tears started to fall.

“Daichi . . . what’s wrong? Please . . . don’t cry . . .” Lena uttered as tears were also forming in her eyes.

Daichi looked deep into Lena’s eyes. Somehow he felt his heart was going to explode. At that moment, how he wished that he could just wither away and die.

“Lena . . . I want you to remember that I love you . . . No matter who you are with, I will always love you and keep a special part of you locked in my heart. If there comes a time that you will need me again . . . always remember . . . I’m here for you. I will gladly do anything for you,” he said as tears continuously flowed from his eyes. Then he lovingly touched Lena’s face, and he started to look at every part of her face. He wanted to memorize all of it, and keep it locked away in his heart and mind. “Take care of yourself, Lena. . . I love you . . .” he said as he finally broke down into a sob, and placed his head on Lena’s lap.

“Daichi . . . why? Why are you saying goodbye?” Lena asked as she tried to comfort him by caressing his head.

Daichi tried to control himself. He tried to stop himself from crying and looked at Lena again.

“Promise me, you’ll take good care of yourself . . . Always eat on time . . . Don’t stay up too late . . . Don’t do things that might make you tired . . . Promise me, you’ll remember me . . .” he said with extreme sadness so visible in his eyes.

“Why are you saying those things?” she asked again, as if totally confused.

“Because . . . because I’m letting you go again. . . for the very last time . . . I’m returning you to Jaejoong. I know how much you love him, and I can see that he loves you too. Even if my heart doesn’t agree with my decision, I know I’m still doing the right thing. The two of you . . . belong together. I know he’s the only one who can give you the happiness you deserve,” he uttered with sadness.

“But . . . he already has Keiko . . . What about the baby she’s carrying? I can’t possibly return to him now . . . I don’t want an innocent child to suffer because of me,” she said sadly.

Daichi shook his head. “You don’t have anything to be worried about anymore . . . Keiko isn’t pregnant. She was just lying so she could keep Jaejoong beside her . . . There’s no child to worry about . . . You’re both free to love each other now . . .”

Lena stared at Daichi. Somehow she couldn’t believe what she just heard. “How? How did you know?” she asked with a trembling voice.

“Jaejoong told me. That’s the reason why he’s here. He wanted to tell you that Keiko was just lying,” Daichi answered.

Lena’s heart suddenly jumped with joy. But her happiness was immediately replaced with confusion.

“But Daichi . . . what about you? I’ve already agreed to marry you. . . I can’t possibly leave you again,” she said with concern.

Daichi tried to put on a smile. Then he tightly held her hands. “You don’t have to worry about me . . . I’m much stronger that Jaejoong. I . . . I can live without you . . . and I know he can’t. That’s why I’m setting you free . . . I’m giving you back to him. I know he can’t live without you . . .”

“Daichi . . .” Lena uttered as she started to sob. “I’m sorry . . . for hurting you again . . .I’m sorry . . .”

Daichi shook his head. “No, don’t say sorry . . . You still gave me something very special. . . something I will treasure forever . . .” then he wiped away Lena’s tears. “You taught me how to love sincerely Lena. You made me a better man. . . And that is something I will be forever grateful for . . .”

“Daichi . . .” Lena uttered as she embraced him tightly.

“Lena, I love you. That’s why I’m doing this . . .” he uttered as he took in a deep breath. He was trying very hard to control himself. He didn’t want to cry endlessly. He wanted to show Lena that he was strong.

For the very last time . . . Daichi tightly held Lena in his arms. How he wished that time could just stand still so he didn’t have to let her go. But he knew it was impossible . . . He had to release her . . . even if his own heart was crying because of it.

Slowly he started to search for her lips. He wanted to kiss her for the very last time. . . He knew he will never have the chance to do it again.

Lena willingly gave in to his kisses. And while they kissed each other, both their tears started to fall again.

Somehow their hearts were saying goodbye to each other for the final time. Even though their hearts never found the right path to each other as lovers . . . they still found another path . . . a much stronger one . . . a path that will keep them together . . . Their hearts found the path of eternal friendship.

Daichi slowly drew away from Lena. He knew if he continued to kiss her . . . he might never have the courage to set her free again.

He tried to wipe away his tears, then smiled. Afterwards he also gently brushed away Lena’s tears.

“From now on . . . I want you to be stronger . . . I don’t want you to ever cry again . . . It’s time . . . I’m giving you back to the man you really love,” he said with a smile.

As Daichi slowly opened the door, he felt his heart had suddenly died. With heavy hearts, they went out of the door . . . .

Back at the gate . . . .

Jaejoong was still down on his knees. He didn’t have the strength to stand up anymore. His entire body was already beginning to numb.

But despite of everything that was happening to him, he still tried to stop himself from giving up. He loved Lena, and he was willing to do anything for her.

His body shivered once again. Somehow he was already feeling hopeless and alone. He just stared at the ground as the rain continued to fall.

Suddenly . . . the rain drops stopped falling. . .

Jaejoong slowly looked up . . . someone was sheltering him with an umbrella. Somehow he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“Lena . . .” he uttered as his heart was beating fast.

“Jaejoong . . .” she said with tears in her eyes.


Jaejoong continued to stare at Lena, in total disbelief. She was finally in front of him. But he had suddenly lost all the words he wanted to say to her.

“You’re already very pale, Jaejoong. Are you sick?” Lena asked with concern as she quickly touched his face to see if he had a fever.

Jaejoong gently took Lena’s hand from his face, and lovingly kissed it. “I missed you Lena . . . I missed you . . .”

“Jaejoong,” she uttered softly. Her heart was beating wildly as well. Everything was like a dream to her. She couldn’t believe that Jaejoong was beside her now.

“I knew you couldn’t bear to leave me . . . I knew you would eventually come back to me,” he said with joy in his eyes.

“Your hands are so cold,” Lena said. “I’m worried about you, Jaejoong. . . YOu might get sick, if you continue to be out in the rain like this. Please you have to go home now . . . You have to rest,” she said softly.

Jaejoong’s eyes became filled with fear again. ” No! No! I won’t go . . . I don’t want to go . . . I don’t want to go home without you. Please don’t make me leave. I’m begging you. . .I have something important to tell you . . .Please just give me a few minutes,” Jaejoong said with desperation. He quickly tightened his hold on her hand. “Keiko’s not really pregnant . . . She was just lying. . . . I’m free now Lena. . . We can get married . . . and I can take care of you now . . . you and our baby . . . Please come back.”

Somehow Lena’s heart couldn’t bear to see Jaejoong in such a pitiful manner.

“I already know Jaejoong,” Lena said softly.

“You know? How?” he asked, quite confused.

“Daichi told me,” she replied.

“Then . . . if you already know the truth. . . why are you still asking me to go home?” he asked with hurt in his eyes. It seems Lena really doesn’t want to return to him anymore.

“Who said you were going home alone?” Lena said with a smile.

Jaejoong looked straight into Lena’s eyes. He was very much confused and hurt.

“What? I’m not going home alone? What do you mean?” he asked.

“I’m going home with you Jaejoong . . .” Lena replied with a smile.

“What?” Jaejoong asked again. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“Lena’s going home with you, Jaejoong. So you better make sure that you’re fit enough to take care of her,” Daichi suddenly said.

Jaejoong quickly stared at Daichi. It was only then that he noticed that Daichi was standing behind Lena’s wheelchair.

“I’m returning Lena to you now, Jaejoong. I hope this time would be the very last time. Please take good care of her . . . Because if you don’t, I’ll surely come and take her away,” Daichi said seriously.

Jaejoong didn’t know what to say, so he just nodded.

“Please give her all the love she deserves . . . Please make her happy . . .” Daichi uttered as he tried to stop his tears from falling. How his heart ahced as he watched Jaejoong hold Lena’s hand tightly.

“Thank you Daichi . . .” Jaejoong finally said.

“You’re such a good man, Daichi. I know you’ll find a better match for you . . . a woman who will love you and take good care of you . . . Thank you Daichi. . . Thank you for everything. I’m sorry for all the pain and trouble I’ve caused you . . . I hope you will also find your happiness. And please take good care of yourself,” Lena softly uttered with tears in her eyes. Somehow her heart was feeling very heavy. She had been with him for a very long time now, and it was very hard for her to say goodbye.

Daichi tried to put on a smile. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be okay. Just promise me, you’ll be happy Lena. . . that is all I want,” Daichi uttered.

“Yes, I promise I will be happy,” she replied with a smile.

Daichi nodded. “My car will arrive in a few minutes. I’ve already instructed my driver to take you wherever you want to go,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you once again Daichi,” Jaejoong said as he quickly stood up. Somehow all his strength has returned.

“You don’t have to say thank you. Just make sure you love her and treat her right . . . that’s the way I want you to thank me,” Daichi said with a smile.

“I will love her with all my heart. . . I will make her happy for the rest of my life . . .” Jaejoong replied seriously.

Daichi nodded. “Goodbye . . . Lena . . . Remember I’ll always love you,” he spoke sadly.

As soon as Daichi turned and started to walk away, his tears immediately fell. Somehow his whole world had turned into gray. But despite of the pain he was feeling, there was still a part of him that was happy. He knew his sacrifice was going to make an innocent child happy. And somehow this thought eased some of pain in his heart.

Lena and Jaejoong silently watched until Daichi went inside the house.

“Jaejoong . . . you’re going to get sick. Come on, get under my umbrella,” Lena said with concern as she tried to give the umbrella to Jaejoong.

