Unspoken Heart [nukimiaka]

Title : Unspoken Heart
Main characters : Jaejoong + Changmin + Yuna
Genre : Drama
Rated : PG (just to be on the safe side)
Author : Nuki
Note :
This is for you my dear sister. I was supposed to finish this on your birthday but as usual, I was stuck with another writer’s block. Enjoy the story and hope you like it. (better off.. LOVE it~ 8D) Saranghaeyo~ ❤
: The three of them had been really close friends since childhood. It was very easy for them to understand one another especially when each of them are the only heir to their family’s wealth. Changmin’s family was well-known to be the owner of a legendary business empire, Jaejoong simply inherits his parents billion-worth wealth and Yuna was the only daughter to the popular house of Han which was the founder of many scientific discoveries. Within those years of friendship, they’ve been very careful to take care of each others’ feeling that they often forget to take care of their own. When one of them does starts to speak her heart, everything started to change…

SCENE 1 G r a d u a t i o n P a r t y

“Hyung! You came,” Changmin stretched both his arms forward to receive the hug from his VIP guest. “You’re late but you came.”

“How could I miss this, you’re like my brother.”

Both of them smiled at each other as they released their grips. Actually, it hasn’t been a long time since they last meet each other. In fact, they used to meet up every weekend at the very least. But since it was a weekday and Jaejoong usually came back late from work every night, it was a great joy for the taller guy to see him there.

“Next time don’t hold a function unless it’s on the weekends, arasseo? Did you know how tiring it was to rush here and there for a busy architect like me?”

“Not a chance, hyung,” Changmin laughed. He slowly guided their way through the sea of people towards the main house. He wanted Jaejoong to meet another important graduate which is also the little sister among the three of them. Without asking much, Jaejoong trailed the young man’s steps.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t bother to run searching for jobs after this. You had everything ready for you ever since you were born.” Jaejoong looked up at the high built mansion which belonged to Changmin’s family.

“You say that every time. You know I always hated the easy road,” Changmin smiled and turned around to grab the man on the shoulders with his right arm and pulled him inside the house. “And you also know how Yuna hated parties. Yuna! Jaejoong is here!”

Changmin gracefully seated the man onto the nearest armchair and grabbed some punch from the table before he sat on Jaejoong’s left and handed him one of the crystal glasses. There weren’t that many people inside compared to the outside. It was much easier to breathe since the loud music was blocked by the stone walls and bodies weren’t that closely attached to each other. After taking a sip from the refreshment, Jaejoong lifted up his face to see the walking figure of a sweet young lady a few feet from where he was. He stood up at the presence with smiling eyes.

“Oppa! You came,” the girl ran towards Jaejoong and jumped onto him, circling her arms around the man’s neck and clinged onto his broad shoulders.

“Ugh,” Jaejoong’s breath left him as he tried to keep himself from falling backwards at the sudden force on him. “Yeah, I missed you too,” he smiled and slowly helped the girl get back on her feet.

“This is what happens when you miss our last get-together,” Changmin winked and handed another glass of punch for the girl.

“Hey, I already told you I was sorry,” Yuna playfully smacked Changmin on the arm and gladly received her 3rd refill of refreshment. Then she turned towards Jaejoong to make sure that he wasn’t mad at her anymore too.

“It’s no big deal, guys. What’s important is that we’re all here now,” Jaejoong said as he lifted up his glass and looked meaningfully at the other two, one after another. Changmin and Yuna followed his gesture with smiles on their faces. “Congratulations to both of you. You made me proud of being your best friend. I’ll love you guys until the day I die.”

“To our friendship!”

SCENE 2 T h e P r o m i s e

“Are you sure Jaejoong-oppa won’t be jealous of us meeting up without him?” Yuna asked as they walked slowly along the path towards the lake up front. “Maybe we should wait until the weekend as usual.”

“Don’t worry about it. He said it’s cool. He’ll be a bit busy this month and maybe couldn’t make it to the weekends anyway,” Changmin said with a smile. “We’ll make it up to him later.”

