Author : Members of DTL

This page is specially dedicated towards the talented writers in DTL. All fanfics listed here will be listed alongside the names of its respective writers and any collaborations will be mentioned. Please please please… remember to leave some comments, doesn’t matter if its short and simple. We would appreciate it if all of us can help the writers feel appreciated and inspire them to write more, because all of us LOVES to read, right? So we should encourage them to produce more fictions for us to read. ^^

Just click on the list of sub-pages here or on the main page. And again, these one-shots should remain only here. If you would like to share them anywhere else, please contact us and we’ll ask the writers for permission. Thank you for your cooperation. =)

Any questions or ideas, please drop us some comments. And enjoy your reading. Have a nice day!


  • The Reason [rainny]
  • Wasurenaide [jija]
  • Because I Love You [jija]
  • You’re My Star [yuna_luv]
  • Crimson Butterfly [yuna_luv]
  • When Su Stumbles [Daniaa]
  • Close To You – YunJae ft Micky [Jae]
  • I’m Yours… [nukimiaka]
  • Unspoken Heart [nukimiaka]

A/N : The colours represents their post in the forums. =)

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