Jaejoong smiled sweetly at her. “The umbrella isn’t big enough for the two of us. So just try to cover yourself. You need it more than I do. You’re the one who shouldn’t get sick.”

“You’re really stubborn,” she said with a pout. She then closed the umbrella she was holding and tossed it away.

“Lena, what are you doing?” Jaejoong asked.

“If you want to continue to soak yourself in the rain, then go ahead. But I’m joining you . . .” she said with a serious expression on her face. “From now on, we are going to do everything together . . .”

Jaejoong felt his heart had started to beat very fast. He was very happy to hear such sweet words from Lena’s lips. It was like his world had suddenly lit up with an unexplainable joy. He slowly knelt down in front of her.

“You’re really stubborn as well, do you know that?” he asked with a smile. “But no matter how stubborn you are . . . I will still love you . . . forever . . .” he said seriously.

Lena caressed Jaejoong’s face. “I love you Jaejoong. Do you know how many times I have prayed to have you back in my arms? I thought I was really going to spend the rest of my life without you . . .” she said as tears slowly appeared in her eyes again.

“You don’t have to cry anymore. I am here now. . . And I will never leave you again . . . I promise, I will never hurt you again. . .” Jaejoong said as he gently wiped away the rain drops that were falling down on her face.

“I love you Jaejoong . . .” she uttered with love in her eyes.

“I love you Lena . . .” he softly spoke as he gently kissed her.

The moment that their lips met . . . the rain miraculously stopped. Somehow everything became filled with a sweet sense of love and harmony. Even nature was showing its happiness, for finally . . . two long lost lovers were back in each other’s arms. Jaejoong kissed Lena with the love and longing that he had been kept locked up in his heart for the whole time that they were separated. Lena was finally in his arms once again. . . and he was never going to let her go . . . ever again.

Back in the house . . .

Someone was watching in one of the windows . . .

“Good luck Lena . . . I wish you all the happiness . . . I love you . . . my friend . . .” Daichi uttered as he slowly turned away from the sight that was breaking his heart into million pieces.

In another room of the house . . .

Lena’s father lovingly embraced his wife from behind, while both of them stared out of the window.

“Now . . . that is love . . . Can you see it dear? Can you feel it? That is what I want for our daughter . . .” Lena’s mother said gently.

Lena’s father nodded. “Now I know what you mean . . . It’s a pity that Daichi was hurt in the process . . . But like what you said, love can’t be forced. Now I have seen what can truly make my daughter happy . . . Thank you for making me see my wrong doings . . .” he said to his wife.

The old woman laughed lightly. “You’re a wonderful and a very good man, dear. . . A little stubborn, just like your daughter . . . but I still love you without any complaints.”

The old man laughed as well, then he tightened his hold on his wife. “Jaejoong is a very lucky man. I know Lena will be a very loving wife. . . just like you dear.”

“They’re both lucky . . . They have been in love with each other since they were young. And now they finally have the chance to love each other freely,” the old woman said with a smile.

Back at the gate . . . .

Jaejoong slowly stopped kissing Lena after realizing that Daichi’s car had finally arrived.

“Let’s go home, Lena. . .” he said with a smile.

Lena nodded. “I’ll go anywhere you want me to . . .” she said sweetly.

Jaejoong carefully carried Lena into the car, and then he quickly got into it as well. He then instructed the driver where to go.

“Let’s go home to my family’s house first . . . I know Mother will surely be thrilled to see you,” Jaejoong said to Lena.

“Do you think your parents won’t have any objections?” she asked worriedly.

Jaejoong shook his head. “Mother was the one who told me that you were here. She was the one who told me to do everything . . . just to win you back.”

Lena then placed her head on Jaejoong’s chest. “I’m so happy Jaejoong. I hope nothing will separate us again.”

Jaejoong lovingly caressed Lena’s head. “Don’t worry . . . I will never let anyone or anything stand in our way again. I will fix everything . . .As soon as we arrive at my house, I will immediately talk to my parents. Then I will personally go to your parents’ house to talk with them and get their permission. I want us to get married as soon as possible Lena. That is the only way I can put my heart and mind at rest.”

“Jaejoong . . .” she uttered with so much joy.

“I want to marry you as soon as possible . . . because I don’t want to lose you ever again . . .” Jaejoong said with love in his eyes, as he stared deep into her eyes.

Lena took Jaejoong’s hand and tightly held it. Somehow everything had already fallen into its right place . . . Her heart was finally at ease. . . and all the pain, fear and anger had all disappeared.

“I love you . . .” she uttered.

“I love you . . . and our baby . . .” he said with the most wonderful smile.


As Jaejoong laid down on his bed, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling sweetly at Lena. She was also lying down beside him on his bed.

“Why are you smiling like you’re crazy or something?” Lena teased.

Jaejoong faced Lena and lovingly traced her nose, then his lips with his finger.

“Because I can’t believe that you’re finally back in my life again . . .” Jaejoong replied seriously.

Lena smiled. “I hope this time we won’t be separated again,” she said with fear in her eyes.

Jaejoong lovingly took Lena into his arms. “I promise you . . . I won’t let go of you ever again . . .”

Lena rested her head on his chest. She could hear his heart beating, and somehow this brought such a wonderful feeling . . . a feeling that she had been longing for . . . a very long time.

“Jae . . .”

“Hmmm . . .” he uttered.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly.

“Sorry for what?” he asked curiously.

“Sorry for everything . . .” she replied.

“Let’s just forget about everything that happened. Let’s leave all the unhappy memories behind, and make new and unforgettable memories that we will treasure for the years to come,” he said lovingly.

Lena closed her eyes. She had never felt so peaceful and safe. This was the very first time that she wasn’t thinking about anything. Both her heart and mind were finally at ease. She no longer had to worry about her parents or Daichi’s mother or Daichi or Keiko or Micky . . . She was finally free of all the worries . . . She felt such unexplainable happiness.

“Jaejoong, I’m so happy . . . I really thought I was going to spend the rest of my life without you by my side,” she uttered.

“Do you really think that I would be able to live without you?” he asked.

Lena opened her eyes and stared at Jaejoong. “What was I supposed to think? You already had Keiko in your life?”

Jaejoong gently kissed Lena on the forehead. “Would you believe me if I say that while I was holding Keiko in my arms . . . I was imagining that . . . you were the one I was holding?”

“What?” she asked, eyes wide with shock.

“I know I was a total jerk when I fooled around with Keiko. But you have to forgive my foolishness. . . I was sad, angry and confused . . . I wasn’t really thinking straight. When you suddenly disappeared, I thought you had really abandoned me. And somehow I wanted to forget you, so I fooled around with a lot of girls. . . and then I met Keiko. She was really a nice girl when I met her. She helped me to momentarily forget all the pain I was feeling,” Jaejoong confessed.

“If I didn’t get pregnant . . . maybe I would have stayed away longer . . . and maybe . . . if that happened . . . you might have really ended up getting Keiko pregnant . . . Somehow just thinking about it . . . makes me shiver in fear,” Lena said.

“Do you know that while you were missing . . . there were nights that I just couldn’t sleep. I was always thinking about where you were . . . if you were in Daichi’s arms like this . . . if he was kissing you . . . if he was touching you . . . Just thinking about those things made me insane,” he continued to say.

“Daichi is the most wonderful man I ever met . . . next to you, of course. He was a total gentleman while I was with him. He never took advantage of the situation I was in, and he really took good care of me. Frankly . . . I’m so ashamed that I just sort of used him while I needed someone to lean on. I think I’m such a bad person whenever I think about what I made him go through . . .” Lena said sadly.

Jaejoong sighed. “Somehow I feel the same way about Keiko. I totally regret that I actually started a relationship with her just to fill up the missing part of my life. I thought if I got another girl into my life again, I would then be able to totally forget you. But I was wrong . . . because the moment our relationship became serious . . . it was only then I realized that I just missed you more. I started comparing her to you . . . I started to compare all the things she did with the things you used to do . . . It was too maddening to actually be with someone who you don’t really love . . . to kiss her . . . to make love to her . . . I am sorry if I am saying these things to you . . . But I want to be honest with you . . . I hope you understand,” he said with a low voice.

“It’s all right. This is much better . . . At least, we don’t keep secrets from each other anymore. Promise me, from now on . . . we will always be honest with each other. I don’t want to anything to come between us again. I don’t think I can take another heartbreak . . . if I lose you again,” she said with a low voice as well.

“I love you, Lena . . . I will do everything I can so that I can always have you by my side. I would gladly give up everything I have now . . . just to keep you with me. So don’t be afraid . . . I will always protect you and take care of you,” he said lovingly.

“I feel so happy . . . Is this a dream?” Lena suddenly asked.

Jaejoong laughed lightly. “No, this isn’t a dream. We’re finally back in each other’s arms again, Lena. This is reality . . . and nothing can ever change this,” he said seriously.

“I hope all the people we hurt can find their own happiness . . . I hope they can all find the love they truly deserve . . . Keiko . . . Micky . . . and Daichi. I wish that they will be happy too. . . just like us,” Lena said with a gentle voice.

Jaejoong sighed. “Yes, I do hope that they will also find their own destiny.”

“Jaejoong . . .” she uttered.

“Hmmm?” he asked.

“Tomorrow . . . when you wake up . . . make sure to wake me up also okay? I want to prepare breakfast with you. And honestly . . .I just don’t want to wake up without you by my side. I don’t want to cry again . . . like what I used to do before. Somehow whenever I open my eyes and I don’t find you near me . . . my heart just fills up with such intense fear that it makes me cry,” she said seriously.