Yuna nodded in comprehension while fixing the few strands of her hair that was softly blown by the cool breeze.

There weren’t many visitors at the park that day and the few that they met were old folks and small children with their nannies. It felt calm walking under the shady trees with a few rays of sunlight coming through between the leaves.

“I couldn’t remember the last time we took a walk like this. I wish Jaejoong-oppa is here with us.”

Changmin looked over at Yuna who was looking at her feet and holding onto the handbag on her right shoulder. He knew what was on her mind.

A few more steps and they were on the grass overlooking the wide lake. “Let’s sit right here,” he mentioned and landed himself on the soft grass. Above them, a huge tree was doing them a favour by keeping as little heat as possible to pass through.

“So tell me,” Changmin started after both of them sat comfortably next to each other. “What are your next plans?” With knees brought up and both his arms resting on them, Changmin tilted his head facing the girl next to him, a smile visible on his handsome face.

Yuna stared at Changmin with one eyebrow raised, “What are yours?”

“Hey, I asked you first!” the guy pouted which easily brought laughter to Yuna.

“Alright, alright…” Yuna giggled. “I’m furthering to specialist next year. Maybe not here though, I’d like to spread my wings a little bit.” Yuna’s joy could be seen clearly as she spoke those words. Everyone knows how passionate Yuna was when it comes to achieving her dreams. Changmin could only mirror her expressions. He, on the other hand was captivated by something else on her.

“Yah, you asked me but you didn’t pay attention to my answer!” A slap landed on Changmin’s arm right when Yuna noticed the guy was looking past her head. “I don’t care, you next.”

Changmin scratched the back of his head in embarrassment of getting caught. “Well, for starters, I’m going to refuse my throne back at my dad’s company. I want to use my Economics degree at a much greater use.”

“And what use is that?” Yuna crossed her arms and raised both her eyebrows at the guy.

“That…” Changmin hesitated. “I have absolutely no idea.”

Surprised at the reply, Yuna smacked Changmin a few times with her handbag. “Yah!! You’re horrible.” Both of them laughed their lungs out in the soft breeze. “Stop making fun of me.”

“I’m sorry,” Changmin voiced as he rubbed the spots Yuna managed to attack with a corner of his smile still visible. “I had too much fun. I’ll be serious now.”

“You better be,” the girl threatened. “Because I need to remind you that we still haven’t told Jaejoong-oppa about that thing. You promised to tell, right? At least, before I leave for England. Right?”

“Tell him yourself,” Changmin smiled meaningfully.

“No, it’ll be weird. Changmin-ah, you promised…”

Seeing the pout and round, puppy eyes on her face, Changmin just couldn’t play around anymore.

“We’ll talk to him about it soon.”

SCENE 3 H i s C o n f e s s i o n

Jaejoong had officially missed three get-togethers so far. It was obvious that his workload was taking most of his time and it was nearly impossible to reach him even on his cellphone. Changmin and Yuna who weren’t attached to any job yet had to spend most of their time without him. They had to admit that they are slowly missing him.

“I’ll be around next weekend, I promise.” That’s what he said every time he answered their call. But none of it was kept.

Yuna was getting worried they wouldn’t have the time to talk to Jaejoong before she departed for Europe in two months. She feared it will be too late. She had already waited long enough before she decided to tell Jaejoong everything. A little more time spent and she might just regret it forever.

“Hey, hyung called just now. He’s coming to meet us here,” Changmin said at last.

Yuna lifted her chin from the food she was enjoying. “Are you sure that was him?” Upon speaking with her mouth full, she left some sauce on her bottom lip. She immediately wiped it away with the napkin on her lap.

Changmin desperately held back the laughter in his stomach. “Ahh… There he is.” Changmin stood up and held out his arm to greet the older guy. “Welcome back, hyung.”

“Yah, you’re saying it as if I just got bailed out of jail,” Jaejoong grinned as he let go of Changmin and turned towards the girl and gave her the same hug. “How are you guys? I missed you guys so much.”

