Close To You [Jae]

The bustling of people talking and the rattling glasswares keeps the restauant alive. A five- star restaurant known as Red Ocean is the best place to find people in fancy suits and dresses.

“How dare you touch him?!” A faint sound of s slap synchronises with an angry shout. Everyone fell silent and turned their heads to the VIP box where the slap and shout emitted. A shadow of a man was standing up pulling his partner with him. From the looks of the shadow this man seems very well- built and protective. He stood up pulling his partner leaving a dumbfounded waiter standing stiff, tray in hand and looking down.

Everyone was baffled to see an angry U- Know storming out pulling Hero along with him. Hero looks like he was trying to break loose from U-Know’s strong grip. From Hero’s innocent, what-the-hell? look everyone knows that U- Know slapped the waiter for an attemptto touch Hero. Everyone was in silence before they reached the door, no one dare to make a sound seeing U- Know’s grim face.

Witnessing this ‘Couple situation’ everyone shaked their heads, tsk- tsking.
“Did that waiter know that when Hero is with U- Know he cannot be touch?” someone suddenly said
“He must’ve been a new waiter,” responded another person.

“You, I told you not to letanyone TOUCH you EXCEPT FOR ME,” U- Know said sternly to Hero when they got in the car.
“How am I suppose to know that he was about to molest me?” Hero said, annoyed.
“Jae.. You are the only beautiful man I know alive” U- Know inhales deeply then exhales then turned to face Hero.
“Jae.. I don’t want to lose you. I want to love you and i want you to love me back, ” U- Know said softly.
“Yunho, I do love you its just that you got to stop being paranoid. you’ve never been this paranoid,” Hero confided.
U- Know started the car and drove, Hero staying quiet all the way.

The next day Hero walked up to Micky because he wanted to ask Micky about U- Know’s paranoid behaviour.
“Hey umm.. Micky. Can I ask you something?” Hero asked Micky
“Yeah sure.. What’s up?” Micky responded
“Do you know when and why Yunho got paranoid?” Hero said shyly
“Ah! That! Well.. He started his paranoia two days ago. He had a dream that you went out with another guy. Ever since then, he wanted you to only be his,” Micky told Hero with a smile.
“Oh~~ I see.. Do you know where he is?” Hero asked.
“Well… He’s at the back” Micky answered

Hero ran to the back of their house, he saw U- Know and ran to him then hugged him. U- Know was surprised by Hero so he asked. Then Hero said that he knew everything why he was being paranoid.
“Thanks for loving me that much,” Hero said with a grin
“No problem.. I always want you to be close to me and i want to be close to you. I never want to lose you,” U- Know said. “I have to thank Micky later and after that I’ll kill him for telling you about that cause he promised not to,” U- Know continued jokingly. They both laughed and U- Know stopped being paranoid and trust Hero in keeping his love alive =)

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