Jaejoong stared at Lena’s beautiful face. “I’m sorry for making you feel such horrible things . . . From now, I will try my best to erase all the fears in your heart. I will try my best to fill all empty spaces in your life with wonderful and happy moments . . .”

Lena gazed deeply into Jaejoong’s eyes. “I love you . . .”

“I love you too . . .” he uttered as he slowly moved on top of Lena. Lovingly, he started to kiss her.

Lena closed her eyes and just accepted Jaejoong’s kisses. She was finally in heaven . . . She was finally with the man she truly loved.

Jaejoong’s kisses were sweet and gentle. He was trying to erase all the fears and insecurities that he knew Lena was feeling. His sweet kisses became more exploring after awhile. Somehow he had totally lost all his self-control. His physical longing for Lena had finally taken over.

Lena felt like her entire soul was on fire. She was feeling such strong emotions again . . . emotions that she had been missing for a very long time.

Jaejoong hands started to explore Lena’s body. His hands sent shivers down her entire body. She was feeling such familiar sensations . . . sensations that were finally making her heart feel complete.

He slowly began to take Lena’s clothes off . . . one by one . . .

Lena felt like her whole world was spinning . . . everything was moving very fast. Their kisses had already became more passionate. And they were already drowning in each other’s longing. Somehow everything was already perfect. . . almost perfect . . . .

Gently and lovingly . . . Jaejoong started to make love to Lena. Everything was finally complete. . . There was no pain and fear anymore . . .And while all their emotions were soaring high . . . Lena suddenly noticed something . . .

“Jaejoong . . .” she cried out in a sudden.

Startled, Jaejoong stopped and looked at her. “What’s wrong?” he asked with concern.

“I . . . I . . . I think I can feel my legs again . . . I think I can move them . . .” she tried to utter with extreme excitement and joy.

A big smile quickly appeared on Jaejoong’s lips appeared. “Is it true? You can feel your legs again? Try to move . . .” he said excitedly.

She tried to move her legs. She took a blanket and covered her body, then she tried to sit up . . . and she slowly got out of their bed. . . .all on her own. “Jaejoong . . . I can stand again . . . I . . . I can walk again . . . Jaejoong, I can walk again. . . I’m normal again, Jae. I can walk again,” she said happily.

Jaejoong felt his heart was going to explode with so much happiness. He happily got out of bed and embraced Lena. Now . . . everything was truly perfect.

“Lena . . .” he uttered happily as well.

“Jaejoong . . . you’re my miracle . . .thank you,” she said as she gazed at him.

A sweet smile instantly appeared on Jaejoong’s lips. “No, I’m not the miracle you should thank . . . this little one is the true miracle . . .” he uttered as he gently touched her abdomen. He was pertaining to the baby inside her womb.

Lena nodded, then smiled as well. “Yes, this baby is truly a miracle. A special angel sent to us.”

Jaejoong tightened his embrace. They were finally free. Their worlds had suddenly brightened. There were no worries, frustrations, fears, jealousies, and heartaches. There was only love. A love, he knew he was going to keep for the rest of his life. He lovingly kissed Lena again. He wanted to make her feel how much he loved her, and how much he longed for her.

Suddenly the blanket covering Lena’s body fell. And both their naked bodies were finally reunited once again . . . Somehow as they were making love to each other, all the angels in the sky were singing a beautiful melody . . . a melody specially made for them.

Outside . . . the stars shone brightly . . . starting that night Lena was never going to sadly stare at them . . . ever again . . .

CHAPTER 61 Part 1

The next day . . . .

Lena slowly opened her eyes . . . Her heart immediately relaxed after seeing Jaejoong was still sleeping beside her. She had been awake for a few minutes already, but she was too afraid to open her eyes. She was afraid that maybe . . . everything that happened was just a dream . . . She was scared that once she opened her eyes . . . Jaejoong wouldn’t be by her side and she would still be paralyzed. . .

A smile instantly appeared on her lips. Her happiness was overflowing that she just wanted to shout, laugh and smile. It was like she was going crazy because of so much joy.

Everything was finally back in its proper place. Jaejoong was finally back in her life again. She stared at his face. Then she traced his nose and then his lips with her finger.

“You’re so cute . . . even when you’re sleeping,” she uttered to Jaejoong with a low voice. She didn’t want to wake him

She then lightly kissed him on the lips. But then she was surprised when he started to kiss her back.

“How long have you been awake?” she asked as they ended their kiss. They were already embracing each other tightly while they were lying down on the bed.

“I had been awake for hours already. But you were still asleep and I didn’t want to leave you. . . so I just pretended to be asleep,” he answered with smile.

“Silly! I told you to wake me up remember,” she uttered.

“But I didn’t want to wake you . . . You looked so beautiful . . . just sleeping so peacefully . . .” he teased.

Lena giggled. “Frankly I can just watch you sleeping all day long as well. You’re more beautiful than me,” she jokingly said.

“No one can be more beautiful than you . . .” Jaejoong uttered with love in his eyes.

“Jae . . .” she uttered.

“What?” he asked.

“What happens now?” she asked seriously.

“What do you mean?” he asked again.

“I mean . . . what happens to us now? We already cleared up everything with your parents . . . But there is still the problem with my parents . . . And there is also the problem with us getting married . . . Will your manager and company allow it?” she asked worriedly.

Jaejoong sighed. “I told you . . . you don’t have to worry about anything. I will try my best to fix everything. About your parents, I’ll be going to your house today with my parents to ask their forgiveness and also to tell them that we will be marrying each other as soon as possible. Then after I settle the problem with your parents, I will personally talk with my manager and company . . . I’ll tell them about my decision to marry you, and if they don’t agree, then there is only one solution. I will quit the group,” he said seriously.

“Quit the group? Jaejoong . . . you can’t do that,” she cried out in protest.

“Yes, I can quit. I would gladly give up my career, if it would mean that I can have you in my life forever,” he said with the most beautiful smile.

“But what about Max, Xiah, U-Know and Micky? They will be affected by your decision . . . Don’t you care about them? You don’t have to quit, Jaejoong. Maybe we can find some other ways . . . But please don’t quit . . . Don’t give up your career, just because of me. I don’t want to be the one who hinders your success. I want you to be able to achieve everything that you wanted . . . I know how much you love your career and your friends. So please let’s try to find other ways to make our situation work out,” she tried to say as she took his hand and held it tightly.

“All right. . . Don’t get upset, okay. We will try to think of something . . .” he uttered.

“What time is it? Maybe we should get up already. Your mother maybe waiting for us already,” Lena said with concern.

“I already told her last night that they don’t have to wait for us for breakfast. I said we will be sleeping late . . . very, very late . . .” Jaejoong said with a grin.

Lena looked at him with shocked expression. “What? Oh, Jaejoong . . . you’re so naughty,” she said as she started to pinch him.

Jaejoong laughed while he tried to stop Lena’s hand from pinching him. “Hey! I was just joking,” he said as he tried to catch his breath. He had been laughing continuously.

Lena laughed as well. “Oh! You’re so cute! I just want to pinch you over and over again. I hope our baby looks exactly like you,” she said with a smile.

“I hope our baby looks like you . . .” Jaejoong said as he gazed lovingly at Lena.

Lena giggled. “I wonder what our baby will look like . . . if she ended looking like you and me . . . combined.”

“She? Is our baby a girl?” he asked curiously.

Lena smiled. “Let’s just say that I can feel it. Our baby is a girl.”

“I want a boy too . . .” Jaejoong suddenly said.

Lena laughed. “Sorry . . . but I am sure our baby is a girl. Our baby will surely be very beautiful,” she said dreamingly as she started to picture what her child would look like.

“Well, it’s okay. We can always make another baby . . .” Jaejoong said with a naughty smile.

“Jaejoong . . .” she shrieked. Then they both started to laugh again.

“Whatever . . . a girl . . . a boy . . . I don’t really have any complaints . . . as long as our baby is healthy, I will love our child with all of my heart,” Jaejoong said lovingly as he kissed Lena’s hand.

“What name do you want for our baby?” she asked suddenly.

“Hmmm . . . What about Rain?” he asked with a smile.

“Rain? Why?” she asked curiously.

“Because I think the rain has a special connection to all our most unforgettable moments,” he answered quickly.

Lena smiled as she started to think about what Jaejoong had said. “You’re right. We always end up soaking in the rain . . .” she said with a light laugh.

“But Rain is boy’s name isn’t it? Then I guess it won’t work. How about you? What name do you want for our baby?” he asked curiously.

“Me? Hmmm . . . I want Star . . .” she replied instantly.

“Star? Let me guess why you chose that name,” he said with a smile.

“Okay . . . tell me, why I chose that name,” she teased.

“You chose the name Star because you always look up at the stars at night,” Jaejoong answered.

Lena was shocked. “You know? How did you know?” she asked, surprised.

Jaejoong lightly laughed. “Ever since we were small, you had always been in love with the stars. You always stare out of the window of your room for hours . . . almost every night . . . Sometimes I just fall asleep, watching you while you stare at the sky,” he suddenly blurted out.

“Hmmm? What do you mean? What do you mean . . . you fall asleep while watching me stare at the sky?” she asked with curiosity written all over her face.

Jaejoong looked straight into Lena’s eyes. “Ever since we were small, I was already in love with you. There were nights that I would hide among the plants infront of your house, while I waited for you to stare out of your window. I just loved watching you . . . as you dreamingly stare at the sky. You looked so beautiful and it’s like I was watching an angel,” Jaejoong confessed.