“We’re doing great without you,” Changmin joked. He gestured the seat right beside him and waved for the waiter to attend to them. “What makes you suddenly able to have lunch with us today?”

“I quit my job!” he announced with a happy tone which send shock to the other two.

“You quit your job?” Yuna was the first to reply verbally. “Was it that horrible?”

“What do you mean ‘was it that horrible’? They’re the reason I can’t even enjoy my social life! If I were to keep up with them, one of you might not recognize who I was anymore. It’s better if I quit there and start over someplace else, somewhere that will never involve anyone’s weekend. Then there’s no chance I’m going to miss our get-togethers again.” His genuine smile appeared.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to say it but you did the right thing,” Changmin nodded while cutting the beef-steak to smaller pieces. “It’s good that you managed to stop pleasing everyone else and make yourself happy once for a change. Would you like to have a bite, it’s great,” Changmin offered with a nicely cut beef at the end of his fork pointed towards Jaejoong’s mouth.

“Aish, you don’t have to,” Jaejoong mumbled while chewing it down his throat. “I’ve ordered one for myself.”

The three of them continue to chat right through the meal until Jaejoong ate the last piece of on his plate. It seemed like the longest hang-out he’s ever had and he still didn’t want it to end.

“Anyone wants dessert?” Jaejoong offered. It was his turn to wave for the waiter that he didn’t notice the look Yuna gave Changmin from across the table. Changmin understood and purposely cleared his throat right after the waiter left with their dessert orders.

“Hyung, we have something to tell you,” Changmin began carefully with his eyes fixed on Jaejoong’s. “We wanted to tell you earlier but you were unreachable.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. What is it?”

Yuna saw the clueless face. She can’t help but held onto the napkin with her sweating palm. She was anxious to see how Jaejoong will react to the news. She decided to keep in silence and just go with the flow for now. If anything does happen, she’ll take it back home and deal with it by herself there.

“I’m in love with Yuna,” was the precise sentence that came out of Changmin’s mouth a minute later. “We’ve started dating right after our graduation.”

Yuna quickly turned her gaze towards Jaejoong to see his reaction to those words. It took a while before Jaejoong moved a muscle and formed a smile and looked at her right in the eyes.

“That’s… That’s good news!” he replied. “I’ve always knew you guys might end up this way.” Yuna couldn’t believe that even Jaejoong’s eyes were smiling.

“So, you’re okay with it?” Changmin wanted to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him.

“Yah, why wouldn’t I? How long have you known me for? Forever? Of course I’m happy for you guys!” Jaejoong moved closer to give Changmin a hug and small pats on the back. The smile never left his face. “You too, Yuna. Congratulations. Just promise me one thing though, best friends forever okay!”

Yuna smiled back, a bit bitterly. She knew it all along but she kept on convincing herself otherwise. She was no more than a sister in Jaejoong’s eyes. To see him smiling and congratulating her like that really pained her heart. But that was her risk that she was aware of in the first place. Now, knowing how the man actually felt for her, she was ready to depart for an unknown place to achieve her lifelong dreams.

Unknown to her, Changmin sneaked a few glances at Yuna over dessert. He felt helpless sitting there across the table when he wanted to pull her in his arms and comfort her broken heart. He knew he had to do something. There must be a way to get Jaejoong to speak his mind. He was sure he’s seen the looks on Jaejoong’s face and that means hope was still in the air.

SCENE 4 T h e N e w P l a n


“Yuna-yah. It’s me,” Changmin’s voice was heard from the other line. “Are you okay?”

With her little finger, she wiped away the remaining tears that were still flowing from the corner of her eyes. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You don’t sound fine to me,” Changmin replied. “Take it out on me if you want to.”

“Take out on you what?” Slowly her right hand crawled around the bed in search for the fluffy bunny. Once she got hold of it, she brought it close to her chin and laid down on the huge pillows. She couldn’t find the words to tell this guy despite the heavy burden she’s feeling around her chest. Instead she continued to let the clear liquid to flow through her hair.

“It’s alright too if you want to keep on crying all night long by yourself,” Changmin pointed out after a long pause from her side.

“I’d like to do that, actually.”

Her voice was too soft to his ears. “Yah, don’t turn out like this. You’re stronger than that. This should be nothing compared to the finals we went through weeks ago.”

“You wouldn’t know, Changmin-ah. Maybe I just need some time. I’ll be back to normal soon enough. Don’t worry about me.”

“Look,” Changmin began with a more convinced tone, “This is not the end yet, alright. The three of us has been close friends since before we can ever remember. If anyone, we would be the ones to know hyung the most. And because of that, I know exactly what to do next.”

“What nonsense are you babbling about, Changmin-ah?”

“Listen, do you want to know how hyung really feels about you or not?” Changmin had no signs of stopping until he got everything out from his head.

“What do you mean? You’ve seen his face just now. It was crystal clear! Seriously… Just forget about it, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“No! It does matter. Trust me. I’m a guy, so I know.” Changmin blushed at the realisation of his own words, hoping that Yuna wouldn’t think too deep about it and soon discover his deadly secret. He took a deep breath before he spoke, “That is why I need you to do something for me.”

Yuna was puzzled at his words but couldn’t find the right questions to ask. He spoke to her as if he knew Jaejoong more than she did and that sort of scared her. But she also had the urge to put her trust on this friend. She knew Changmin would do nothing to hurt her or Jaejoong.

“What is it?” she finally gave in.

“Be my girlfriend in front of Jaejoong-hyung…”

These few words left Yuna stunned on her bed.

SCENE 5 A n o t h e r M e e t i n g

Days have passed since Yuna accepted the call from Changmin. It wasn’t often for either three of them to be talking on the phone for hours with each other. They usually preferred to meet up outside and hang-out and let time carry them away. However the other night was different. It was the night when Changmin had the chance and courage to ask Yuna to become his girlfriend, even if it’s only for the eyes of Kim Jaejoong.

“What are you so nervous about? This isn’t your first time acting in front of him. You seemed to be doing fine the last time,” Changmin whispered into Yuna’s ears as they sat close to each other, waiting for the arrival of the other friend. Yuna didn’t seem as cheerful as the other days.

“I…” she can’t seem to find any precise words to describe her feelings at that moment. “I just think we’ve done this too much time already and he’s still acting the same way. Maybe it’s not going to work after all.”

Seeing that the girl beside him was on the verge of giving up, Changmin knew he had to do something. No matter what happens, he would never allow Yuna to leave this place feeling the way she is right now. He wanted her to realise the truth, the truth that she failed to notice and the truth Jaejoong was trying hard to ignore. It was the very least he could do.

Changmin was looking around the restaurant for a sign of the man when he felt someone poked on his left shoulder. He turned to find the smiling figure of his best friend and stood up to greet him.

“Yah, you two love birds had too much fun whispering into each others’ ears that you forgot to look out for me huh?” Jaejoong pouted as he hugged Changmin tightly in his arms. It was more of a warning to never do it again rather than a warm welcome. Changmin gladly returned it with equal force along with a soft laughter.

“And how have you been doing, Yuna-yah?” he asked sweetly as he pulled her in for a friendly hug.

“Hyung-ah. We’ve just met two days ago. You’re asking it as if we haven’t seen each other for weeks,” Changmin gave a soft chuckle which Yuna complimented with a smile.

Jaejoong grinned to the statement. He then sat across from Yuna and Changmin and spread the napkin onto his lap before the waitress could do it for him.

“I hope you don’t mind we’ve already ordered for you,” Yuna started right after she saw the food was coming towards their way. The three of them kept quiet as the waiter presented them with three different flavours of spaghetti along with sweet drinks. Each of them mouthed a simple thank you when the filled plate was put in front of them.

“This is great! I just arrived and my favourite spaghetti is already waiting right in front of me,” Jaejoong smiled widely as he grabbed the fork and spoon on either side of the plate, eager to be delighted by the food’s wonderful taste.