“So you were really in love with me all along? And I actually thought that I was the only madly in love at such an early age,” she said with a giggle.

Jaejoong sighed. “Do you know how many times I wanted to tell you about how I truly feel for you? But I just end up being scared and just decide to keep it all to myself. I was always thinking that I wasn’t good enough for you. You’re so beautiful and rich . . . while I have nothing. It is also one of the reasons why I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to make myself worthy enough to have you.”

“We could have spared each other all the heartaches . . . if we became much braver and more honest right from the start . . .” she suddenly said.

“Yes, but that’s all in the past now. We’re here now . . . We’re finally in each other’s arms where we truly belong. We don’t have to regret anything . . . Because everything we experienced made us a better person. All the heartaches made us stronger and gave us a new meaning in life. I think we should be grateful that eventhough we suffered . . . we were still able to pass all of it,” he seriously said.

“You’re right. We’re together now . . . and I don’t think we will be separated ever again. All the sad times are over and the happy moments are just about to begin,” she said sweetly.

CHAPTER 61 Part 2

Jaejoong was about to say something when . . . . a knock on the door suddenly interrupted their conversation.

“Jaejoong . . . Lena . . . Someone wants to talk to you,” Jaejoong’s mother softly uttered.

Lena and Jaejoong looked at each other. They were both curious as to who wanted to talk to them.

“We’ll be out in a few minutes, Mother,” Jaejoong shouted.

“All right. Don’t be too long okay,” the old woman said.

Lena and Jaejoong hurriedly got out of bedand started to get dress. Then Lena suddenly remembered something.

“Jaejoong, your parents still don’t know that I can walk again,” she said with confusion on her face.

“So what’s wrong?” he asked back.

“Wouldn’t they be shocked . . . if they suddenly see me walking out of the room?” she asked.

Jaejoong started to think, then smiled. “Don’t worry. I know they will surely be thrilled once they know that you’re finally able to walk again.”

“But frankly I am a bit embarrassed. They might think that I was just faking my condition before,” she said with worry.

Jaejoong slowly walked up to Lena and lovingly embraced her. “You don’t have to worry. They will be delighted. Frankly I am already sure that your parents will also be thrilled to know that you’re back to normal again,” he said as he quickly planted a kiss on her forehead. “Give yourself a break. Stop worrying about things . . . It’s bad for our baby,” he then smiled.

Lena nodded, then sighed. “Yes. you’re right. I’m just worrying about senseless things.”

“Come on, let’s go. We don’t want our guest to wait,” he said with a smile.

“Who could it be?” she asked with curiosity in her eyes.

Jaejoong smiled. “Let’s find out,” he said as he gently pulled Lena out of the room.

Hand in hand, Lena and Jaejoong went out of the room. Then they went straight to the living room. Both of them were surprised after seeing who were waiting for them. Jaejoong immediately tightened his hold on Lena’s hand.

“Mother . . . Father . . .” Lena uttered with shock.

“Lena? You’re walking again? You’re cured?” Lena’s mother continuously asked with tears already forming in her eyes.

“Lena. . . Jaejoong . . .” Jaejoong’s parents uttered as they looked at her and then at Jaejoong. Somehow they were both confused and surprised at what they were seeing.

“Mother . . .” Lena uttered as she looked straight at her. “You’re not here to take me away again . . . right? Please I don’t want to be separated with Jaejoong ever again. I don’t think I can live without him,” she uttered as tears were starting to form in her eyes.

Lena’s mother suddenly stood and walked up to her daughter. She looked directly at her, then smiled.

“We’re not here to take you away, dear. We’re here to fix things. We already talked with Jaejoong’s parents . . . When and where do you want to be married?” she asked softly.

Lena couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Somehow all the remaining fears and heavy burden in her heart had finally disappeared. “Mother. . .is that really true?”

The old woman smiled sweetly. Then she lovingly caressed her daughter’s face. “I can see that I made the right decision to help you. I haven’t seen such joy in your eyes for a very long time. I was right . . . Jaejoong is really the only one who could make you complete . . .”

Lena quickly embraced her mother. “Thank you so much, Mother. Thank you . . .” she uttered as tears flowed down her face.

Lena’s father also stood up, then approached his daughter. “Lena, I just want to say sorry for all the things I made you go through. Now I know it was a big mistake that I kept on forcing you to marry Daichi, when I already knew that you were in love with Jaejoong. Can you forgive your foolish father?” he said with a low voice.

Lena stared at the old man, then embraced him as well. “Oh Father, you don’t have to say sorry . . . I know you just wanted to keep your promise to your father . . . and you just wanted the best for me. Let’s just forget everything that happened and make a fresh start.”

The old man hugged her daughter tightly. “Thank you for being so understanding . . .”

Lena’s mother smiled sweetly at her husband, then at Jaejoong. “So let’s set the wedding plans already . . . I don’t want my grandchild to be born out of wedlock,” the old woman said with a light laugh.

Lena suddenly laughed as well. “Mother . . . I’m still far away from giving birth . . .”

Lena’s father looked at Jaejoong. “By the way, what happened? What did you do . . . to make Lena walk again?” the old man asked curiously.

“Yes, how did you do it?” Lena’s mother also asked.

Jaejoong and Lena suddenly exchanged glances with one another. Somehow they were both confused and embarrassed to tell the truth. They knew what happened was too awkward. It was totally inappropriate to be discussed.

“Mother . . . Father . . . let’s just say it is a little secret between me and Lena,” Jaejoong answered with a mischievous smile.

“Jaejoong . . . .” Lena shrieked, then she quickly started to pinch him.

Jaejoong tried to avoid Lena. But she just kept on following him and pinching him while they laughed continuously. Both their parents just silently watched. Somehow they could easily see and feel the love and happiness that were emanating from Lena and Jaejoong, and they knew that it was going to last forever.

Another day passed . . . .

Max, U-Know, Xiah and Micky were all sitting in the living room of their apartment. Jaejoong still hasn’t returned from Korea. Somehow they were all worried about him. They were all wondering what happened to him and Lena. They were all hoping that he had finally succeeded in getting Lena back.

Max sighed. It was already lunch time, but they didn’t care. They weren’t hungry at all. Somehow they were all just spending their time worrying about Jaejoong and Lena.

“What do you think happened to hyung? Why hasn’t he called yet? Good thing that our manager agreed to cancel all our appointments until tomorrow. Frankly I am so nervous that I don’t think I can actually go on a live performance or do an interview when I am this nervous. I hope hyung will call us soon. I really want to know what happened to him and Lena,” Max said with so much concern.

“I’ve tried calling his phone . . . But it just keeps on ringing. Maybe he forgot it somewhere or maybe lost it. I really don’t know what to think anymore. I am really very worried about him too,” U-Know said to the others.

“Well, if he still doesn’t return by tonight . . . I suggest we all go to Korea to look for him,” Xiah said seriously.

“Let’s just give Jaejoong some more time . . . We might never know . . . he might actually be in Japan already. We don’t have to panic,” Micky said calmly.

“You’re right. Maybe he’s just busy spending some time alone with Lena. That’s why he won’t answer his phone,” Xiah said with a smile.

“Or maybe he’s lying unconscious somewhere in Korea. . . beaten . . . and . . .” Max started to say as his imagination was taking over.

“Max! Stop it . . . We don’t have to think like that,” U-Know said.

“Sorry, I just can’t help it. . . Ooohhhh! I am going crazy. Let’s just go to Korea already . . . Let’s see what happened to hyung,” Max uttered as he suddenly stood up.

SUddenly someone walked into the room . . .

“Hyung . . . .” Max exclaimed. He was very happy to see his friend.

Jaejoong smiled. “Missed me?” he asked jokingly.

“Hyung, what happened to you? Why haven’t you called us? We tried calling you . . . but you wouldn’t answer your phone . . . Hey! Why are you alone? Where’s Lena? Don’t tell me you didn’t get her . . .” Max continuously said.

Jaejoong laughed. “Max . . . slow down. Lena is here . . . she just went to her own apartment to get something,” he said with a sweet smile.

Suddenly Micky’s heart skipped a beat. Lena was back with Jaejoong again . . . and no matter how hard he tried not to be hurt . . . it still brought a sharp pain in his heart.

“You shouldn’t have left Lena alone in her apartment. . .” Micky said with concern.

“Don’t worry, Micky . . . I can take care of myself . . .” Lena suddenly said as she entered the room.

Xiah, Max, U-Know and Micky were all shocked with what they saw. Lena was standing in front of them . . . smiling.

“Lena, you’re standing . . .” Max exclaimed with joy.

“You can walk again?” Micky asked in disbelief.

Lena nodded, then smiled.

“How? What happened?” Xiah asked as he looked at Jaejoong and Lena.

Jaejoong laughed. “It’s a secret . . . Frankly . . . you guys wouldn’t want to know . . .”

“Oh . . . Jaejoong,” Lena exclaimed in total embarrassment. He had been constantly teasing her whenever the topic of how she was able to walk again was brought up.

“Hyung . . . come on . . .tell us,” Max pleaded.

Jaejoong looked at Lena. “Sorry . . . it’s a secret between me and my future wife.”

“Future wife??? You mean . . . the two of you are getting married?” Xiah asked with a big smile.

“Yes,” Max uttered happily.

“Finally . . . you’re able to do the right thing,” Micky said with a smile as well. Somehow eventhough his heart was aching, happiness still filled a certain part of his heart because he was able to see the overflowing joy in Lena’s eyes.

“So when is the wedding?” U-Know asked excitedly.

“Three days from now . . .” Lena replied sweetly.

“What? Three days? Wow! That’s fast . . .” Max uttered in total amazement.

“Hey! I need to get this lady tied to me already or else she might get away from me again,” Jaejoong jokingly said.

The other DBSK boys laughed. They were all very happy that finally their friend had found his true love.

“So we just went here to get you guys . . . Better start packing . . . We have a lot of things to do once we return to Korea . . .” Jaejoong said with a smile.

“Korea?” Xiah asked.

“We’re getting married in Korea . . . So we have to return there quickly,” Lena tried to explain.

“So . . . everything is really set? What about your parents Lena? Are they really going to let you marry hyung? And what about our manager . . .hyung? Have you told them about your decision to get married?” Max asked worriedly.

Lena lightly laughed. “Oh . . . Max . . . you’re really very sweet . . . My parents already accepted Jaejoong. In fact, they are the ones arranging our wedding back in Korea.”

“And as for our manager and our group . . . I already talked with President Lee and he already agreed . . . Lena’s father helped me to persuade him to let me marry Lena. So there’s nothing to be worried about anymore,” Jaejoong added.

“That’s great . . . Oh! This is just wonderful,” Max said happily.

“President Lee gave you guys a one week vacation . . . So to prepare for the wedding and a little time off as well after the wedding . . . while Jaejoong and I are on our honeymoon,” Lena said with a smile.

“This is going to be so exciting . . . Come on . . . Let’s start packing . . . I can’t wait to go back to Korea,” Max said with a big grin on his face.

Xiah, U-Know and Micky just laughed. “Okay . . . let’s go . . . We have a wedding to attend to . . .”

Jaejoong lovingly stared at Lena as they both held each other’s hand. He had never felt such a comforting feeling in all of his life. Somehow just standing beside her was bringing him such a strong feeling of contentment.

“I love you,” Jaejoong suddenly whispered in Lena’s ear.

Lena stared at him, then sweetly smiled at him. “I love you too . . .”

CHAPTER 62 Part 1

Wedding day . . . .in the park near Lena and Jaejoong’s homes . . . the place where their memories started . . . .

In the middle of the park, a beautiful stage decorated with flowers was set. Then leading to it was a long red carpet supposed to be the aisle where Lena will be walking . . . . In front of the stage, more than a hundred beautifully decorated tables were placed. Everything was perfect . . . Somehow everyone who saw the place couldn’t help but gasp in total disbelief and amazement. The whole park was suddenly transformed into a dream land . . .

The whole park was arranged beautifully and was guarded by more than hundreds of private personnel. Lena’s father had made sure that the wedding will only be open to guests, and was going to be safe from reporters and other unwanted media people. They wanted Lena and Jaejoong’s wedding to be perfect and very memorable.

“This place is totally unbelievable,” Max commented as he started to gaze around the whole park. “Is this really an ordinary park before or a theme park?” he asked with amazement.

“And look at those security personnel, they are very strict indeed,” Xiah added.

“And the guests . . . have you seen some of the guests? Most of them are well known personalities, both in the entertainment and business industry,” U-Know also said.

“Yes, I already noticed that. I even saw some of the well known politicians from Korea and Japan as well,” Xiah uttered as he nodded in agreement with what U-Know said.

“No wonder they have such tight security all over the place . . . The place is basically filled with high profile guests,” Max said.

Micky lightly laughed with his friends reactions. “What else do you expect? Lena’s father is quite rich and a very powerful man . . .He’s basically known all over Korea and Japan. So if his one and only daughter gets married . . . it’s no surprise that a lot of powerful and well known personalities will be invited . . . Plus we’re forgetting the fact that Jaejoong is already a well known personality as well. So the attraction to a lot of people is doubled . . . I heard that some people actually asked that they be invited as well.”

“Really? Wow! I never thought that hyung’s wedding will be this spectacular . . . It’s like a one in a million dream wedding . . .” Max said with awe.

“Even President Lee is here . . . I saw him with our manager . . .” Xiah said.

“President Lee would never miss this event. All the well known people from both Korea and Japan are here. So it is basically an honor for him to be invited to this event,” Micky added.

“Such a very extraordinary wedding for a very extraordinary couple . . .” U-Know commented.

“But . . . haven’t you guys noticed something?” Max asked suddenly with a worried face.

“I know what you’re going to say . . . I already noticed it as well,” U-Know said.

something was wrong, the wedding was already more than fifteen minutes late . . . .

“What’s wrong? Why haven’t they started the wedding?” Max asked the other DBSK boys. He was already feeling very impatient.

Micky laughed lightly. “You’re being over excited Max . . .”

Xiah let out a laugh as well. “Don’t worry, Max. Nothing is wrong . . . They say they are just waiting for some of Lena’s relatives to arrive.”

“Oh, I was really getting worried. I really want this wedding to happen. Hyung and Lena deserve to be together. And I don’t want anything bad to happen to them again,” Max said with concern.

U-Know suddenly placed his arm around Max’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Max. Jaejoong and Lena’s hardships are all over. They are going to walk down that aisle with the most sweetest and memorable smiles we will ever see,” he said as he looked at where Jaejoong was standing.

Jaejoong was already feeling anxious as well. Lena was still in the dressing room. Her parents had asked that their wedding be delayed for half an hour because some of Lena’s relatives still haven’t arrive yet.

“What’s taking them so long?” he started to ask himself, over and over again.

Jaejoong started to look around. He was very nervous and scared. Somehow he wanted to just go and look for Lena. His heart was already beating wildly with so much worry.

The guests continued to wait patiently until . . .

After more than thirty minutes of waiting . . . Lena’s father suddenly approached Jaejoong.

“Jaejoong, everything is set . . . We can go on with the wedding now,” he said with a smile.

Jaejoong suddenly let out a sigh of relief. He was already very worried that their wedding might not continue. “Thank you, Father,” he said with a smile.

The old man quickly went back to where Lena was waiting . . . and within minutes . . . the wedding finally started.

Everyone held their breaths as everything started to unfold. . . .

A very familiar music unexpectedly filled the whole park . . . U-Know, Xiah, Max and Micky quickly exchanged glances with one another. Then smiles instantly appeared on their lips. “Looking at the Sunset” was played.

After the after glow sets,
I’m going towards you,
Following the lights which turn on one by one

I’ll embrace you,
Before the cold wind makes your shoulders flinch

I love you,
The foolish you,
You’re so precious to me

As soon as the music started, Lena appeared with her father and had started to walk down the aisle. Everyone couldn’t help but gasped. Lena was very beautiful and was somehow just like an angel in her white wedding dress. She was smiling sweetly at everyone. Her happiness was overflowing and was easily felt by everyone who saw the sweet smile on her lips.

As much as the sun that rises above you,
I’ll keep you safe as much as you’ve waited for me, with this glaring heart,
All the dreams I’ve prayed for,
They’re going towards you with my sincere scent

I hope that my wishes of smiling next to you every new morning,
Will be able to come true

I’ll wait for you,
I’ll never let go of your hands,
Even if it’s only tears,
I’ll wipe them away for you

Although we are not able to see the end,
No matter how bumpy our road is,
I’ll promise you, please be mine

As much as the sun that rises above you,
I’ll keep you safe as much as you’ve waited for me, with this glaring heart,
All the dreams I’ve prayed for,
They’re going towards you with my sincere scent,
More than the air I breathe,

As Lena slowly approached Jaejoong . . . their hearts were already beating wildly. Everything was like a dream to both of them. Somehow they couldn’t believe that everything was finally over. They were finally going to be together . . . for the rest of their lives.

‘I love you’ ‘You’re the only one’,
I want to yell those words out into the sky
I love you, my heart which feels like bursting is calling out to you

No matter how many times they find us,
No matter if we can’t breathe,

Like those invisible flower-like smiles,
Which shine just like the stars,
I’ll keep you safe beautifully

As much as the sun that rises above you,
I’ll keep you safe as much as you’ve waited for me, with this glaring heart,
I love you, I love you,
You’re the most beautiful in this world,
This dream-like heart,
More than the air I breathe

The song had already ended . . . Lena’s father gently gave Lena’s hand to Jaejoong.

“Take care of my daughter . . . Love her with all of your heart,” the old man softly said to Jaejoong.

Jaejoong didn’t know what to say, so he just nodded. Then he carefully tightened his hold on Lena’s hand. Somehow he couldn’t help but look deep into her eyes.

Lena smiled sweetly at him. “Don’t stare at me like that . . . You’re making me nervous,” she said with a light laugh.

Jaejoong couldn’t help but laugh as well. “You’re so beautiful,” he uttered with love in his eyes.

“Jae . . .” she uttered.

“Hmmm?” he asked.

“I love you,” she said sweetly.

“I love you too . . .” he said softly.

Then they happily approached the waiting priest in the center of the stage. Instantly the giant screen on the stage opened, and Lena and Jaejoong were shown upclose.

“This wedding is so grand . . .” Max couldn’t help but comment.

U-Know laughed. “Yes, this wedding is really very extraordinary. Jaejoong and Lena are quite lucky.”

“It’s like we’re watching a fairytale wedding,” Xiah said with a smile.

Micky seriously looked at Lena. His heart was still aching . . . but he was happy. He was happy . . . that Lena had finally found what she had been searching for. He quickly shook his head, as if to erase the different thoughts that were running in his mind. He then stared at Lena and Jaejoong. “I’m happy for both of you,” he suddenly uttered with a low voice.