“Send your gratitudes to Yuna, hyung. She ordered that for you,” Changmin giggled. “I thought she only guessed your favourite.”

“Thank you, milady,” Jaejoong joked with the sweetest smile while bowing his head lightly towards Yuna.

Yuna swore her cheeks were burnt from excess blushing.

“So, any luck on your job yet?” Changmin asked, trying to divert the subject.

“Truthfully, I still haven’t started hunting for one yet. I’m starting to think about opening my own practice, you know. Wouldn’t it be great?” Jaejoong smiled as he shoved a spoonful of spaghetti meatballs into his mouth.

“I think you should, considering how talented you are and how much job offers you’ll be creating from it,” Yuna spoke in between her chews. She wasn’t careful enough when talking with her mouth full that she slipped tiny puddles of spaghetti sauce right under her lower lip. “Ah, pardon me,” she quickly pulled up the napkin to clean it up.

“You still have a little bit under here,” Jaejoong pointed at his own chin.

“Where?” Yuna’s hands climbed again to brush randomly around the area he meant.

“It’s here, you dummy,” Changmin blurted out as he turned and held onto her chin to keep her still, brushing off the dirt with his thumb and took a closer look for more of it.

The distance of their faces weren’t that far from each other that Changmin could count the lashes on Yuna’s eyes. The brief connection of their gazes told Changmin that this was probably the most suitable time for him to take his actions. He could pretend that he was completely blinded by love and couldn’t control himself at the close sight of Yuna’s soft, pink lips. If only he could forward an apology before he could feel the air coming from Yuna’s breathing…

From across the table, Jaejoong was terribly surprised as he witnessed Changmin’s lips covering the girl’s he has known for a very long time. He had seen them hugging, cuddling and embracing each other a few times before and he was perfectly okay with it. But this time, it was his first to see Changmin claiming his right upon Yuna’s smooth lips. He felt a bit disturbed and uneasy.

As Changmin’s kiss deepend, Jaejoong could witness it no longer. He turned his head sideways and stood up causing his napkin to drop to the floor. “Excuse me,” he mumbled and walked quickly towards the Men’s room.

Being aware of Jaejoong’s leave, Changmin parted their lips and released his grip on Yuna’s shoulder. He wanted to apologise first but no words seemed to form out especially after seeing her sparkling, watery eyes looking back at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she whispered helplessly.

SCENE 6 T h e T r u t h

“Hyung, are you okay? You’ve been gone for 30 minutes already.”

Jaejoong lifted his chin and saw Changmin’s reflection from the mirror. “I’m okay. Yeah…” He then turned on the water tap and washed his hands before splashing a good amount of water to his already wet face.

“Hyung,” Changmin voiced with his left hand softly landed on Jaejoong’s right shoulder. “You’re not okay and you know it.”

Jaejoong did not reply immediately. Instead, his eyebrows narrowed and his expressions turned sour as he turned and stormed towards Changmin, grabbing him tight on the shoulders. “I said I’m okay,” he hissed before he released him and walked towards the Men’s room’s door.

“Jaejoong,” Changmin called out before the older guy could turn the doorknob. “Just admit it already.” A sleek smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

“Admit what?” Jaejoong asked hoarsely without turning around. His hands placed tightly on the metal.

“You perfectly know what I’m talking about, hyung,” Changmin replied calmly. “I can hear your heart screaming out for her.”

Jaejoong gulped. At last, the hurtful truth was thrown right onto his face. His face suddenly turned numb as his heart started racing hard. His deadly secret has been spilled.

“Don’t tell her,” Jaejoong whispered at last, loud enough for the other guy to hear.

“How can I not tell her,” Changmin wanted to argue. “That girl is crazy about you.”

Jaejoong turned and faced Changmin who was still standing by the sink. He hadn’t expected that the guy will reveal to him such things. He needed to make sure that he didn’t mishear any words.

“Just tell her how you feel, hyung. Do me this favour and speak what your heart tells you,” Changmin continued without waiting for a reply.