Near the DBSK boys . . . Daichi was quietly sitting next to his parents. Just like Micky, his heart was also bleeding. But he knew he needed to be strong. He chose to let her go . . . and he knew his sacrifice was worth it. Just seeing the sweet smile on Lena’s lips . . . and seeing her walk again . . . was enough for him . . . He knew he made the right decision. And even though he was hurting, he didn’t care . . . as long as the woman he loves was happy. . .

CHAPTER 62 Part 2

The whole wedding went by quickly . . . . The priest had already announced Jaejoong and Lena as husband and wife.

He was already about to kiss her when . . . . a helicopter appeared . . .and started circling around the area of the stage.

Everyone attending the wedding were suddenly alarmed. They all thought that the helicopter was a part of a media crew.

“Jaejoong,” Lena said with worry . . . .

Jaejoong gazed up at the helicopter . . . then . . . rose petals started to fall . . . .

Then another song started to play on the large speakers around the stage . . . .”You Are My Song”

When I close my eyes, the quiet sounds which are audible,
Your feelings, your small thoughts

I’m sorry, I’m sorry; I couldn’t hear you due to the unnecessary sounds of my heart
The times of tears is now history, don’t worry, because

You’re my melody; I’ll perform you, on & on,
You’re my song, my life’s soundtrack,
I love you, for you brighten up my life’s stage,
I’ll continue to sing you, you’re my song

All the guests were surprised. But all their worries immediately disappeared after seeing the thousands of red rose petals that the helicopter was spreading.

The times when my pride didn’t want to say ‘I’m sorry,’
My heart was extremely poor,
Will you come to me when my spirit is drying up?
When I’m about to break down?
Even the saddest times have an end just like a song, because

It’s your love, your love, how you showed me love,
You’re my rhythm, my life’s present,
Please become the beautiful dream of my life timelessly,
I’ll continue to sing you, you’re my song

The numerous sad love songs,
Although they seem to be about us,
You’re the most special person right now by my side,
When you close your eyes, the sounds you hear, your heart, I’ll sing them now

Jaejoong smiled and then faced Lena again. “So what was I supposed to do?” he asked with a grin.

Lena lightly laughed. “You were about to kiss me . . . Or maybe you don’t want to do it anymore,” she said with a pout.

Jaejoong laughed. Then he gently pulled Lena closer to him. “How can I not kiss my lovely wife?” he asked teasingly.

Lena gazed straight into Jaejoong’s eyes. He then slowly lowered his head to give her the kiss that was going to seal their fates forever . . . .

While the rose petals continuously fell from the sky, Lena and Jaejoong lovingly kissed each other . . . in front of the hundreds of witnesses. They were finally husband and wife . . . and nothing was going to separate them ever again . . . .

Everyone who saw the wonderful scene . . . just clapped their hands. They had never seen such a sweet and beautiful wedding scene before. Jaejoong and Lena’s wedding was truly a one in a lifetime moment. . . an unforgettable memory . . .

You’re my melody; I’ll perform you, on & on,
You’re my song, my life’s soundtrack,
I love you, for you brighten up my life’s stage,
I’ll continue to sing you, you’re my song

It’s your love, your love, how you showed me love,
You’re my rhythm, my life’s present,
Please become the beautiful dream of my life timelessly,
I’ll continue to sing you, you’re my song

It’s your love, your love, how you showed me love,
You’re my rhythm, my life’s present,
Please become the beautiful dream of my life timelessly,
I’ll continue to sing you, you’re my song

Five years later . . . .

“Rain! Star!” Lena called out as she started to look around the house. “Where are those kids?” she started to ask herself.

“What’s wrong?” Jaejoong suddenly entered the living room.

“Have you seen Rain and Star? I just left them playing here,” Lena said with worry.

“Rain is with U-Know and Micky. There are teaching him how to play the piano. While Star is with Xiah and Max. They are also busy teaching her how to reach the high notes she wanted to sing,” Jaejoong said with a smile.

Lena couldn’t help but smile. All of Jaejoong’s friends took care of the twins, Rain and Star like they were their own children.

“What time is Daichi coming?” Jaejoong asked.

“He said his flight was going to be arriving early than scheduled . . . so he should be here in an hour or so,” she replied.

“It’s been such a long time since you last saw him right?” he asked with something hidden in his eyes.

“Yes, quite a long time. Three years to be exact . . . I wonder what he looks like now . . .” she started to wonder.

“I’m sure, he’s still quite good looking just like before. . .Just make sure you don’t fall in love with him okay?” Jaejoong said as a joke, but with a hint of jealousy.

Lena suddenly looked at Jaejoong with a smile on her lips. “Don’t tell me you’re still jealous of him?”

Jaejoong quickly looked away. He didn’t want Lena to see the fear in his eyes. He was somehow feeling very nervous that after five years Lena and Daichi will be seeing each other again.

After he and Lena got married, Daichi quickly left Japan and started his own publishing company in New York. Jaejoong knew that Daichi just wanted to focus on something else and try to forget Lena. That’s why he left and went to another country. After a year, Daichi’s business became a big success. He then started to venture into other related businesses and within a year, he was able to climb to the top five most successful businessmen of New York. But even though he was far away, he still kept on calling Lena. They still continued to keep their friendship inspite of the distance and busy schedules.

“Daichi said that he had a surprise for me . . .” Lena said softly.

“Surprise? What kind of a surprise?” he asked.

Lena just shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t know . . . Let’s just wait and see . . .”

“Maybe he has finally found a girlfriend . . .” Jaejoong suddenly uttered as a joke. Then he gently sat down on the couch.

“Oh . . . I really hope so. . .” she suddenly voiced out.

“Mama . . . Papa . . . I’m hungry . . .” a little girl suddenly wailed as she entered the room.

Jaejoong and Lena exchanged glances and couldn’t help but laugh. Somehow Star was very much like Max when it comes to eating. She had such a large appetite for any kind of food. Max had already noticed their similarities and he just found this so adorable. That’s why he just loves taking care of her.

“Star . . . where’s Max and Xiah?” Lena asked.

“We’re here,” Max answered as he and Xiah entered the room as well. Then they both sat down on the long sofa in the center of the room.

“So what did you guys do? My baby is quite hungry . . .” Lena asked with a smile.

“Mama, they made me sing such high notes . . . It was quite fun . . . But then it also made me very hungry . . . What are we having for dinner?” Star asked sweetly.

Jaejoong laughed lightly. “Oh god! She’s just like Max,” he said as he continued to laugh.

Lena laughed as well. “Don’t worry baby . . . We will be eating dinner in an hour or so . . . I’ll just prepare a light snack for you okay?”

“Okay, Mama,” the little girl replied sweetly.

“Uhmmm, Lena . . . do you think you can prepare a snack for me too?” Max said in a low voice.

Lena smiled. “Sure, Max . . . I was really going to prepare a snack for you too.”

A large grin immediately appeared on Max’s face. “Thanks.”

Xiah tried to control his laugh. “Max . . . you’re such a bad influence on Star . . . when it comes to eating. She’s starting to eat exactly like you.”

“Better put Star on a diet . . . or else she might end up being fat . . .” U-Know jokingly uttered as he, Micky and Rain entered the room.

“Rain, I’m going to prepare a light snack . . . would you like one too?” Lena asked her son.

“Yes . . . I’m hungry too. I was really going to ask for one,” the little boy said with a grin. He then sat down beside his father.

Lena couldn’t help but smile. “I think my twins are starting to be just like Max,” she said softly.

Micky and Xiah laughed. “That’s the effect of letting him take care of the twins often,” they both commented.

“Hey, that’s unfair. Eating isn’t bad. So there’s nothing wrong, if I teach them how to be familiar with the different kinds of foods,” Max said with a light laugh as well.

Star suddenly giggled, and went to Max’s side. Then she happily sat on Max’s lap. “I love food . . . and that’s going to be my motto for life.”

“Uh-oh . . .” Micky said with a laugh.

Lena and all the DBSK boys laughed. The twins were really the source of all their joy and laughter.

“Am I interrupting?” a man’s voice suddenly asked.

Lena quickly turned around and happiness instantly filled her heart.

“Daichi . . .” she uttered as she happily walked up to him.

“Lena . . . it’s been a long time . . . You’re still beautiful just like before,” Daichi said with a smile. Then he gently embraced her as a greeting.

Lena smiled. “And you’re still the same Daichi . . .”

Daichi let out laugh. “Not the same Daichi . . . . A lot of things have changed . . . You may not notice it easily,” he said with a grin.

Lena’s eyebrow raised. “A lot of things changed? What kind of things?” she asked curiously.

Daichi suddenly laughed. “You’re still the same, Lena. Quite the same . . .” He then looked at Jaejoong and the other DBSK boys. “Hello . . . Jaejoong, Micky, U-Know, Xiah, Max . . . How are you guys?”

“Hello . . .Daichi,” Jaejoong said with a smile.

U-Know smiled as well. “Fine . . .”

“Okay . . .” Xiah answered.

“Quite good,” Micky replied.

“Hungry,” Max said as a joke.

“Yes! I’m hungry,” Star suddenly remembered her stomach.

Xiah, Micky and U-Know suddenly burst out laughing.

“Oh . . . Star,” Xiah uttered as he shook his head in disbelief.