“I…” Jaejoong wanted to start just as he was reminded by that familiar light that came from Changmin’s eyes. He had decided on it a long time ago and there is no reason for him to do otherwise now. He lowered his head and took a deep breath. “I can’t.”

Changmin knew why he was backing away.

“Let’s get back to our dinner. She’s waiting for us,” Jaejoong sighed as he made for the door.

“Jaejoong-hyung,” Changmin called out once again as he got nearer to the older guy. “You are the only key to her happiness. You don’t have to worry about me,” he whispered close to his ears and walked pass Jaejoong out to the restaurant with an accomplished smile on his handsome face.

SCENE 7 I W i s h

“You have to come. I insist that you come.”

“No, hyung,” Changmin’s stern voice was clearly heard from Jaejoong’s receiver. “She’s still mad at me for what I did the other day. She wouldn’t want to see me.”

“Stop being ridiculous, Changmin-ah. It’s her birthday for God’s sake. Of course she wants to see all of her friends. And you are one of her best!”

Jaejoong wasn’t planning on giving up at all. He still had a few hours to convince this guy to attend the party at Yuna’s house. Because of him, Changmin and Yuna hadn’t been on a really good terms with each other recently and he figured it was his responsibility to fix everything, including Yuna’s broken heart. Besides, it was the best way he could think of to repay Changmin for all the trouble he had gone through. He was gratefully in debt.

“Come. Please…” Jaejoong begged with the cutest voice that Changmin gave up in the end.

“But I’ll stick around only until she cuts the cake, okay?”

“Sure. As long as you come, nothing else matters,” Jaejoong chuckled softly. “And don’t forget her presents,” he called out before hanging up the phone.

The hours seemed to pass too slowly for Jaejoong. Perhaps it was due to his anxiety of what will happen next. He had planned something special for this day ever since Changmin had told him everything. He wanted Yuna to always remember this day as the happiest in her life. He just hoped to receive a good reaction from her tonight. And soon, he was already sitting in the Han’s living room.

“Jaejoong, I think Changmin has arrived,” Mrs Han called to him from the stairs. “Do make yourselves at home before we proceed to the dining room for dinner, okay? I’ll be right down in a minute.”

“Sure, Mrs Han. After all, this is my second home anyway,” Jaejoong smiled. He resumed on staring at the view outside the window while waiting for Changmin to let himself in through the big doors. He just couldn’t help from thinking too much about what has happened and what is about to happen.

“Jaejoong-hyung,” Changmin greeted as soon as he entered the living room. He extended his arms and pulled the older guy in for a warm hug. “Where’s Yuna?”

“Ah, she’s still upstairs. It’s not only you that she’s trying to avoid these days, you know,” he chuckled.

“Yah! The way you spoke to me on the telephone was as if she wasn’t like that anymore,” Changmin jerked and pouted. He would want to smack Jaejoong too if the guy wasn’t any older than he is.

“If I told you that, you wouldn’t have come right?” Jaejoong’s eyes followed as the pretend-to-be-angry-Changmin found himself a seat on the sofa. “We shouldn’t let this year be any different, Changmin-ah. The dinner should take place the same way it has since we became friends with her. Besides, everything will change tonight.”

The smile that Jaejoong wore on his face gave Changmin a little shudder.

“Hello, boys,” a familiar voice greeted them from behind. A tall and handsome man walked nearer towards them and offered a hand-shake. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen both of you around here.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you too, Mr Han,” Changmin and Jaejoong spoke in turn as they received their hand-shakes.

“Come over to the dining room. Everyone is ready. We wouldn’t want other guests to jump in while we’re having our own secret party, would we?”

The three of them smiled and nodded and trailed the man towards another part of the house. There, they were greeted by the two ladies of the house. Jaejoong simply couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful girl sitting with her head down just across the room. Somehow it felt good staring at her without being worried that Changmin would notice. He had been too careful before not to let anyone know about his feelings once he realised that Changmin was also in love with the same girl. But now, the puzzles were solved and he shall claim what should be his in the first place.