Daichi looked at the little girl sitting on Max’s lap. She was very beautiful. Her facial features were both taken from Lena and Jaejoong. But what was very attractive about her were the two dimples on her cheeks, that easily showed whenever she talked and smiled.

“So you’re Star? You’re really very pretty . . . just like your mother,” Daichi complimented the little girl.

Star giggled. “Pretty? Really? I am not only pretty, I can sing and dance too. . . Someday I want to be a singer and a real star just like Papa,” she uttered with dreamy eyes.

Daichi couldn’t help but smile. “Still very young . . . but already full of dreams and ambitions.”

“Star and I will be the first twins . . . brother and sister group that will be very famous not only in Korea, Japan or Taiwan . . . but the whole world as well,” Rain said with a big smile.

Daichi laughed. He was totally amused with Lena’s children. Rain was a handsome boy. He was more good looking than Jaejoong to be exact. The little boy had the features of both Lena and Jaejoong as well, and also had dimples just like his sister.

“I’m sure the two of you will be very successful and very famous when the time comes . . .” Daichi said to Star and Rain.

“Daichi . . . did you come here alone? You said you have a surprise . . . What is it?” Lena asked curiously.

Daichi suddenly looked at Lena, then he smiled. “Oh, I almost forgot. . . My surprise . . . I think she will be coming in any minutes now,” he answered.

Lena looked at Jaejoong and shook her head in confusion. “She? Who?” she then asked Daichi.

“Sorry . . . I’m late . . . I wanted to fix my gifts for the kids first,” a familiar voice suddenly said.

Lena looked at the woman who just walked into the room with two big boxes in hand.

“Yoora? . . .” Lena happily uttered, as she quickly ran up to her best friend.

“Hey, be careful with my gifts,” Yoora said as she quickly put down the gifts she was carrying. Then she happily gave Lena a big hug.

Jaejoong and the other DBSK boys smiled. They knew that Lena was very happy to see her old friend once again. They haven’t seen Yoora for more than a year since she started working in Paris as a fashion model.

“I missed you,” Lena uttered.

“I missed you too Lena . . . Do you know I bought so many dresses for you . . . I know you will surely look gorgeous in all of them . . . and I also bought some shoes to match,” Yoora said with a giggle. “And of course, I bought gifts for the twins,” she added with as she looked and smiled at Star and Rain.

“Oh Yoora . . . You’re still so sweet,” Lena said with a smile as well.

“Oh my . . . Rain and Star have already grown so fast . . . I guess they’re already big enough to take care of a little sister or brother,” Yoora uttered with a giggle. She had already released Lena from her tight hug and was now just holding Lena’s hand.

“Yoora,” Lena uttered, quite shocked.

Yoora laughed. “I was just joking. I know what you’re going to say,” she said with a wink.

Jaejoong looked at Lena, as if curious with her reaction to Yoora’s joke. But then he just brushed away what he was thinking and continued to concentrate on what was happening.

“So Yoora . . . you came here with Daichi?” Max asked suddenly.

Yoora stared at Max, then she smiled. “Yes, sort of.”

“Where did the two of you meet? I thought you were in Paris?” Lena asked Yoora.

Yoora looked at Lena with mixed expressions on her face. Somehow she was quite confused on how to answer Lena’s question.

Daichi unexpectedly let out a light laugh. “I think you should just tell her the truth,” he said to Yoora.

Yoora looked at Lena. “Lena, I . . . I . . .” she started to say.

Daichi smiled, then he walked up to where Lena and Yoora were. “Lena, remember I told you I had a surprise for you . . .” he said to her.

“Yes . . . So what is it?” Lena asked with a smile.

Daichi slowly took Yoora’s hand away from Lena’s hand and tightly held it instead.

“Lena . . . Yoora is my surprise . . .” he uttered as he stared seriously at Lena.

Lena was totally taken by surprise. She looked back and forth between Daichi and Yoora. Somehow she couldn’t believe what she just found out.

“You mean . . . Yoora is involved with you now?” Lena asked Daichi directly.

CHAPTER 62 Part 3

Daichi nodded, then smiled.

“Lena, I hope you won’t get mad . . .” Yoora said with a low voice. “I really didn’t expect to fall in love with him. It just happened unexpectedly while I was doing this pictorial for his magazine . . . last year,” she tried to explain.

Lena shook her head, then smiled sweetly. “You don’t have to explain anything. I don’t have any right to be mad . . . whatsoever. The truth is . . . I am very happy. . . . I’m happy that my two best friends have finally found their own happiness,” she said softly.

Daichi lovingly embraced Yoora in front of everyone. “See . . . I told you . . . there’s nothing to be worried about,” he said sweetly.

Jaejoong felt like a thorn had suddenly been lifted out of his chest. He smiled happily as he watched Daichi holding Yoora in his arms.

“Guess . . . you don’t have anything to be jealous about anymore . . .” Micky suddenly whispered to Jaejoong.

Jaejoong stared at Micky and grinned. “Yes, now . . . that only leaves . . . you . . .” he said with a light laugh.

Micky laughed as well. He had already gotten over Lena, and had already accepted that she was not destined for him. He was also very happy to see both Lena and Jaejoong happily living their lives with their children. He was glad that he made the right decision to let Lena let go. He knew he could never give Lena the kind of happiness that Jaejoong was giving her.

“Jealous of me? I’m already in the past now . . . You’re her present and her future,” Micky said with a smile, as he shook his head in disbelief with what Jaejoong had said.

“Just joking,” Jaejoong uttered with a laugh. “I know everything is in the past now . . . You don’t have to be so serious.”

Yoora suddenly looked at Jaejoong and Micky, as the two men were whispering to one another.

“Hey, what are you guys whispering about? Want to share your little secret with all of us,” she said with a grin.

Jaejoong surprisedly looked at Yoora. “Oh . . . it’s nothing important. Just a little joke . . . between us guys,” he uttered.

“Really now? . . . well, Lena and I also have a little secret between us girls . . . Would you like to find out what it is?” Yoora said teasingly.

“Yoora . . . stop it,” Lena uttered.

Jaejoong instantly became curious. “What is it? Okay . . . tell me . . . what is your little secret?”

“Do you really want to know?” Yoora asked again.

“Yes,” Jaejoong replied.

“Really?” Yoora asked for the third time.

“Yes,” Jaejoong answered again.

Yoora laughed out loud. “If I told you . . . then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore,” she said with a grin.

Jaejoong cupped his face. Somehow he didn’t know how to react. Yoora was still the same Yoora he had met years before . . . She was still very playful and naughty.

Daichi laughed. “Sorry, Jaejoong. You know how Yoora loves to play and tease people.”

Jaejoong smiled at Daichi. “I know . . . she’s still the same Yoora I met when I was just a kid.”

“Mama, I’m hungry . . .” Star wailed.

“Me too . . .” Rain cried out as well.

Suddenly all the attention were drawn to the twins. Everyone laughed out loud. The cute expressions on Rain and Star’s faces were just too adorable.

“Oh . . . sorry little angels. Mama got a little preoccupied,” she said gently to the twins.

“Can we have dinner now? I’m starving,” Rain asked with a grin.

“My god Lena, you’re kids are just too cute. Rain is more handsome than Jaejoong and Star is more beautiful than you . . . I’m already wondering what your other kids will look like,” Yoora said.

“Yoora, stop it. . . Let’s just go and have dinner already . . .” Lena said with a smile.

“Okay . . . but you said you’re going to give Jaejoong a surprise today . . . right?” Yoora asked with a mischievous smile.

“Oh . . . Yoora, I shouldn’t have told you . . . You can never keep your mouth closed whenever Jaejoong is around,” she said with a sigh.

“Tell me what?” Jaejoong asked curiously.

Lena looked at Jaejoong. “Nothing . . .”

“Nothing? Are you sure?” Jaejoong asked seriously.

Lena sighed. “I was going to wait for the perfect moment to tell you . . . but then . . . since Yoora had already been spilling everything already . . . might as well tell you my little surprise . . . But I’m going to tell you later okay . . . after we finish eating our dinner,” she said with a smile.

Somehow Jaejoong’s heart started to beat very fast. He was very curious as to what Lena was going to tell him.

“Can’t you tell me now?” Jaejoong asked with a trembling voice.

“Nope . . . after dinner . . .” Lena replied.

“Don’t worry . . . Lena won’t be asking for a divorce,” Yoora said as a joke.

Jaejoong suddenly became pale. Somehow he didn’t like Yoora’s joke. It had made his heart heavy with worry.

The dinner that Lena had prepared for hours was already finished in just half an hour. All throughout dinner, Jaejoong was very quiet and nervous. He just wanted their dinner to be over already so that he could know Lena’s surprise for him.

“We’ll take care of the dishes . . . Just go on and have a talk with Jaejoong already . . . I think he’s going to faint, if he waits any longer,” Yoora said teasingly.

“Yes, go on . . . talk . . .” Daichi said with a smile.

Lena nodded, and then smiled. “So Jaejoong . . . let’s just talk in the garden,” she said seriously.

Jaejoong felt his heart was going to burst any minute. He quietly followed Lena into the garden.

And as soon as Jaejoong and Lena left the dining room . . . Max and Yoora quickly burst out laughing.

“Did you see Jaejoong’s face? I thought he was going to faint . . . He was so scared . . .” Yoora said to Daichi.

“I think hyung was thinking Lena was going to tell him something bad . . .” Max uttered between his laughs.

“Max . . . you know . . .about Lena’s secret?” Yoora asked curiously.

“Yup, just found out about it this morning,” Max replied.

“How?” Yoora asked again.

“I woke up early this morning, and accidentally found Lena in the kitchen while she was having a hard time with her morning sickness,” Max answered.

“Morning sickness?” U-Know, Xiah and Micky all asked at the same time, with their eyes wide with shock and their mouths open.

Yoora and Max looked at the other DBSK boys. Then they both laughed.

“Do you think Jaejoong will have the same reaction?” Yoora asked Max.

“Maybe . . . These guys reactions are just too much . . .but I know hyung will be very happy,” Max answered.

“Well. . . Lena is a little bit concerned with Jaejoong. It seems Jaejoong doesn’t want to have any more kids for the time being . . . That’s why Lena is very reluctant to tell him the truth,” Yoora said with a sigh.

“Really? Well . . . knowing hyung . . . he will instantly welcome the news with open arms . . . I know he will be delighted . . .” Max said with a smile.

“Lena’s pregnant again?” Xiah asked, as if unable to believe.

“Yes, she’s pregnant again. . . Two months pregnant to be exact . . .” Yoora uttered.

“Mama’s pregnant? So we will be having a new baby sister or brother to take care of?” Rain asked curiously.

“Yes, you’re going to have a little baby to take care of . . . in a couple of months,” Daichi answered Rain.

“Oh . . . goodie . . . I am going to be a big sister . . .” Star started to chant happily.

All the people in the room started to laugh. They were all very happy for Jaejoong and Lena.

CHAPTER 62 Part 4

In the garden . . . . Lena and Jaejoong were facing each other.

Lena was already nervously looking at Jaejoong. “Jae . . .” she started to say.

“What is it? Look . . . if I did something wrong . . . please forgive me okay . . . I know I haven’t been home lately, and I’ve been very busy with my work . . . the song writing, the concerts, the TV guestings, the interviews, the pictorials, the album launching . . . I know I have been neglecting you and the kids . . . I’m sorry . . .” Jaejoong said with fear in his eyes.

Lena slowly walked up to Jaejoong. Then she lovingly caressed his face.

“Jaejoong . . . I have something very important to tell you,” she said with a low voice.

“What . . . what is it? If you’re . . . you’re going to ask for a divorce . . . I’m already telling you . . . I won’t agree to it. I promise I will try to make up for everything,” Jaejoong said with a quivering voice.

Lena lightly laughed. “What makes you think I would want to divorce you?”

“Well . . . Yoora said . . .” he started to explain.

Lena placed her finger on his lips to stop him from talking.

“Yoora was just joking. I will never divorce you . . . I can never do that . . .” she said sweetly.

“Really? Then what are you going to tell me? What is the surprise that you’re supposed to tell me?” Jaejoong asked.

“Jaejoong . . .”

“Hmmm???” he uttered.

“I know you might get upset with what I’m going to tell you,” she said with concern.

“Why are you scared? What is it?” he asked curiously.

“Jaejoong . . . I . . .”

“What?” he asked.

“I. . . I’m pregnant,” she said with a low voice.

“What?” he asked, as if unable to believe what he was hearing.

“I said . . . I’m pregnant,” she said, this time with a louder voice.

“You’re pregnant?” he asked with his eyes wide with shock.

Lena nodded.

“You’re pregnant? You’re pregnant! Lena’s pregnant! I’m going to be a father again . . .” he started to shout out happily.

He then took Lena in his arms and started to swing her around.

“I’m going to be a father again,” he repeated over and over again.

Unexpectedly . . . rain drops started to fall. . . .

Slowly . . . Jaejoong placed Lena down. Then he looked deep into her eyes.

“So this is your surprise for me?” Jaejoong asked Lena.

Lena nodded her head.

“Do you know how scared I was? I was really thinking that you were angry with me or something . . . and that you were going to leave me . . .” he said with a trembling voice.

Lena smiled. “Silly . . . I can never leave you . . . I love you . . . and I can never live without you,” she said with love in her eyes.

“I love you . . .” he suddenly uttered.

“So . . . you’re not angry that I’m pregnant?” she asked with worry.

“Why should I be angry?” Jaejoong asked with a smile.

“But you said that you didn’t want any kids for the time being . . . That’s why I was so scared to tell you . . . I didn’t want you to think that I was tying you down with more responsibilities,” she said with a low voice. Then she lowered her face, as if embarrassed.

Jaejoong couldn’t help but smile. He carefully lifted Lena’s face to meet his eyes.

“I just said that I didn’t want anymore kids for the time being because I didn’t want to miss more important events with you and our children. I know I’m always far away and busy most of the time . . . that the twins are already complaining . . . And I don’t want the same thing to happen to our other future children . . . But what I said, didn’t mean that I don’t want to have more children . . . I love you . . . and our children signifies the love we have for each other . . . so how can I be angry? In fact . . . I’m very happy. . . because this only means that our love just keeps on growing,” he said with such a sweet smile that just made Lena’s heart jump with so much joy.

“Jaejoong . . .” she uttered happily.

“I love you,” he said sweetly as he slowly kissed her.

Back in the house . . . Daichi and Yoora were watching in one of the windows facing the garden . . .

“God . . . they’re so sweet . . .” Yoora uttered.

Daichi lightly laughed. Then he lovingly embraced Yoora from behind. “We can try to be much sweeter . . .” he whispered.

Yoora gazed at Daichi. Then she looked deep into his eyes. Her heart started to skip whenever she gazed at him. “Daichi . . . I love you . . .”

“I love you Yoora . . . Thank you for entering my life . . .” Daichi said with love in his eyes.

In another window facing the garden . . . Max, Xiah, Micky and U-Know were watching as well.

“well . . . that’s it . . . We better send the kids to bed early,” Micky said with a grin.

Xiah, u-Know and Max lightly laughed.

“Oh Micky . . . you and your naughty thoughts,” U-Know uttered, as he shook his head.

Micky let out a laugh. “Well . . . do you actually think that Lena and Jaejoong will have the time to send the twins to bed . . . in that kind of state?” as he suddenly pointed outside of the window.

Xiah and U-Know sighed. “You’re right . . . They’re too busy . . . We better not disturb them . . .” they both uttered.

Max laughed. “I wish Lena will have twins again . . . two sweet little angels with angelic faces . . .” he said with dreamy eyes. “I just love taking care of twins,” he said again with a sweet smile on his face.

Micky. Xiah and U-Know suddenly exchanged glances with one another. Then they all looked at Max and laughed out loud.

“Oh Max . . . another set of twins? I think you’re asking for more trouble,” Xiah said with a smile.

“Asking for more trouble? Why? I don’t mind taking care of the kids,” Max said with a confused expression on his face.

Micky laughed again. “The trouble isn’t concerning you . . . it’s concerning the kids . . . Imagine another set of twins will be exposed and will get influenced with your eating habits.”

“Hyung . . . you’re so bad . . .” Max complained.

Xiah and U-Know smiled. “Come on . . . we better get Star and Rain to bed . . .”

The other four DBSK boys happily turned away from the window and lovingly faced Star and Rain. They knew in a few more months . . . they will be having more joy in their lives with the new baby or babies. All of them were very happy that Jaejoong and Lena had found the kind of love that only comes once in a lifetime. And they were all wishing that Lena and Jaejoong will always stay in love with each other . . . forever. . . .

Back in the garden . . .

“Jaejoong . . .” she uttered as she slowly drew away from Jaejoong’s kisses.

“Why? What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Silly . . . It’s raining . . . You might get sick . . . You still have a concert to attend to in two days remember . . .” Lena said with a sweet smile.

“Oh . . . so what if it’s raining? It always rains . . . whenever I’m with you,” he said teasingly.

“Jaejoong . . . you might get sick,” she said with concern.

Jaejoong grinned. “Hey . . . it’s not like everyday I can get the chance to be told that I am going to be a father again . . . plus I can never pass up the chance to kiss my beautiful wife.”

Lena laughed. “Oh . . . Jaejoong . . .” she uttered with so much happiness.

Jaejoong quickly took Lena into his arms, and lovingly kissed her again.

The rain had already started to pour very hard . . .

But Lena and Jaejoong didn’t care. They didn’t mind the rain falling down on them and soaking them. What they cared about was the love and joy they were both feeling at that exact moment.

Jaejoong tightened his hold on Lena’s body . . . He loved her with all his heart and soul . . . He knew he was the luckiest man in the world for having her in his life. And he had already made a promised to himself that he will do everything just to make her happy . . .

Lena returned Jaejoong’s kisses . . . She was feeling so much love and joy that she couldn’t explain. Her life was already complete. She couldn’t ask for anything more. She already had a loving husband, two wonderful kids . . . and now another angel was going to enter their lives.

Lena and Jaejoong allowed themselves to drown in each other’s kisses. They were already contented being so close to each other. Inspite of the rain, they continued to express their love for one another. They knew their destiny together was just starting, and that they haven’t even come to one part of it. They knew their lives weren’t going to be always happy and sunny. They were already expecting that there would be times that problems will enter their lives. But inspite of it all, they had already promised each other that they will always stay together no matter what happens. They would go through all the hardships together . . . and they would make sure that they will surpass all the obstacles that were going to enter their lives. And they had also vowed to one another that each time a trial passes their lives, they will make sure that they will come out of it . . . much stronger and with much more love for one another.

As the rain fell, they both continued to share sweet and warm kisses with one another. And as their lips met, somehow their hearts were also singing a similar tune . . . a tune that they were going to remember for the rest of their lives. . . .

The tune of everlasting love . . . .

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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