When everyone was in their seats, Mr Han rose up his glass of champagne and announced with a smile, “Thus, it’s time for the good wishes for our lovely daughter and friend.” Then he lowered back his glass and gestured for Jaejoong to start first.

Accepting the offer, Jaejoong diverted his eye-contact towards the awesome food displayed in front of him while he gathered himself. There he was, dressed in the best tuxedo and surrounded by the people he loved the most, he was finally ready to confess.

“To Yuna,” he began, lifting his face to search for Yuna’s brown eyes from across the table, “the most brilliant girl I’ve ever met. In the years ahead, I wish you only the greatest happiness and joy. I wish to present to you with the best gift to bring along your journey ahead.” He paused before he took a deep breath and continued. “Yuna, I give you my Heart. Happy Birthday…”

As Jaejoong lifted his glass of champagne momentarily to conclude his speech, Yuna’s eyes finally met his. He didn’t know what her tears meant but he was glad that Yuna would still look at him in the eye. At that moment, he just realized the amount of love that he’s been holding back since years ago. Everything just seemed to flow naturally out of him towards the girl that was sitting right in front of him. Finally, his heart was speaking instead of his mind. And he liked that feeling.

SCENE 8 F l a s h b a c k

The backyard was now full of people in their tuxedos and night dresses. The light was dimmed to allow the stars to shine while soft music was played through the speakers. Everyone seemed to enjoy the drinks and was excited to wait for the cake-cutting ceremony.

Jaejoong enjoyed the night breeze along the sides of the swimming pool. He hadn’t seen Changmin or Yuna ever since the dinner ended half an hour ago. Changmin had told him he needed to use the bathroom and disappeared. Mr and Mrs Han were busy welcoming the guests and refused his help when he offered them. In the end, he was alone minding his own business while staring at the reflection of the pool water.

Soon enough, the crowd became silent as he saw two persons in uniforms bringing out a large cake with burning candles on top. Without having to guess, Yuna appeared right after, with her father at her side. Jaejoong was again awed as his eyes never left the girl’s. Slowly, he made his way closer through the crowd.

“I thank you all for coming and sending me good wishes. I really appreciate them and will keep them close to my heart,” Yuna spoke with a sweet smile. “Before I officially cut the cake, I have an announcement to make.” She gave a brief assurance look at her father before her eyes started to scan the audience’s floor. “This may be the last birthday that I will celebrate in Korea. I’m planning to further my studies in Europe soon and will only be back when I’m satisfied with the scrolls I’d receive from the university.”

“What?” Jaejoong mouthed in shock. He turned his head sideways to find Changmin grinning at him from the other side of the floor. He couldn’t believe that Changmin forgot to tell him this tiny detail. Seeing that Changmin was now pointing towards the front a few times, he turned to find that all eyes were on him, including Yuna’s.

“Will you come with me?” she asked again.

Seeing that there was no reaction from Jaejoong, she left the small altar and made her way towards the guy. Slowly, she took his hands and faced him, looking up a few inches to search for his eyes.

“You gave me your heart. And I want to bring it along with me,” she whispered softly with the most loving eyes Jaejoong had ever seen. “So will you come with me?”

It was hard for him to restrain from returning the affection. Unconsciously, he brought one of his hands high enough to reach the girl’s cheeks. He examined each eyes with patience as a smile crept on his face. “Of course I will come with you.”

The few words that came from his mouth lifted Yuna’s heart towards heaven. She didn’t even notice that Jaejoong had started to lower his face to capture her lips in his own. The kiss was brief, but it was enough to tell her that he has and will always love her.

Hand in hand, the two of them made their way back to the altar and cut the cake together.

Changmin was glad to see that smile on her face again when she looked at Jaejoong. He knew that his task is finally done. The girl that he loves dearly has finally found her true love, and that is all that matters.

While all the eyes were on the two of them, Changmin slowly stepped backwards out from the crowd and made his way towards his car. His head held down as his tears kept flowing to the ground. At least, he was glad that he had Yuna’s kiss to remember for always.

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